Think Tank


Think Tank consists of a small group of Year 6 children who meet regularly with Mrs Pringle, Headteacher.  During the sessions, children think critically and creatively to source exciting and innovative solutions for the school.  For example: they have designed the school's behaviour posters in line with the school's vision and values; created fun whole school fundraising activities to provide school with additional funds for a variety of curriculum projects; engineered the whole school's work on 'growth mindset' to build resilience amongst the children and have also played a key part in prioritising and designing building improvements.  They are always thinking about how they can continue to improve our wonderful school and are very proud to be recognised as lead innovators across the school. This year, they are also enjoying working with ‘Thinking Ambassadors’ – a child from each Key Stage 2 class – to ensure the school’s cognitive tools are embedded in all aspects of the school curriculum.