Year 5: Blog items

Summer 2 Week 3

Date: 20th Jun 2018 @ 6:21pm

We have had quite a creative week this week in Year 5!

In RE this week we began our new topic of Loss, Death and Christian Hope. This was a very sensitive lesson, and everybody gave thoughtful and mature responses. We read a story about an old badger who one day learns how to run again going down a long tunnel, but this means he leaves his friends behind. He left them all wonderful gifts and memories though, and while his friends missed him they were able to look back on their memories and be happy. We explored how each of the characters in the story felt, and we are going to look at these characters again in our next lesson.

Elsewhere this week, we were lucky enough to be joined by two teachers for two art days! We had great fun experimenting with ways to show how the natural world and the human world (cities and skyscapers) could co-exist in the future as part of our new Theme, 'What Will Our World Look Like In The Future?' We were inspired by the art movement Cubism, particularly the more modern take on it by David Hockney, and we created our own Cubist-style photo montages. Once we had designed our imaginative and creative future Utopias, it was time for our final pieces! It was wonderful to see everybody doing something completely different, so whilst we have some excellent ideas for what the future could look like, we didn't really get much closer to an actual answer! We understand that it is up to us to shape the future though, so maybe our future 'Forest Cities' might exist one day after all!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Summer 2 Week 2

Date: 15th Jun 2018 @ 4:12pm

Lights, camera, action! We have been superstars this week in Year 5!

We have certainly shown our monthly value of Perseverance this week with our performances and rehearsals. Despite a technical hitch in one of our performances, Year 5 were true professionals and began again to deliver their best performance yet! Luckily we had discussed this very situation in Collective Worship earlier in the week – ‘Is it okay to ever give up?’ We decided that sometimes it is okay to give up if the alternative would lead to some sort of injury or if it was too dangerous, or if we could come up with a better plan to reach our goal instead. It was definitely the best option to begin our performance again, as it gave us a fresh opportunity to really show what we can do! We gave up on that particular performance, but we certainly didn’t give up on our show. We took a deep breath and went for it again, and the audience loved it. Well done everyone!

We have loved performing for our parents this week, and this afternoon we got to see the whole school singing and dancing. It was such a treat to see all of the shows from the adorable Nursery and Reception all the way through to the Greatest Show from Year 6. Thank you to everyone who was involved and who came to watch, and I am sure we will remember the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious TSP musical for years to come!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Summer 2 Week 1

Date: 8th Jun 2018 @ 11:20am

Year 5 have had a ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ start to their last half term this week!

In RE this week we have been exploring Hinduism. In particular, we looked at the Hindu concept of a Trinity. ‘Tri’ means three, so ‘Trinity’ means three people in one. For Christians, this means God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. For Hindus, their ‘Trinity’ is known as Brahman and consists of: Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer. Between the three, they make up the cycle of life and death in the world. We also explored the idea of Karma: by doing good people get rewarded later on, or if they do something bad then they get some sort of suffering later on. We had a critical discussion about whether we thought Karma was fair, as someone could get punished for something they did hundreds of years ago in a past life that they couldn’t even remember! We compared Karma to our school values, and found that both systems aim to get people to treat others the way they would like to be treated.

Our Collective Worship monthly value for June is Perseverance, and Year 5 have certainly displayed that by the bucket load this week with their rehearsals for the upcoming TSP musical! We have been channelling Mary Poppins and Bert this week, and Year 5 should be extremely proud of their efforts. We certainly have some show stopping performers in our class, and we can’t wait for show time next week when our parents get a chance to see it! We also spent this morning in Computing creating trailers for the performance with some fantastic effects. Some of our trailers took a turn towards the horror genre - hopefully the real thing won’t!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Summer 1 Week 7

Date: 25th May 2018 @ 12:42pm

We have had a tiger-iffic end to our half term in Year 5!

We have spent some time this week revisiting our school values in depth, and how we can show them in little ways every day. As well as making sure that we are being truthful and ThiNKing before we speak, we have had a special focus each day to make sure we are keeping our values in the front of our minds. We are being as Nurturing as we possibly can be towards each other, and Serving each other around school to make sure we Enjoy school every day! Every afternoon, one of our class chooses our focus for the following day – whether it is to share, compliment somebody, or just simply smile. J The next afternoon, we have been sharing how we have managed to include this in our day, and it is amazing to see just how many little things we all do for each other every day!

The highlight of our week was certainly our trip to Knowsley Safari for our performance of the Eye of the Tiger! It was such a treat to see so many important people there and to have the media reporting on the opening of the new Tiger Trail. We got to be the first class ever to go around the new trail, and we were lucky to get a great view of the two tigers living there in their first class accommodation! We also had a chance to see the meerkats, bush dogs, giraffes and an extremely entertaining sea lion display where the cheeky Arthur stole the show. We had a fantastic trip with many of us saying it was our best trip ever – thank you very much Knowsley Safari for having us and well done everyone for the performance of a life time!

Have a lovely half term break everyone!

Summer 1 Week 6

Date: 18th May 2018 @ 3:26pm

This week has flown by in Year 5!

We have had some excellent discussions in class this week, with all pupils contributing thoughtfully and respectfully – well done everyone. One topic we focused on was the role of truth, specifically when is it okay to lie? This is a tricky dilemma to unpick, as some of us thought it was never okay to lie, but some of us thought it was okay to tell a little white lie if it was meant to make someone happy, or at least not cause harm. We decided in the end that it can depend on the person, because some people would only want to be told the truth, but other people not mind a little lie if it meant they got a surprise birthday party at the end! We used our ThiNKing brains to say that if something is Necessary and Kind, and if no one is getting hurt, then maybe a little lie isn’t too bad. Although we certainly can’t lie all the time even if it seems okay, because like the Boy Who Cried Wolf we would never be believed!

We have been celebrating the upcoming Royal Wedding today, and we all wish the best of luck to Harry and Meghan on their big day! We have enjoyed the festivities by designing our own ‘royal’ family crests, crowns, outfits, even castles this afternoon, whilst also tackling some Royal Wedding themed puzzles and code breakers. If you need a party planner in the future, look no further as we have a huge selection of budding designers and logicians to organise your day! We have especially been relieved at the chance to talk again (Year 5 have done a magnificent job of keeping quiet this week to help Year 6 concentrate next door on their SATs.) Well done everyone for being so considerate, and a HUGE well done to Year 6 for working so hard and making us all – and most importantly themselves – so proud.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Summer 1 Week 5

Date: 11th May 2018 @ 11:25am

We have been working very hard this week in Year 5!

We have been exploring our monthly value of Truthfulness this week, and how we can make sure we handle it carefully. The truth can be very powerful, whether it is told or whether it is hidden, and we understand that it is up to us to make sure it is told to the right people at the right times. We talked about the importance of telling the truth, but that sometimes we can keep some truths to ourselves if voicing them wouldn’t have any good consequences! We designed posters telling us and other pupils around the school to “ThiNK before you speak: is it True? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?” If what we want to say can tick all of these boxes, then it is definitely a good thing to say! Sometimes we might have to think a little harder to check that it is a good thing to say, but by pausing to ThiNK we are feeling confident that we will follow our school values.

It has been assessment week this week in Year 5, and everyone has managed to SHINE and reach their full potential. Well done everyone, you deserve a huge pat on the back and a well-earned rest this weekend! We did squeeze in some time to hop, skip and jump in PE with Mr Hunt this week though (literally!) We were practising our jumping skills, with hopping, stepping and jumping to try to travel the furthest in our group. Some of us looked like we were ready to take off and fly like an aeroplane!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Summer 1 Week 4

Date: 4th May 2018 @ 11:36am

We have had a wild week in Year 5 this week!

In Collective Worship, our new monthly value of Truthfulness has given us food for thought. We looked at the phrase, “Let your yes be your yes, and your no be your no” together and discussed what we thought it could mean. It is important to tell people the truth, especially our friends who might lose trust in us if we don’t mean what we say. We gave examples, such as agreeing to go somewhere with a friend and then saying no at the last minute isn’t fair, because it hurts and confuses the other person. If we stick with what we say and mean what we say, then others will listen to us and respect us. Our words will mean something and have an impact, and we can use them for good and being kind to others.

Earlier this week, Year 5 had the incredible opportunity of working with Knowsley Safari on a promotional video for their new Tiger Trail! We got to enjoy an exciting workshop all about Amur Tigers and the Forestry Stewardship Commission who work to save forests around the world. We thought about what tigers need in an enclosure (such as space, food, water, a place to sleep, a safe area for keepers to look after them, a way for visitors to see them, toys etc.) and we designed our own enclosures for the tigers there! Finally, we performed our version of The Eye of the Tiger for the visiting film crew, and they were so impressed with us they have invited us all to Knowsley Safari as a thank you! Grrreat stuff everyone, you were all tiger-iffic!

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone!

Summer 1 Week 3

Date: 27th Apr 2018 @ 3:32pm

What an action-packed week we’ve had in Year 5!

Continuing with our RE focus of women in the Old Testament, this week we looked at Queen Esther and her role in protecting her people and stopping persecution. This linked very well with the end of our Collective Worship theme of Reconciliation. We discussed about how important is was and still is to challenge and stand up to injustices in the world, especially when innocent people are affected in a negative way. We examined other cases throughout history of injustices being addressed and change being made, for example Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and the Suffragette movement to gain votes for women. We saw that these changes can only happen if both sides reconcile their differences and move forwards together with a shared vision, and that is what these individuals and Queen Esther inspired others to do.

Elsewhere this week, Year 5 have been busy rehearsing for their time with Knowsley Safari next week, where we will be helping them create a promotion for their new Tiger Trail! The children are all incredibly excited about this amazing opportunity, and have had lots of fun choreographing and rehearsing their dance so far. Year 5 also got to take part in a fast paced PE challenge on Wednesday where we were put through our paces, and we enjoyed our first athletics session with Mr Hunt from Formby High in glorious sunshine - we really appreciate the weather now after Bikeability!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Summer 1 Week 2

Date: 20th Apr 2018 @ 3:54pm

This week in Year 5, our woman in the spotlight from the Old Testament was Jochebed (you may know her as Moses' mother!) We thought about how heartbreaking her decision was to send her son away for his safety, knowing he would never know who she was. She trusted in God to look after Moses to keep him safe, and to help him lead his people when he was grown and strong. Jochebed's faith underpinned her loss, and changed the course of Bible history because of her actions. What an incredible woman! We imagined her parting words to her son as he drifted away, and tried to express her grief and sorrow but also hope for the future. 

Elsewhere this week, we completed our cave paintings depicting messages, using our fingers and straws to recreate Stone Age conditions. We also had a go at calligraphy for an illuminated manuscript. It's hard to believe that communicating used to take so long, especially since we are so used to computers and texting! In computing we were composers this week, and our creations sounded like something we could hear in the charts! And finally, in PE, we had a treat in the form of 'Street Golf' in the glorious sunshine, with Mr Hunt from Formby High School who showed us a whole range of fun golf activities with a twist. (NB: PE lessons this half term will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please can all children have their full kit in school on these days.)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Summer 1 Week 1

Date: 13th Apr 2018 @ 1:00pm

Welcome back everyone! We have had a wonderful first week back in Year 5.

Our new RE unit is Women in the Old Testament. We began by naming as many famous women throughout history as we could, and discussed why they are known or remembered. Most of the women we came up with were remembered for extraordinary kindess, compassion, influence and for their talents. At first, we struggled to name more than a handful of women from the Bible as a whole, and it was even trickier from the Old Testament. These inspirational women are there in the Bible however, and we realised how important this topic was for learning about them. We had a 'treasure hunt' to find them in our Bibles and learn a bit about their stories. Ruth and Esther were two favourites, along with Jochebed, Miriam, Rachel and Sarah. We will be learning more about these Biblical women over the coming weeks, and why their stories are important.

The highlight this week in Year 5 has to be the final performance of our Greek Dance for our parents! We had such a large and supportive audience to cheer us on, and we looked fantastic in our togas - don't you agree? Thank you so much to parents for their continued support, and we are also very grateful to Mrs Whitehead from Formby High School for choreographing our dance and working with us for the past ten weeks. In English this week, Year 5 challenged themselves in a shared write with their partners, of a free verse poem about what could be found in a 'Magic Box'. We have certainly got excellent imaginations in our class! As part of our new theme, 'How Has Our Communication Changed Over Time?', we looked at the earliest form of recorded communication in the world - cave paintings! We started creating our own designs to specifically convey a message and practiced painting like Stone Age people would have - with a stick! It was a bit more difficult than we imagined!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Spring 2 Week 5

Date: 22nd Mar 2018 @ 5:38pm

Time flies when you are having fun, and this term has certainly flown in Year 5!

This week Year 5 celebrated with our whole school and our parents in our Easter service. We retold the story of Jesus's death and ressurrection through poetry, drama and song. The song 'He Lives In You' from The Lion King was particularly meaningful to us, as Jesus lives in us each and every day and watches over us in everything we do. Year 5 also had the opportunity to attend a communion service in church after their performance, and we took the time to be reflective and to pray. Afterwards, some of us commented on how peaceful the service was, and making the sign of peace was a delightful way to meet the congregation. We would like to thank the St Peter's community for making us feel so welcome and included in the worship. We also dissected the service with a little help from Nathan, who showed us how the different sections of the service fit together - and shared some expert knowledge about the church itself as well! Thank you, we learned a lot from our visit.

Elsewhere, this week has been full to bursting with exciting activities and opportunities! Yesterday, Year 5 went on an out-of-this-world trip to the Manchester Museum for Science and Industry. While we were there, we went to Space School to try to solve some of the problems astronauts might have (we had already tried to solve one to do with toilets in school!) A few explosions later, Year 5 earned their 'space school' badges which they can wear with pride! As a special surprise, we were treated to a demonstration of some of the huge spinning and weaving machines that used to be used to make cotton - we decided we wouldn't have wanted to work as a child labourer back then. After lunch we competed in 'humans vs robots' (we won) before seeing the main event - the SOYUZ capsule that returned astronaut Tim Peake to Earth! The scorch marks were still there, it was amazing to think he was travelling so far and so fast in such a tiny space. Today we have been celebrating Sport Relief, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the inflatable obstacle course and bouncy castles! What a superb way to finish off such an incredible term, all whilst raising money for such a worthy cause - thank you to everyone who has donated. 

What an end to a busy term which has seen us:

  • Learn the rules of Kin-ball
  • Creating Ancient Greek vases and our own myths
  • Participate in an Ancient Greek workshop (all hail the mighty Zeus!)
  • Take part in Bikeability
  • Meet Anna Jackson, paralympian wheelchair basketball player, and complete a sponsored fitness circuit
  • Learn a tradition Greek Dance (which we will perform Thursday 12th April at 2:45, parents please contact the office to reserve a seat)
  • Dress up and create comics on World Book Day
  • Investigate how astronauts train in our Mad Science workshop
  • Listen to parents who very kindly agreed to talk to us about their careers
  • Work out with the Body Coach as part of a live stream
  • Celebrate British Science Week looking at the late Stephen Hawking and designing 'astro-nappies'
  • Perform for our school and our families to celebrate in the Easter service
  • Visit the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry to see Tim Peake's space craft (and blow things up!)
  • Go wild for Sport Relief on inflatables!

Wow, what a term! Have a lovely, peaceful Easter everyone, to return fresh and ready to go in April!

Spring 2 Week 4

Date: 16th Mar 2018 @ 4:12pm

This week, Year 5 have been very busy rehearsing for our upcoming Easter service. We have been exploring the Easter story in detail, in particular the significance of Jesus' victory through his resurrection. Jesus died to save us, and we celebrate this and remember His sacrifice at Easter. We have connected with the Easter story through drama and song, and we will be taking part in the Easter service next Wednesday in St Peter's Church at 9am. 

Elsewhere this week, we warmed up our bodies with the Bodycoach on Youtube, and the High Intensity Interval Training was a tough workout! Mad Science returned for a fantastic assembly on sound, and some Year 5s helped out making a thunder storm whilst 'Thea' showed how soundwaves travel by using a metal spring. We learnt a lot from Generator John, and we can't wait for the next time Mad Science visit! This afternoon we did more mad science, learning how black holes work and remembering the great scientist Stephen Hawking for his contribution to space science. Not only was he a phenomenal scientist, but he did so much of it all in his head as his disability meant he was unable to write things down to help him think, the way we might take for granted. We were truly inspired by his determination and resilience, as it shows just what we can achieve if we really work at it. Year 5 were also incredibly organised and exceptionally thoughtful this afternoon, when they hosted a birthday party all on their own! It was not expected and was very touching, thank you so much for all of your lovely messages and surprises (and 'suspicious' behaviour!), you have really made today a day to remember. You should all be very proud of yourselves for being so caring, kind and working together to create such a wonderful, spectacular event!

This week your homework is as follows:



Can be found on the MyMaths website.

(Maths homework books have gone home with login details. If you are unable to get onto mymaths, you can use programs like Sumdog, Time Tables Rockstars of Hit the Button to practise your tables. Remember we want speed as well as accuracy!)

Your homework this week is to read the lyrics to our songs for the Easter service next week. This is partly to learn them and practice, but also to really understand them when we sing them. Why do you think we ask 'Were you there'? What does 'He lives in you' mean about Jesus? 

Were You There

Were you there when they crucified my lord?
Were you there when they crucified my lord?
Ooh sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble,
Were you there when they crucified my lord?

Were you there when they nailed him to a cross?
Were you there when they nailed him to a cross?
Ooh sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble,
Were you there when they nailed him to a cross?

Were you there when they laid him in the tomb?
Were you there when they laid him in the tomb?
Ooh sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble,
Were you there when they laid him in the tomb?

Were you there when the stone was rolled away?
Were you there when the stone was rolled away?
Ooh sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble,
Were you there when the stone was rolled away?


He Lives in You

And the spirit of life
Calling oh oh iyo
Mamela oh oh iyo

And the voice
With the fear of a child
Answers oh oh iyo
Oh mamela oh oh iyo

There’s no mountain too great
Hear the words and have faith
Oh oh iyo
Have faith

He lives in you
He lives in me
He watches over
Everything we see
Into the water
Into the truth
In your reflection
He lives in you

He lives in you

So wait
There’s no mountain too great
Hear the words and have faith
Have faith

Chorus x2

He lives in you x2


Thank you again Year 5, and have a lovely weekend everyone!

Spring 2 Week 3

Date: 9th Mar 2018 @ 12:18pm

Our Collective Worship value this month is Sacrifice. We discussed what sacrifice means, and what it can look like for different people, as some things might be a sacrifice for one person but not for another. We agreed we should always be mindful of this, and fully appreciate the feelings behind sacrifices, whether they are our own or someone else's. A sacrifice is being willing to give something up for some sort of good. Some of us have given up certain foods or habits for Lent, and some of us might sacrifice the last sweet in the bag for a younger brother or sister! A sacrifice is done to achieve some good, and we know that Jesus sacrificed himself at Easter for the good of all mankind. The sacrifice Jesus made was the ultimate sacrifice, he gave his life for us, and we thought about how grateful we are for this incredible love. Easter is a time to reflect on sacrifices and loving actions, to try to be as loving as we can be and to show our gratitude for others when they demonstrate their love for us.

Earlier this week, we had an exciting visit from Mad Science! We created model astronauts to investigate how being submerged in water affects their weight. This is why astronauts train for the weightlessness of space in water! We also had a go at communicating between the 'astronaut' and 'mission control', with neither side able to see what the other can see, but still trying to give directions. This was quite tricky! We have also been grateful for parent visits this week as part of our Career's Week. Hearing first hand accounts of careers as exciting as journalists and musicians has been truly inspiring. Finally, we have been competing in the Sumdog competition this afternoon, representing our class and school! (We can compete at home as well, our log ins are stuck in the back of our maths homework books!) Can we be victorious? Good luck!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Spring 2 Week 2

Date: 1st Mar 2018 @ 5:51pm

We began our new RE topic of Easter: Victory this week. We discussed what it feels like to be victorious, and what sorts of things can be considered 'victories'. We usually feel very proud if we are victorious! 'Victory' and 'winning' are not always the same thing though, as Year 5 discovered. Sometimes we can win a game and not feel good about it, but then other times we can lose the game but still feel victorious, perhaps because we played really well in a team, or maybe we managed to do something extra that we had never done before. Jesus was victorious at Easter, as he succeeded in restoring humanity's relationship with God by sacrificing himself. We will be exploring this in more detail in our coming lessons!

Yesterday was World Book Day, and Year 5 had some truly spectacular costumes of their favourite book characters! We created comic strips using ourselves as the characters. Using photos of each other in weird and wonderful poses, we told the traditional comic book story of the hero and the villian battling it out, for the hero to be victorious. Some groups even did a sequel for their comics where the hero turns bad...we have also been developing our skills as coders this week, proving ourselves as the technicians of tomorrow as we created and debugged programs to get our sprites to move and interact with other objects. Lots of us were keen to have another go at home, using the Scratch link on the school website!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Spring 2 Week 1

Date: 23rd Feb 2018 @ 3:40pm

Welcome back!

This week we have focused on the beginnings of Judaism in RE. We looked in particular at the story of Abraham and Isaac, and the lengths Abraham was willing to go to because of his trust in God. Abraham trusted in God's will, and was rewarded because of it. We discussed the role of trust and promises in relationships, both with God and each other. We decided that promises create a new level of trust that should be nurtured and honoured. In Collective Worship, we thought about whether we should always aim for Joy in our lives. Whilst Joy is a wonderful goal to aim for, and it helps us to enjoy and celebrate the best times in life, it is important to feel other emotions too to have a full human experience and to keep Joy special.

Elsewhere this week, we completed Bikeability with lots of children achieving their Level 2 - well done! The weather was much better this time, and we developed our skills out on the road. Our Greek dance is making progress, Mrs Whitehead was incredibly impressed with our memories after the break! We have also started our new topic: Are We Damaging The World? We have been exploring how we are affecting our planet and thinking about what sorts of things can be done to help. Sir David Attenborough has been a focus, as we will be writing a biography about his life next week. We have really enjoyed watching him in action in some of his most famous clips and he is certainly inspiring us to look at our planet in a different light!

Enjoy your weekends everyone!

Spring 1 Week 5

Date: 9th Feb 2018 @ 3:33pm

Year 5 have ended this half term with an absolutely fantastic week!

We have begun looking at our new monthly value of Joy this week, which has certainly lifted our spirits in this winter weather. We have looked at the sorts of things which make us feel joyful, and also how we can bring joy to others. We recorded our ideas down on little strips of card and collected them all together in a ‘jar of joy’ on our prayer table. Now we always have a bank of joyful memories and actions to dip in to if we need inspiration, or if we just fancy a smile. :) We are aiming to have half term breaks full of joyful experiences!

Elsewhere this week, Year 5 have barely paused to draw breath! On Tuesday, we braved the elements to take part in Bikeability and we rode out on local roads to develop our skills. If we can cycle safely in the snow, we can tackle any weather! On Thursday, we had the privilege of meeting Anna Jackson, former wheelchair basketball Paralympian. After we completed a tough sponsored fitness circuit, Anna gave us an inspirational assembly about overcoming adversity to do what she loves – sport. We were enthralled by her stories about her life, and could have listened all day! Today we waved goodbye to the chicks in Foundation Stage, and celebrated Chinese New Year a little early. We had great fun sampling Chinese food, writing Chinese letters, making Chinese masks and creating our own dragons!

Have a lovely, joyful break everyone!

Spring 1 Week 4

Date: 2nd Feb 2018 @ 11:49am

Another incredible week has flown by in Year 5!

In RE, we investigated one of Jesus’ most famous teachings: The Beatitudes. In this teaching, Jesus tells us what sort of person the Kingdom of God belongs to. We discovered that The Beatitudes are extremely familiar to us, as they are embedded and woven throughout our school and parish life. Our school values of Serve, Hope, Imagine, Nurture and Enjoy perfectly sum up the Beatitudes in different words, and that is exactly what we aimed to do in class as well. Using the poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling as inspiration, we created our own versions incorporating The Beatitudes. We created our own poems of instructional recipes describing how to enter and build the Kingdom of God. We have really enjoyed delving into the abstract concept of the Kingdom of God, and we have produced some excellent, creative work.

Another huge highlight of this week was the Ancient Greek workshop on Wednesday morning! We were enthralled to meet a Greek scholar, Acanthus, to watch the story of Pandora’s Box and of course be terrified of the (in)famous Oracle who told a fortune after eating a goat’s entrails… Some of us were lucky enough to compete in the Olympic games, and we mustn’t forget to thank the gods for all of our fun and laughter (all hail the mighty Zeus!) It was a fascinating, informative and thoroughly entertaining morning, which has certainly given us plenty of ideas for our script writing in English.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Spring 1 Week 3

Date: 26th Jan 2018 @ 12:18pm

We have had yet another busy, fun-filled week!

In RE, we have been exploring more of Jesus's parables, this time about the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is quite a tricky concept to understand, which is why Jesus used parables to explain it. Each parable is like a jigsaw piece, and when we put them together we can start to see the picture better. We decided to create our own version of a 'jigsaw' for the Kingdom of God, with all of our ideas put together to build a bigger picture. After reading four parables, we each chose something to paint that meant the Kingdom of God for us. We had a huge range of ideas, from skyscapes with clouds to family and friends. When we put all of our ideas together, we are creating our own way of explaining the Kingdom of God.

Elsewhere this week, we were fortunate to have a visit from and a workshop by the NSPCC. We talked about how to Speak Out and Stay Safe by telling a trusted adult if we have any worries. We also had a reminder of Childline's number (0800 1111) for if we ever needed to talk but didn't quite know who to talk to. Today, we completed our happy and safe lists, full of ideas of what to do, where to go and who to talk to help us feel better if we are worried. In Theme, we have been creating our very own Ancient Greek vases - with some epic designs! We have patterns, battle scenes, heroes and monsters galore! What do you think of them so far?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Spring 1 Week 2

Date: 19th Jan 2018 @ 3:37pm

In RE this week, we explored Jesus's parables and what they can teach us. We already knew Jesus was a fantastic teacher, but we soon realised just how clever he was once we dug a little deeper into his method of storytelling. Parables are stories about God, or something heavenly, which use familiar imagery to explain something more complicated. Some of us thought it was a bit harsh at first in the Parable of the Talents for the master to take away the money from the man too scared to use it, but when we realised Jesus meant the gifts that God had given us, it made much more sense. We know that if we don't use it we lose it, and we are all so lucky to have so many talents to share with the world. We decided to update a different parable, the Good Samaritan, so that it was told as if Jesus had been alive today. Instead of Samaritans, Levites and donkeys we had football fans, doctors and ambulances! We saw that the message of 'Love Your Neighbour' was still just as relevant today.

English has been very exciting this week as we have created our own Greek myths. We made our focus suspense, building up slowly to our hero's big confrontation with the monsters! Our ideas have been phenomenal, and each lesson has had all of us literally on the edge of our seats. We read our myths to each other this afternoon, and we were all ducking and gulping along with the heroes trying to avoid ghostly choirs, hopeless souls lost in the Underworld and caves as dark as a zombie's heartbeat! We recommend a cushion to hide behind if you would like to read one...

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

(NB: Year 5 PE will be on Mondays and Tuesdays this term. Please can full PE kits be in school for both days, including pumps for indoor use and trainers for outdoor use. Thank you!)

Spring 1 Week 1

Date: 12th Jan 2018 @ 5:08pm

Welcome back everyone, and Happy New Year! 2018 looks like it is going to be another amazing year!

We have a new monthly value for January - Wisdom. We had a discussion about what the differences and similarities were between Wisdom and knowledge, and we decided that whilst there can be an overlap they are definitely different things. Knowing all of the capital cities in the world is a separate skill to knowing what the right thing to do is, or how to make the best of a situation. Our monthly value also links closely with our RE topic of Jesus the Teacher. We thought about the biggest, most important lessons we have learnt so far, then looked at who had taught them. We saw that our best teachers have quite a few ingredients. They are: patient, kind, understanding, creative, believe in us and want us to do well, with a bit of wisdom and knowledge mixed in there too! Jesus was the perfect example of a good teacher, and we learnt that he used all of these ingredients to teach people about God and heaven. Parables were stories he used to explain a message about God, and he told lots of these stories to help people understand.

We have started our new Theme topic of Ancient Greece this week, and already we are delving into the depths of Greek mythology with Theseus and Odysseus. We have also found out that democracy and the Olympics both started in Ancient Greece, and are still around today! We have also had a wonderful week of PE, from hockey to Kin-Ball. Kin-Ball was extremely exciting, and involved a lot of team work to make sure that the ball was in the right place at the right time. Being train tracks and keeping up with the ball was hard work, but we worked together and used strategy to make sure the 'train' didn't derail!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Autumn 2 Week 8

Date: 20th Dec 2017 @ 12:44pm

We have reached the end of 2017 already! The first term of Year 5 has flown by, thank you everybody for all of your hard work and enthusiasm since September. We have had such an incredible time, and we can't wait to get stuck in again in January!

Some highlights were:

  • Joining in with the action on Roald Dahl Day
  • Preparing for the Harvest Festival
  • Taking part in our Macmillan Coffee Morning
  • Learning how to play the clarinet
  • Two fascinating Viking workshops
  • Our Viking trip to Tatton Park
  • Our Celebration of Kindness Week including the terrific triathlon that Year 5 and 6 completed
  • Voting in the Make a Difference challenge
  • Participating in our carol concert
  • And so much more!

We looked back over what we were proud of from the past year, and then thought about what we wanted to achieve next year, then recorded our thoughts on stars. We will keep trying to be the best that we can be and we will continue to shine!

Have a peaceful and loving Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to seeing you all back in January! 

Autumn 2 Week 7

Date: 15th Dec 2017 @ 5:48pm

What a week Year 5 have had in this busy run up to Christmas!

Our child led collective worship came around quickly this month, and we were treated to a beautiful, creative and interactive reflection. We were all given our own little bag containing lego pieces, which we built into something or someone meaningful to us who shows us compassion. At first it was quite tricky with so few pieces, but we came up with such a huge range of ideas by the time we had finished! Each little lego model held a special place in our hearts. We know that showing compassion is so important for all of us, especially if someone is not necessarily being their best self. We can help them and ourselves to be the best that we can be by being kind and showing them we care.

All of Year 5 have been busy rehearsing this week for the Carol Service, especially the choir! We are really looking forward to sharing with everyone next week. We also had our interform competition this week where we showed off our speed stacking skills to the maximum degree. To keep us on our toes, we had a Mad Science assembly where we got to see all sorts of incredible experiments, like the light saber powered by 'human', and the hand of firey bubbles! It was so exciting, and we were all rooting for Egbert to be able to get in and out of his glass home. And of course we had Christmas Dinner Day and Christmas Jumper Day this week as well! Phew! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Autumn 2 Week 6

Date: 8th Dec 2017 @ 12:35pm

In RE this week, we looked at what was important in the Christmas story and whether that had changed over time. We began by listing our top 5 important aspects of the story. There was a unanimous decision that Jesus's Birth was the most important part, and most of us thought Mary and Joesph were the second most important part. However the remaining 3 places were not quite as clear cut! We compared our answers to Matthew and Luke's Gospels and what they saw as important. Matthew told us about the Wise Men to tell readers of the Bible that Jesus came to lead the Jews, and Luke told us about shepherds to show that Jesus came to save everyone. Interestingly, lots of us chose the stable and the donkey as ways of showing that Jesus was humble, and that he was just like us when he was born. We wondered why that had happened and shared our thoughts.

Elsewhere this week, we have been learning about discussions, and how to present two sides of an argument in a balanced way. We have analysed other discussions to see how they are structured, because we are going to be writing our own about whether we should use home grown or imported food for our Christmas Dinner! We looked at some related facts to include in our writing today - we were shocked to discover that all of the Christmas wrapping paper we throw out after Christmas could go around the equator nine times! We have also been practising our painting skills using Henri Matisse as our inspiration. He uses thick lines and bold colours to show normal, everyday objects. We used water colour paint to mimic his style of blended colours, and we experimented with glue and powder paint to achieve raised lines for outlines. It took a lot of concentration, but we think we have done a great job of harnessing Matisse's style for our final paintings! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Autumn 2 Week 5

Date: 1st Dec 2017 @ 4:25pm

This week we had our child led Justice Collective Worship celebration. We looked at superheroes! All superheroes fight for what is right, and they believe in upholding justice in their towns and cities. Having a fair way of doing things is important to let all members of a community feel important, valued and appreciated. We also pondered the very interesting questions: why did God make us all different? Since we are different, why does God want us to be treated equally? We had a range of answers. We thought we could be different so that we could tell each other apart, we could all be our unique selves and bring different talents to our world. We decided for the second question that we should all be treated the same because it is the fairest, most just way to do things. Well done everyone for giving such thought provoking responses!

Elsewhere this week, we have been busy as Zoo Rangers in maths! We were working out the areas of the different animals' enclosures so we knew how much grass or water or stone to get to cover the floor. Some animals had enclosures that were very tricky shapes, but we managed to get our zoos up and running. In PE we got to try out our first proper matches of Zone Ball. It felt freezing outside, but we were brave and powered through the cold and learned lots of new tactical skills. Luckily Zone Ball is an extremely fast game, so it certainly kept us moving for the whole lesson! 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Autumn 2 Week 4

Date: 24th Nov 2017 @ 4:37pm

This week in Year 5, we took part in The Big Vote! The Big Vote is an important part of the Make A Difference Challenge, which is influenced by school pupils up and down the country. The aim is to draw attention to the fact that young children have important views about the kind of world they wish to grow up in, and to demonstrate to children the influence they can wield to effect real change and create a better world. This linked to our monthly value of Justice as we wanted fair treatment for everybody. You can see in our photograph above that there were ten very deserving causes that we had to choose between. We discussed each one, what it meant to us and our community, and why it was so important to push for change. For some of us it was an extremely difficuly choice, as we could see that all of the causes would make such a difference. However we held a secret ballot, and our democratic vote resulted in Animal Welfare with the most support, with five other causes right behind. We uploaded all of the votes on to the Big Vote website, and they will count along with all of the other schools. Well done everyone for contributing so many thoughtful and mature ideas in our discussion.

Other highlights this week include our brand new PE focus: Zone Ball! It is fast, furious fun! We had to brush up on our throwing and catching skills first to be ready for the pace of Zone Ball, which can be described as a cross between Netball, Handball and American Football. Speed is of the essence as we throw the ball to team mates to score in zones on either side of the Zone Ball court, making sure we dodge the other team who will certainly be marking us. We are really looking forward to getting more skilled in this game and we can't wait for next week!

Have a fun weekend everyone!