Year 2: Blog items

Summer 2 Week 7

Date: 21st Jul 2017 @ 3:22pm

What a way to end a fantastic time in Year 2!

We have a week filled with so many highlights that it is hard to choose just one. We began our week, perfoming our Year 1 and 2 pantomime "Jack and the Beanstalk", raising money for the Fairtrade Foundation. Thank you to every one who came to support - they children performed brilliantly! We have also finished our DT project, in which we designed and made our own bags! They look excellent, I am sure I will see some of the children's designs on the catwalks of Milan in years to come. 

Another highlight was our mini Year 1 and 2 Sport's Day! The children competed in lots of races, from beanbag races to obstacle courses and thoroughly enjoyd themselves - especially the ice lolly at the end! 

I have to say, it has been my pleasure to teach this wonderful Year 2 class and I will miss them all very much! Their enthusiasm, enjoyment and beaming smiles have made my time with them very special and I know they will continue to shine in all that they do. 

An additional thank you for the kind words, cards and gifts. They are very much appreciated and mean such a lot. 

Have an absolutely wonderful, and relaxing, summer holidays everyone! 

Summer 2 Week 6

Date: 14th Jul 2017 @ 6:27pm

This week, we have become bag designers! In our Design Technology project, Year 2 have looked at and evaluated different types of fabric bags, deciding which ones are the most effective and why. Using their growing knowledge and understanding of fabrics and joining seams, Year 2 showed excellent creativity when designing their own tote bag! They had to think carefully about what they would be carrying and what fabric/material would be the most suitable. We can't wait to bring our designs to life next week! 

In RE, Year 2 thought about the Pentecost and how during this time we were given the gift of the Holy Spirit. We watched a video that depicted the coming of the Holy Spirit and how its arrival was announced with the arrival of flames and wind. Year 2 created their own artwork, using a variety of techniques and colours, to depict the Holy Spirit in flames. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Summer 2 Week 5

Date: 7th Jul 2017 @ 8:31pm


What a "brick-tastic" week!

This week, we were lucky enough to go on an amazing trip to Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester! The children took part in a workshop about the seasons and seasonal food. They were tasked with created a scene that represented the different seasons using Lego and devising a story around their creation! The children showed their great imagination and creativity, certainly impressing the Lego Leader! We also had time to explore Legoland itself, driving police cars about a Lego Forest, using our knowledge of friction and air resistance to build the fastest car out of Lego and even getting wet in the 4D cinema! We thoroughly enjoyed our day and learnt a lot! 

This week, we also started looking at our DT project, "We are bag designers!" Year 2 thought about the different bags that you use and explored the variety of ways that they can be made. They were tasked with designing a bag that would serve a purpose. Some children designed bags for Belle, who was struggling to carry her books back to the library. Others designed backs for Alice, who was finding it difficult carrying her food and drink back to her garden party and up the rabbit hole! They used their knowledge of materials, handles and joins to design their own bag, solving the problem well. I know I would definitely buy a lot of their creative designs! 

In RE, we have continued learning about heaven, applying our ideas of heaven to the ideas that many Christians around the world have. We looked at their similarities and differences and noticed a common theme. Many people see heaven as a place of happiness and joy, where we are able to connect and spend time with God. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

Summer 2 Week 4

Date: 30th Jun 2017 @ 8:04pm


Another wonderful week in Year 2!

This week, we continued to look at healthy eating and the different ways that we can keep our food fresh. Year 2 discussed different types of food and the variety of packages that you use to keep food safe and hygienic. Year 2 chose five different items to take on a picnic. They then dicussed how they could pack each item to keep it safe on the journey. Year 2 were able to discuss their ideas confidently, explaining that certain food may have different storage requirements depending on what it is made out of. 

In RE, Year 2 have been learning about Jesus’ ascension into heaven 40 days after Easter. They thought about what it meant to be in heaven and what they would imagine heaven to be like. The children responded with insightful comments, with a lot of the class suggesting that their idea of heaven would be full of nature and bright colours.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Summer 2 Week 3

Date: 23rd Jun 2017 @ 7:33pm

What a creative week we have had! 

I was an incredibly proud teacher this week as it marked the final TSP's Got Talent show in which Year 2 were performing! Year 2 worked very hard to create their whole class performance and were thrilled to present their act to a full audience. They sang beautifully and it was a wonderful performance. The individual acts showed their amazing talents brilliantly; well done everyone! Thank you to the members of the audience for showing your support.

This week, we were incredibly lucky to be visited by an expert pastry chef, Danielaa Tuci, from the highly acclaimed Liverpool restaurant "The Art School". She came in to talk to us about the different places around the world that food comes from and talk about the produce that she uses in her cooking. We then participated in baking our very own cheesecake using her expertise as a guide. We used ingredients from around the world, such as Italian cheese, American biscuits, Spanish lemons and English berries.  It was a wonderful experience to create our own cheesecake using a variety of produce. The cheesecake tasted delicious and we can't wait to learn more about where our food comes from! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. 

Summer 2 Week 2

Date: 16th Jun 2017 @ 7:26pm


What another wonderful week in Year 2!

This week, we enjoyed showing our support for the "Save the Children UK" charity by taking party in Den Day. We learnt about the importance of homes and shelters and how the money we raised was helping the lives of children around the world whose life has been affected by the loss of their home. Year 2 worked alongside their Year 1 buddies, using their imagination to build a den out of boxes, string, pegs and sheets. They worked so well together, showing kindness and consideration, listening to the ideas of other and creating their own ingenious and imaginative solutions to problems they faced. It really reinforced the importance of helping others, including those close to us and those that we may not have even met. 

This week, we also learnt about the importance of healthy eating, taking part in Healthy Eating Week! Year 2 learnt about the different food types and how it is important to get a variety of these in your daily meals. They created their own food plates showing each other what would be on their healthy plate! They then looked at how you could make healthier choices with food. For example, instead of a fizzy drink which is full of sugar, why not try a cool, refreshing drink of water? The children then created their  own healthy eating posters to help and guide people in making the right food choices! 

What a wonderful week everyone; I am looking forward to the next one!

Summer 2 Week 1

Date: 9th Jun 2017 @ 5:24pm


What a wonderful week back to school! 

This week. we looked at the important event that took place on Thursday - the General Election! Year 2 learnt about what a General Election is and how you go about casting your votes. The children linked this back to their learning about British Values and Article 21 of our Human Rights and explained how everyone has the right to vote for a person of their choosing. Year 2 explored some of the different ideas set out by the different political parties and discussed the pros and cons of different points. After they had made their choice, Year 2 went to the Trinity St Peter's Polling Station to cast their vote. After our ballots were counted by Think Tank, our results were in. In Year 2, the results showed that an overall majority of the votes were cast for... Labour!

This week, we also thought about the importance of love and kindness in light of recent events. Year 2 discussed the different ways that we could be kind and spread love and happiness. They wrote their ideas on hearts and we collected them together to share the different ways that we can support and help people by showing kindness and love. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Summer 1 Week 6

Date: 26th May 2017 @ 6:01pm


We have had such an exciting end to our half term!

Year 2 had the amazing opportunity this week to talk to children from a school in Vietnam! Skyping with them, they discussed the different curriculum they have and how their school day runs. We also were able to ask about the food they eat, tying in perfectly with our Theme. We learnt that whilst the children in Hanoi may have favourite foods that are similar to us, such as pizza, they also differ in the foods that they eat regularly. For example, we found out that a popular item for breakfast is beef noodle soup! We loved listening to how the Vietnamese culture differs from here in Formby and we can't wait to Skype again!

This week we were also visited by Mr John Phillips from the Formby Civic Society. Mr Phillips came in to talk to us about the impact that World War I and II had on food and how it has changed since then. Year 2 listened with great interest as they learnt about how war time had resulted in fewer merchant boats carrying food were able to make it to Britain and therefore less food was available. We were fascinated to hear about rationing and how the the machines, resources and utensils available were different from those we have today. Thank you for your expertise and for giving your time Mr Phillips, we thoroughly enjoyed it!

To utilise our knowledge of the impact that war had on the history of food, we teamed up with our Year 1 buddies to create our own version of the wartime favourte, elderflower jelly with fruit! Year 2 really enjoyed spending time with their buddies, carefully following the recipe. It proved a success as when the tasting began there were a lot of requests for seconds! 

It truly has been another wonderful, fun-filled half term! Have a wonderful half term break in the sun everyone! 

Summer 1 Week 5

Date: 19th May 2017 @ 4:51pm


I am a very proud teacher this week; Year 2 have worked extremely hard and have really shone. 

Our mornings have been full to the brim; Year 2 have showed their amazing maths and reading knowledge and demonstrated a whole lot of "courage" along the way. Well done for working so hard. 

In RE, we looked at the phrase, "the church is the people". Year 2 thought about what Reverend Anne shared with us when we went to visit St Peter's Church. She explained that church is a place of worship; it is a building that people go to in order to pray with others and be close to God. In order to represent that the church is made up of the people that worship together, Year 2 created their own pictures of their classmates and created a collage of these pictures into the shape of a church. 

This week, we also supported Cancer Research by running the Race for Life. Year 2 ran a mile (5 laps of the field) and supported each other throughout this. Thank you to all the parents who supported this event. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. 

Summer 1 Week 4

Date: 12th May 2017 @ 5:59pm


What a wonderful week in Year 2! 

This week, we continued to explore the importance of the Church and were lucky enough to go on a visit to St Peter's Church. There, we were met by Reverend Anne who took us on a tour of the Church and spoke to us about the important features that we should look out for when visiting any Church. We looked at the use of the pulpit, the lecturn, the altar and the font. We also learnt about how the stained glass windows tell a story. We were able to ask questions to Reverend Anne about how the Church is not just the building but the people. 

This week, we watched a piece of performance poetry called "Chocolate Cake" by Michael Rosen. The children loved this performance and noticed different features and techniques that he used to ensure that he had captured his audience. We learnt about rhythm, body percussion, body movement, facial expressions and much more. Using this knowledge, Year 2 began to perform this poem themselves using all of the techniques they had learnt. Well done Year 2, fabulous performances!

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

Summer 1 Week 3

Date: 5th May 2017 @ 4:20pm


Year 2 have become food tasters this week and what a delicious one it has been!

Continuing on with our Theme, "How has food changed over time?", Year 2 learnt about different foods from the Stuart period and foods from different eras around the world. We became food critics in preparation for writing a review about the different samples we ate.  We tried Matzoh, apple sauce and many other items of food eventually deciding on our favourite. Year 2 also learnt about the diets of rich and poor people in the Stuart times and how they differed. We made Bread Snippets, a staple food in the diet of a poor Stuart. This was a big hit with lots of children asking for more!

With the new month of May we welcomed in our new value, "Courage". The children watched a video that demonstrated a situation in which a bird was being treated unkindly by other birds because of how it looked. Year 2 discussed what they would do if they saw this happening in school. Using our school values and our anti-bullying poster, they decided that they would be courageous and stand up for what they believed in, even if it meant standing up against their friends. It was lovely listening to how well the children verbalised their understanding of equality, and how everyone should be treated with kindness regardless of differences. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

Summer 1 Week 2

Date: 28th Apr 2017 @ 7:24pm

Yet another lovely week in Year 2!

This week, we began our new Theme "How has food changed over time?" by exploring how the creation of food has evolved. Year 2 were given different images of utensils throughout the ages. They had to use their imagination to create different uses for the utensils shown and then connect these items to the different pieces of kitchen equipment that we may have now. Year 2 discussed the items available now that makes cooking easier and the different inventions that have helped us to make the utensils even better, such as electricity. 

In Collective Worship, Year 2 looked at the importance of 'trust'. After listening to the story, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", Year 2 talked about why it is important to trust others and how we can go about gaining the trust of others. We created our own rules to help us when we are building trust and it has been wonderful to see the children using these rules throughout the school! 

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend everyone! 

Summer 1 Week 1

Date: 21st Apr 2017 @ 5:50pm


It was wonderful to see such smiley faces back in school this week, and what a busy week it has been! 

This week in Year 2, our Theme focused on the Universal Human Rights. We explored the different rights that every person is entitled to through the book "We Are All Born Free". Year 2 looked at how everyone in the world has the right to a home, to education and to medical care. However, the children linked this to their learning on Red Nose Day where they realised that not everybody does have access to those things. The children thought about how they would change the world if they were in charge. Using their wonderful imagination, Year 2 composed speeches about the different things that they would do to ensure that everyone has access to houses, education and medical care whilst trying to persuade their classmates to vote for them. This demonstrated a great understanding of another human right, that every human has the right to join the Government and to make up their own minds. Year 2 read their speeches out beautifully and we are looking forward to the results of the vote!

In RE this week, we started our new unit about Church. Thinking about Churches as a special place for Christians, we thought about what this could mean. In order to do this, we thought about our own special places and how they make us feel. It was lovely hearing about the places that the children go to when they want to be mindful and the emotions that this special place brings. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. 

Spring 2 Week 6

Date: 31st Mar 2017 @ 7:41pm

This final week in Year 2 has rounded off a wonderful half term brilliantly! 

This week, Year 2 were tasked with helping some passengers who had lost their luggage! Faced with different items found in the suitcases, Year 2 were tasked with finding where they were supposed to be sent to. They used their knowledge of the different weather types across the world to give these items back to their rightful owners! After learning about the Atacama Desert, we found out that it only gets 1mm of rain per year! We thought it would be interesting to find out how much rain we get in Formby. To do this, the children worked together to create their own rain gauges using plastic bottles and rulers. We are looking forward to seeing the results of our investigation. 

In RE, we learnt about the different ways in which the Church celebrates Easter; the children decided to keep an eye out for the different items that can be used! We also discussed what we believe the most important part of Easter is for us and the different celebrations that different families can have. 

We were also visited by two special Easter bunnies this week! They hopped past our classroom window and left lots of chocolate eggs for us all to hunt!

Have a wonderful, relaxing and holy Easter everyone. I look forward to seeing lots of smiling faces when we come back! 


Spring 2 Week 5

Date: 24th Mar 2017 @ 5:57pm

This week, Year 2 unleashed their creativity to support the great cause that is Red Nose Day. Year 2 explored line art to create their own patterns on a heart. After drawing our patterns, Year 2 experimented making different shades of red. We looked at what colours can make a lighter shade and what colours can make a darker one. We also designed our own Red Noses using materials and paper plates. Year 2 also desgined mini Red Noses using biscuits and icing sugar. What a wonderful day supporting such an important cause. 

In RE, we have continued to explore the story of Easter. To further our understanding of the story, Year 2 read it carefully and then designed their own symbols to re-tell it. It was lovely deciding which parts of the story are important to retell and then thinking of creative ways that we could represent that.

Thank you for a wonderful week Year 2 and I will see you on Monday!  


Spring 2 Week 4

Date: 17th Mar 2017 @ 5:28pm













What an exciting week we have had!

We have continued to look at our theme by planning news reports for Storm Doris and experimenting with weather symbols. Year 2 learnt about the different ways in which the weather can be reported and how weather symbols are often used on the news to give visual representations of the weather. We then discussed where the UK is in relation to the Equator and how this might affect our weather symbols. They then applied this knowledge to a map of the United Kingdom, placing weather symbols on different locations of the map. 

In RE, we continued to look at Easter and how symbols can help us to understand the importance behind the celebration. Year 2 looked at the importance of the lamb, Easter eggs/bunny and even pretzels. The children used the iPads to find information about the different symbols; it was fascinating to find out how all of the different symbols represented an importance part of the Easter story. 

This week also marked Science week! This years theme was "change" so Year 2 experimented with the wind. The children created sculptures and tried to see how they would be blown if the positions of the scultpures around the playground was different. It was interesting to see how trees, buildings and cars blocked a lot of wind and it opened a great discussion about how cities might have less wind than smaller villages because there would be more air resistance. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Spring 2 Week 2

Date: 3rd Mar 2017 @ 1:46pm


What a busy week in Year 2!

This week, we celebrated World Book Day! We read a book about a group of mice called "Horace and Morris but mostly Dolores". These three mice were the best of friends, but unfortunately they believed that boys could only be friends with boys and girls could only be friends with girls. They split off into a girl's club and a boy's club. Dolores eventually missed Horace and Morris too much and decided that she would create her own club, a club which both girls and boys were allowed to be members. Year 2 loved learning about these mice and discussed how everyone is equal, regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl. Year 2 designed their own clubs and created a set of rules to follow, which they displayed on their club's signpost, such as: 'everyone is allowed' and 'always be kind to each other'. Year 2 then composed a creative speech about the importance of being friends with both girls and boys and how you can participate in any activity regardless of who you are! It was lovely to listen to so many thoughtful comments about how we should treat everyone equally and with respect. 

In Science, we continued to explore forces. We looked at push and pull forces using different materials. Year 2 changed the shape of play-doh, straws, pipe cleaners and sponges whilst thinking about the force that was applied to them. Year 2 really enjoyed experimenting with different types of forces and thought carefully about whether twisting, bending, stretching or squashing were push or pull forces. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Spring 2 Week 1

Date: 24th Feb 2017 @ 6:27pm


We have thoroughly enjoyed our first week back in Year 2 after a refreshing half term break. It was lovely to see such happy smiles walk back into the classroom!

Year 2 have been very busy this week. In Science, we were exploring the effect of different forces! Each child was given a piece of paper that they folded into the shape of a fish. Year 2 tested how quickly the folded shape floated to the ground. Year 2 then either added sections to their fish or cut holes out of it. they noticed that the dropping speed became considerably slower or faster. Year 2 then discussed air resistance and how it is a force that affects how fast things move through the air!

In RE, Year 2 began to learn about Easter. They looked at why Easter is celebrated and the different things that Christians do to celebrate it. We discussed how Hot Cross Buns and Easter Egg hunts all represent different parts of the Easter celebration. Year 2 then thought about the different ways in which they individually celebrate Easter.

What a wonderful week everybody! I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday!


Spring 1 Week 6

Date: 10th Feb 2017 @ 11:45am

It has been non-stop in Year 2 this week. We started off by celebrating Internet Safety Day and Year 2 got hard to work creating their own internet safety emojis to help remind people to be safe online. We posted our emojis online and they were that impressive that we even got a retweet from the Safer Internet Day organisers! We then had a visit from a Paralympian. He put us through our paces whilst we took part in a grueling circuit involving press-ups, spotty dogs and much more. We were very tired by the end of it but extremely inspired by his story.

We finished our RE topic this week by looking at 'The story of the Blind Man'. We acted out the story to help us understand how it would feel not only to be healed by Jesus but also to witness the miracles he performed. Next we had a class discussion to decide whether Jesus was right or wrong to carry out the miracle on a day of rest as this was against the law. The children thought of some extremely thoughtful answers and we decided that helping people should always be the most important thing and it shouldn't feel like work.

I have had such a lovely time teaching you Year 2 and I shall miss each one of you - Good bye for now!

Spring 1 Week 5

Date: 3rd Feb 2017 @ 4:42pm

This week has been non-stop in the Year 2 classroom. Not only have we been busy planning our short stories about our trip through the wardrobe in to Narnia, we also stepped back in time on Thursday afternoon as we got to visit the TSP 1960's museum. We had so much fun exploring the toys, books, comics and clothing from the 1960's and even got to try them out for ourselves. Everybody had a great time and it has really expanded our understanding about what childhood was like when our grandparents were young.

Equality has been our RE focus this week. We looked at how Jesus has taught us to treat eachother as equals when we read the story of the Ten Lepers. We had a class discussion about what equality means and why it is important to use it in life. It also led us to a discussion about how it is also important that we are all different and how Jesus embraces us in his family no matter our similarities and differences.

Have a wondeful weekend Year 2!

Spring 1 Week 3

Date: 19th Jan 2017 @ 9:57pm

Our room has been filled with wonderful adjectives and amazing rhymes as Year 2 created their own poems about the change of season. The children have worked extremely hard to write these masterpieces and they should be proud of all they have achieved - writing poetry is no easy task! By looking at the change in season it has helped us to understand how our world is every changing and has aided our understanding of how much has changed since our Grandparent's childhood.

This week we explored our understanding of humility further and discussed how Jesus has taught each one of us to be humble by not always thinking of ourselves but recognising that other peoples feelings and happiness is just as important. To say thank you to Jesus for teaching us this skill we took some time out and during our collective worship and sent messages of love to him.

Have a fun filled weekend!

Spring 1 Week 2

Date: 13th Jan 2017 @ 3:45pm

Year 2 have really enjoyed exploring poetry this week. They started the week identifying the different features of a poem including rhyme, repetition and numbers of syllables used. We then developed our understanding of poetry by bringing the poem we had been studying alive. In small groups the children produced their own versions of the poem adding actions, instruments and poetic voice which were then performed to the rest of the class. These performances were absolutely amazing and the children are very excited to use this weeks learning to write their own poems next week. 

This week in RE we have been looking at how Jesus guides us to be a good friend. We discussed how he teaches us to be kind, caring and patient friends who are willing to forgive even during difficult times. The children were able to talk maturley about times when they have used Jesus' example to help them make the right choice when being a good friend.

Have a lovely weekend. 

Spring 1 Week 1

Date: 6th Jan 2017 @ 4:23pm

What a fantastic first week back we have had in Year 2.

We were lucky enough to be visited by our Grandparents this week as we invited them in for a coffee morning. They helped us to find out lots of information abour their childhood and brought in lots of pictures, toys and even some money! Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic time hearing all about their grandparent's past and are now ready and prepared for our topic on the 1950's and 60s.

We have been looking at Sikhism this week in RE and the class have enjoyed finding out about the differences and similartities between Sikhs and our own religion. We were interested to see how different the Sikh religion is to Christianity, but we also discussed how no matter what our religion it is what is inside that matters the most. Year 2 have also prepared their own Diwali celebration making Diva Lamps, firework pictures and creating presents for their friends.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Autumn 2 Week 7

Date: 16th Dec 2016 @ 1:37pm


We have had a fantastic festive week in Year 2!

This week in Collective Worship, we each made lovely snowflakes to represent how we are individual, unique and special in our own ways! We talked about why this is important and thought about what would happen if everyone was exactly the same!

We were also super excited for our Christmas Carol Service at Holy Trinity on Thursday night. We performed our songs and dances from the SHINE assembly and had just as much fun as the first time we performed it! We thoroughly enjoyed watching the other children in their performances, and this reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas.

After our lovely Christmas party and all of our festive activities, we are all ready for a relaxing break! Thank you so much to everybody for all of your wonderful cards and gifts!

Thank you so much for all of your hard work this half term. Have an amazing Christmas and a well-deserved break!

Autumn 2 Week 6

Date: 9th Dec 2016 @ 3:52pm



What a lovely week in Year 2!

This week has been a busy week in Year 2! In Collective Worship, we have been thinking about our new monthly value of ‘Hope’ and how we can relate to it. We discussed what we hope to achieve over the next few months and how we need to persevere to fulfil our goals. We each drew a beautiful rainbow and recorded what we hope for at the end of it. Hope and perseverance will help us to achieve the goals we have set ourselves!

We have been so so proud of ourselves this week for all the effort and hard work we have put into our Christmas Nativity! We rehearsed every day with Year 1 and have been practicing the songs, dances, actions and all of our lines to make sure we put on the best performance we could! We performed in front of the whole school on Thursday morning, and then again for all of our lovely families in the afternoon! All of our teachers were so proud of us!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!