Year 6: Blog items

Spring 1 Week 2

Date: 18th Jan 2018 @ 9:53pm

What a brilliant week we have had in the Year 6 classroom with so many highlights to share!

In our RE work we have been exploring the word ‘sacrifice’ and relating this to Christianity. After discussing and sorting a range of sacrifices according to whether we deemed them to be big sacrifices or smaller sacrifices, we then connected this to Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice, his death and crucifixion. The children then recorded such deep, thoughtful responses to some critical questions regarding whether sacrifice is important in the life of a Christian. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a fruitful discussion!

Other highlights have included our Kinball sessions (which the children absolutely love), our exploration of Greek myths and a chance to compare the circulatory system of a human with that of other animals in Science. Another highlight came during our Music session on Thursday where the children had the chance to try their hands at the ukulele which was a great success and brought an almost Hawaiian theme to our classroom. The children have been working on ‘Riptide’ by Vance Joy. We can’t wait to see their progress in next week’s session!

An excellent week and thank you everyone for all of your hard work and efforts. Have an amazing weekend and see you Monday!    

Spring 1 Week 1

Date: 12th Jan 2018 @ 4:05pm

Just to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2018!

It was brilliant to welcome back Year 6 who were recharged and refreshed after an excellent Christmas break and it was great to hear about all of their presents and experiences.

With the start of the new year came the start of our new monthly value: Wisdom. We explored the wisdom of wolves in the way that they set up their “wolfpack”. We loved learning about how selfless the wolves are and how everything that they do is for the good of the pack. Each wolf is responsible for ensuring that the pack remains unified and on the same path. This taught us a lot about being a true leader!

We have also started our PE sessions with Formby Hockey Club who were so impressed with the skills of our Year 6’s as we practised our “keepy uppies” as well as our 1-on-1 dribbling skills. I already can’t wait to see their progress from this first session throughout this term.

Here’s to an amazing 2018 with an amazing class. Have a great weekend everyone!

Autumn 2 Week 8

Date: 20th Dec 2017 @ 3:32pm

Well, it’s finally here…IT’S CHRISTMASSSSSS!

What an incredible term it has been in the Year 6 classroom with so many highlights, achievements and so, so much to be proud of.

This week, although shorter than most, was certainly no exception and our learning certainly had a festive feel to it with a Maths investigation to find the culprit behind a stolen mince pie and some creative writing based on the short film, Alma where the children had to write a sequel that was set on Christmas Eve. Not to mention our Christmas Carol concert in the school hall on Tuesday and a Christmas Party to finish the week on such a high!

This term has been simply excellent with this class of amazing children and we are so proud to be their teachers and to have watched them flourish from the start of the school year.  

Just to take this opportunity also to extend the biggest of thanks for the generous gifts, cards and well wishes that Year 6 staff received this week. They are not expected but are most definitely appreciated and mean an awful lot. Thank you again for your generosity!

All that is left to do now is to wish you all the most amazing Christmas and New Year. Make the most of it, cherish it and I can’t wait to hear all about it when I see you in 2018!

Merry Christmas Year 6!

Autumn 2 Week 7

Date: 14th Dec 2017 @ 9:09pm

What an amazing final school week of 2017 we have had in Year 6! It has been bursting with highlights and, as has so often been the case this term, we really don’t know where to begin!

In our Maths work we have been investigating a rather festive problem and had to apply our Maths detective skills to identify the culprit of some stolen Secret Santa presents. In English, as well as completing our Christmas Eve murder mystery stories, we have also been proof reading some celebrity letters to Father Christmas and checking them for spelling errors. In PE, we have had a Hockey session with Formby Hockey Club and have also taken part in our Speed Stacking ‘House PE Competition’ along with Years 4 and 5. The eventual winners were…Mark! Well done to all for taking part and congratulations to all the children in Mark house!

Another particular highlight was in our Science work where we have been carrying out our circuit investigations to test our various hypotheses. The children had to use a range of circuit equipment and carefully consider how best to carry out the fairest test whilst changing their ‘independent variable’. The children thought scientifically throughout the experiment and recorded their results carefully.

In RE, we have evaluated our Advent unit which we have really enjoyed! Lots of children mentioned that the virtual Advent calendar was their favourite part as they got to use the iPads and then create hyperlinks to their own recorded videos which detailed the religious facts that they had learned about Advent. A great effort from all!

A great way to finish our week was Christmas Jumper Day for ‘Save the Children’ on Friday which we loved participating in and all for a good cause too!

A fantastic and fitting week and we can’t quite believe that there are only THREE days left until school finishes for the Christmas holidays. How time flies! Have a brilliant weekend everyone and see you all Monday!

Autumn 2 Week 6

Date: 8th Dec 2017 @ 4:16pm

As the festive season continues and the big day nears ever closer, the excitement has been building in the Year 6 classroom!

With the start of December, we have commenced our new monthly value which is Compassion. After considering what this value actually means and the words attached to it we next watched a previous Christmas advert which is based around the Christmas truce of 1914. After discussing the plot and the context surrounding this event, we discussed the compassion shown on both sides of the German and English trenches in calling this truce at this special time of year even despite the conditions and heightened emotions that arise during times of war.

In our English work we have been writing stories that are set during the hopeful, expectant time of Christmas Eve. However…all was not as it seemed. Borrowing from our created characters and settings from the Cluedo themed writing last week, Year 6 were tasked with creating a Christmas murder mystery story based in their chosen location within a grand manor house. The suspense that the children were able to build up within their carefully crafted writing was phenomenal and just reading their stories had us on the edge of our seats!

We have also had the opportunity to apply our critical thinking skills as we considered how we would spend a Fairtrade Premium of £1000 (an additional sum of money which goes into a communal fund for workers and farmers to use as they see fit to improve their standards of living). The children demonstrated such big thinking and it was interesting to hear their ideas of how they would exact change upon such villages that might need it most!

Another excellent week in the Year 6 classroom and onto our last full school week of 2017 next Monday. Enjoy a relaxing weekend and wrap up warm!

Autumn 2 Week 5

Date: 30th Nov 2017 @ 10:51pm

What a fantastic week in the Year 6 classroom that was made even more magical as our (many) Christmas decorations appeared to signal the start of Advent!

With the beginning of the festive season (and with it our new monthly value), we also had our final Collective Worship session on November’s monthly value: Justice. The children have learned so, so much about fairness, equality and injustice in the world and have had so many opportunities throughout the month to discuss and explore this on a deeper level. To finish this month on a high we had three of our Year 6 children volunteer to lead a Collective Worship session of their own which was absolutely full of creative ideas as well as their understanding of the value of Justice. This included meaningful prayers, readings and a discussion on what things in the world we believe to be fair or unjust. Well done you three and thank you for leading this session!

Other highlights this week have included our PE session on our new sport focus of ‘Zoneball’. This multidisciplinary sport borrows elements from Football, Basketball and even American Football combined into one exciting, competitive game. The children really enjoyed trying their hand at this novel sport and improving their catching skills as well as their agility, decision making and tactical awareness of space. We’re already looking forward to the next session!

This half term is absolutely racing by and I can’t believe it is December. I ho-ho-hope that you all have a brilliant weekend – you certainly deserve it!        

Autumn 2 Week 4

Date: 24th Nov 2017 @ 4:49pm

As the weeks go by, it gets harder and harder to pick a highlight from so much wonderful learning that has taken place! Nevertheless, we’ll give it a try…

In our Theme work, following our learning about the lengthy journeys of various fruits from fark to fork, we have applied our artistic skills to drawing such fruits with their various textures. By using a mixture of glue and black paint to create the outline of the fruit, this showed an incredible eye for detail from the children as they built up their fruits to look as realistic as possible. Then we used watercolours to add the colour and again used layering and shading to create the desired effect. Very impressive artwork Year 6!

In our Collective Worship work we have taken part in ‘The Big Vote’ which aims to teach children the value of acting together to bring about change. We agreed that the more people who express their concern and take action, the greater the power! Fitting in with our British Value of democracy, we took this opportunity to take part in a vote to discover the issue of greatest concern to the nation’s children, and to take part in a national campaign to make things better. These issues included: Homelessness; Supporting the elderly; Animal Welfare; Regeneration of local area or amenity; Endangered animals; Children's well-being; Cancer; Anti-social behaviour; The Environment and Road Safety. By participating in this vote, we aim to draw attention to the fact that young children have important views about the kind of world they wish to grow up in, and to demonstrate to children the influence they can wield to effect real change and create a better world. Well done Year 6 for making your voices heard!

Yet again, another fantastic week and a well-deserved weekend for you all. Enjoy it and see you Monday!   

Autumn 2 Week 3

Date: 17th Nov 2017 @ 4:19pm

It really is an absolute privilege to be part of such an amazing, vibrant and forward thinking school with the most incredible team of staff and children. We are all so very proud of our achievements each and every day and we will share just a few highlights from our week within this blog…

In our Collective Worship, we continued to focus on our monthly value of Justice. This linked perfectly with our focus this week on fundraising for Children in Need. We consider it an injustice that there are children around the world that don’t get to access the amazing opportunities that we do and of which we are so appreciative. To address this as best as we could, as part of our school fundraising week, Year 5 and Year 6 competed in a joint triathlon to raise money for such a valuable cause. After the children were set the challenging target of 175 collective miles, we knew that we would need the utmost resilience to achieve this! Together we had to run 100 collective miles; Year 5 had to cycle 71 miles over the course of the day and Year 6 had to swim 4 miles (264 lengths). Incredibly, the children managed to go above and beyond and achieved 192.5 miles in total! We showed that, with resilience and effort, you can always conquer your goals. Especially impressive is that Year 6 managed to swim just over 8 miles so we (literally) blew our target out of the water!

To cap off an amazing week on Children in Need day itself, we took part in a quiz in our table teams with different rounds based on different subjects. We then made our way outside onto the school playground with a balloon coloured in our school values. By letting go of our worries within this balloon we represented that our school values overcome unkindness. Such a powerful message and a beautiful moment to share as a whole school.

An excellent week and thank you to all of Year 6 for shining and being the best that you can be. Have a great weekend!

Autumn 2 Week 2

Date: 9th Nov 2017 @ 7:23pm

We have had a tremendous week in Year 6 where we have managed to fit in so much amazing learning that even Monday feels like a lifetime ago! It really is great to have weeks that are just full to the brim with highlights.

In our RE work, we continued our focus on the theme of preparation and Advent. We looked into Mary and explored her character and persona from representations within bible stories, prayers and hymns. Following this, we created the most creative and impressive word clouds that detailed the key features and characteristics of the mother of Jesus.

We have also had the opportunity to take part in an anti-bullying workshop where we used virtual reality headsets. This interactive session allowed us to visually experience different bullying scenarios and apply our thinking to each. The children will certainly benefit from having experienced this and it will provide a great base for future thinking and actions if any child was to ever find themselves in similar situations.  

Thank you, Year 6, for a fantastic week and enjoy your weekends!

Autumn 2 Week 1

Date: 3rd Nov 2017 @ 2:14pm


Year 6 returned to school refreshed and recharged after a well-deserved week off and it was really great to see them all and hear about their half term breaks!

As always, it was an extremely busy week in the Year 6 classroom packed full of learning, highlights and fun. So, where should I start…?

In our PE lesson we started our new focus on Speed Stacking. The children had to hone their hand-eye coordination and logic and apply it to stacking and de-stacking the challenging 3-6-3 stack. This was all whilst trying to do so in the fastest possible time! The children made such excellent progress in this first session and participated in some Speed Stacking relays and timed competitions too.

In our RE work we also commenced our new focus for this half term which is centred around preparation and Advent. To start off we learned about how prophets in the Old Testament, such as Isaiah, predicted many events that happened hundreds of years later including: the birth of Jesus; his crucifixion and his subsequent resurrection. The children became very adept at navigating the Bible to link different bible verses to the events that they foretold.

Such an eventful week and I’m already looking forward to the next one. Have a brilliant weekend!

Autumn 1 Week 7

Date: 20th Oct 2017 @ 4:30pm

I just can’t quite believe that this is the end of the first half term already! We have managed to fit so much into this first seven weeks and it has been so rewarding to see progress from each child in so many different ways.

We were lucky enough to be paid a visit by Reverend Anne and Nathan during RE this week who came to speak to us about religious journeys otherwise known as pilgrimages. They taught us why pilgrimages are important to someone of religion and retold their experiences in each place of: The Holy Land; Santiago de Compostela in Spain; Iona in Scotland and Taize in France. It was fascinating and inspiring to hear such tales and it really brought to life the importance of such religious journeys.

In our Theme work, not only did we finish writing our very own legends  based on Beowulf but we also had two visitors from the Fornebei Viking group who helped to teach us all about the heritage of our very own village as well as sharing stories and artefacts with us too. We learned a lot about the Viking gods in particular and enjoyed listening to the lute being played.

A busy, fun-filled week to top off a busy, fun-filled half term! I wish you all a well-deserved week off and I look forward to hearing about all of your adventures in a week’s time.

Autumn 1 Week 6

Date: 12th Oct 2017 @ 10:35pm

As the school weeks pass they just keep getting even busier, even more exciting and even more bursting with highlights!

To mention just a few from this week: we have been preparing for our first House Competition in the sport of Wazball, we have been on an Autumn walk with our Reception buddies to create beautiful Autumn collages alongside them and then, of course, we had our school trip to Tatton Park!

Our Tatton Park trip was amazing and the children left full of facts about the Vikings who we have been learning about all throughout this half term. After we met Esma, Eric and Torvi (our Viking chaperones for the day) we had the chance to learn about different parts of the Viking culture and civilisation. Esma taught us about how the Vikings traded and we tried some bartering for different items that would have been extremely valuable in the time of the Vikings. Eric taught us about how resourceful the Vikings were, particularly regarding deer who were an integral part of the Viking community. Torvi then taught us about bread making and the jobs and day-to-day lives of a Viking settler. After all of this learning it was then time for…Viking Warrior Training! After practising and being graded in our shield wall and boar’s head attempts, it was sadly time to leave. However, not before we had a quick tour of Tatton Park farm complete with piglets that were merely a day old. You can imagine the sounds that the Year 6 children made upon seeing these tiny, adorable, one-day old piglets.

We also continued our RE learning and our focus on life being a journey! We explored rites of passage and all of the highlights that are still to come on our journeys looking forward. We then discussed the difference between religious and secular rites of passage and how each has its own symbolic importance.

What a week and a well-deserved weekend for a class of hardworking, resilient and enthusiastic Year 6’s!

Autumn 1 Week 5

Date: 6th Oct 2017 @ 4:34pm

Wow! What a week we have had in Year 6 which is absolutely bursting with highlights.

In our Collective Worship work we started our new monthly value for October which is Thankfulness. After discussing the meaning of this word and linking it to our school values, we then watched a video stimulus about a scientific experiment on gratitude. This experiment demonstrated that people who are more thankful and show gratitude on a day-to-day basis have greater well-being and happiness. This is a scientific fact! So, we encouraged Year 6 to do the same and to just take a minute before the end of each day to recall two or three things that they can be grateful for!

Our week certainly ended on a high as we made our way down to Formby High School for the annual Maths Maze! Pitting our problem solving skills against two other Formby primary schools, it was sure to be a tense contest as the TSP teams battled to secure as many points as they could through various problem solving challenges. Oh, and guess what…? We won! The Year 6 children made us so proud through both their teamwork and lateral thinking and the title of ‘Maths Maze Champions’ returns to Trinity St. Peter’s for yet another year!

A brilliant week with an amazing class. Well done everyone and have a great weekend!    

Autumn 1 Week 4

Date: 29th Sep 2017 @ 4:36pm

This week in Year 6 we have certainly been busy! We have taken on the role of a journalist creating reports on the Viking attack on Lindisfarne, we have been fitness coaches in PE where we participated in our own gym class and we have been taxonomists in Science as we sorted animals into various classifications according to their characteristics.

Alongside all of this, we have also had the opportunity to vote as we elected our committee members for each of: Sports Ambassador, STARR, Collective Worship and MADD. We enjoyed hearing the different campaign speeches and then having the opportunity to make our voices heard! Well done to all of our elected members and a special mention to all who ran for election, your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

In our RE work, we started our unit titled ‘Life as a Journey’ where we mapped out our own life journeys so far including any highlights along the way. These were brilliant to see and we considered just how much more was still to come! An amazing week and I wish you all a fantastic weekend…  

Autumn 1 Week 3

Date: 22nd Sep 2017 @ 6:46pm

We have had an extremely fun and busy week in Year 6 with so much learning taking place!

For our Collective Worship work, we had a discussion about the importance of Respect and linked it to our school value of Nurture. We then created acrostic poems which incorporated words that reflect this value most within our lives.

We also commenced our new class Theme this week as we introduced the world of…The Vikings! We explored how The Vikings raided and pillaged lonely places such as Lindisfarne making surprise attacks. We analysed a historical source and started to plan a newspaper article centred around this event.

A well-deserved weekend for such a hardworking class. Enjoy yourselves and see you Monday!

Autumn 1 Week 2

Date: 15th Sep 2017 @ 6:09pm

What a week we have had in Year 6! The question is, where do I start…

An undoubted highlight came earlier this week as Year 6 made their way to the Reception classroom to meet their “buddies” who they have been so eager to finally meet since writing letters to them at the end of Year 5 which welcomed them to Trinity St. Peter’s. I was immensely proud of all of the Year 6 children for the nurturing attitude, maturity and kindness that they displayed and I already know that they are going to be guiding lights and role models for their “buddies” who are just starting their TSP journeys. Keep on shining Year 6!

We have also had an RE focus in our Theme work this week as we have honed in on another faith. Our focus was on the religion with the second largest following in the world, Islam. Not only has this theme prompted some amazing discussion, we have also created some brilliant work following our exploration of the ‘five pillars’ which are central to the beliefs and practises of a Muslim. The children created non-chronological reports which detailed their learning in such a creative manner.

An excellent first full week of the year and we are already excited for the next and the start of our first half-term Theme. Have a brilliant weekend and see you all on Monday!

Autumn 1 Week 1

Date: 8th Sep 2017 @ 5:39pm

What an amazing start to our year! It was absolutely wonderful to welcome back Year SIX on Wednesday and to hear all of their tales and adventures from the summer break.

The learning journey of this year started with a focus on our school vision and values through our story stimulus of 'Snow White and the Seven Step Sisters', a fairytale with a twist! This story particuarly honed in on our school value of Hope and the absolute importance of having a growth mindset and maintaining resilience. 

Firstly, we used mindfulness to consider a time in our lives that we have overcame a challenge. Following this, we looked at the paintings of famous impressionist painter, Edgar Degas. We noticed how his paintings often show people in the middle of a performance and how his style reflects a growth mindset. We then used his paintings as inspiration in creating a piece of growth mindset artwork of our own! That was just the beginning...

We have also used this focus to create “shape” poems in the form of a brain and also the iPads to create word clouds that will serve as a reminder to us all that keeping a growth mindset is key to being the best that we can be!

It wasn't long before we had to put this value into action as we approached a Maths challenge with the children determined to succeed and learn from one another. We also took part in a fitness circuit and really pushed ourselves to get the best possible score on each challenging activity.

An excellent first week and we are already extremely excited for the year ahead. I wish you all a brilliant weekend!

Class Information!

Date: 8th Sep 2017 @ 5:37pm

Mr McCabe and Mrs Sherran would like to wish you a warm welcome to Year 6!

Homeworks for English, Maths and Spellings will go home each Friday. They are to be returned by the following Wednesday.

During the Autumn term, PE lessons will take place on Thursday and Friday afternoons. Children must have both their indoor and outdoor school PE kits with them on these days.

Brass lessons will be each Friday and will be taught by Mr. Asbridge from Sefton Music Service.

Children are encouraged to bring a snack each day to be eaten at break time. Please remember to provide your child with only a healthy snack - e.g. fruit, vegetables.

Bottles of water with a sports cap lid are also encouraged so the children can have a drink of water as and when they need it throughout the day.