Year 3 - Learning from Home w/c 13.07.20

Date: 8th Jul 2020 @ 9:57am

Hello everybody,

I can’t believe we have reached the end of term! I am so proud of all the hard work you have put into Year 3 and I’m sure you will continue to shine as you complete the final week of home learning tasks.

On Friday the 17th, we will be sharing our 'End of Year Leavers' Service' on the school's YouTube channel at 9:20am. 

We would encourage all our TSP families to watch this in celebration of both our Year 6 pupils, who will be moving onto secondary school, and despite closure, give thanks for another successful year at Trinity St. Peter's.

As this is our last week of term, if you are able, I hope you will join me in dressing up in some fancy dress for a whole class Zoom call!

Friday 17th July @ 11.00am - Whole class Zoom call.

You will receive a text message the day before to confirm the login details required to join the meeting. Hopefully, all being well, we look forward to seeing your child next week!



Listed below are learning activities set for Year 3 next week.



In September, we will be introducing the new learning platform, 'Google Classroom'. Further information on this can be found in the “Google Classroom Letter” attachment below. Please read this letter as well as the “Google Classroom Acceptable Use Policy” which is also attached.


Individual login details will be sent via text message early next week. 


If you experience any difficulties signing up, please let us know via the curriculum account next week so that the whole class is prepared for September.



If your child is accessing another year group's curriculum (for example Y2 Reading), then please access the specific year group class blog, which will provide them with an appropriate reading task.


Please remember, the activities that have been set are there to support you in your child’s learning. These activities are suggestions in line with what your child would have been doing had school been able to remain open. We appreciate that each family will have their own routine, which will differ widely. Therefore, please do not worry about completing all the activities set, just select the activities which you feel will be the most beneficial for your child. Should you wish to complete all the weekly activities, a suggested timetable has been attached to support you.


Please note that the school’s ‘curriculum’ email account will close on Friday 17th July.


To support your child further, the BBC have expanded their education provision, providing daily lessons for all ages in many subjects. You can access resources here or watch the daily lessons online here.


You can also refer to our whole school Twitter feed and the 'Learning at Home' section of our website where useful websites and resources are being shared daily as well.


The Government have also released this guidance for parents and carers on how to 'Help school children continue their education during coronavirus' to further support you.



This week, we will focus some more on subtraction. To support this learning, please complete the activities: ‘Introducing column subtraction’ and ‘Subtraction columns’. These tasks can be found on the MyMaths website.

You should complete the ‘Practise’ section for each of these tasks first to help your understanding before you attempt the ‘Homework’ questions.


As well as MyMaths, you can also refer to White Rose Maths for their daily Problem of the Day!

Daily lessons are also provided here along with video tutorials to support your child. The activities for next week are attached below, along with the answers so that you can check your child’s understanding.


If you complete the MyMaths and White Rose Maths work this week, then why not have a go at the ‘Chilli Challenges’ or the ‘Maths Mystery Challenge’ I have attached?

How are your times tables coming along? Hopefully, you are now becoming more confident and know the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

These Numberock songs will help you learn them and you can also improve your fluency by practising on Times Table Rockstars. or ‘Hit the Button’




Check out Cressida Cowell’s YouTube channel where you will find readings of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, creativity tips, book recommendations and story writing ideas.

Perhaps you have started reading ‘The Ickabog’ too.... if not, it is still available to read! There are some wonderful ways in which you can be involved in the illustrations of the published edition of this book at the end of the year by entering the competition.

As well as your books at home, there is also a wide range of books on World of Stories & Oxford Owl . You can also listen to a new chapter of a David Walliams audio story every day here. 

Have you checked out this list of recommended BAME books? The list includes: biographies, non-fiction books and books that represent BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) main characters. These books represent the diverse and varied experiences and cultures of all people.




This week’s reading comprehension is a biography about a famous author named Roald Dahl. The author of Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryMatildaThe BFG, and a treasury of original and beloved children’s books, Roald Dahl remains, for many, the world’s best storyteller.


Have you attempted some of the Authorfy 10 minute challenges?

biography is a text written about someone else's life (usually someone famous). This week, I would like you to research the life of someone that interests you and write a biography. This could be a friend or member of your family, a sports star or a famous musician. The list is endless!

Some key facts about biographies;

  1. Biographies are written by an author who has done their research on an individual's life and knows a great deal about that person.
  2. Biographies are written in the third person (i.e. he/she/his/her/they/their). 
  3. Biographies are written in chronological/time order. 
  4. A biography may also include direct quotes from the subject or quotes from others about the person.


View the attached slides to identify the key features of a biography. I have also included a word mat and a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) to assist you.

Before you begin your research, it may be helpful to watch this video where Nelufar Hedayat gives some advice on  How to Interview Extraordinary People .

This website has a variety of biographies you can read to inspire you.


I have also attached a summer writing challenge just for fun!



SPAG: This week the SPAG focus is ‘How to use the suffix -ous’. The letters ous are a suffix, meaning ‘full of’. Usually, adding ous changes a noun into an adjective e.g. danger > dangerous, adventure > adventurous, fury >furious


This video will explain all you need to know about the suffix ous.

Watch this clip and then complete the quiz that follows.


Spellings: Please find this week’s spellings below.

Group 1: lecture, puncture, literature, mature, miniature, mixture, sculpture, signature, temperature, texture

Group 2: who, why, what, how, which, where, when, adjective, adverb, verb

Word searches with this week’s spellings have also been attached.





Can you think of anything that the ancient Egyptians invented that we still use today?


Look at the inventions on the slides and click on each one to investigate some of the main inventions and achievements of the Ancient Egyptians (paper, clocks, knowledge of anatomy, shaduf, ox-drawn plough, decimal system, calendar, etc.)


Which of these inventions do we still use today? Which have been modified?


Using the Information Sheet attached to help create your own quiz about the inventions and achievements of the ancient Egyptians to test a friend. This could be simple true or false quiz, multiple choice or any other format you can think of. You could build your own interactive quiz by using Kahoot.



For this week’s Science task, you will make your own explosive volcano! Making your own homemade volcano is really simple and requires basic materials that you can find around the home.

You will need: an empty water bottle, some baking soda (bicarbonate of soda), a spoonful of washing up liquid, a few drops of red and yellow food colouring and some vinegar.

To decorate the outside of the volcano, you could use: modelling clay, playdough, papier mâché or make a cone from paper or cardboard. You can make the design of your volcano as simple or as complicated as you like!

Follow the instructions attached or follow this instructional video to make an explosion!

Some simple facts about volcanoes:

  • A volcano is a mountain that erupts.
  • Rock under the earth’s surface is so hot that it melts. This melted rock is called magma.
  • Erupting magma is called lava.
  • Volcanoes become bigger every time they erupt as the lava cools and makes a new layer of rock.
  • Volcanoes can erupt under water and form new islands from the cooled lava.
  • Volcanoes can be found on the moon and other planets.
  • There are more than 500 active volcanoes on Earth.




Award-winning children's book author and illustrator, Shoo Rayner has some fantastic art tutorials. Shoo’s videos break drawings down into their simplest parts, while Shoo explains every step in the process. You can learn How To Draw A Pyramid or ‘How to Draw Tutankhamun’.

This week, I have also attached a Summer Art Activities Pack. Inside, you will find a range of tasks including: painting, sketching and crafts.




This week, I have attached another coding tutorial, ‘Star Wars Building a Galaxy with Code’. You will build you own Star Wars Game! By learning the basic concepts of programming, you will be able to direct and move BB-8 through different levels of the game.

I have also included the typing game links so you can continue to enjoy learning to type.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3



This week you can access the Oakland Academy Spanish lesson here to learn how to say how you feel in Spanish.

The Language Angels ‘Home School’ resource is an excellent tool for the children to develop their linguistic skills. Required details to login can be accessed as per the whole school blog here. Year 3 children can additionally access age appropriate interactive games made available for them to play from home on (login details already sent home with the children).




Sing Up at Home has themed playlists of songs to fit every mood – including songs to calm and relax you, songs to get you moving, and empowering songs to lift you up

As well as accessing the weekly singing sessions / resources from 'Out of the Ark,' you may also want to access the weekly 'Edsential At Home' resources. Every week they upload an easy to follow, educational and fun downloadable activity sheet, which uses a variety of websites, videos, books and songs to create an interactive and fun learning experience at home. Follow the link to take a look at this week and the previous week's activities. 

David Walliams' continues his 'Marvellous Musical Podcast' here.



Joe Wicks will now be live on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. You can access all previous workouts here on his Youtube Channel.

Follow North Sefton School Games on Twitter, where you will find lots of extra challenges and activities- including 'Try it Tuesday's'. 

Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves. Many elite athletics practise yoga daily.

Cosmic Kids Yoga has a huge range of yoga videos for you to choose from. You might enjoy this Star Wars themed yoga or this Trolls themed yoga video.



Rising Stars streams live football skills classes three times a week on YouTube. All you need is a football!

Tune in on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1pm.

The YouTube channel also has videos covering some basic netball and gymnastics skills.


As per the school blog, there are a number of challenges and activities that have been set as part of the 'School Games Active Championships'. Please check the whole school blog and Twitter feed to see how you can be involved.





When the children begin a new RE unit, a connection is established to a key concept or ‘big idea’ within Christianity. This is important in helping pupils to understand the 'BIG story’ of the Bible! The attached resource includes a wealth of YouTube clips for the children to enjoy, which link to each of these core Christian concepts.

St. Peter's website also has a weekly Sunday Club page, which will share RE ideas for you to complete with your family.

The Big Start Assemblies team have provided a package of free online resources to help engage children on the topic of faith from home. The team has made available one complete series of thirteen assemblies (each packed with interactive stories, films and songs). These media rich resources are ideal to encourage discussion with children around positive Christian values, such as: faith, hope and courage!


Collective Worship:

The B Tales, who have visited our school on several occasions this year, will also be releasing collective worship videos every Monday via their YouTube channel and would love to be part of your weekly collective worship routine. Videos will be posted by 10 am every Monday. You can access the videos here.


Additional task:

Children can also choose a topic they are passionate about and research it. They can then present this research in any way they choose by filming it, using PowerPoint or presenting to the family.

Watching television programmes or films together also provides an opportunity for you to check your child's comprehension and develop inference. We know that learning happens in abundance at home. So let them paint, bake, build...these are all wonderful learning opportunities!


This website is an excellent additional source which tells you all you need to know about the coronavirus and how we can prevent the further spread of the virus. 


If you have any queries or concerns regarding your child's learning, or wish to share any of their work, please email to this address: instead of the school's usual admin account with the title FAO Year 3. This email account will be checked daily from 12noon and 2pm each day. The email account will close on Friday 17th July.


I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom again on Tuesday!


Stay safe and stay positive,


Miss Browne


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