Year 6: Blog items

Year 6 - Spring 1 - Week 6

Date: 14th Feb 2020 @ 4:45pm

Another great week in Year 6!

In Theme, we learned more about the Ancient Greek gods. We were already familiar with some of them through our prior learning and hearing new myths this half term, but we enjoyed learning about how each god had a particular role and how there were usually certain items or animals associated with them.  We also had an interesting discussion about how certain gods are portrayed differently in different films and television shows in today’s society.

As part of our Art curriculum, we sketched the faces of different gods and heroes from Ancient Greece, working hard to develop our drawing skills through the use of proportions and tones. While creating our pieces, we were also treated to some Greek olives and “wine” …just to fully immerse ourselves in the Greek culture! The children thoroughly enjoyed the morning and made great progress with their sketching.

In English, we finished our non-fiction writing about the circulatory system. This proved to be a very detailed, information text and all the children enjoyed mixing their scientific knowledge with writing skills. Having previously rounded off the circulatory system as part of our Science unit, everyone was able to produce excellent written pieces - we could certainly have some future doctors!

This week, we have been sitting some practice SATs assessments. Once again, it has been fantastic to see all the children’s scores improving, as well as their attitude towards the tests.

Well done to all the children who competed in the boys’ football tournament at The Liverpool Academy on Wednesday, as well as those who competed in the Formby Swimming Gala on Thursday morning. You all represented the school incredibly well and should be very proud of yourselves!

Spellings for the week after next are as follows:

List - illegal, illiterate, replaced, recycled, returned, repositioned, immature, imperfect, impossible and desperate.  

As always, the spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books.  

Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the children’s planners; please ensure these are being brought in daily.

Have a great week off!

Year 6 - Spring 1 - Week 5

Date: 7th Feb 2020 @ 3:40pm

Another great week in Year 6!

Our Ancient Greek theme has continued throughout the week. On Monday, we learned a new myth (Theseus and the Minotaur) and found out about the different city states. We focused on Sparta and Athens in particular, using our white and grey thinking hats to compare them and decide which state we would rather belong to. It was a unanimous decision for the boys however the girls were conflicted when they discovered how women’s rights differed in both states. We also found out how Athens had a democratic government and were able to connect this to our current British values – it is incredible when you think about how much influence the Ancient Greeks have had on our society today!

On Thursday, we used some of our tag rugby skills to carry out battles between the ancient states. At first, each state was given the same rules and the children enjoyed delivering their war chants and trying to eliminate their rivals by removing tags. However, when stipulations were added to correspond to the strengths and skills of the states, it quickly became very clear that the Spartans would emerge victorious!

In Computing, we reflected on our lives online and focused particularly on our identity. We looked at a series of things that can impact how we view ourselves online, including: adverts, social media comments and online messages. We discussed how what we are subjected to online has a direct impact on our self-esteem. As a class, we discussed all the challenges that we face and concluded that what makes us who we are is not limited to a comment on social media.

In Maths, we revised our understanding of perimeter and area, solving different problems involving compound shapes. We also learned how to find the area of shapes such as triangles, parallelograms and trapeziums.  Towards the end of the week, we learned how to find the volume of shapes too…so overall, it has been a very busy week!

Over the last two weeks, both the boys and girls have been in footballing action. We had two matches against Woodlands School and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. All of the children who took part represented the school excellently and should be extremely proud of themselves.

Spellings for next week are as follows:

List: serious, precious, various, hideous, dangerous, obvious, vicious, mysterious, disastrous, spontaneous.

As always, the spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books.  

Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the children’s planners; please ensure these are being brought in daily.

Have a great weekend!

Year 6 - Spring 1 - Week 4

Date: 31st Jan 2020 @ 4:12pm

A very creative week!

This month’s Christian value has been WISDOM and our collective worships this month have focused on our school motto: Choose Wisely. We have been thinking carefully each week about our vision and values and how we can ensure we are giving our best each day. Following our feature in ITV’s “Britain Get Talking” advert this month, we have focused on choosing wisely in relation to our own wellbeing and being kind to ourselves.

Our diary entries for Philippe Petit concluded this week! On Monday, we began by immersing ourselves in French culture. There was French music playing, some dressing up, a beret or two and plenty of French vocabulary to be heard in the classroom. Using our green thinking hats, we were able to get into the mind of Philippe Petit. The work the children produced was ‘trés magnifique’ and they should be very proud of themselves – well done, Year 6!

In PE this week, the children have continued to enjoy their lessons with Gregg from Lancashire Cricket and Mr Hunt from Formby High School. On Monday, they had great fun perfecting their batting and bowling techniques. This led to a highly competitive game of kwik cricket to finish off the lesson and consolidate their understanding of previous lessons. On Thursday, the class had to apply all of the gymnastics knowledges and skills they have learned so far onto different pieces of equipment, including benches and climbing frames. We saw many creative, group balances as well as some interesting jumps and movements across the mats!

The children have had a thoroughly enjoyable time (albeit rather stressful on occasion!) creating Ancient Greek pottery as part of their Theme and Art & Design lessons. Once they understood the purpose of different Greek vases, they carried out their own research into different designs and geometric patterns before putting their hands to work and sculpting their own clay creations! This proved to be more difficult than initially thought for some, but overall the children loved correcting any errors and refining their skills to produce some excellent finished pieces! Many were excited to take them home; the whole class should be able to do this on Monday!

Spellings for next week are as follows:

Listwear, where, wait, desert, dessert, morning, mourning, steal, steel, allowed.

Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the children’s planners; please ensure these are being brought in daily.

Have a great weekend!

Year 6 - Spring 1 - Week 3

Date: 24th Jan 2020 @ 4:14pm

Another great week in Year 6!

In RE, we continued to reflect on the importance of traditions within faith. We discussed how different denominations may have slight differences when it comes to traditional services but that the meaning and point is often the same. In Science, we have been studying what keeps us alive. We have looked in-depth at the cardiovascular system - the children even acted this out in the hall - and at other body systems that keep us alive. On Friday, we recapped on all we had learnt and spent some time answering questions about different health related topics. This has been a very well-liked topic so far!

Continuing with our new Theme of ‘What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?’ this week, we revised what we learned last week and recalled where Ancient Greek civilisation fitted on our timeline of previous History topics. We heard a new myth (Pandora’s Box) and discussed the typical features of a Greek myth; we also began to plan our Art and Design project, looking at different geometric patterns to create our own Greek vases out of clay!

This week saw the completion of our “Piano Man” pieces in English. The children produced lots of excellent work and really enjoyed writing in a reflective style. Having completed “Piano Man”, we wasted no time in moving onto the next task, which is a diary entry by French tightrope walker, Philippe Petit. To help frame our minds, we had a special guest in school this morning, who showed us how to slackline! Year 6 were suitably impressed with his skills and are eager to get writing their diary entries on Monday – be sure to try out some French over the weekend.

Spellings for next week are a recap of the last 3 weeks. As always, the spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books.  

Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the children’s planners; please ensure these are being brought in daily.

Have a great weekend!

Year 6 - Spring 1 - Week 2

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 3:56pm

Another great week in Year 6!

In RE, the children have been looking at the significant of the Eucharist service. Before Christmas, the children attended a service at Holy Trinity; this gave a very good basis for the topic. This week, they have been looking at the meaning of Eucharist and critically discussed its importance.

In English, the children have been writing a flashback narrative on “The Piano Man.” This has proven to be a popular piece and the children have enjoyed creating some excellent work while thinking about their accuracy in changing tenses. The children have worked very hard on this and should be proud of their efforts – let’s keep it up!

The children have also been very busy in Maths lessons. Aside from a couple of arithmetic assessments and few new competitive games to get them thinking, we have done a lot of work around algebra and ratio. The children have done really well to consolidate their learning in these topics and should be very proud of themselves.

Please note, PE will now take place on a Tuesday afternoon with Gregg from Lancashire Cricket Club and Thursday afternoon with Mr Hunt from Formby High School. It is very important that all children have the correct kit for both indoor and outdoor lessons.

Spellings for next week are as follows:

List 1 there, their, cereal, serial, past, passed, devised, device, guessed, guest

As always, these spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books.  Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the children’s planners; please ensure these are being brought in daily.

Have a great weekend!

Year 6 - Spring 1 - Week 1

Date: 10th Jan 2020 @ 8:24am

What a great first week back! Before the new term had even officially commenced, excitement was in the air as our Year 6 children made their ITV debut on Tuesday night! Following our work on wellbeing and mental health, ITV had been in touch to ask if they could use some of the footage we had posted on Twitter earlier in the year. This week, they contacted us again to let us know that the children would feature in their latest, national advert for their ‘Britain Get Talking’ campaign. How fantastic! The full advert can be found on Youtube by clicking here; the televised version is shortened, but it is our class who close the advert, so make sure you’re tuning into ITV frequently this month! This is a fantastic memory for the children to take with them from primary school and goes to show how their efforts can be recognised on such a large scale. Well done, Year 6!

In RE, we have begun the year by looking at Judaism as part of our multi-faith learning. We watched a video which taught us about Jewish practice along with some key facts and places associated with Judaism. The children then learnt about the "Western (or Wailing) Wall," and what that represents to Jewish people. We finished by spending some time in reflection, allowing ourselves to think about issues we are facing as well as issues around the world, before writing our thoughts down and inserting them into our own "Wailing Wall." 

We have had several discussions this week as part of PSHE and The Big Question; this has included a conversation about what has been happening in Austrailia at the moment. The children have been keen to share their views, leading to us discussing issues such as global warming and our responsibilty to look after the planet, as well as demonstrating our empathy towards those suffering at this moment in time. 

In Maths this week, we have continued our work on algebra. The children have grasped these new concepts well, solving various algebraic questions as well as finding the nth term! On Thursday, they particularly enjoyed solving different equations to create superhero Top Trump cards!

Spellings for next week are as follows:

List 1 superstar, supercar, supermarket, superman, superwoman, supernatural, strength, sentence, straight, strange. 

List 2ceiling, receive, perceived, receipt, conceited, friends, achieve, soldier, convenience, mischievously.

As always, these spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books.  Maths and SPAG homework will resume from next week.

Have a great weekend!

Year 6 - Autumn 2 - Week 7

Date: 19th Dec 2019 @ 1:34pm

We cannot believe that our first term in Year 6 has already come to an end!

This week, we concluded our History topic by learning more about what the Vikings did when they colonised parts of England. We recalled how England had been divided into seven kingdoms prior to the Vikings’ arrival and were then astounded to see how control over these lands changed so dramatically in less than 100 years. We mapped out some of the main events that led to the Vikings controlling approximately a third of England by 886. At the end of the lesson, we used our Black Thinking Hat to recall all the facts we had learned this half-term and then organised our thoughts using a Circle Map. It was great to see how much new knowledge the children had obtained about the Vikings!

Plenty of other activities took place this week as well! Some of our children participated in the school’s Santa Dash on Monday, not only running for their own enjoyment, but also offering to support some of our younger pupils while at the event. On Tuesday, a group of children in our class visited St Joseph’s Hospice, helping Nathan with his service by singing carols and reading poems. Continuing with our acts of kindness, we also visited our Reception buddies during our ‘Party Day’ to wish them a happy Christmas and spend some time with them before the festive break. What kind pupils we have!

Before finishing for the Christmas break, we took some time to reflect on our first term in Year 6 and reminded each other of all the wonderful opportunities we have received so far which we should be grateful for. We discussed:

- Our ‘Trolls’ theme at the start of the year, which reminded us to CHOOSE WISELY.

- All the activities we have done with our Reception buddies.

- The continued use of iPads in lessons and the new websites and iOs applications we have been able to access.

- The Y6 trip to Tatton Park.

- Trips to Formby High School for the Maths Maze, Engage with China project and Y7 Christmas pantomime.

- The progress we have made in our assessments since September.

- Participating in another whole-school music video as part of Celebration of Kindness Week!

- All the extracurricular clubs and sporting events.

- The First Aid training.

- Demonstrating our thinking skills to other schools.

- The Maths games and competitions…especially our great successes in Sumdog, winning the Sefton Contest and finishing 2nd in the National Contest.

- Our progress in our writing!

- Performing a dance routine at our celebratory service at Holy Trinity Church.

- ITV tweeting us to ask if we would feature in the television advert in January.

- Secret Santa!

Year 6, thank you for making this term so fantastic!

Thank you as well to those parents who sent in gifts and cards – they are very much appreciated!

Have an amazing Christmas!

Year 6 - Autumn 2 - Week 6

Date: 13th Dec 2019 @ 1:32pm

It is hard to believe that this was our last full week in school for 2019!

We have fully embraced the Christmas spirit this week, singing carols and hymns in preparation for our service next Thursday and the children holding their own ‘Secret Santa’ on Wednesday. We also thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Formby High School on Tuesday afternoon to watch the Year 7 pantomime!

In RE, we have continued to think about the time of Advent and how important it is in understanding the meaning of Christmas for Christians. We looked at what the prophets told us in the Old Testament and saw how the prophecies were fulfilled later in the New Testament. We will continue to reflect on the meaning of Christmas for us and others as we approach this time of celebration with family and friends.

We have been focusing film narratives in English this week, creating our own stories for the John Lewis Christmas advert, ‘Man on the Moon’. The children have produced some excellent pieces of writing - with some great art work to suit – and were confident that this writing reflects the progress they have made since September. Well done!

Linking our DT with Christmas, we designed our very own light-up tree decorations. This involved using our scientific knowledge of circuits, as well as our excellent craft skills. Making our Christmas trees led to us all becoming origami experts for the day and we are sure you will see plenty of paper trees popping up around the house over the holidays!

Spellings for January are as follows:

List 1redo, replace, dislike, disagree, misbehave, reappear, refresh, unclean, untruthful, misunderstand.

List 2 re-enter, referee, co-ordinator, observant, expectancy, tolerant, confident, frequent, decency, independent.

As always, these spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books.  Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the planners. It is really important the children bring their planners into school every day so this can be done.

Have a great weekend!

Year 6 - Autumn 2 - Week 5

Date: 5th Dec 2019 @ 1:31pm

The festive season is upon us!

On Monday, the children walked in to find that their class had been fully decorated for Christmas. Throughout the week, many lessons have liked to this time of year, including several PSHE discussions around the meanings of various Christmas adverts and a reading comprehension on the Band Aid hit, ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ On Wednesday, the class were also treated to a festive production led by B Tales, which reminded them to believe in themselves and have a growth mindset in order to achieve wonderful things!

In RE, we have been looking at “Advent” and how Christians prepare for Christmas. We began by talking about different Christmas traditions, like advent calendars, decorations and Santa, before thinking more specifically about Church services. We talked about the use of an “Advent Wreath” and candles in Church to count down the weeks leading up to Christmas – celebrated with a Christingle service.

In Maths, we have worked on several topics, including: fractions, percentages, decimals and finding the mean of numbers. The children particularly enjoyed our lesson on finding the mean as it was a new concept to many of them and we learned about it through relay races! After being taught the concept, the children were put into teams and had to race against other groups to collect all their sets of numbers and then order them via their average values. The children were very keen to participate and all worked well together to agree on their final answers!

Well done to all those children who took part in the LFC Foundations Premier League Primary Stars football tournament. We enjoyed a fantastic tournament with the girls and boys both playing extremely well and showcasing their wonderful attitude and talent. Congratulations to the boys who emerged victorious and have qualified for the next stage!

Spellings for next week are as follows:

List 2 according, determined, equipment, equipped, especially, frequently, immediately, unnecessary, sincerely, inconvenience.

As always, these spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books.  Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the planners. It is really important the children bring their planners into school everyday so this can be done.

Have a great weekend!

Year 6 - Autumn 2 - Week 4

Date: 29th Nov 2019 @ 2:53pm

We can’t quite believe it is nearly December!

This week has been all about preparing for our celebratory service at Holy Trinity Church. Our Year 6 pupils had very important roles as they were performing a dance routine to Coldplay’s ‘A Sky Full of Stars’. There were some complex dance moves and sequences, as well as the involvement of ribbons…so several rehearsals were required!  Our service took place on Friday morning and the children were exceptional. Miss Emmett, who choreographed the routine, was almost reduced to tears as she watched the final performance! The pupils were great role models and their performance was another example of what makes Trinity St. Peter’s such a special place to be. Well done, Year 6!

In Maths, we have focused on developing our metacognition skills. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we were given sets of questions and had to arrange them into a Diamond 9 model, ranking which we thought were the easiest questions to answer and which we deemed to be more difficult. While doing this, we had to think about our thinking and unpick why we deemed some questions to be trickier than others. We then shared our thoughts with our shoulder partners and face partners to see if conversations with peers changed our perceptions in anyway, before finally answering the questions in the order we had chosen. Following our assessments last week, we realised that we could use our metacognition skills to help us in our SATs as we may need to prioritise questions when under time constraints. While this may not be a strategy for everyone, we decided it was useful that we all have it as an option!

Spellings for next week are a recap of the previous 3 weeks. As always, previous spellings can be found in the children’s planners, spelling books and on this blog.

Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the planners.

Have a great weekend!

Year 6 - Autumn 2 - Week 3

Date: 22nd Nov 2019 @ 1:36pm

There was a lot to do this week!

In preparation for our celebratory service at Holy Trinity Church next Friday, the Year 6 children have been busy learning lots of songs, as well as a special dance routine they will be performing to open the service. Many rehearsals have taken place this week and the children have continuously shown their enthusiasm and positivity in preparing for the celebration. Well done!

On Wednesday, we visited Tatton Park as part of our Viking theme. Despite the rather cold conditions, the children thoroughly enjoyed the range of activities they were involved in. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a Viking who led us to his settlement; we were then divided into three groups and tested on our skills and knowledge to see if we would be able to join the Viking army or be sold into marriage or slavery! The class learned about many aspects of Viking life, including: food, daily items, weapons and the army. The Vikings were so impressed they decided we could board their longboat and join their army!

Our week concluded with First Aid training with Jonathan Cunningham MBE. The children took part in several practical activities and discussions about what to do if particular incidents occurred. This ranged from choking to burns and even included a session where Jonathan phoned the emergency operations centre (EOC) and spoke on a ‘live mic’ to the 999 ambulance dispatchers. It was all very exciting while being extremely educational. The children should receive their certificates next week.

Around all these events, the children have also sat some past SATs papers again for Maths. It has been fantastic to see how proud they all are of themselves once finding out their scores in September compared to the scores they have achieved this week. It just goes to show hard they are all working in class!

Spellings for next week are as follows:

List 1 redo, return, replay, refill, revisit, replace, recycle, reappear, rebuild, reposition.

List 2cemetery, excellent, criticise, convenience, existence, hindrance, necessary, prejudice, sacrifice, sufficient.

As always, these spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books.  Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the planners.

Have a great weekend!

Year 6 - Autumn 2 - Week 2

Date: 15th Nov 2019 @ 3:45pm

Another eventful week!

This week, the Year 6 children have been fully involved in our Celebration of Kindness Week. On Tuesday afternoon, they met with their buddies for their ‘Art Attack!’ project; the children loved seeing each other again and working together on their pieces. On Thursday, they then all met in the hall to host their own art exhibition where family and friends could come into school to purchase the children’s work. Thank you to all those who bought the art pieces this week and helped contribute to the £846.59 the whole school raised for Children In Need as part of our Celebration of Kindness Week.

Throughout the week, the children participated in additional activities and several class discussions linked to World Kindness Day, Children In Need and Anti-Bullying Week. On Wednesday, they were even treated to a special production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, performed by B Tales, a Christian theatre company.  What a week!

This week also brought the National Sumdog Contest! Having emerged victorious in the Sefton Sumdog Contest last-half term and exerting our class dominance in the Formby Maths Maze last Friday, the class were very keen to prove themselves on an even greater scale.  Over 22,000 pupils played in the contest over the past week and our Year 6 pupils did extremely well with many placing in the Top 100 on the individual leader board – what an achievement! As a class, we were even more incredible with the vast majority pulling together to each answer 1000 questions. On Thursday night, the results were in…out of over 2000 schools, we finished 2nd place!

In History, we started our new topic, ‘The Vikings: What happened when they came to England?’ The children were very enthusiastic to start their learning and we were very impressed with their prior knowledge – some excellent ‘Connect’ thinking! We cannot wait to see how much more they know by the end of next week, especially after Wednesday’s trip to Tatton Park!

Spellings for next week are as follows:

List 1misspell, misplace, mislaid, mislead, misbehave, misfortune, misunderstand, history, heart, learn.

List 2history, increase, magnet, germination, transparent, predator, insulator, solution, reversible, pollination.

As always, these spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books.  Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the planners. Have a great weekend!

Year 6 - Autumn 2 - Week 1

Date: 8th Nov 2019 @ 3:27pm

What a busy first week back!

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the week was the launch of our annual music video to kickstart Celebration of Kindness Week 2019! It is hard to believe that the event is already in its third year. The children loved filming their section of the video on Tuesday and Wednesday…but I think they loved watching the finished piece on Friday afternoon even more! Check out the video at the end of this blog.

Please refer to the Year 6 letter on the website regarding next week’s events for Celebration of Kindness Week. The Year 6 children will be working on an art project with their Reception buddies and would love for parents to come into school on Thursday afternoon to see what they have done.

In English this week, the children have been working incredibly hard on a descriptive piece of writing based in a haunted setting. At the start of the week, the children revised the use of semi-colons and relative clauses, creating their own sentences with these features. They also carried out some independent research, reading extracts from various books that could help to inspire their writing. Then on Wednesday, the children entered a very eerie classroom, with only candles for a source of light and some terrifying sounds filling the room. We had a great discussion about our different senses and how we might feel in our haunted setting before starting our independent writing. The children should be incredibly proud of their efforts and the progress they have made, from their handwriting and presentation, to use of vocabulary and varying sentence structures. Many children are deeming their work as their best piece of writing yet!

In Maths, we have been focusing on ordering and adding fractions. Using our metacognition skills to identify what makes us deem some calculations more difficult than others, we then considered how we could solve each problem in stages. The children did really well with some very challenging questions – well done! We then finished our mathematical learning for the week by visiting Formby High School to take part in their annual Maths Maze. We competed valiantly all morning against two other primary schools and while we may not have had the winning individual group this time, we certainly displayed our dominance as a class with three of our five groups finishing in joint second place and third.

Spellings for next week are as follows:

List 1dislike, dishonest, disobey, disagree, disappoint, discomfort, disappear, disbelieve, guard, group.

List 2pitch, water, observe, evolution, filtering, nutrients, adaptation, consumer, prediction, conductors.

As always, these spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books.

Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the planners. This week’s Maths homework relates to Sumdog as the children are entered into the national contest! This may be the final Sumdog contest we enter this year, so please make a good attempt at answering all 1000 questions!

Have a great weekend – get sharing our latest music video!

Celebration of Kindness Week 2019 - Music Video

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 8

Date: 25th Oct 2019 @ 2:53pm

It is hard to believe that a half-term in Year 6 has passed already!

On Monday, the children visited St. Peter’s Church as part of this year’s Shoebox Express! As always, they enjoyed creating their shoeboxes and writing a thoughtful letter to go inside. It linked perfectly to our monthly value of THANKFULNESS as it reminded the children of the position they are in and to be grateful for what they already have. Thank you to St. Peter’s Church and all the volunteers for organising a great morning for a worthy cause.

There have been excellent efforts made in our Maths lessons this week. The children have been introduced to both long division and BIDMAS, two topics that they would not have previously encountered. They have worked incredibly hard to grasp these concepts and the discussions at the end of the week showed that class confidence was high – well done! A lot of competitive Maths games have also been played this week, recapping previous lessons. It has been lovely to see the children showing their appreciation for these games and stating how much they love Maths. Long may this continue!

English this week has seen the children attempt a potentially tricky piece of writing about the Venetian cruise ship crash last summer! As always, their attitude towards work and enthusiasm has seen them produce some excellent pieces! We even had some dramatic re-enactments, allowing some of our budding actors to showcase their creative sides - a wonderful watch!

Well done to all the children who have represented the school in cross country and football this week. Once again, the children were excellent role models and showed a lot of grit and determination in their sporting challenges. You should all be immensely proud.

Spellings for the first week back are a recap of the previous three weeks.As always, these spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books. Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the planners.

Have an enjoyable week of rest!

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 7

Date: 18th Oct 2019 @ 3:42pm

What a reflective week in Year 6!

In Collective Worship, we discussed the Jewish festival of Passover. We connected our thinking with our RE lessons in Year 4 and discussed what we could remember about the Passover meal, including the use of seder plates and traditional food. We remembered that it is a holiday about freedom because it celebrates the Jews' liberation from slavery in Egypt. We linked this to our Christian monthly value of THANKFULNESS and how we should be grateful that we live in a country without so much oppression.

In RE, we continued with this half term’s unit, ‘Life as a Journey’. So far, we have focused on our own life journey, the journey of Reverend Anne and the journey of Christians in general. This week, we learned about different Christian pilgrimages and researched why they are considered special journeys to take. We reflected on the spirituality of such journeys and how Christians would feel even more connected to God on these pilgrimages. On Thursday, we looked at the journey of a race. This month is Black History Month and this week has also been Hate Crime Awareness Week. This was a great opportunity to connect our prior learning: we recapped the protected characteristics in our country before focusing on racism and discussing significant events in Black History. We realised how much adversity this particular race of people have had to overcome and the importance of respecting diversity in our community. We then talked about Monday night’s football match between England and Bulgaria, which was nearly cancelled after two warnings from the football officials. We were so disappointed that acts of racism like this still occur in today’s world, which then led to us writing our own ‘I Had a Dream’ speeches in the style of Martin Luther King Jr.

On Friday, the children were very excited; not only was it Alder Hey’s PJ Day, but it was also our ‘buddy’ assembly for the Reception parents. The children loved introducing their younger buddies, singing a song altogether and then enjoying some cakes and biscuits with the parents. The Year 6 pupils demonstrated our school values well and proved they can be role models.

Finally, well done to all the children in Maths this week! On Monday, they worked extremely hard on some difficult long multiplication problems which really tested their resilience. By the end of the week, they were learning how to do long division for the first time and their attitudes towards this challenge were amazing! They made great progress in a short space of time and should be feeling very proud of themselves.

Spellings for the next week are as follows:

List 1unhappy, unwell, unclean, unable, unlucky, unfasten, untruthful, unwanted, early, earth.

List 2  – referred, referral, referee, transferred, reference, preferential, preference, rhyme, soldier, sufficient.

As always, these spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books. Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the planners.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 6

Date: 11th Oct 2019 @ 8:25am

They logged in, they competed…they won!

It is no surprise that for most Year 6 children this week, their highlight has been the Sefton Sumdog Contest. Back in Year 4, they won the contest twice and were the school’s first ever winners. This week, they were determined to recapture their glory and exceed expectations…and they did! Working hard to answer all 1000 questions both in class and at home, the children put on an exceptional performance and we managed to emerge victorious! Well done to the whole class and those individual children who finished in the Top 10 with fantastic scores! We can’t wait to compete in the national contest now and take on schools from around the country!

In Collective Worship this week, we discussed our monthly value of THANKFULNESS. On Thursday, one of our pupils delivered a fantastic presentation on the work she did last week to support a group of refugees. She talked us through how she was able to support different families and shared some of their stories – highlighting the range of nationalities and religious beliefs within the group -  before concluding with how she felt at the end of her weekend. As a class, we were able to recognise why everyone involved in the project would feel thankful, as well as why we should be grateful for the positions we are in.

We also helped raise awareness for World Mental Health Day (‘Hello Yellow’) on Thursday. Firstly, we identified how we were feeling at that current time and then unpicked why that was. As a class, we collated a range of factors that can influence our feelings and how the factors can be from the past, present or future. We then recalled the work we did in our happiness journals at the start of term where we came up with ideas for what we should do if we were not feeling very positive. As part of our discussion, we highlighted the impact social media can have on our self-esteem and the issues with body image that may arise as we get older and move into secondary school. We watched a video on the effects of advertising and airbrushing and realised the devastating impact it can have on young people. To conclude our discussions, we decided to sign a petition by Young Minds aimed at encouraging the Government to act earlier on young people’s mental health.

Thank you to the visitors we had this week! Our Patron of Reading, Jude Lennon, came to class and read some traditional African fables - it was a great way to keep us enthusiastic about our current Theme, but it was also nice to reminisce about the fables we wrote in Year 4 that followed a similar style! We were visited by Community Police Support Officer, Chloe, as well. She delivered a presentation on 'stranger danger' and what we should do to stay safe  in our community.

Spellings for the next week are as follows:

List 1 they, grey, beige, sleigh, neighbour, eight, eighth, weight, reign, height.

List 2  – co-own, re-enter, co-ordinate, co-ordinator, co-operate, amateur, exaggerated, vehicle, yacht, stomach.

As always, these spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books. Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the planners.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 5

Date: 4th Oct 2019 @ 12:00pm

Another eventful week in Year 6!

Our Collective Worships this week focused around Harvest. On Wednesday, we visited Holy Trinity Church for the Harvest Service and listened carefully to the words spoken by Poppy, as well the Year 5 pupils. We were reminded to be THANKFUL for what we have, as well as the importance of sharing. The importance of courageous advocacy was also discussed; we are sure we will continue to seek opportunities to be courageous advocates again this year.

On Tuesday, we walked to Formby High School (we certainly got our steps in this week!) to lean about the ‘Engage with China’ project with the Liverpool Diocese.  The children learned a lot about China as a country, from the size of its population to the typical day of a school child. They also learned about how China fits into our changing world, focusing on different businesses and inventions, as well as its economic development. The children were able to take part in a range of activities, from learning some common Mandarin phrases to participating in roleplays. It was a very interesting day!

This week was also National Poetry Day; Year 6 spent the morning looking at a variety of different poems. The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day was “Truth”. Year 6 spent some time looking at poems about truth while also discussing the underlying truths within each poem, relating it to our own experiences. To finish our morning of poetry, each child chose a poem they particularly liked and performed it in front of their peers - some even wrote their own!

Nostalgia crept in on Friday morning and our competitive natures emerged once more…it was the start of the Sefton Sumdog Contest! The children were very excited when they realised they had 1000 questions to answer once again within the next week. We reminisced about Year 4: how we were the first class in school to win a Sumdog contest and how we also won it twice that year! Our subscriptions to the extra games have since expired and over a year has passed since that last victory, so needless to say, war chants could be heard from the classroom as we logged in and set off on our return to Sumdog glory! Good luck, Year 6!

Spellings for the next week are as follows:

List 1young, tough, rough, touch, cousin, double, encourage, answer, breath, calendar.

List 2 innocent, innocence, decent, decency, confident, confidence, assistant, assistance, independence, shoulder.

As always, these spellings can be found in the children’s planners and spelling books. Maths and SPAG homework should also be recorded in the planners.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 4

Date: 27th Sep 2019 @ 3:34pm

We cannot believe we are already halfway through the half term!

In RE, we continued with our unit, ‘Life as a Journey’ by completing the maps of our life journey so far. On Tuesday, we were also visited by Reverend Anne, who told us all about her life journey as a Christian, from her time in school to the present day. It was a fantastic talk that raised lots of excellent discussions afterwards around the role of women in the Church; significant people in our lives who encourage us, as well as what we should be grateful for. At the end of Anne’s talk, the children had prepared plenty of questions they wanted to ask and a great conversation was had. Thank you for visiting us, Anne!

In English this week, we completed our ‘midnight adventure’ descriptive writing, producing some very creative stories! The children worked incredibly hard this week trying to produce their absolute best as this was the first piece going into their new Author Books. We were able to produce some great pieces of work and some lovely art to go alongside it too! Next week we will begin looking at Poetry.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their Taekwando sessions this week! Year 6 were very enthusiastic about trying it out during a special PE lesson. Some dangerous looking moves and fierce faces can be found on our Twitter page for you to enjoy! All of the children were very thankful to Unite Martial Arts for taking this lesson.

On Thursday, we celebrated European Day of Languages! Each class was assigned a new language to learn and Year 6 were very pleased to be given the task of learning Welsh! Not only do we have a few pupils who visit the country regularly, but we also realised that it could come in useful in June when we attend our Robinwood residential! Many laughs were had as we tried to master new vocabulary and perfect the Northern accent, but we certainly left with more knowledge that what we started with! We picked up names of different animals, as well as several useful phrases – one particular phrase has even made it into our unique class greeting! Well done to all the children for trying their best with task…a lot of fun was certainly had!

Congratulations to all those children who took part in the cross country event at Range High School this week. You were excellent representatives for the school and should be very proud of yourselves! A big ‘thank you’ as well to all those who brought in money for our Macmillan Coffee Morning – you helped raise a fantastic £333!

Spellings for next for next week are a recap of the past 3 weeks. All spellings should be found in planners, spelling books and previous blogs. Homework has also been recorded in planners and sent out. Please remember that if your child needs any extra support or challenge, they can refer to the websites sent home, as well as those on the school website.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 3

Date: 20th Sep 2019 @ 4:23pm

Another busy week in Year 6!

In Collective Worship, we linked our Christian value of CREATION to Jeans for Genes Day, which took place on Friday. We had several discussions throughout the week about what genes are and why we were raising money for the event. We watched videos of various children affected by different genetic disorders and reflected on how we felt after hearing their stories. We acknowledged that while we are all created in God’s image, we are all different and we should celebrate this. This was a great follow-up from our work around Trolls over the past two weeks; our discussions also linked strongly to our British value of Respect and our poster for Gratitude, which we introduced at the start of the year.  

This week, we also started our first RE unit of the year, ‘Life as a Journey’. We started by using our ‘Circle’ thinking map to define what a journey was…and the children’s responses were superb! We realised there were many definitions, ranging from a physical journey between two places, to an emotional journey where you have to learn how to deal with a new situation. We then started to map out our own life journeys, recalling our most important events so far. We will be finishing these on Monday before our visit from Reverend Anne on Tuesday morning, who will be sharing her life journey as a Christian.

We have enjoyed our Maths lessons this week, focusing on various aspects of place value. Each lesson the children have been given a choice of difficulty level with their tasks and it has been great to see so many of them choosing the hardest task for themselves – keep up this growth mindset throughout the year! On Wednesday, our brass lessons commenced with Mr Asbridge. The children were very enthusiastic to be given their instrument, especially after hearing some of the songs they would be learning over the year. We have enjoyed hearing some of the children’s stories about rehearsals at home too – we are sure some of the parents will learn to love the brass instruments too once the children have had a few more lessons!

Finally, well done to all those children who ran for one of our pupil voice groups this week. It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of your peers and deliver a speech – you should be very proud of yourselves!

Spellings for next for next week are as follows:

List 1gym, symbol, hymns, crystal, typical, mystery, syrup, myth, lyrics, pyramid.

List 2observant, expectancy, hesitant, tolerant, tolerance, relevant, guarantee, harass, recognise, restaurant.

As always, a copy of these spellings should also be found in the children’s planners and spelling books. Homework has also been recorded in planners and sent out. Please remember that if your child needs any extra support or challenge, they can refer to the websites sent home, as well as those on the school website.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 2

Date: 13th Sep 2019 @ 3:49pm

Our first full week back in school has flown by!

In Collective Worship, we continued with activities and discussions around our school values, focusing on NURTURE and ENJOY in particular. On Wednesday, we also welcomed Poppy back after the summer break; she delivered an excellent Collective Worship around our monthly value of CREATION, which we will be looking at in more detail next week.

Throughout the week, we have continued with our work around the film, Trolls, focusing on the characters of Branch, Poppy and Bridget in particular. We compared Poppy and Branch’s journeys since the Trolstice, identifying their similarities and differences and the factors which have affected their personalities over the years. We also studied the character of Bridget, creating an emotions chart to identify how she is feeling at specific times. As always, the children offered very considerate and thoughtful opinions. They were able to use their green thinking hats effectively to really understand the emotions of the different characters and feel empathy towards them.

While creating our emotion charts, we realised that there were many colours that could represent a range of emotions, both positive and negative. This then led to several Art lessons, where we experimented with paints, creating various shades and tones to show changes in emotion. On Friday, we used our knowledge to then create ‘Fun and Excitement’ artwork, based around the works of Jim Dine. Some of the children even challenged themselves by using different media such as art pastels and blending colours together. The finished pieces looked excellent and we can’t wait to display them in class next week.

On Friday, we also celebrated Roald Dahl Day! In the morning, we were visited by our Reception buddies and we had a lovely time reading to them – there was a rush to the bookshelves beforehand to choose a Roald Dahl classic! In the afternoon, we also participated in some Kahoot quizzes to test our knowledge of Roald Dahl.

Also, a big well done and 'thank you' to all the children who have been on committees over the past year and went round the classes today explaining the roles they have had. We are sure they have inpsired many of their peers before Pupil Voice Election Day next week! We look forward to our next group of representatives and new ideas.

Spellings for next for next week are as follows:

List 1: – fearless, sadness, playful, payment, happiness, loneliness, brightness, hopeless, movement, beautiful.

List 2:  – special, advise, official, crucial, potential, essential, licence, artificial, practice, substantial.

As always, a copy of these spellings should also be found in the children’s planners and spelling books.

Homework has also been recorded in planners and sent out. The focus for SPAG is based on one of their assessments from this week. For Maths, the children should carry out some independent learning using the login details they have been provided with for useful websites they will need this year.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Year 6 - Autumn 1 - Week 1

Date: 6th Sep 2019 @ 4:07pm

What a fantastic start to Year 6! It was great to welcome back an enthusiastic class, eager to begin their new adventure. 

In Collective Worship this week, we revisited our school values of Serve, Hope, Imagine, Nurture and Enjoy. As always, we strive to uphold these values in every area of our school and home lives so that we can SHINE and be the best that we can be. While our worships included a range of discussions, prayers, hymns and stories, a particular highlight was definitely the opportunity to sing “My Lighthouse” again…a clear class favourite! We are sure this won’t be the last time we sing it this year.

This year has started with our new whole-school theme based on the film, Trolls. The film focuses heavily on the concept of happiness and where we can find it; it highlights lots of key ideas such as self-image, confidence, positivity, and individuality. This week we discussed what makes us happy and how we can help others in our lives to be happy too. We talked about everybody being different and how we should celebrate our own individuality while respecting others’ similarities and differences. At the beginning of the week, we also introduced “happiness journals” in order to give children a chance to reflect on their days. The children have absolutely loved designing their journals and writing down things that have made them happy each day, as well as what they are thankful for.

Last year, our school motto, CHOOSE KIND, encouraged the children and staff to think hard about what choices we make on a daily basis and to always choose kind. This year, our incredible Think Tank have expanded on this to come up with our new motto, CHOOSE WISELY. They also helped to design a new school poster to promote gratitude. Throughout Year 6 we will be pausing to reflect on these concepts regularly, discussing how we can CHOOSE WISELY in our everyday decisions and also how we can develop our appreciation of what we have in order to show gratitude to others.

We hope the children have enjoyed their first week in Year 6. Please remember to refer to the additional blog below for reminders about important dates, upcoming events and the class schedule.

Spellings for next week are as follows:

List 1copied, happier, chillier, funniest, biking, making, closest, latest, shiniest, completed.

List 2cough, although, brought, thorough, vicious, ambitious, suspicious, delicious, cautious, infectious.

As always, these spellings should be found in the children’s planners as well as their spelling books. Maths and English homework will commence from next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Welcome Back!

Date: 4th Sep 2019 @ 8:30am

Mr Curragh and Mr King would like to wish you a warm welcome to Year 6!

During the Autumn term, PE lessons will take place on Monday and Thursday afternoons. Children must have the correct indoor and outdoor PE kits with them on both of these days.

Children in Year 6 will have their brass esson each Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure your child has their instrument - which they will be provided with - in school each Wednesday. Those children who are also continuing with their woodwind instrument will have their lesson on a Monday afternoon.

Children are encouraged to bring a snack each day to be eaten at break times. Please remember to provide your child with only a healthy snack – e.g. fruit, vegetables.

Bottles of water with a sports cap type lid are also encouraged so the children can drink as and when they need it throughout the day.

Please see the Powerpoint below for all additional information to ensure your child has the best start to Year 6.

We are excited to see what wonderful things the new year brings.

Thank you!

Mr Curragh and Mr King