While the Governing Body sets overall policy, day to day management is entirely the responsibility of the Headteacher and their staff. For staff, this means that the normal management chain is preserved and respected. For parents, it means that most matters affecting an individual child will be the responsibility of the teaching staff and the Headteacher, acting within the school's policies and procedure. Throughout the school our support staff provide key services such as teaching assistance, administration and office management, facilities management and welfare support.


School Leadership Team:

Headteacher: Mrs D Pringle

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Martin

Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum Manager): Mr M King

Assistant Headteacher (Assessment Manager): Mr J McCabe

SENCo: Mrs J Molloy


Class Teachers 2019 - 2020:

Nursery: Mrs S Bevin & Mrs J Molloy

Reception: Miss E Giles

Year 1: Miss S Morris

Year 2: Miss F Gray

Year 3: Miss L Browne

Year 4: Mr J McCabe

Year 5: Mrs L Martin

Year 6: Mr M King and Mr Curragh


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs A Bryan

Miss V Coates

Mrs L Cookson

Miss K Emmett

Mrs J Giles

Mrs D Grayson

Mrs L Hall

Miss M Hutchinson

Miss R Lunt

Mrs P Marsh

Miss A Pinnington

Miss D Williams

Mrs E Warwick


Other key members of staff

Office Manager: Mrs J Meredith

Caretaker: Mr A Essery


Clubhouse Staff

Manager: Mrs P Marsh

Deputy Manager: Miss K Emmett


Miss A Pinnington

Miss D Tranter-Williams

Miss M Hutchinson

Miss A Bryan