Year 6: Blog items

Year 6 - Spring 2 - Week 4

Date: 19th Mar 2021 @ 3:13pm



Another wonderful week in Year 6! This week saw us celebrate Brain Awareness Week, alongside Comic Relief and it was certainly packed full of fun!

In Maths, Year 6 have enjoyed working on linear sequences, angles and time. Plenty of fun tasks and tricky challenges were completed and overcome, with lots of ‘Black Thinking Hats’ in action! We have a real love for Maths in Year 6 and that was evident in our high finish in the Times Table Rock stars ‘Rockdown Relief’ competition!

English has seen Year 6 transform into budding journalists, writing reports on the Galapagos Islands and a newspaper based on the BFG. The children have enjoyed researching and planning their writing before constructing their final pieces. We are excited to see how the Author books turn out.

In the afternoons, we have enjoyed our new theme- coasts. This began with us investigating some coastal photographs and determining where in the UK we thought they were. We then used our previous knowledge of the UK to label these locations on a map.

Our focus in PE has been to develop our health and fitness. All of the children in Year 6 have shown a fantastic attitude and great determination in our endurance running and fitness tests. We have enjoyed playing games, working on our technique in various sports and developing our understanding of why exercise is important.

To cap off the week, we spent Friday afternoon taking part in a Year 6 Comic Relief Quiz. This involved as series of questions, mixed in with various sporting and mental challenges. It was an afternoon filled with laughter and, of course, reflection on what Comic Relief is all about.

Homework can be found on Google Classroom as always, and we look forward to seeing the children back next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!




Year 6 - Spring 2 - Week 3

Date: 12th Mar 2021 @ 3:55pm













After a long-awaited return to the classroom, Year 6 have made a wonderful start back! It has been fantastic to see all the children return, and the classroom has been filled with smiling faces all week. This week has been a great opportunity for Y6 to reflect on lockdown and look forward to being back in school. We talked about how we can stay healthy, both physically and mentally, in these scenarios and celebrated how we have helped each other through this time.

On Monday, Year 6 celebrated International Women’s Day. We had a great time watching videos and hearing stories about great women of the past, who have achieved incredible things and still inspire us today. We then reflected upon the need for International Women’s day, and shared some stories of women who inspire us each day.

It was British Science Week this week and the children particularly enjoyed reading and learning about the Mars Rover – perseverance. They enjoyed discussing how the name relates to what NASA want to achieve and saw strong links to our value of Hope. On Friday afternoon, the children were able to debate whether or not they tough life on Mars would ever be possible, before designing their own Mars Rover for transporting humans across Mars.

PE saw Year 6 complete a series of fitness challenges, including endurance and flexibility, which we are excited to build upon over the next couple of weeks. Each and every member of the class showed excellent determination and spirit to never give up and do their absolute best- well done!

We are excited to announce that we have also entered a TimesTable Rockstars competition in line with Comic Relief. This started today and will run until next Thursday. The children are looking forward to achieving some legendary scores!

All in all, it has been a wonderful week. The highlight being the children’s return to the classroom.

Have a wonderful weekend all and see you on Monday!


Year 6 - Spring 1 - Week 1

Date: 8th Jan 2021 @ 3:08pm


Happy New Year!! It is hard to believe that we are now in 2021 and, although not our usual start to a school term, it has been a great one! Last week brought the news that we would be returning to school via remote learning and it is safe to say Year 6 have taken it well within their stride. It has been a fantastic effort from all involved and it is brilliant to see so many smiley faces on Zoom working hard to get their tasks completed.

This week we enjoyed a recap of our arithmetic skills in Maths. It is evident that many children have kept up their quick recall facts over Christmas – perhaps largely down to Times Table Rockstars. Children have also enjoyed many reading lessons across the last 3 days, as well as a return of ‘The Big Question’ discussion, Science and PE.

All of the children should be very proud of how hard they worked this week and how well they have managed remote learning.

Homework will be available on Google Classroom and there is also a short video message from Mrs Pringle which the children saw today on Zoom.

We will continue with our weekly class blog updates when we are all back in school together. 

Take care and stay safe x

Year 6 - Autumn 2 - Week 7

Date: 18th Dec 2020 @ 2:00pm


Well, here we find ourselves at the end of what has been a great first term. It is hard to believe that our wonderful Year 6’s arrived in September having been away from the classroom from March! They have settled in well and have made good progress this term- working hard to make sure they achieve everything they know they can. We have had plenty of highlights since September; a Sefton Sumdog competition win, incredible improvement in Times Table Rockstars Speed, amazing writing in our ‘Star of Fear, Star of Hope’ and ‘Can we save the tiger?’ books, as well as our wonderful videos and campaigns, such as ‘Everyone In’ and our ‘Celebration of Kindness’ videos. All of this has seen us have a really full and engaging term.

This week, we gathered together for a whole school assembly via Zoom on Friday morning. This was led by Mrs Pringle and gave the children an opportunity to reflect on the term so far and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

On Tuesday, we had the privilege of being able to watch the Reception Nativity. They worked ever so hard to record their performance so it could be shared with the whole school. That was followed up by the Nursery Nativity on Thursday and then the KS2 service on Friday. All in all, it was a wonderful time and Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed taking part and watching along.

Last week, we were visited by two of Santa’s elves wo tasked us with a very special mission. Year 6 were to think of a way to spread some Christmas cheer to those who may be lonely this Christmas. They decided to make Christmas hampers and created some wonderful Christmas decorations and cards to add to a box of mince pies before dropping them off at St Peter’s hall to be delivered to those in need- well done Year 6!

Our last day of term was also the last day for a very special member of our class: Mrs Bryan. The children have loved their time at TSP all the more because of the love and kindness Mrs Bryan has shown them over the last 7 years. She will be missed and we wish her all the very best for her future endeavours- we are sure we will still see her around!

We hope everyone has a well-deserved break and enjoys spending time with family and loved ones. We do encourage children to keep on top of their learning and so tasks have been set on SATs Companion for them to complete.

As always, we hope you have a wonderful weekend and a fantastic Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of Year 6!

Year 6 - Autumn 2 - Week 6

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 3:17pm


What a week! Year 6 have really enjoyed this week and have accomplished a lot. This was assessment week for Y6, which meant that each morning the children has a paper to complete. Everybody worked incredibly hard and really shone throughout, striving for the best and showing our value of Hope. It wasn’t all assessment though… we achieved another Top 10 finish in Sumdog – this time in a national contest- and celebrated Christmas Jumper Day this afternoon.

It wasn’t just any ordinary Friday today either! During a theme lesson about Africa, Year 6 got a rather surprising knock on the window. We had to do a double take but outside our window were two of Santa’s Elves! They came bearing Christmas cheer, silliness and a special mission for our class to complete. We look forward to more on this next week.

In Writing, the children have now moved on to ‘The Man on The Moon’ – a piece based on the 2015 John Lewis Christmas ad. This has been a fantastic stimulus for the children and they have loved getting into the Christmas spirit by discussing the true meaning of Christmas. We look forward to seeing all the wonderful finished pieces next week.

This week saw us round of our current Geography topic: Africa. This has been an excellent topic and the children thrived when given the opportunity to research and discover lots of interesting facts about the continent. Many were amazed at how many incredible animals and natural features there are – not to mention just how big it is!

Next week is our last week before our Christmas break and we can’t quite believe how quickly time has gone this term.

As always, homework and spellings are available via Google Classroom and are due next Wednesday.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody,

Stay safe

Year 6 - Autumn 2 - Week 5

Date: 4th Dec 2020 @ 3:39pm


Our first week in December is now complete! It is hard to imagine we are at this point in our Year 6 journey already.

We have had another great week this week with things beginning to look a little more ‘Christmassy’. Many children have enjoyed the beginnings of our festivities by taking part in our ‘Santa Dash’ which took place earlier this morning.

In RE, the children continued to look at what ‘advent’ symbolises and why it is important for Christians in the lead up to Christmas. This week, the children took a closer look at the prophet, Isaiah, and John the Baptist. We asked ourselves why these people were important and how their messages are still relevant today.

Writing has seen the children move into their author books for their final pieces centred around the class text, ‘Can We Save the Tiger?’ by Martin Jenkins. It has been a fantastic book and the children have loved their writing this half term. There are many, wonderful pieces of work that have been created and they are looking forward to sharing some with you on Google Classrooms when completed.

In Art, the children continued on their African project, exploring various animal furs and recreating the range of patterns using different medium. This week, the children chose their favourite creation out of all the mediums they had experimented with; they then used it to produce a silhouette of an animal with their design.

During the summer, many of our pupils took part in and completed the Arts Council's 'Summer Reading Challenge'. This year, they have introduced a 'Winter Mini Challenge', encouraging children to read three books between now and the 15th January 2021. For further details on how to take part, please visit the 'Winter Mini Challenge' website.

If your child has been signed up to use the ‘Oxford Reading Owl’ programme, an email with login details and further information has been sent out to you. This is another very valuable resource and we encourage you to make full use of it for your child.

As always, homework and spellings can be found on Google Classroom.


Have a great weekend, everyone!


Year 6 - Autumn 2- Week 4

Date: 27th Nov 2020 @ 3:07pm


Another busy week in Year 6!

 It is hard to believe that amongst all the fun, hard-work and excitement of our first term, we are now at the end of November. This time next week we will be well on our way to that Christmas feeling - we know some families are already there! Nevertheless, it has been another great week in Year 6 and we look forward to what comes next.

Whole School Collective Worship this week was led by Simon from St Peter’s Church as he talked to us about our monhtly Christian value of PEACE and about how Mary is a symbol of peace. 

This week in RE, Year 6 continued to look at the time of ‘advent’ and what it means for Christians. We looked at how it represents a period of waiting and compared the waiting of God’s people before Jesus birth and the waiting after Jesus birth.

Our Writing lessons continue to produce some really excellent pieces of work on a variety of endangered animals. Everyone is thoroughly enjoying the chance to research, read about and study many species of animals that are at risk of extinction on our planet. It is clear form the passion and quality of writing that we have a number of potential wildlife conservationists in our midst. We look forward to sharing our writing with you all when it is complete.

We linked Art this week to our theme, 'Is Africa really that different?' We started by recapping on what animals we know that originate from Africa before analysing different some of their fur patterns, answering key questions such as whether the shapes are regular or irregular and whether or not the patterns are repeating. Recapping on different mediums we have used for art projects in the past during our time at Trinity St. Peter’s, we then made a list of all the different mediums we could use in this lesson. The children thoroughly enjoyed make their choices and experimenting with different medium to recreate various animal patterns. At the end of the lesson, the children evaluated which mediums were the most effective and - next week - they will be focusing on their most effective design to create a bigger art piece.

On Monday afternoon, the children enjoyed a live webinar all about the UK Parliament. We are very grateful to the members of the UK Parliament Education Team who provided such an engaging lesson for us all. The children showcased their excellent knowledge and understanding of our political system and were thrilled to be able to offer up all the wonderful things we do regularly in school that develop our skills as critical thinkers.

As always, homework and spellings are available on Google Classroom.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Year 6 - Autumn 2 - Week 3

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 11:51am




Another week has flown by as we rapidly approach December! We hope that everyone enjoyed the ‘Celebration of Kindness’ video, alongside Year 6’s ‘Everyone In’ video, released last Friday. The children enjoyed seeing many of the responses received on Twitter at the beginning of the week. This week was #RoadSafetyWeek and the children throughly enjoyed discussing the importance of road safety and why speed matters. This afternoon, the children created some of their own campaign posters on PicCollage and recorded a short message with the tagline, 'No need to speed', which can be seen on our class Twitter account.

Collective Worship this week was led by Mrs Pringle as we continued to focus on our value of peace and here about how other classes have been showing our value. On Tuesday, Year 6 took part in a ‘Mindfulness’ lesson; linking to our school value of ‘Nurture’. The children paused and spent some time in peaceful reflection, thinking about how they could achieve a peaceful lifestyle and what some of their aspirations for the future are.

In English, children have been continuing with ‘Can we save the tiger?’ and are thoroughly enjoying learning about all kinds of endangered animals. They are getting excited about writing their final pieces and have loved that there have been lot of links to our theme work on Africa – especially with the topic of poaching!

The children in Year 6 have been shown, and have been using, a new app called SirLinkalot. This app is designed to help improve spellings and is hugely beneficial to all pupils regardless of age- the adults will enjoy it too! A letter is available on the school website with information on how to access and use this resource from home.

Maths has seen the pupils in Year 6 continue to work hard on their arithmetic, with scores in the weekly arithmetic test well and truly on the rise! There has been an added air of competition at the beginning of many lessons as children have been ‘Rocking out’ on TimesTable Rockstars following the recent competition; trying to reach the status of ‘Rock Hero’.

We are now more than half way through our book, The Night Bus Hero, and the children are eager to find out what is going to happen. Many have made predictions about who they think the elusive thief may be but nobody is sure just yet. This book has been a huge success and we cannot wait to see how Hector’s story ends.

As always, homework and spellings are available on Google Classroom with these being due next Wednesday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Year 6 Autumn 2 - Week 2

Date: 13th Nov 2020 @ 11:25am

What a week! This week, we had great fun celebrating our annual Celebration of Kindness Week. We also recognised that Wednesday was ‘Remembrance Day’ and we paused to pay our respects to those who had lost their lives in War.

Collective Worship was led by Anne from St Peter’s Church, as she talked to us about the difference between ‘piece’ and ‘peace’ and how we can all find peace in our lives. On Wednesday, we gathered as a whole school, over Zoom, for a special remembrance assembly in honour of all who have given their lives for us at War. We watched a short video on the importance of the poppy and why it is used to mark ‘Remembrance Day’. We then marked 11 am with a 2-minute silence following the playing of ‘The Last Post’.

Art played a prominent role in our curriculum as children also enjoyed finishing their poppy artwork inspired by the famous poem, ‘In Flanders Fields’.  They also created their own origami poppies used to create our Y6 class wreath, which was placed at St Peter’s church during Wednesday’s Collective Worship. These activities have given the children plenty of time to reflect on the meaning of the poppy and enjoy creating some wonderful pieces to mark the occasion.

In Writing, the children have been continuing with the book ‘Can we save the tiger?’ and have enjoyed finding out lots of different facts about these wonderful animals, as well as understanding the challenges they face. This book has allowed the children to write some brilliant pieces of work so far and we look forward to seeing what more they can create as we discover more animals under threat of extinction and discuss what can be done to help.

Despite two national lockdowns this year, our annual Celebration of Kindness Week was still able to take place in school this week, culminating in another video!  You can see this year’s ‘Celebration of Kindness video’ on our school YouTube channel. We hope that all our TSP friends and families can find enjoyment in watching this year's film. As always, the message of the video remains, 'Laugh More...Worry Less.'

For the fourth year running, we have continued to find innovative ways to show our support in school for Children In Need, World Kindness Day and Anti-Bullying Week as part of our Celebration of Kindness week. This year, our Year 6 pupils were asked to come up with their own act of kindness that encompassed the three events. Inspired by our class read  - Onjali Q. Rauf's 'Night Bus Hero' - we discussed homelessness in the UK, from how many of us had see examples first-hand to how people can end up in these situations. We learned about government's 'Everyone In' policy back in March and the positive impact this had. As we enter a second lockdown, Year 6 wanted to record their own version of Crisis' 'Everybody In' poem to show their support for an 'Everyone In 2' policy to be brought in, especially in these colder December temperatures. You can watch this video by clicking here. Please support our pupils by sharing this with your friends and relatives - we always appreciate 'likes' and retweets on Twitter too!

It has been a busy week, but a most enjoyable one.  As always, homework is available on Google Classroom for all pupils, along with their weekly spellings.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Year 6 - Autumn 2 - Week 1

Date: 6th Nov 2020 @ 4:17pm


Year 6 have been straight back into action this week, as we are now into the second half-term of the year.

Whole School Collective Worship was led by Mark from Holy Trinity Church, who introduced us to our monthly value for November – Peace.  We reflected on how we can all be peaceful and how peace itself comes in many different forms. We can be at peace with ourselves, those around us and even with the wider world. It served as a great reminder of how important peace is and set us up nicely to begin thinking about 'Remembrance Day' next week.

Collective Worship was not the only time we thought about peace and 'Remembrance Day' this week. On Monday, we had our WW1 ‘Theme Day’. The children loved spending the day investigating lots of different aspects of the war and investigated why it is commonly referred to as ‘The Great War’. There were a lot of brilliant discussions throughout and great fun was had discussing the effectiveness of the 'Treaty of Versaille' at the end of the war – knowing, of course, that there was another to come. We also received a wonderful gift from the library in the form of a ‘Sefton at War’ brochure, containing lots of interesting stories about the local area and members of the community who were involved in both WW1 and WW2! Something for the children to enjoy looking at having learnt about both wars now. All in all, it was a well-enjoyed topic and linked brilliantly to our writing in the first half-term.

In Writing, Year 6 began a new theme. For the next few weeks we will be using the book ‘Can we save the tiger?’ as stimulus to create some powerful writing about the danger of extinction the tiger (and other animals) face. Already this has been something the children have been incredibly passionate about and we are excited to see what discussions, ideas and writing they produce throughout.

Next week is our ‘Celebration of Kindness Week’. Children have been getting excited about the activities that lie ahead, as we think about kindness in the lead up to ‘Kindness Day’ and ‘Children in Need’ next Friday. As a result of this, children have been asked not to come into school in their PE kits next Tuesday for the purpose of filming.

Homework is available on Google Classroom and Parent/Teacher calls are taking place on Monday/Tuesday afternoon. If you have not already booked your slot you can do so by accessing the school spider system from home.

As always, have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 8

Date: 23rd Oct 2020 @ 4:03pm

There we have it, folks! Our first half term in Year 6 is complete and what a half term has been. Everyone has worked incredibly hard over the last 8 weeks and we hope it has been an enjoyable return to school for all!

This week, Collective Worship was led by Simon from St Peter’s Church. He spoke to us all about prayer and showed us many ways in which we can pray, as well as giving examples of other people we might pray for. Year 6 continued their role in leading whole school prayers, tying in nicely to Simon’s message. Year 6 also enjoyed discussing our monthly value of ‘Generosity’ in our class Collective Worship. They compared the story of the poor widow with what we know about Bill Gates and his contributions to charity; discussing whether the amount of money you give determines how generous you are.

The children were very excited this week to start their new class novel, Night Bus Hero. It is written by Onjali Q. Rauf, who you may remember as she is also the author of The Boy at the Back of the Class which the children enjoyed reading in Year 4, along with their class projects around refugees. The children loved exploring the story of Ahmet, a refugee, and his experience of fleeing Syria to arrive in the UK with many a tear shed at the end. We are only at the beginning of our new book but already there is a great sense of anticipation and excitement over what we think is going to be a real transformation success story of bully to hero!

Year 6’s competitive sides have well and truly been evoked this week. From continuing our tense games of our class’s version of Kabaddi in PE, to playing a number of elimination style games at the start of Maths lessons. This week the children were also introduced to ‘The Pirate Game’, which not only tested their knowledge of coordinates and place value, but also their strategy and thinking skills as they worked hard to simultaneously keep their loot and eliminate other pirates! In SPAG on Monday, the classroom became a gameshow as the children took part in The Million Pound Drop, answering a series of grammar questions while trying to keep all their money in play. It was lovely to see so many children thanking their teachers for these fun and engaging opportunities.

Writing saw the children complete another fantastic piece of work in their author books. The class have loved seeing how their books have developed over this half term and how the combination of neat writing and artwork can lead to amazing results. Many children particularly enjoyed the continuous links to wartime - something very apt as we lead up to Remembrance Day after the October break.

Today was ‘Computing Day’ in Year 6 and to make sure we all have the best grounding possible for life in a modern world, we investigated our ‘Online Life’. Children worked through a series of scenarios and responded to different prompts and questions that highlighted the importance of a positive online presence. We looked at both the positives and negatives of being online and refreshed our knowledge of ‘Online Safety’. This is something that is particularly important in Year 6 as we recognise more and more children may have mobile phones and devices capable of accessing the internet. You can consult the ‘Online Safety’ section of our website here to help support you and your child further.

Year 6 Parent/Teacher Appointments for November are now available. You can book your selected time by accessing the School Spider and reserving your time slot for your call. The dates for Y6 are:

Monday 9th November

Tuesday 10th November

If you would like your child to continue their learning at home over half-term, we have collated a list of useful websites that they can access and shared this on Google Classroom. You can also refer to the Home Learning page on our school website for more support.

To find out more about what we will be learning over this year, please read our updated curriculum overview here.

We hope everyone has a wonderful break and remains safe throughout.

See you in a week- enjoy!


Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 7

Date: 16th Oct 2020 @ 4:08pm


Another week has flown by in Year 6 as we now only have one week left of our first half term!

Whole School Collective Worship was led by Anne from St Peter’s Church, who talked to us about her favourite saint: St Francis of Assisi. The children enjoyed hearing his story and reading some of his most famous quotes, as well as getting to showcase their favourite animal sounds over Zoom.

As October is also Black History Month UK, we linked our RE unit this week to the journey of a race of people. We used our 4C questioning to recall why Black History Month exists, discussing black, courageous advocates from the past and the obstacles they have faced. As this week is also Hate Crime Awareness Week, we ‘connected’ our thinking to the challenges other groups of people with protected characteristics have faced in their journeys. To conclude our discussions on the importance of respecting equality and diversity, we then created some artwork as a class to celebrate how we all different, but can be stronger together.

In Writing, the children have now completed their flashback piece on ‘The Piano’. The children have loved this writing task as it has allowed them to explore the concept of growing old and looking back on key events in life. We have seen some wonderful writing and all of the children are very proud of their work - as they should be!

This week was also the Sefton Sumdog Contest. Since last Friday, the children have had 1000 mathematical questions to answer at home in an attempt to win the class Sumdog prize, as well as gain a place on the individual leaderboard. Over 28 classes from around Sefton entered and 479 pupils took on the challenge. After a close battle, the results came in on Thursday evening....and we won! As a reward, each Year 6 pupil received 5000 extra Sumdog coins to spend on their virtual character and house. Well done, Year 6!  A special congratulations as well to those pupils who also answered all of their 1000 questions and gained places on the individual leaderboard. We even had one pupil in class take first place out of all the pupils across Sefton - fantastic! We hope the children enjoy all the prizes and rewards they received for their efforts.

In the afternoons, the children have enjoyed Spanish, Geography Big Question this week. You can see from Twitter that they have thoroughly enjoyed some new games in PE too!

Please remember to check the Google Classroom 'Stream' as there is further information regarding what would happen during a school closure, as well as information about upcoming parent/teacher appointments.

As always, have a wonderful weekend!

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 6

Date: 9th Oct 2020 @ 4:02pm


Another week has come and gone in Year 6 and it has been a week filled with activity. We had lots of great discussions in the classroom around mindfulness and equality as the children engaged with World Mental Health Day and the beginning of Black History Month.

Whole school Collective Worship was led this week by Marc from Holy Trinity. He treated us to another special video of ‘St Peter’ who taught us all about feeding the 5000 and how that links to our monthly value of ‘Generosity’.

In English, the children completed their first piece in their ‘Author Books’. They thoroughly enjoyed the accompanying artwork to produce some wonderful final pieces. Following on from that, they then started their next piece: The Piano. We are sure we will see many more fantastic written pieces as the children continue to develop their writing ability.

Afternoons this week have been busy! Year 6 have enjoyed taking part in many active lessons, including Science. The children have continued to learn about ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ in the current topic and got to grips with classifying different animals through a fun and interactive activity in the rare October sun.

PE allowed the children to further develop their athletic skill in their lessons this week. There were some highly competitive games going on involving running, jumping and throwing. Year 6 are improving their skills each week and are enjoying the opportunity to burn off some energy in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day and so Year 6 took part in ‘Hello Yellow’ this afternoon. This allowed them to reflect on mental health and discuss what it meant to them. We had some very honest answers about different stigmas around the topic of mental health and enjoyed making a fun game filled with activities that can help us to stay positive and feel good about ourselves.

As always, homework is available on Google Classroom with spellings being tested at the end of next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 5

Date: 2nd Oct 2020 @ 3:34pm



This week, we waved goodbye to September and welcomed a rather cold start to October. It is astonishing just how quickly time flies in Year 6 – especially with all the fun and hard work which filled this week!

In our final Collective Worship for our currently monthly values of RESPECT and DIGNITY on Wednesday, Year 6 looked at footage from Derek Redmond’s inspirational race at the Barcelona Olympics. The children discussed how the values shone through - from the actions of Derek Redmond himself to those of his father and those in the crowd - and how they themselves can show these values each day.

In RE, Year 6 continued their unit on 'Life as a Journey' by learning about the 7 Sacraments of Christianity. Many children were intrigued by the various ‘milestones’ a Christian might encounter on their ‘life journey’ and some pupils were happy to share their own experiences of these sacraments that they have had so far.  

Writing lessons have seen Year 6 begin to enter their first pieces into their new Author books. This unit of writing has proven to be very enjoyable for everyone and has really allowed the children to showcase their wonderful writing ability. In addition, they have enjoyed the various opportunities for roleplay and to hear the stories of Holocaust survivors and evacuees. We know many children are excited to share their writing pieces with their parents via Google Classroom next week.

On Thursday afternoon, Year 6 were treated to a video call with Formby High School. Many of the Year 6 class will be attending FHS next year and this was a wonderful opportunity to hear from Mr Cook and Mr Mackenzie, who answered lots of questions and explained what Year 7 will be like for many. Year 6 were also treated to a guest appearance from a past pupil who gave the inside track on life in Year 7.

Last Saturday was European Day of Languages. To celebrate this, we had an afternoon of Spanish culture on Monday! To begin, we recapped on general facts about Spain (population size, different cities, royal family etc.) before focusing on Spanish artwork, particularly pieces by Barcelona-born artist, Joan Miro. We looked at examples of his surrealist and abstract artwork and then created our own pieces in Miro’s style, using different media. In the midst of this project – while waiting for our water paints to dry – we also took part in a short, flamenco dancing session! The children thoroughly enjoyed this and exhibited plenty of passion and poise in their routine! Well done.

A reminder that Tempest Photography will be taking place in school next Friday and children should come appropriately prepared for their photo.

We would also like to draw your attention to the following link relating to the iOs app, Tik Tok and how it should be used safely.

As always, homework (including the weekly spellings) is available on Google Classroom and due on Wednesday.

Have a wonderful weekend, Year 6!

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 4

Date: 25th Sep 2020 @ 4:02pm



Another successful week in Year 6 as we approach the end of September – it has flown by!

Collective Worship this week saw Year 6 once again SHINE as they led the school in prayer. We were then treated to Mark from Holy Trinity Church, who led us through a story from St Peter. The children are really enjoying our whole school Collective Worships as it gives them the opportunity to see the rest of the school community via Zoom.

This week, we started our first RE unit of the year, ‘Life as a Journey’. The children were able to use their Connect thinking skills and draw on personal experiences to help define the word, ‘journey’. There were plenty of examples, including: the journey you go on during a friendship; working your way through levels on a video game before completion, the journey of time in general and the journeys you can take to physical places. We summarised that a journey is anything that has a starting point and usually an end point, though not in every case. To conclude our lesson, the children then mapped out their life journeys so far, plotting key events and milestones in their life up until this point. There were lots of thoughtful ideas and contributions made by the children during our class discussions in this lesson – well done!

In Writing, the children have now started their final pieces from ‘Star of Fear, Star of Hope’. This has been a wonderfully engaging series of lessons and everyone has thoroughly enjoyed diving into different characters’ perspectives to produce some really great writing to date. We are sure everyone is excited to get the first piece of writing into their author books next week.

Science began with the children being introduced to classification and a man named Carl Linnaeus. This tied in brilliantly with some of the children’s reading and produced some interesting discussions around different species of animals. The children were tasked with creating their own mnemonics to help them remember the classification pyramid and they did not disappoint with plenty of creativity on display.

Other afternoons this week have seen PE lessons, PSHE, Reading and ‘Big Question’ discussions. The children have enjoyed taking part in all of these and - as always - have loved the opportunity for some good old fashioned ‘House of Commons’ style debating (as you can see from our photo!). 

Homework has once again been set on Google Classroom and we ask that all children complete and return the assigned tasks by Wednesday. There should be two tasks set: a reading comprehension and a mathematical activity.

Finally, we would like to remind that all parents to sign up to the School Spider system in order to book your phone appointment to discuss your child’s progress- these will be instead of the October ‘Parent Teacher Meetings’.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!



Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 3

Date: 18th Sep 2020 @ 4:47pm


Year 6 have had another busy week this week. The children have continued to work hard in all areas and have settled into life as the oldest in the school.

Collective Worship this week was led by Mrs Pringle and Rev Anne Taylor. This was conducted over Zoom and Year 6 were asked to participate this week by leading the school in prayer - as, expected they did a wonderful job. Anne then reminded us about the importance of doing what we can do to RESPECT other by helping them and how we should follow the example of the Good Samaritan found in Luke.

This week, Writing lessons have continued to focus on the short story, ‘Star of Fear, Star of Hope’. The children have enjoyed this book as they gain an important insight into what it was like to witness the German invasion of France during WWII. Having a clear interest in this topic has allowed the children to dive into their writing and produce some fantastic and emotional pieces of writing.

Afternoons this week have seen a mixture of our Trolls work, PE and Reading lessons. The children have now completed Trolls and enjoyed putting their critical thinking skills into practice during class discussions. Year 6 also welcomed Formby High School back on Thursday and enjoyed taking part in what was a very energetic athletics lesson.

As per the letter last week, the children took part in our RSE lesson on Friday morning. The children were respectful and mature throughout the input and discussions. Following the lesson, children were reminded that if at any point they feel they want to discuss anything further at any point during the year, they can ask any of the teachers or an adult at home.

Homework this week has been set on Google Classroom. Children will be able to access their tasks in Maths and English, as well as being able to see this week’s spellings. Homework tasks should be submitted by next Wednesday with spellings being tested on Thursday.

Please see the attachments to this blog where you will find a letter regarding secondary school admissions, as well as further information regarding Google Classroom. The latter should be read in line with the initial Google Classroom letter and the acceptable use policy.

As always, we hope you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to hearing all about it on Monday.

Stay safe,

Mr Curragh, Mr King and Mrs Martin

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 2

Date: 11th Sep 2020 @ 4:52pm


A successful first full week for our new Year 6 class! Everyone is settling in well and thoroughly enjoying getting back to school life.

Collective Worship took a different form this week, and will continue to do so, as it was conducted via a whole school Zoom. We began as we always do with our school prayers, before hearing from Mrs Pringle who led us in a time of reflection. We were also joined from afar by Anne and Peter from St Peter’s Church as they continue to support us during this time.

In English, the children have enjoyed their writing lessons based on the book ‘Star of Fear, Star of Hope’. The book tells the story of a friendship between two young French girls that comes under threat in 1940’s France. So far, the children have enjoyed investigating the different themes of the book and even transported themselves to a thriving café in central Paris.

Maths this week has seen the children work through a number of assessments and they have shown an excellent attitude towards this- well done! The children have also enjoyed participating in class games as well as showcasing their singing ability with a favourite times tables song.

Homework is all available via Google Classroom and should be returned by Wednesday, spellings have also been added.

The school nurse service is still available to parents if you should require any health advice for your child. Please find below contact details:

Peter Charlton

Community Staff Nurse

T: 01704-395723

M: 07769-491162

Please find attached a letter regarding RSE, which will be taught next week, a hard copy has also been sent home today.

Have a good weekend, Year 6.

See you Monday!


Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 1

Date: 4th Sep 2020 @ 4:17pm




Year 6 have had a wonderful first few days starting back to school. It was fantastic to see the children returning with smiles on their faces and eager to start the new school year.

On Wednesday, we began with our usual 4-A-Day – allowing the children to settle in to a familiar routine. We then enjoyed a whole school Collective Worship, led by Mrs Pringle, via Zoom. This allowed us to see lots of the other children, as well as teachers, and kick start the new school year with some mindfulness, reflection and our school prayers.

Following the Collective Worship, we discussed the measures that have been put in place to ensure everyone is safe while attending school. This included the importance of hand hygiene and being kind towards others in our daily routines.

Morning sessions this week have allowed the children to explore the different learning platforms they will be using throughout the year. The ‘hub’ for our learning will be Google Classroom, which the children have all successfully logged onto in school. Here, they know how to find the work set in class as well as homework tasks to be completed at home. This morning they also had the opportunity to try SATs Companion- a fantastic website which will support them throughout their learning.

In Maths, children have been focusing on arithmetic. They have worked hard on this and made a good start to the year in doing so. We have already seen the return of some favourite class games to aid their learning.

Afternoon sessions have allowed the children to engage in our theme for the first two weeks- ‘Trolls: World Tour’. Following on from the original film last year, ‘Trolls: World Tour’ allows us to look at differences and celebrating our diversity. So far, we have had some excellent class debates and produced some of our own music inspired by the many different kingdoms in the film.

As the children are now in Year 6, we know many of them will have mobile phones. We understand the need for these to be brought into school on days when children may be walking home or have to contact a parent/guardian. Please visit our school website to find a letter regarding permission and use.

Homework this year will be set via Google Classroom. All children have been asked to sign in to their accounts over the weekend to enable them to access their homework tasks from home.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having the children back this week and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Many thanks,


Mr Curragh, Mr King and Mrs Martin


Welcome to Year 6!

Date: 1st Sep 2020 @ 2:54pm

Welcome back, Year 6!

We are excited to be welcoming you all back to school - especially into Year 6. The classroom is set-up and ready to go, as we hope you are also.  















School starts promptly at 08:40 with children entering though Paradise Lane and following the one-way system round the outside of the school building to the Year 6 classroom. Children will leave through the same door at 14:40 and follow the one-way system to exit through the side gate by the field.












PE lessons for Autumn term will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays and children are to attend school wearing their outdoor PE kits on those days. If a child is unable to take part in a PE lesson, a note should be written from the parent/guardian to the child’s class teacher. PE will not take place in the first week back.

In addition to this blog, please refer to out reopening plan for any further information you may need regarding your child’s return to school.

We know that there may be times when you need to drop us a quick note for example: pick up arrangements, share news and so with this in mind you can now contact us directly via this email address:

We hope this will enable each parent to be able to drop off and collect their child promptly so to support the social distancing measures and one-way system we have in place.

Please kindly note, we will check this inbox each school morning at 8.30 am. If there is a matter of urgency, please contact the school office as normal. 

All emails will be monitored in line with our Parent Communication Policy

Please also let us know for our records, by the end of the week, if you would require an electronic device should your child need to isolate or in the case of a local lockdown.

We are looking forward to seeing you all to start what will be a wonderful year together.

See you tomorrow,

Mr Curragh, Mr King and Mrs Martin

Year 6 - Final Blog

Date: 17th Jul 2020 @ 11:18am

What an incredible journey it has been!

We are truly grateful to have been able to reunite over the past two weeks at Formby High School, where we have been able to ensure a smooth transition for our Year 6 pupils and the opportunity to create some final leavers’ memories. The children have continued with their lessons and been able to play their favourite games, while also have daily conversations around any anxieties they may be feeling about the future. They also participated in a socially distanced photo challenge and the images they produced were incredibly creative! Their final (socially distanced) Sports Day was particularly memorable; the children treasured the participation aspect to it this year and had great fun being called up for their final races and cheering each other on as they made the most of the occasion.

Then, from watching old footage from their younger years to ‘end of school’ quizzes and games, it has been so wonderful to take the children on a trip down memory lane. This final week in particular has enabled the children to really reflect on all their wonderful memories of Trinity St. Peter’s. We hope they all thoroughly enjoyed watching their extra special Leavers’ Service this morning and once again were able to recall all the fantastic opportunities they have had while being pupils here. We have absolutely loved teaching them and they will all be missed.

Our final leavers’ celebrations at Trinity St. Peter’s this afternoon marked the end of what has been such an incredible journey for so many. We hope the children have enjoyed receiving all their presents - from both the school and their parents – and have been able to leave Trinity St. Peter’s today feeling proud of all they have achieved. We wish them all the luck at Formby High School and Range High School; we know they will also continue to SHINE in everything they do.

We thank all the parents who have shared their appreciation with us – it really has gone a long way. We hope you all have a wonderful summer.

Take care,

Mr Curragh and Mr King

Picture News Discussion - w/c 13.7.20

Date: 10th Jul 2020 @ 8:27am

This week's dicussion prompt question is: 'Are holidays important?'

Since March 17th, people in the UK were only allowed to travel to other countries if the journey was essential. Anyone who returned to the UK was also required to self-isolate at home for 14 days. A new traffic light system, recently launched, means countries have been given a green, amber or red light depending on the number of coronavirus cases there, allowing people to potentially have a summer holiday this year. All passengers have to wear face coverings on planes and ferries.


Supporting resources and prompts to use when discussing this issue at home are attached below.

There are additional resources also attached, which you may wish to take a look at. The first resource has some children telling us about their holidays (1) and the second resource shares more information about holidays and why we have them (2). Enjoy!

Y6 Working at home w/c 6.07.20

Date: 3rd Jul 2020 @ 10:30am

Hi all!

It was great to see so many of the children on Zoom again this week. We loved hearing their latest news and how excited they are to return to schooling next week at Formby High School. Please ensure you have read all relevant letters are on the school website regarding this, as well as our reopening video on Youtube.

Well done to the children who have now logged in successfully to Google Classroom. It has been great to see the children submitting their work daily and receiving their feedback through this system. Hopefully we have been able to answer all of the children’s queries on Zoom over the last two weeks and via the curriculum account, however if any children still require support, they will be able to ask their Group Leader at Formby High School from Monday onwards.

As we will be back in school next week and the children have now signed up to Google Classroom, this platform will replace the online learning provided on the Year 6 blogs until the end of term. Updates regarding leavers’ celebrations will also be shared on here.

We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend. We look forward to seeing the children on Monday!

Stay safe,

Mr Curragh and Mr King

Picture News Discussion - w/c 6.7.20

Date: 3rd Jul 2020 @ 8:32am

This week's dicussion prompt question is: 'How important are first impressions?'

A red, white and blue paint job on the Prime Minister's plane has recently been revealed. The RAF Voyager is used by the Prime Minister and members of the Royal Family for official visits around the world and was previously coloured grey. An official spokesperson for the government confirmed that the plane received its makeover in Cambridgeshire in the colours of the Union Jack at the cost of £900,000, taken from public funds.


Supporting resources and prompts to use when discussing this issue at home are attached below.

There are additional resources also attached, which you may wish to take a look at. The first resource gives some descriptions of what some children are planning to do. (1) and the second resource shows some examples of people representing others. (2). Enjoy!

Picture News Discussion - w/c 29.6.20

Date: 26th Jun 2020 @ 8:05am

This week's dicussion prompt question is: ''Why do we have statues?'

Following protests campaigning for Black Lives Matter, demonstrators in Bristol pulled down a statue of a former slave trader, Edward Colston, and threw it into the harbour. It is likely that the statue will now be placed in a museum. Many other famous statues have been in question in other parts of the UK, with issues regarding what they represent and if they should be given prominent positions in towns and cities.


Supporting resources and prompts to use when discussing this issue at home are attached below.

There are additional resources also attached which you may wish to take a look at. The first resource shows some different examples of statues (1) and the second resource shares the thoughts of some children regarding who they think deserves a statue and why. (2). Enjoy!

Year 6 - Learning from Home w/c 29.06.20

Date: 25th Jun 2020 @ 5:30pm

Hi all!

It was great to see most children on Zoom earlier this week. We are pleased to see so many have now accessed Google Classroom and joined our Year 6 class. We look forward to trialling this method further for the rest of term.

We are going to hold another session next Tuesday. As per this week, your child should join the meeting at the time according to their forename initial. For example, John Smith would join in the session for the J initial.


Tuesday 9:30 - 9:50am   A-D

Tuesday 10:30 -10.50am   E-J

Tuesday 11:30 -11.50am   L-T

You will receive a text message the day before to confirm a password/hyperlink to join the meeting. You will need to be able to have access to Zoom.

Hopefully, all being well, we look forward to seeing your child next week!


Y6 Leavers’ Celebrations:

As per the Year 6 letter this week, the Year 6's 'Virtual Leavers' Service will go live on YouTube on Friday 17th July. We are also hoping to hold an event where all Year 6 children will be invited to come together for an afternoon celebration. More details will follow on this but we are confident that this final day of term will provide a very special send off for the children.


Thank you to all those parents who have managed to send in two photographs of their child. Your support in this is really appreciated. If you still haven’t sent in your photographs, please do so ASAP as the deadline was today (Friday 26th June). It would be a shame if certain aspects of our celebrations couldn’t include the whole class. Photographs need to be sent to

We are also continuing to gather some individual responses from the Year 6 pupils via Google Classroom next week. If your child is struggling to submit any work via this platform, please let us know. A Youtube tutorial for submitting work is also on the ‘Stream’.


Weekly activities:

Listed below are learning activities set for Year 6 next week.

As always, if your child is accessing another year group’s curriculum (for example: Y3 Maths) then please access the

specific year group class blog, which will provide them with an appropriate Maths task.

Please remember the activities that have been set are there to support you in your child’s learning. These activities are suggestions in line with what your child would have been doing had school been able to remain open. We appreciate that each family will have their own routine, which will differ widely. Therefore, please do not worry about completing all the activities set, just select the activities which you feel will be the most beneficial for your child. Should you wish to complete all the weekly activities, a suggested timetable has been attached to support you.

BBC continue to provide daily lessons and additional resources to further support your child’s learning. If you wish to make use of this extra provision you can access resources here or watch the daily lessons online here.

Please continue to check our Twitter feed and Learning at Home section of our website where we continue to share other useful websites and resources daily.

For your additional information and support, the Government have provided guidance for parents on how to ‘Help Primary School Children continue their education during coronavirus’  and have also indicated use of the Oakland Academy which we can also highly recommend for direct teaching.

Maths: This week, we are revisiting ratio and proportion. Daily lessons on this will be provided here from Monday (Week 10) along with video tutorials to support your child. The activities for this week are attached below along with the answers so that you can check your child’s understanding.

If your child wishes to challenge themselves further this week, they can check out White Rose Maths’ ‘Problem of the Day!’ as well as the additional challenges attached relating to ratio and perimeter. Please refer to the suggested timetable for this week to see the order for attempting these challenges.

Additional tasks may also be set on Google Classrooms using LBQ, which the children are already familiar with.

Please continue to use also SATs Companion and your child’s two Maths CGP books if there are still tasks to be completed.  


Reading: This week, the children should complete the reading task,  titled ‘A Stormy Sailing’. The focus of this task is for the children to support their answers with evidence from the text. The resources are attached to this blog.

The Summer Reading Challenge website is well underway! We would love it if any children who have not already signed up would do so. The challenge gives children access to a wide range of books and also gives them a safe space to catch up with peers. Reading is a wonder pastime and is excellent for development- what better way to engage in some extra reading than through this challenge?!

Children can continue to access The Book of Hopes. It is a book created to comfort, encourage and inspire during lockdown and we are sure children will find something they love in it!

As always, David Walliams is still providing free, live reads daily at 11am. You can find out what book he is on, along with lots of great ideas for reading on his website. Wizarding World also continues to provide ‘Harry Potter at Home’ for children to enjoy, along with quizzes and activities after each chapter.

Writing:  We saw some excellent ‘Lockdown Haikus’ submitted via Google Classroom this week – well done to all those who sent their work in! Following on from this, children are to write another poem to submit to the ‘Young Writers Poetry Competition’. We would love if your child would write a second ‘Lockdown Poem’ for this that is not a haiku. The poems are to be written from someone else’s perspective, meaning children will have to think about how others may be feeling and what they might be experiencing. This links well to our value of ‘Nurture’ and previous school motto of CHOOSE KIND. You can find the link to the information here. There will be a submission folder on Google Classroom for children to upload their entries.  

In addition, there is an attached editing task to be completed as well for an extra challenge. The children will have seen these before in school and should be familiar with the concept. All the instructions can be found at the bottom of the activity sheet attached to this blog and will also be available on Google Classroom.

History: A lot changed for women and the roles they played in society, both during and after WW1. The Suffragettes began a movement that was quickly gathering support before the beginning of the war but one of the biggest factors in the change in women’s roles was the war itself. This week, children should go through the PowerPoint provided to learn about the impacts the war had on women and then complete the activity sheets attached using their previous knowledge and that from the PowerPoint.

DT: This is a suggested task as we appreciate not everybody will have resources at home at this time.

Many British dishes have been inspired by traditional foods from other countries around the globe. This week children should have a go at making a dish common in both Britain and Spain and compare them to see what similarities and differences there are. The dish they should prepare is an omelette or tortilla espanola in Spain. As always, we have included some important information on being safe and hygienic in the kitchen.

Science: Going back to the start of Year 6, the children learnt about living things and their habitats. This week, children are going to revise their knowledge by revisiting classification. Children should choose a living thing to research and create a fact file on it. The fact file should include:

  • Each of the 7 classifications of living things: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species.
  • A description of its habitat.
  • Whether or not it has benefitted from Lockdown and why.

This will encourage children to use the black thinking hat for providing facts and also their critical thinking skills when determining if their chosen ‘living thing’ has benefited from Lockdown. Use this link to help support your child’s understanding. A template for the fact file is attached to this blog, however your child may choose to create their own.

We want to encourage you to have a look at this website and try some of the challenges that are available. The children will have tried some of them in school and will know how fun they are! There are 44 mini experiments to try so why not give some a go?!

The Explorify website and  Pfizer Ltd’s Superbugs: Join the Fight and Science in a Box provide a variety of different resources for any additional activities your child may wish to complete.

Transition: To support your children with transition into secondary school, please ensure you have shared their new school’s Y6 transition webpage with them. Both Range High School and Formby High School have provided various resources and information you can start to look at with your child.

This week, we are continuing to share extracts from Matthew Burton’s book, “Go Big: The Secondary School Survival Guide.”

Ask your child to read the attached pages 56-63, which focus on the following ‘tools for school’: bouncebackability, kindness, effort and enthusiasm. Hopefully when reading about each tool, your child will be able to draw comparisons with our five school values: Serve, Hope, Imagine, Nurture and Enjoy.

Once they have finished, ask them to reflect on what tools they think they’ll need for Year 7. They may agree with the four tools identified by Mr Burton, but they may also have some tools of their own! Ask them to organise their thinking by drawing a Bubble Map (example attached) and jotting down their tools. If they can also explain why they have chosen these tools, that would be even better!

Spanish: Language Angels have extended their provision and have created a designated ‘Home School’ section to their website. This will enable your child to continue their foreign language learning journey whilst they are at home through a range of learning activities. Please see our whole school blog here, which provides both the login details required as well as information required to access the resource. The Language Angels website can be accessed here.

PE: Today sees the conclusion of the Youth Sport Trust 'National School Sport Week'. We hope the children have enjoyed taking part, you can still see all the activities by searching #NSSWtogether and #StayHomeStayActive on Twitter or consulting the timetable in the previous blog.

Joe Wicks continues his 3 days of shining as the nation’s PE teacher!  His online PE lessons are live on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The rest can be accessed through the same link to his YouTube channel.

All of the online lessons provided by AfPE remain available and can all be accessed through this link. These quick and easy activities provide lots of fun and could even lead to some family competitions!

As per the school blog, there are a number of challenges and activities that have been set as part of the 'School Games Active Championships'. This includes how to sign up to TopYa- an app which will allow you to participate in a variety of sporting challenges. Please check the whole school blog and Twitter feed to see how you can be involved.

Computing: In a previous blog, children were asked to write a diary entry on ‘Life in Lockdown. This week, children should follow a similar theme but instead create a Vlog (Video Log) of ‘A Day in Lockdown’. This does not have to be a full video of everything you do in one day but could include some highlights and reflections from your time so far. This is a great way to practise some editing skills and videography while also creating a fun way to remember what it was like in lockdown when it is lifted. This can be done through iMovie and similar apps or simply through recording on a camera/phone/iPad.

Children should continue to make use of the ‘Think U Know’ resource and stay up to date with new content and material. As we know there is an increased amount of time spent online, it is important to stay on top of ‘online safety’. You can find the resources for these activities here.

Music: Weekly singing sessions / resources from 'Out of the Ark’ continue to be available online. Children may also want to access the weekly 'Edsential At Home' resources. Every week they upload an easy to follow, educational and fun downloadable activity sheet, which uses a variety of websites, videos, books and songs to create an interactive and fun learning experience at home. Follow the link to take a look at this week and the previous week's activities. 

David Walliams’ 'Marvellous Musical Podcast' continues to be a hit. Join him for a marvellous musical journey and meet some familiar names along the way – from the 19th-century Franz Liszt, to the famously grumpy Ludwig van Beethoven. There is also a quiz for children to complete after listening – enjoy! 

RE: On Monday 29th June, it is the Feast Day of Saints Peter and Paul! First, the children should watch the following videos to tell/remind them of the story of Peter here and the story of Paul here. In line with our school SHINE values, the children should be encouraged to consider how St. Peter and St. Paul inspire and encourage us. As we celebrate this feast day, perhaps the children could write a short reflection, prayer or poem on what we can learn from these two saints in 2020.

The Big Question continues to be uploaded on a Friday morning on our class blog page for you to discuss with your family. Hopefully this is leading to many great conversations and debates- it was a firm favourite in class. St Peter's website also have a weekly Sunday Club page which will share RE ideas for you to complete with your family.

The Big Start Assemblies team have provided a package of free online resources to help engage children on the topic of faith from home. The team has made available one complete series of thirteen assemblies (each packed with interactive stories, films and songs). These media-rich resources are ideal to encourage discussion with children around positive Christian values, such as: faith, hope and courage!

Collective Worship: The B Tales will continue to release collective worship videos every Monday via their YouTube channel and would love to be part of your weekly collective worship routine. Videos will be posted by 10 am every Monday morning.

Watching television programmes or films together also provides an opportunity for you to check your child’s comprehension and develop inference. We know that learning happens in abundance at home. Let them paint, bake, build...these are all wonderful learning opportunities!

This website is an excellent additional source which tells you all you need to know about the coronavirus and how we can prevent the further spread of this virus. 

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your child's learning, or wish to share any of their work, please email to this address: instead of the school's usual admin account with the title ‘FAO Year 6’. This email account will be checked daily from 12 noon and 2 pm each day.

As always, we trust you are continuing to keep well.

Stay safe,

Mr. Curragh and Mr. King