Year 5: Blog items

Year 5 - Spring 1 - Week 6

Date: 14th Feb 2020 @ 3:30pm


Another half-term is over and we cannot believe that we are already half way through Year 5!

This week the children were wonderful as they performed their clarinets to the parents in a short performance. They have worked so hard since September learning to play this new instrument and they did us all so very proud. Thank you so much to Mrs McCardle for her wonderful teaching over the last three half-terms. 

This week we had four children from Year 5 represent our school in two different sporting tournaments; footballers at the Liverpool Football Academy and swimmers in the Swimming Gala. We are very proud of how well they represented the school - well done and thank you for doing such a super job. Year 5 also all enjoyed taking part in the interform sporting event led by Formby High School and their Sports Leaders - thank you! 

The children have thoroughly enjoyed creating their vlogs this week - may children chose to create a vlog about our school have been touring our school and showcasing all the wonderful things that take place here to capture them on their vlog! 

The children's writing this half-term has really impressed me - check out our class Twitter page to see a sample of some of the talented authors there are in Year 5!

Spellings have been sent home as normal, however there is no homework set this week.

I hope you all have a wonderful half-term and I look forward to seeing you all on your return on Monday 24th February.

Year 5 - Spring 2 - Week 5

Date: 7th Feb 2020 @ 1:32pm


In RE this week, the children recapped on what a parable was. As Jesus was a teacher, we know he told many stories to his people that taught them a lesson. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching the Prodigal Son retold by the ‘Skit Guys’ and answered questions which reflected the critical thinkers they are. The children then looked at modern day parables and how we still continue to learn ‘life lessons’ each day. Take a a look at the modern day parable of ‘The Broccoli Tree’ - a short modern day story which not only shocked the children but allowed them to think creatively about different ways of viewing the actions of others and what we can take from these moving forward. 

In our penultimate week before half term the children have really been getting their teeth into improving their sentence work including vocabulary and openers. Linking all this weeks writing to the film, War Horse, the children did a great job at expressing the green hat thinking as if they were Albert (when he watches Joey be led off to war) and then Captain Nicholls (as he prepares to take Joey into their first battle). The children showed great empathy and used a range of stylistic writing devices to good effect. 

This week in maths, the children have focused on finding missing angles on both a straight line and within a quadrilateral. Despite some more challenging problems, the children proved to be true mathematicians and represented our school value of hope as they displayed optimism and resilience! Friday’s maths lesson resulted in a fun active maths session in the hall putting their angels and protractor knowledge into practice. 

In PE this week the children have enjoyed both their cricket and netball sessions and have impressed Miss Morris especially with their super netball long skills. In history the children have been looking at the use of propaganda and if they believe it was the correct term thing to do. 

Our final clarinet lesson has taken place before the children perform to you on Monday afternoon. ALL clarinets MUST be in school on Monday! We look forward to seeing you there.

Happy weekend everyone!

Year 5 Spring 1 Week 4

Date: 1st Feb 2020 @ 5:09pm


Year 5 really are a class of super stars! 

This week we started our new piece of writing linked to the World War 1 movie of Michael Morpurgo's book 'War Horse'. In their shared writing, the children wrote diary entries from the point of view of Albert, displaying the love he has for his beloved horse. Some of the writing produced was incredible with real 'star sentences' being written. Next week the children will continue to write their own pieces linked to another extract of the film. 

Need any angles identifying, estimating or measuring? Well look no further! The children have learned many facts about angles and how they are measured. With great precision, the children have mastered how to use the protractor. Most impressive Year 5!

In Collective Worship this week we remembered the millions of lives lost in the Holocaust and we thanked God for 75 years of the liberation of Auschwitz. The BBC Newsround Special edition was excellent and as sad as it was to watch in parts, it clearly showed the children why it all began and the experiences of some of the survivors. We prayed that we would always remember so that history doesn't repeat and it will never happen again. 

In Computing this week, the children delved deeper into the life of Youtubers and Vloggers and depsite all the posiitves, they saw the negatives associated with their lives too. On SeeSaw the children shared why Vloggers should be extra vigilant with what they share online and the downside to sharing too much as well as documenting their lives daily. We made links to Snapchat and Instagram stories, seeing how this wasn't something that was exclesuive just to Youtubers but all of us who use social media too.

This week the children welcomed Sharon and Tracey from 'Conquer Life' who came and delivered a very important message in their 'Stay Safe' workshop. The children were given different scenarios and using the idea of having their own 'Get Out' (an excuse to safely and quickly remove themselves from any situation they knew was wrong or make them feel uneasy), the children explained how they could stay safe. An important message which we hope your child has discussed with you at home too.

Some of the Year 5 children tried out for the Formby School's Swimming Gala this week. Such a positive attitude was shown and the children enjoyed their trial. Thank you to Mr King for giving the children this opportunity this week.

I wish everyone a lovely weekend!


Year 5 - Spring 1 - Week 3

Date: 25th Jan 2020 @ 11:11am


Year 5 have had an excellent week - lots of learning and of course, fun!

During this week's worship we continued with our theme of wisdom and discussed how we can become wise. The children agreed it was through life experiences that we gained much of our wisdom. The children then reflected on their own lives and the lessons which they have learned and wrote letters to their younger versions of themselves, 'Dear Little Me....'. See our Twitter feed for a taster of some of the beautiful pearls of wisdom that were shared. This connected well to our RE lesson, where the children are learning about Jesus as a teacher - we began by looking at what we have learned, who taught us, how they shared this teaching with us and why it has been important to us. 

Our hands-down highlight of the week was our visit to the Imperial War Museum North, in Mnachester on Wednesday. So much learning took place through the incredible exhibition that took us through wars through the ages. The array of primary sources of evidence were incredible - ranging from bombs, shells, letters, uniforms and even a pistol belonging to famous author J.R.R. Tolkien (who knew he survived The Battle of the Somme before going on to write two iconic books?). The movies entitled 'War at Home' and 'Children at War' shared so many facts and experiences of the people who were actually there. The afternoon workshop 'Memory Scramblers' was great - the children enjoyed being super sleuth detectives and through their own headsets, the children (in their teams) were set challenges within the exhibition. Really engaging and great fun!

The children have completed their letter writing this week and they are pretty pleasing too - as if they were soldiers in the trenches the children have written letters back to their families at home. Alongside their art work in the author books, the children are rightly pleased with their final pieces. 

In maths we have contineud to look at shape - translating and reflecting these 2D shapes. The children enjoyed these challenges and showed resilience to solve their challenges.

I wish you all a super Saturday and Sunday! See you on Monday!

Year 5 - Spring 1 - Week 2

Date: 19th Jan 2020 @ 2:21pm


We have had such a wonderful start to the new year in Year 5!

Building upon our RE last week where the children studied the world religion of Judaism, the children created mini presentatiosn which they presented to the class about one of the key Jewish festivals. The children talked about the key festivals in Christianity and how there were similariites and differences bewteen them.

It has been a very shape themed week too this week, the children have identified properties of 3D shapes as well as matching shapes to their nets. With great concentration and resilience, the children created their own shapes - the dodecahedron was however quite the challenge!

Our new theme 'What was Great about the Great War?' has really caught the children's attention - in disbelief they have learned about how World War 1 started and about life in the trenches. Researching the Christmas Truce and watching both the 2014 Sainsbury's Christmas advert and Paul McCartney's Pipes of Peace music video, the children used thinking hats to help think even deeper about the brutal realities of the war. During reading activites, the children were engrossed in reading some primary sources of evidences - letters that were sent home to families during their time in the trenches. These helped the children in their shared writing, where they wrote as a WW1 soldier,  postcards home to famileis as if they were on the Western front. Some stunning art work has also been produced by the children with Miss Morris - this art work will accompany their Author Book writing next week - I am very much looking forward to seeing their finished pieces next week. 

In PE we have welcomed our new coach Greg from Lancashire Cricket Foundation who will be leading the class in developing their cricket skills this half term. We thank Formby Cricket Club for supporting this - the children are very much enjoying these sessions.

Clarinet lessons have resumed and as per diary dates, the children will be performing to the parents on Monday 10th February. We hope you can join us on this afternoon.

Have a super weeked everyone!


Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Week 6

Date: 14th Dec 2019 @ 10:14am



After watching the Age UK Christmas advert this week in Collective Worship, the children talked about loneliness. In line with our monthly value of compassion, the children asked to make Christmas cards which could then be shared around our local community. Thank you to Anne and Poppy for helping us with this and being our postal service to local parishioners!

This week the children have been busy little artists as they created their own watercolour paintings of a scene for their 'Bare and the Hare' (John Lewis advert) writing to accompany their writing. The children took great care to produce some really stunning pieces of work.

On Wednesday, some children in Year 5 went to Trinity Lodge to spread some festive cheer by singing Christmas Carols to the residents there. It was enjoyed by all and the children were grateful to accept a £50 donation to school funds from Churchill Retirement Living. Thank you.

The children completed their DT project this week with Miss McKenzie, making djembe drums - the children were super pleased with their final drums - all o different shapes, sizes and designs. 

In Geography, the children explored the human features of the countries that make u Scandinavia. Using QR codes, the children had to explore one country and find out as many facts about the human features as possible. Three children were then selected as Prime Ministers; one for each country. The children then had to interview the Prime Minister of one of the other countries to find out as much about their country as possible which they then recorded into a double bubble thinking map.

On Friday, the children sported their Christmas jumpers, raising money for the Venus Centre in Bootle. A centre that supports young women in the area and will be providing invaluable support and care particularly during the Christmas season. Thank you everyone for your support. 

Have a super 'Christmassy' weekend everyone!


Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Week 5

Date: 5th Dec 2019 @ 11:31pm

Monday morning saw Christmas arrive in the Year 5 classroom! Together, the children made a great 'makeover' team as they transformed the classroom with the Christmas decorations!

This week the children shone like the stars they are as they sang their little hearts out at the 'Sefton Sky Music Hub Concert' on Tuesday evening at Formby High School. Alongside two other Year 5 classes in Formby, the children sang songs linked to the theme 'Our Place' showing how Formby is a wonderful place to live. Well done Year 5 - you were wonderful representatives of our school!

On Wednesday, the children enjoyed a performance from B-Tales who entertained the children with laughter echoing all around the school. This perfomance was fittingly named 'SHINE' which reminded us all of the importance to always believe in oursleves to be and be the best version of oursleves we can be. 

Four of our Year 5 pupils - two boys and two girls - represented the school at the LFC Foundation's Primary League Primary Stars football tournament this week. All pupils did themselves proud and enjoyed the experience! A special well done to the boys who remained unbeaten throughout and are now looking forward to going through to the next stage in this competition.

The children created their own African djembe drums in DT this week after studying different ways music is made through percussion instruments. They are looking forward to decorating them with their own African designs next week ready for their own musical performance!

In English, the children have concluded their 'Bare and the Hare' writing and they have done so in real style too! The range of vocabulary has been 'mesmerizing, hypnotising, wondrous and overwhelming' - to quote the children themselves! They have given such attention to detail to bring their writing to life and the use of the green thinking hat helped them use their inference skills further to consider how the hare and the bear felt throughout the short animation. They are now perfecting their piece of art which has been inspired by the animation itself. 

We really loved watching Key Stage 1 in their Nativity this morning. The children agreed it doesn't seem so long ago that they performed their very own Nativity. Thank you and well done to the children in Years 1 and 2 - you certainly got us in the Christmas spirit!

Enjoy your weekend everybody - have a super time!

Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Week 3

Date: 22nd Nov 2019 @ 4:40pm

Christmas started this week in Year 5! Yes... Christmas!

Using the infamous John Lewis 'Hare and the Bear' Christmas advert from 2014, the children examined stills of the video to discuss the relationship of the two characters and explored their emotions. The children were surprised at the range of emotions shown through just their body language in just the first 25 seconds of the advert! This has now filtered into them producing some stunning, descriptive writing which they will complete next week.

Preparations continued  this week with Stewart from Sky Music Hub, for our performance at Formby High School. The children are looking forward to performing alongside other local schools and we do hope as many of you as possible can come along and watch.

On Wednesday we dressed in stripes as we raised awareness and funds for the Brake Charity which promotes all aspects of Road Safety. Our two STAR committee leaders did a super job in teaching our Nursery children about road safety as well as leading the activity in our class on this day too where the children made their own Road Safety Awareness adverts on the iPads.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Week 1

Date: 8th Nov 2019 @ 4:27pm


We have had a wonderful first week back to our new half-term with lots of different learning taking place.

In preparation for Monday (when we will be paying our respects to those who lost their lives at war) the children created their own poppies during Collective Worship. Considering key themes, the children labelled their poppies with words which were important to them e.g. peace, hope, love, remember.

As part of Parliament Weeek 2019, the children learned more about Parliament, the Government, Cabinet Ministers, The House of Commons and The House of Lords. The children then blind voted on some hypothetical policies which may be discussed in the House of Commons and then deabted them between themselves as the governement and the opposition. Two of these were: 'Should McDonalds fast food be banned?' and 'Should the school summer holidays be shorter?'. There were lots of different viewpoints shared and the children thoroughly enjoyed being politicians for the afternoon!

The filming of our 'Kindness Video 2019' took place this week and everyone loved watching the final video this afternoon as we gathered in the school hall together to watch it in preparation for our annual Kindness Week, next week. If you haven't already - then you really must watch it here! So much fun to be shared! 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Year 5 - Autumn 1 - Week 8

Date: 25th Oct 2019 @ 2:32pm


What a wonderfully busy and productive first term we have had in Year 5!

This week the highlight for the children was most definitely their two days with Bike-Right! We were so fortunate with the weather and the rain, thankfully, held off! The children developed their independent cycling skills and spent time out and about in our local community ensuring they are safe cycling on the roads. Well done to everyone achieving their Level 1 or Level 2 certificates.

In maths we have been working on finding factors and common factors of a range of numbers. the children were all in agreement that the hard work has paid off learning their times tables as it helps with so much of their maths - especially finding factors! Homework this week is linked to factors and prime numbers - remember MyMaths is also available should further practice be needed.

The children's final pieces of non-fiction writing are completed... and I am incredible impressed with the standard of the children's work, their enthusiasm and determination to really produce the super pieces of writing they have! 

On Tuesday we raised awareness of 'stammers'  as it was National Stammer Awareness Day.  The children learned how King George V had a stammer and the difficulties that presented him with, especially being a King of his country and during a time when his people needed him most; World war 2. We watched the inspirational video clip of Musharaf from Educating Yorkshire and saw how he represented the value of hope and with the support of his fantastic teacher, he went on to not only pass his GCSE English speaking exam, but spoke infront of a hall full of people. We made links with the character of Travis in the new book by Onaji Rauf and were delighted to be back in contact on Twitter with her this week!

It may be raining outside, but we've had smiles all round in Year 5 - enjoy you half-terms everyone and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 4th November.

Take care everyone!

Year 5 - Autumn 1 - Week 7

Date: 18th Oct 2019 @ 2:43pm

With just one week left before we break up for half-term, the children have continued to work as busy little bees each day!

This week in our worship, we listened to a fable from the religion of Judaism about a Rabbi who said the 'Monde Ani' prayer each and every day. This prayer is said by Jews before they even take a step out of bed and is their chance to connect with their God to thank him for gifts they have been given and that they have awoken to another brand new day. We talked about how not everyone is grateful in that they do not pause to appreciate the smallest things which we agreed in turn often result as the biggest things; I can see, I can walk, I have water, I do not go hungry. We looked at how we have supported people locally, nationally and globally who are not as fortunate as ourselves. 

In history the children have learned many new facts about the Victorian era with particular attention to the Indus trail Revolution and the many, many inventions of that time.

Maths homework this week reinforces the children's learning week on negative numbers - please do remember that the children can further their learning on the MyMaths website (their usernames and passwords) are at the front of their planners.

Thank you to everyone who supported 'Alder Hey PJ Day' today - the children certainly looked most cosy all day! 

Have a super weekend everyone!


Year 5 - Autumn 1 - Week 6

Date: 11th Oct 2019 @ 3:57pm












Time seems to be flying by so very quickly... but then they do say that happens when you're having fun and here in Year 5 it has been yet again, another fun week!

We welcomed Rev. Poppy to class today and it will not surprise you that the children asked her so many deep and insightful questions about reflecting their critical thinking skills. Their questions really made Poppy think and as always, her responses were wonderful! The learnt about how and why Poppy uses the vicar and how it impacts upon her life, as well as other interesting facts such as when it is believed the Bible was written and who wrote some of the many parts of it. The class even wowed Poppy with some of their facts about the Bible and linked to our most recent lesson, the number of languages it had been translated into so that the Word of God would be spread across the globe to all followers of Christ.

In English this week, the children delved deeper into the life of Queen Victoria, and after discovering many facts about her the children are now composing their own non-fiction piece of writing about this remarkable lady. I have to say, the children's curiosity and interest in the history of the Royal Family has amazed me and this has really fuelled some excellent pieces of writing this week.

In maths, the children built upon their Roman Numerals knowledge from Year 4 and are now able to read and write in Roman Numerals up to 1000 and also read and write years too. A complex concept was mastered - and really enjoyed - by the class! 

The children's musical talents are coming along well in their clarinet lessons and we enjoyed listening to one class member who has self-taught herself more at home and even gave the class her own rendition of 'Baby Shark'!

On Thursday, the class took part in a BBC Live Lesson to highlight the importance of mental heath on National Mental Health Awareness Day. The children were reminded of how there are many ways they can help to keep themselves healthy in their minds with one of the main things linked to our school value of Nurture - being kind to ourselves. As a class we often 'pause' so that we can reflect on what we are doing and enjoying and mainly - be present so that we can appreciate the here and now.

Year 5 - Autumn 1 - Week 5

Date: 6th Oct 2019 @ 3:58pm


This week we are so grateful to the super children in Year 5 for leading Key Stage 2 in a wonderful celebration of Harvest at Holy Trinity Church. The children did themselves proud as they reminded everybody of the importance of Harvest time whilst pausing and reflecting on how fortunate we are with the food we are given. We also prayed for our friends across the world as well as in this country, including the Southport and Formby area, who are not as fortunate as ourselves. Thank you to the families who supported throughout the school with their donations of money and food items for the Southport Foodbank.

The children have simply LOVED finding out about the life of Queen Victoria this week and have discovered and recorded many fascinating facts about her life. The children will be sign these facts to create a non-fiction piece of writing next week about her glorious reign and the highs and lows which she experienced.

On Thursday it was National Poetry Day. With this year's theme being 'truth', there seemed no poem more fitting than the short story written in rhyme by Matt Craig - 'The Truth Pixie Goes to School'. The children found the story compelling and talked about how the life of the pixie and her her friend Aada were made difficult by people who were unkind and treated them in a way which most certainly doesn't reflect our school values. The quote which hooked us the most was 'Don't try to be something you really are not - your one true self is the best thing you've got'. We connected this to our troll work at the start of the year and how difference is always to be celebrated. In Mr King's PSHE lesson on Friday, this was conformed yet again with the discussion about equality for all. 



I know it's early to mention the word... however the children have almost completed their Christmas cards ready for being published soon. I am sure you will think these cards could be sold in John Lewis this Christmas too! 

Wishing everyone a super weekend!

This week's spellings is to recap the previous four weeks - be sure those homophones are secure! 

Year 5 Autumn 1 Week 4

Date: 27th Sep 2019 @ 7:28pm


We've had a super week in Year 5!

This week we enjoyed a lovely collective worship session led by three of the wonderful pupils in Year 5. Our worship leaders for this month taught the rest of the class about the value of creation within the religion of Hinduism and how they believe every day is whole new start and creation of life. Thank you for teaching us how different religions view things differently and how as Christians we appreciate and respect the opinions and beliefs of others too.

In English this week, the children have completed their first piece in their author books - the children are super proud of their efforts, writing in the role of Jim Jarvis from Street Child. As the story continues, the children are learning so much more about life in Victorian Britain for the life of a street child. The children were so engrossed in their writing you really could've heard a pin drop! In their reading this week, the children developed their summarising skills and were able to summarise a whole chapter in just a paragraph, highlighting the key events well.

Mrs McCardle was impressed with the children's musical talents as they progressed well with their clarinet lesson this week. The children will be able to take their clarinet home on Monday, if they have signed their permission letter. All clarinets are to be returned each Friday. 

Year 5 are leading the Harvest Service next Wednesday. Please come along if you are able to; 10am at Holy Trinity Church.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Spellings this week are:

where, were, wear, we're, there, their, they're, here, here

Year 5 - Autumn 1 - Week 3

Date: 20th Sep 2019 @ 11:08pm


What a wonderful week! 

In Collective Worship this week, the children created their own images of the creation story - the children enjoyed spending time reflecting on the world we’ve been blessed with and in line with our nurture value, we discussed the importance of taking the time to respond with wonderment and awe. 

Our class highlight this week was on Tuesday when the children became servants at Tatton Park’s Victorian mansion. The children had to impress M’am (the housekeeper) as they were set to complete tasks in hope of gaining employment by the end of the day. The children learned how to change beds and prepare fires in the chamber, they polished the silver, swept and scrubbed the floors and even baked delicious scones for Lord and Lady Egerton. The children had the most fantastic day whilst learning so much about Victorian lifestyles. It certainly made them appreciate just how lucky they are to live now in 2019 compared to 1896! Check out our Twitter account for many more pictures of this fantastic day we shared!

This week we have really enjoyed reading our story 'Street Child'. The children have created their own diaries as if they were the main character from the story, Jim Jarvis, arriving at the dreaded Workhouse. Using some of words of the day from the last two weeks, the children have added some excellent vocabulary to really develop the atmosphere in their writing. We will share some of their final pieces next week on our class Twitter account - if you aren't already following us, be sure to start!

A huge congratulations to all the children who were elected as our new Year 5 representatives of our school pupil voice groups and a big thank you to all the willing children who nominated themselves for election this year. I am so proud of you all! 

Homework has been handed out again today - I must reiterate the importance of this being handed in on a Wednesday morning each week in order for it to be marked. 

We have more sunshine forecast this weekend - aren't we lucky?! Have a super weekend everyone.


Spellings: thought, brought, fought, rough, tough, enough, cough, although, though, thorough



Year 5 - Autumn 1 - Week 2

Date: 13th Sep 2019 @ 2:51pm


This week has been another busy one in Year 5! 

In worship this week we have begun our new monthly value of ‘Creation’. After watching the animation of the creation story, the children reflected on the incredible world we have been given, our duty to nurture and protect it and the wonderful lives we have been given.

The children are already learning so much from our new class read ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty; the true story of a young boy Jim Jarvis in 1860 and how he inspired Dr Barnardo
. Through this story so far, the children have learned about the lives of people in the Victorian times in advance of their visit to Tatton Park next week. 

We have enjoyed shared writing this week, where the children have created a narrative to the music video of Chris Malinchak’s ‘Good to Me’. The children have been working on developing clues within their writing so the reader doesn’t know the surprise just like in the music video! Well done! 

We really enjoyed our first mandarin lesson this week with Mrs Blagbrough from Merchant Taylor’s School. It was fascinating hearing her tell the class the many careers and opportunities  that are opened up you them by learning this language. The children, as ever, were full of enthusiasm and are looking forward to their next lesson and having a go at Chinese writing! 

Homework planners have been filled in and new homework books for your child to complete have been sent home also. At the front of each planner, the children have written their passwords for each of the following sites: My Maths, Times Table Rockstars and Sumdog. These sites are there to support your child's learning in maths. 
Children are to continue with their reading each day and learn their spellings each week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone - we have sunshine forecast! 

Year 5 - Autumn 1 - Week 1

Date: 7th Sep 2019 @ 1:40pm


What a wonderful start in Year 5 for everyone this week! 

The magic of the Trolls was sprinkled around the class this week as we watched clips of of the movie, discussing the theme 'happiness' and how we can have a 'Poppy the Troll' positive outlook in all we do. The children really enjoyed exploring the different emotions of different characters throughout the film, exploring why the actions of themselves and others can alter their emotions too. Celebrating our own uniqueness and individuality, the children all created their own 'rock troll' - each one, like themselves, totally different but special. 

This year, new to Year 5 is our new happiness journals. These journals have been a huge hit already, and the children have really enjoyed spending time each day recording what they have been grateful for each day and what has made them happy that day.

After considering how and why we should choose happiness, the Think Tank introduced our wonderful new school poster to the school. Thank you Think Tank - you've reminded us how we have choices and with optimism, we will all choose wisely in whatever decisions we make.

In our Collective Worship this week, we have revisited the biblical scriptures which underpin our school values. The children connected each value well to the teachings of Jesus and how we an apply them to our lives everyday.

The children in Year 5 have all been given a school planner this week. In this, they have written their spellings for this week to learn ready for next Thursday's spelling test.  Planners are to be returned each Wednesday as the children will then use them to record what their homework is each week. Homework will be sent home each Friday, starting next week.

Have a wonderful, sunny weekend everyone! 

Welcome to Year 5!

Date: 3rd Sep 2019 @ 2:10pm

Mrs Martin would like to wish you a warm welcome to Year 5!

During the Autumn term, PE lessons will take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Children must have the correct indoor and outdoor PE kits with them on both of these days.

Children in Year 5 will have their woodwind lesson each Monday afternoon. Please ensure your child has their instrument - which they will be provided with - in school each Monday.

Children are encouraged to bring a snack each day to be eaten at break times. Please remember to provide your child with only a healthy snack – e.g. fruit, vegetables.

Bottles of water with a sports cap type lid are also encouraged so the children can drink as and when they need it throughout the day.

Please see the Powerpoint below for all additional information to ensure your child has the best start to Year 5.

I am excited to see what wonderful things the new year brings.

Thank you!

Mrs Martin