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Key Stage 1

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Calculation Methods:                

Year 1 - Addition 

Year 1 - Subtraction 

Year 1 - Multiplication 

Year 1 - Division 


KS1 Maths Websites:              



Times Tables Help

Times Tables Rockstar

Year 2 - Addition  

Year 2 - Subtraction 

Year 2 - Multiplication 

Year 2 - Division 

Cool Maths 4 Kidz

Maths Exercises

BBC Bitesize



BBC Bitesize


Sentence Games

Phonics - Phase 1

Phonics - Phase 2 

Phonics - Phase 3

Phoncis - Phase 4

Phonics - Phase 5

Phonics - Phase 6



BBC Bitesize

BBC Science Clips

BP Educational Service

The Royal Institution- Science Experiments To Do At Home

Science Kids

e-Bug Junior