Team TSP

We have a truly thriving and successful school at Trinity St. Peter’s that is actively supported by parents in a wide variety of ways. A significant number of parents freely support and promote our school by volunteering their time and skills for the benefit of our children.


Team TSP was introduced as a way of involving parents in the school and local community. It is informal in that all parents are automatically members.  We are a group who meet on a regular basis to discuss ways in which we may be able to add value, both now and for the future.

Team TSP is now a registered charity and we are proud of our fundraising efforts and how well they have been supported. Other events organised, for example, cinema parties and fun days are opportunities to the celebrate the community spirit we have at Trinity St. Peter's.

Please remember every voice counts, and we invite all parents and carers to come along to our meetings to share ideas. Through working together and supporting the school, we are committed to building on the success already enjoyed by Trinity St. Peter's.

Amelia Brooks - Chairperson of Team TSP


A quick and easy way of raising funds for the school can be found by visiting

We are registered as "Trinity St Peters C of E Primary School, Formby."