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Year 2: Blog items

Year 2 Autumn 1 Week 7

Date: 19th Oct 2018 @ 6:00pm

Wow! What an amazing half term Year 2 have had.

This week we have well and truly lived out our monthly value of ‘Generosity’ with our kind donations in support of ‘World Food Day’, donating to Uganda and making Christmas Shoeboxes. We really have been serving with a kind heart and have shown generosity to those less fortunate.

We’ve had a busy but fun week. On Monday we received a top secret letter from Agent 2031 inviting us on a special mission to investigate our local heroes. This mission is of great importance and we have already shown brilliant investigation skills and thought of some great questions to ask our heroes during our special mission. We have also shown great thinking skills when we discussed whether all heroes have superpowers. We decided that heroes don’t have to have superpowers, but they do have many special skills.

In celebration of ‘World Food Day’ we enjoyed taking part in our ‘Zero Hunger Run’ where we demonstrated great perseverance and determination. Following our run, we created some wonderful posters to encourage zero hunger by 2030. On Wednesday, we enjoyed going to the St Peter's Parish Hall to make our shoeboxes. We had lots of fun and enjoyed chatting to the wonderful volunteers. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, we can’t wait for all of the boys and girls to receive our Christmas boxes!

Today we enjoyed completing a Science investigation to end our 'keeping ourselves healthy' topic. We explored how quickly germs can spread and how important it is that we wash our hands regularly so that we can stay fit and healthy. Other highlights this week have included celebrating our differences through reading stories such as Elmer, Our World Your World and Horace and Morris but mostly Dolores. Today we were set a challenge and had to draw a firefighter, police officer and mechanic. When we looked at our pictures we realised that there was something similar, most of us had drawn boys. We identified that girls and boys can do any job and that police officers or firefighters can be girls or boys. We changed our ideas on jobs that boys and girls can do and loved linking this to the story ‘Horace and Morris but mostly Dolores’.

Spellings for after half term are as follows:

Group 1- badge, sledge, village, cage, gem, energy, jam, jacket, even, only

Group 2- high, fright, might, night, light, sigh, flight, higher, bright, brighter


Well done Year 2, you have made an incredible start to the year and we are all proud of you! Have a well-deserved break this half term and we look forward to seeing you after the half term holiday.

Year 2 Autumn 1 Week 6

Date: 12th Oct 2018 @ 5:50pm

Another great week in Year 2!

This week in Collective Worship we talked about our monthly value of 'Generosity' and how we are generous in different ways. We enjoyed reading the story 'The Rainbow Fish' and like the fish, we add colour to people's lives in many different ways. In RE, we looked at the importance of the Bible and enjoyed a story about Mary Jones, who walked twenty five miles to own a Bible. We talked about the lengths Mary went to in order to retrieve this special book and we also explored why this book is so special to many people. 

In English, we have been exploring different types of sentences including questions. We enjoyed asking one another different questions and playing different games. In Maths, we have been using different resources to support us with addition. We particularly enjoyed using Cuisenaire to help us investigate number bonds to 100. We have also been adding two digit and one digit numbers as well as two digit and two digit numbers. Today in order to consolidate this, we completed a Maths investigation. We worked well in our teams and showed great perseverance! 

As part of our Science topic 'How do I stay healthy?' we decided that exercise is important in keeping us healthy. During our PE lessons, we created an exercise regime with our friends. We thought of four different exercises we can do to show the whole class. We then used self-evaluation and peer-evaluation to reflect on our exercise cycles and make them even better. We could definitely lead our own exercise classes and loved taking part in each other's exercise regimes. It was hard work, but we enjoyed keeping active and exercising with one another!

Other great highlights from this week are creating beautiful observational drawings of Autumn scenes. We then used water colours in our drawings too. In celebration of World Mental Health Day on the 10th October, we asked 'What is happiness?' We loved sharing what makes us happy and we decided to make lovely bunting with special quotes on that will inspire us to be happy and appreciate the small things in life. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

Year 2 Autumn 1 Week 5

Date: 5th Oct 2018 @ 5:15pm

Wow! Another excellent week in Year 2!

This week in RE, we have enjoyed learning about different stories from the Old Testament and the New Testament. It was great sharing these stories with our friends. Following this, we demonstrated our creativity by designing our own front cover for the Bible that represents different stories from the Old or New Testament. We look forward to learning more about why the Bible is so special to Christians.

On Wednesday it was ‘Year 2 Learn to Cycle’ day and we all loved developing our cycling skills. We couldn’t wait to share our achievements and enjoyed watching videos of us cycling on our playground. We had so much fun and really did enjoy our learning with happy feet.

We also celebrated National Poetry Day on Thursday by writing poems all about Autumn. To inspire our curious minds, we went on an Autumn walk in our school grounds. We took photographs on our iPads of different signs of Autumn, we then used this to help create a senses poem. We had brilliant ideas such as ‘Autumn looks like orange leaves falling from the trees’, we are very creative in Year 2.

We had great fun measuring various objects around our classroom using different equipment. Then we compared the length of different items and placed them in order from shortest to tallest. We have really been shining this week and enjoying all of our wonderful learning opportunities.

Thank you for all of your hard work! I am proud of you all, you really do shine like stars in the universe.

Have a well-deserved rest this weekend!

Year 2 Autumn 1 Week 4

Date: 28th Sep 2018 @ 4:52pm

Year 2 have had another busy but exciting week!

In RE we have enjoyed reading different Bible stories and sharing why these stories are important. We said that the story of ‘Jesus Goes Fishing’ is important because it teaches us to be patient and 'Noah’s Ark' reminds us to trust in God and follow his path. Today we enjoyed the Harvest Service led by Year 3. A huge well done to all of our children and thank you for all of your kind donations, they will really help our local community.

This week we were excited to show our British Values as it was time to vote for our Pupil Voice Committees. Many children volunteered to join these committees and we delivered speeches in front of the class about why we would be a great ambassador for these committees. We enjoyed voting in our very own Polling Station. Well done, we all showed great enthusiasm, courage and respect for one another.

Today we had a great time raising money for Macmillan Coffee Morning. Thank you for donating these wonderful treats. We thoroughly enjoyed eating the cakes and raising money for such a worthy charity!

Other highlights from this busy week include celebrating European Day of Languages, we have even continued counting in different languages each day this week. We also explored different types of poems, identified the features and we are looking forward to writing our own poems next week. In Maths we have been partitioning numbers in different ways and finding different coin combinations to equal the same monetary amount. We can recognise coins and count the money in our piggy banks! We have also explored ways of keeping ourselves healthy and have been practising different mindfulness activities each day to help us keep our minds happy and free from any worries. We really have been working hard.

Well done Year 2. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  

Year 2 Autumn 1 Week 3

Date: 21st Sep 2018 @ 4:27pm

Year 2 have been incredibly busy and worked very hard again this week!

This week we have celebrated our love for reading each day and enjoyed exploring different places around school where we can read. We said it does not matter where we read as reading takes us on our own journey. We chose our favourite books to read and shared why these books are special to us. We identified that the Bible is a special book to us. We decided to read lots of Bible stories and in RE we enjoyed roleplaying these different stories. We had so much fun and love reading and bringing stories to life!

Continuing our topic ‘We’re All Wonders!’ we have enjoyed celebrating how special we are; both on the inside and the outside. We produced some beautiful pieces of descriptive writing as well as some fantastic drawings. In Art, we looked at Joan Miró, a Spanish painter and sculptor who is well known for his surrealist paintings. We found out that Joan started painting when he was 7 years old and that he loved painting using different lines and shapes. He loved using colours and said that colours are like words in poems and notes in music. We also discovered that he had lots of stars painted on the ceiling in his bedroom. We loved using bright oil pastels to create our own self portrait in the style of Joan Miro!

We had great fun celebrating ‘Jeans for Genes Day’. We enjoyed taking part in a Collective Worship celebrating how wonderful we all our and we had a great afternoon competing in a 3 legged denim race. We talked about the importance of choosing kind and celebrating such worthy charities.

Have a relaxing weekend everyone!

Year 2 Autumn 1 Week 2

Date: 14th Sep 2018 @ 4:46pm

Wow! What an amazing week in Year 2!

This week we have continued exploring our topic 'We're All Wonders' and enjoyed demonstrating our school motto ‘Choose Kind’ in a variety of ways. In Collective Worship we explored our monthly values of 'respect and dignity'. We talked about what these words mean, why they are so important and even suggested how we can show these values. We said it is important that we show respect which links to our school ‘High Five’. We decided to lead a Collective Worship by giving a high five to one another. We made our own high five in which we wrote a promise to choose kind. We then made the sign of peace with one another, showing dignity and respect.

We also decided to be kind to our bodies this week and take part in ‘Live Schools Fitness Week’ with The Body Coach. It was hard work, but it was great fun and we couldn’t stop smiling! Throughout the week we have also celebrated random acts of kindness and we have been appreciating all the kind things we do for one another like holding the door open, sharing our things and helping our friends if they get hurt; that is just naming a few!

We really are choosing kind in Year 2 and shining like stars.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Year 2 Autumn 1 Week 1

Date: 7th Sep 2018 @ 5:15pm

It has been a pleasure to welcome Year 2 back to school this week and we’ve had a brilliant start to the new term. Our collective worship this week looked at new beginnings and new adventures. We enjoyed sharing stories about new adventures and we are very excited to share our learning journey together.         

We started our journey with a whole school assembly where each class welcomed a new bear. We suggested lots of names for our bear and as a class we decided to call our new friend Shine. Shine brought a special book called ‘We’re all wonders’ by R.J Palacio. The book is about a little boy called Auggie who knows he doesn’t look ordinary and although he does ordinary things, he still feels like he doesn’t fit in. Auggie realises that we are all different and we are all unique but if we choose to look with kindness then we will always find wonder. This mirrors our school motto of ‘CHOOSE KIND’.   

Year 2 have enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities which have helped us to see that we are all wonders from sharing what makes us unique, to drawing ourselves as wonders and even seeing ourselves as superheroes!  Wow, what a great week!

Please find below spellings for this week. We use the flip-learning approach to spellings which means that the children have the choice to begin learning these spellings over the weekend. On Monday we will have our weekly spelling session to learn these spellings in preparation for a quiz on Thursday. This will happen every week. Please note reading books will be sent home next week.

Spellings: wood, afraid, coin, week, bright, coach, group, search, before, scared.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Welcome to Year 2

Date: 2nd Sep 2018 @ 10:23am

Miss Fitzpatrick would like to wish you a warm welcome to Year 2! 

During the Autumn term, PE lessons will take place on Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon. Children must have both their indoor and outdoor school PE kits with them on these days.

Children are encouraged to bring a snack each day to be eaten at break time. Please remember to provide your child with only a healthy snack - e.g. fruit, vegetables.

Bottles of water with a sports cap lid are also encouraged so the children can have a drink of water as and when they need it throughout the day.

Please see the PowerPoint below for all additional information to ensure your child has the best start to Year 2. 

I am excited to see you all tomorrow! 

Thank you

Miss Fitzpatrick