Year 3 - Autumn 1 - Week 1

Date: 4th Sep 2020 @ 4:25pm

What a fantastic start it has been to Year 3! After months apart, it was wonderful to see the children reunite with their class mates and to see so many beaming smiles!

It has been a very busy week fuelled by excitement to begin our new learning journeys. We were very excited to find out that our afternoons this week focussed on ‘Trolls World Tour’. We discovered that there are six types of Trolls that are all very different – Classical, Country, Pop, Funk, Rock and Techno. Despite their differences, Pop Troll ‘Poppy’ wants to be friends with Rock Troll ‘Barb’. This led us to put on our white and grey thinking hats and discuss, ‘Can you really be friends with someone if you are really different?’ After an excellent discussion, we decided that we can be friends with someone if they are different and that we should celebrate and respect people’s differences. We also listened to, appreciated and responded to different genres of music from the Troll Kingdom. We were amazed at the number and variety of instruments in a classical orchestra! We can’t wait to continue our Troll’s adventures next week!


From Monday 7th, children will be sent home a reading book in line with their reading day.

A reminder that children will need to come into school every Monday and Wednesday dressed in their PE kits.

Weekly spellings will be posted on Google Classroom every Friday. We use the flip-learning approach to spellings which means that the children have the choice to begin learning these spellings over the weekend. On Tuesday, we will have our weekly spelling session to learn these spellings in preparation for a quiz on Thursday. This will happen every week.

Logins for Google Classroom have now been sent home. Please ensure your child is confident with logging in and that they can navigate their way around the site. We will be using Google Classroom regularly in class as an online learning platform. The work set on Google Classroom is to be completed in class and not to be completed at home, at this time.

Well done for all your hard work this week Year 3!

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing the children next week!