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Year 6: Blog items

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 2

Date: 13th Sep 2019 @ 3:49pm

Our first full week back in school has flown by!

In Collective Worship, we continued with activities and discussions around our school values, focusing on NURTURE and ENJOY in particular. On Wednesday, we also welcomed Poppy back after the summer break; she delivered an excellent Collective Worship around our monthly value of CREATION, which we will be looking at in more detail next week.

Throughout the week, we have continued with our work around the film, Trolls, focusing on the characters of Branch, Poppy and Bridget in particular. We compared Poppy and Branch’s journeys since the Trolstice, identifying their similarities and differences and the factors which have affected their personalities over the years. We also studied the character of Bridget, creating an emotions chart to identify how she is feeling at specific times. As always, the children offered very considerate and thoughtful opinions. They were able to use their green thinking hats effectively to really understand the emotions of the different characters and feel empathy towards them.

While creating our emotion charts, we realised that there were many colours that could represent a range of emotions, both positive and negative. This then led to several Art lessons, where we experimented with paints, creating various shades and tones to show changes in emotion. On Friday, we used our knowledge to then create ‘Fun and Excitement’ artwork, based around the works of Jim Dine. Some of the children even challenged themselves by using different media such as art pastels and blending colours together. The finished pieces looked excellent and we can’t wait to display them in class next week.

On Friday, we also celebrated Roald Dahl Day! In the morning, we were visited by our Reception buddies and we had a lovely time reading to them – there was a rush to the bookshelves beforehand to choose a Roald Dahl classic! In the afternoon, we also participated in some Kahoot quizzes to test our knowledge of Roald Dahl.

Also, a big well done and 'thank you' to all the children who have been on committees over the past year and went round the classes today explaining the roles they have had. We are sure they have inpsired many of their peers before Pupil Voice Election Day next week! We look forward to our next group of representatives and new ideas.

Spellings for next for next week are as follows:

List 1: – fearless, sadness, playful, payment, happiness, loneliness, brightness, hopeless, movement, beautiful.

List 2:  – special, advise, official, crucial, potential, essential, licence, artificial, practice, substantial.

As always, a copy of these spellings should also be found in the children’s planners and spelling books.

Homework has also been recorded in planners and sent out. The focus for SPAG is based on one of their assessments from this week. For Maths, the children should carry out some independent learning using the login details they have been provided with for useful websites they will need this year.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 1

Date: 6th Sep 2019 @ 4:07pm

What a fantastic start to Year 6! It was great to welcome back an enthusiastic class, eager to begin their new adventure. 

In Collective Worship this week, we revisited our school values of Serve, Hope, Imagine, Nurture and Enjoy. As always, we strive to uphold these values in every area of our school and home lives so that we can SHINE and be the best that we can be. While our worships included a range of discussions, prayers, hymns and stories, a particular highlight was definitely the opportunity to sing “My Lighthouse” again…a clear class favourite! We are sure this won’t be the last time we sing it this year.

This year has started with our new whole-school theme based on the film, Trolls. The film focuses heavily on the concept of happiness and where we can find it; it highlights lots of key ideas such as self-image, confidence, positivity, and individuality. This week we discussed what makes us happy and how we can help others in our lives to be happy too. We talked about everybody being different and how we should celebrate our own individuality while respecting others’ similarities and differences. At the beginning of the week, we also introduced “happiness journals” in order to give children a chance to reflect on their days. The children have absolutely loved designing their journals and writing down things that have made them happy each day, as well as what they are thankful for.

Last year, our school motto, CHOOSE KIND, encouraged the children and staff to think hard about what choices we make on a daily basis and to always choose kind. This year, our incredible Think Tank have expanded on this to come up with our new motto, CHOOSE WISELY. They also helped to design a new school poster to promote gratitude. Throughout Year 6 we will be pausing to reflect on these concepts regularly, discussing how we can CHOOSE WISELY in our everyday decisions and also how we can develop our appreciation of what we have in order to show gratitude to others.

We hope the children have enjoyed their first week in Year 6. Please remember to refer to the additional blog below for reminders about important dates, upcoming events and the class schedule.

Spellings for next week are as follows:

List 1copied, happier, chillier, funniest, biking, making, closest, latest, shiniest, completed.

List 2cough, although, brought, thorough, vicious, ambitious, suspicious, delicious, cautious, infectious.

As always, these spellings should be found in the children’s planners as well as their spelling books. Maths and English homework will commence from next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Welcome Back!

Date: 4th Sep 2019 @ 8:30am

Mr Curragh and Mr King would like to wish you a warm welcome to Year 6!

During the Autumn term, PE lessons will take place on Monday and Thursday afternoons. Children must have the correct indoor and outdoor PE kits with them on both of these days.

Children in Year 6 will have their brass esson each Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure your child has their instrument - which they will be provided with - in school each Wednesday. Those children who are also continuing with their woodwind instrument will have their lesson on a Monday afternoon.

Children are encouraged to bring a snack each day to be eaten at break times. Please remember to provide your child with only a healthy snack – e.g. fruit, vegetables.

Bottles of water with a sports cap type lid are also encouraged so the children can drink as and when they need it throughout the day.

Please see the Powerpoint below for all additional information to ensure your child has the best start to Year 6.

We are excited to see what wonderful things the new year brings.

Thank you!

Mr Curragh and Mr King