SEA Committee


The SEA Committee are a group of four very enthusiastic and keen scientists who are interested in all aspects of Science!

They have a variety of responsibilities including:

  • Gathering and setting up resources for Science lessons
  • Supporting Science lessons throughout the school
  • Greeting and assisting guests who are visiting the school as part of a Science event or lesson
  • Reporting on Science around school
  • Raising the profile of Science in our school and creating excitement towards the subject
  • Looking after our school environment and working towards improving it

Look out for our SEA Committee who will be wearing their lab coats when on duty!

SEA Committee Update March 2019:

Our SEA Committee are currently leading our school towards the 'Plastic Free School's Award'. As part of this they are having to challenge the government, industry and in line with our school's thinking of 'Think Global: Act Local', they are also challenging us as a school community to think about how we can be agents of change too. They are working closely with Year 2 who have recently been learning about plastic debris and 'trash islands'.