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Summer 2 Week 3

Date: 22nd Jun 2018 @ 3:35pm



Another brilliant and busy week in Reception!

The children have been very eager to hear all about my trip to Uganda. So this week we have had been busy, looking at videos, pictures and reading our letter from the Reception class (P1) in Uganda. The children all received a picture from the children and loved hearing all about the children’s daily life at school. After reading the letter the children wanted to write a letter back and draw a picture to their friends in Uganda. They have been working extremely hard, thinking of questions and drawing their favourite things to send over to their friends.

This week we have also been practicing reading for our sports day next week with our Year 6 buddies and our Nursery buddies. We cannot wait to show you all of our skills!

On Thursday, we invited Caroline into class for another fantastic Godly Play Date. What a shame that it is our last of the year but we have enjoyed all of your stories and fun times this year. We will miss seeing you each month! Thank you again for all of your hard work with the children this year – we have loved it!!

On Friday, we welcome the school nurse into class to talk all about teeth. Stella talked to the children about good foods and bad foods for our teeth, how we should clean them daily and different ways of brushing your teeth. The children loved watching the funny video and brushing the big set of teeth Stella had brought for us! 


Have a lovely weekend.


Reception Reminders

Tuesday 26th June – Friday 29th June – Scholastic Book Fair from 3.10-4.00pm in the mobile !

Thursday 28th June – Sports Day @10.30pm.

Friday 6th July – New Reception Starter Picnic @2pm.

Friday 13th July – Mufti Day for Team TSP.

Summer 2 Week 2

Date: 15th Jun 2018 @ 4:31pm

What a musically fun and busy week we have had in Reception!!

The children have blown us away with their musical talents this week. For weeks the children have been practicing their hearts out and it finally paid off! They have been so eager to show everyone their performances and we hope you enjoyed every minute of it!

Throughout the week we have continued with our ‘Beaches and Holidays’ theme in class. The children have enjoyed booking their own holidays in the class travel agents, matching the correct holiday to the suitcase and discussing our previous and favourite types of holidays.

Thank you for a wonderful week back after my trip and I cannot wait to see what next week brings!!!


Reception Reminders

Saturday 16th June – Summer Fair @ 12pm.

Thursday 28th June – Sports Day @10.30pm.


Remember you can send any news from home to the website below:

Thank you.


Summer 2 Week 1

Date: 7th Jun 2018 @ 10:09am



We hope you all had a fantastic half term and welcome back to our final half term before the summer holidays!

We began the week by looking at pictures of Miss Giles and her friends on their trip to Uganda. Miss Giles has been sending messages and pictures for us to share and we can't wait to see her next week to hear more about it!

On Wednesday, we welcomed Mrs Gordon to class to help us start our new theme for this half term ‘Beaches’. Mrs Gordon is a travel agent and came to talk to the children about her job and answer any questions the children had. Thank you also to Mrs Gordon for cutting the ribbon and officially opening our Travel Agents role play area.

Also on Wednesday, we went to St Peter’s Church for our WOW service and the children listened to Caroline talk about ‘Prayer’ we look forward to our final WOW service of the year on Wednesday 18th July. Thank you, Caroline, Anne and Nathan, for all your hard work over the year.

This week in RE the children have been learning all about Hinduism. The children talked about ‘Lord Shiva’. Lord Shiva does not like bad things in the world and would try to stop them to make way for good things. Lord Shiva wears a cobra necklace as a snake sheds its old skin to make way for a new one, which to children admired and pointed out. After the story, as a class we decided to make our own snake necklace to remind them of this story! The children loved making them!

The children have been practicing very hard for the show next week and you are in for a real treat the children are amazing, we cannot wait to show you! 


Thank you for a wonderful week Reception - Mrs Molloy.



Reception Reminders

Thursday 14th June - TSP School Musical @ 9:15am and 1:45pm.

 Friday 15th June -  TSP School Musical @ 9:15am.

 Saturday 16th June – School Summer Fair.


Remember you can send any news from home to the website below:

Summer 1 Week 7

Date: 25th May 2018 @ 1:24pm


What a wonderful week we have had to end a brilliant term!

This week we have looked at the story ‘The Great Pet Sale’ and set up our own pet shop, deigning posters and making labels. The children also reviewed the story, we discussed our favourite animals, which one we would buy and what our favourite parts of the story were. The children have been using their great descriptive language, blending and tricky words to complete varied sentences and we couldn’t be prouder!

In RE this week we continued our theme ‘Special Places’. Different children shared their special place pictures with the class. The children recalled memories, explained their picture and talked very happily about it. It was lovely for the children to sit in pairs and share their pictures. Afterwards the children drew beautiful pictures of their special places and wrote a caption underneath to explain why it was special to them.

We have really enjoyed the sunny weather this week and invited our buddies to come and join us on Thursday outside in the sun. We always have a wonderful time with our buddies and cannot wait to spend more time with you after half term. 

Thank you for a wonderful term and your ongoing support. Have a wonderful time over half term and I shall see you on Monday 11th May!


Reception Reminders

If you child does not have a sun hat or sun cream in school, please can one be provided after half term. 

Monday 4th May – Return to school.

Wednesday 6th May - Wow Service @ St Peters Church 2pm.

Friday 8th May - Mufti Day. 


Summer 1 Week 6

Date: 18th May 2018 @ 11:50am


What a week we have had!! It has been our busiest yet and the children enjoyed every minute!

To help us explore our ‘Animals’ topic further this term, we invited ‘Snakes and Dragons Party’ to come into class and talk to the children all about different reptiles and amphibians!!! We met different snakes, lizards, iguanas and even a spider. The children were so brave and excited to meet the animals. The children held and stroked the animals and loved every minute!

In RE this week we continued our ‘Special Places’ theme and had a very exciting Godly Play Date with Caroline. On Thursday morning, we went to Church as it is one of our special places. We explored and talked all about the features of the Church and discussed why it may be special to us or to other people.  Thank you so much to Caroline for inviting us to Church and for such a wonderful morning.

On Thursday afternoon, we celebrated the Royal Wedding with our Nursery buddies by having a street party outside! Throughout the afternoon the children, designed crowns, coloured the Union Jack flag, created a wedding dress for Megan and a wedding cake. The children even had jelly and ice cream for their party snack!!

Last but not least on Friday, we had our PET PARTY!!! The children all brought in their pets and loved sharing and showing them with their friends. The children shared beautifully and loved having their pets with them to do everything all day! Throughout the day the children designed pet colars and tags, took part in hunt the bone and their pets also showed off their skills in 'The Pet Agility Course' outside. We finished the sunny day with snack and party games outside - what a wonderful way to end the week.

Thank you for all of your support this week and I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Reception Reminders

Friday 25th May – Mufti Day - donations for the Summer fair. 

Friday 25th May – Break up for half term.

Summer 1 Week 5

Date: 11th May 2018 @ 12:46pm


Reception have had yet another busy and fun week! With only 4 days, we have been able to complete every challenge and activity brilliantly.

This week the children designed and made an ‘Animal Information Book’ to give to their nursery buddies to help them understand more about animals and their habitats. The children drew pictures, wrote captions and sentences to explain. They then made a poster for around school to make sure everyone was aware of different animals and habitats as well. We also had a wonderful time baking and then decorating animal biscuits, we used different coloured icing and various decorations to create our animal faces. 

This week in RE we continued our ‘Special Places’ topic and the children brought in pictures of their special places. We had lots of different places the children wanted to share with us from, Farmer Teds, Nanna’s house, the park, CBBies Land, water park, their house, their bedroom and many more. Thank you to everyone who returned pictures, the children loved sharing their pictures with their friends and teachers.

Thank you for a lovely week back and have a lovely weekend!


Reception Reminders

Wednesday 19th May 2018 – Snakes and Dragons Party 1-3pm for Nursery and Reception.

Friday 18th May – Pet Party for Nursery and Reception. Children need to bring in their favourite pet / animal toy.

Friday 25th May – Break up for half term.

Summer 1 Week 4

Date: 4th May 2018 @ 4:31pm


What a wonderful week we have had in Reception, we cannot believe how quickly this term is going already!

I would just like to thank everyone that attending the 'Phonic Stay and Play' sessions this week. It was wonderful seeing the children interact and show you around the classroom. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

We have really enjoyed exploring our ‘Animal Jungle’ theme further this week by getting into the mind of an explorer. The children have hot seated pretending to be different characters, learnt a jungle boogie song/dance and even had a visit from a real life explorer who has also sent us plenty of postcards from his expeditions! This week the children have worked very hard on getting themselves prepared if they were going to the jungle, so they made a list of things they would need to take with them. The children have also completed a diary entry from their time in the jungle and wrote a postcard home, explaining their wonderful adventures.

In RE this week we have started our new topic ‘Special Places’ and started to talk about special places to us. Please can photos of special places be returned to school by Thursday 10th May to help the children continue this topic?  On Wednesday, we had another one of our brilliant WOW Services. We talked about ‘Special Place’. Thank you to Caroline for telling us about your special place – The Church.

Thank you for a lovely week and enjoy your nice long weekends.


Reception Reminders

7th May 2018 – Bank Holiday Monday.

19th May 2018 – Snakes and Dragons Party 1-3pm for Nursery and Reception.

Summer 1 Week 3

Date: 26th Apr 2018 @ 1:23pm


Another lovely week in Reception!

We have been continuing with our 'Animals' theme within our writing this week and have loved listening to the story 'Rumble in the Jungle'. We ordered the animals from the story in sequence, which was tricky as their are over 15 animals! We also had a lot of fun designing our own jungle animal by combining two aniamals together, thinking of a new name, writing a descriptive sentences and drawing a brilliant picture of their new jungle animal. This week we also looked at animals and their habitats. We took part in a quiz as a whole class and anwsered questions about animals that live in a pond habitat and a jugnle habitat and correctly anwsered them all. 

On Thursday, we had our first outdoor PE lesson on the field. We started our first week of football skills, practicing our passing, shooting and finished with a friendly football match with our friends. The children loved exploring the field and space and listen to all of the instructions wonderfully. 

Thank you for a lovely week and enjoy your weekend!

Reception Reminders

Monday 30th April – Class Photographs.

Wednesday 2nd May –  Wow Service @ St Peters Church 2pm.

Monday 30th April, Tuesday 1st May, Thursday 3rd May - Phonic's Stay and Play, 9.00am - 9.30am

Summer 1 Week 2

Date: 20th Apr 2018 @ 12:08pm


Another bright and busy week in Reception!

We have been continuing with our 'Animals' theme within our writing this week and have loved listening to the story 'Dear Zoo'. We have used our brilliant describing words to re-write the story in our own words and also wrote to the Zoo ourselves asking for our own zoo animal for a pet.  The children have blown us away with their super sounding out and remembering their tricky words!

This week in RE we have continued the topic 'Friendship'. After reading The Last Supper, we talked all about different friendships and what it takes to be a good friend. We thought about our friends not in our class and then thought all about our big buddies in Year 6. We started to make a list of things we could to say thank you for being a good friend - so we decided to make them a friendship bracelet. The children designed and made a pattern and can't wait to give them to their buddies next week.

On Wednesday, we had another great WOW Service at St Peter's Church! We talked about 'Friendship' and Caroline introduced us to her friend who was lucky enough to meet the Queen over the Easter Holidays. We loved listening to the story and seeing the items that he recieved. Thank you to Anne, Caroline and Nathan for another great WOW Service.


Thank you for a lovely week and enjoy your weekend!


Reception Reminders

Monday 30th April – Class Photographs.

Wednesday 2nd May –  Wow Service @ St Peters Church 2pm.

Summer 1 Week 1

Date: 13th Apr 2018 @ 5:00pm


Welcome back to our last term together and what a wonderful first week it has been! The children have come back all ready to go, seeking challenges and eager to see all of their friends!

This week we started off our new theme ‘Animals’ by focusing on Farm Animals. We talked all about our trip to Windmill Animal Farm, looking at our pictures from the fantastic day we had to create a very excited discussion. We also created drawings and painting of our favourite animals, labelled animal pictures and wrote different sentences describing what we did on our farm trip. We also read 'A Squash and a Squeeze' and created our very own new page for the story by introducing our own character. 

This week in RE, we have introduced our new topic ‘Friendship’ and to introduce it to the class we read the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and talked all about how she could have been a better friend, what we would have done if we were the rainbow fish and we listed the qualities of a good friend as a class. After our carpet session the children all created their very own ‘Friendship Rainbow Fish’ by collaging materials and colours onto their very own fish. The children created some beautiful friendship fish and then shared them with their friends.


Thank you for a lovely week back and have a lovely weekend!


Reception Reminders

18th April – Wow Service @ St Peters Church 2pm.

2nd May –  Wow Service @ St Peters Church 2pm.



Spring 2 Week 5

Date: 22nd Mar 2018 @ 12:09pm



What a busy and wonderful half term we have had in Reception! The past 5 weeks have flown by and we can't believe Summer term is fast approaching!

On Tuesday, we had our FS trip to Windmill Farm. It was a brilliant day to visit the farm and we had a fantastic time! Throughout the morning the children explored all of the animals and outdoor area, we got to feed goats and sheep, listen to a story all about a UNICORN, hold guinea pigs and rabbits and then we got the feed the lambs their bottled milk. In the afternoon, the children go to take a ride on the train around the farm and then had a lovely time exploring the indoor play area. The farm expressed how well behaved the children were during their time at the farm and we were so proud of how well behaved and well mannered the children were throughout the day. We would like to say another big thank you to all of the adults that helped make the trip such a safe and successful day! 

This week we have had a very funfilled week creating Easter cards, Easter cakes and Easter baskets. On Wednesday, it was a very exciting day in Reception it was the Easter Bonnet parade at WOW service at St. Peters Church!!! The children arrived with some amazing creations that they had all worked so hard on at home, we couldn't believe the effort and time that had been put in. The children loved sharing and showing all of their friends and teachers their Easter Bonnets and then at church. Thank you to Anne, Caroline and Nathan for another great WOW Service, the children loved singing and listening to your story. 

On Friday, we had a super busy day. In the morning we had some very special visiters in our outdoor area - 2 EASTER BUNNIES! The bunnies hopped around and left chocolate for all of the children, we then had a Easter Egg hunt to find a chocolate egg each. We also celebrated Sports Relief Day on Friday, by dressing up as our sporting hero and enjoying some time on an inflatable bouncy castle. The children were so excited and were so well behaved. Thank you to everyone who donated!

We would just like to say a big thank you to all of the children for being superstars and never giving up with every challenge! We hope you have a great Easter, thank you for all of the cards and lovely gifts and we look forward to seeing you in two weeks time!


Reception Reminders

Monday 9th April – Return to school. 


Spring 2 Week 4

Date: 15th Mar 2018 @ 2:20pm



What another busy week in Reception!

This week we have continued our ‘Growth and Change’ by reading the book ‘Tadpoles Promise’ which is all about two animals changing. The children have loved choosing the babies and older animals that match. We have also been on lots of bug hunts this week in the outdoor area, to find bugs and insects which the children have loved. We then explored the insects by checking what they eat and where they usually live on the internet to make sure we could care for them. 

On Thursday, we continued British Science Week by attending a very exciting Mad Science assembly. The children sat beautifully and gave Generator John their full attention during the assembly. They took part in experiments all about sound waves. The children were very excited all day about their new information and we made a poster all about sound waves using our new knowledge.  

To finish the week of on Friday, Reception and Nursery took part in their very own scientific experiment using the book ‘Mister Seahorse‘. After reading the story, we split into small groups with our Nursery buddies and created our very own sea life habitat. The children loved working as a team and thinking of different materials they may need and what materials would be good for their very own sea creature.


Reception Homework


This weekend can you continue our maths topic all about weight, length and capacity by talking about items that are big, small, heavy and light from around the house?


We have focused on the sounds 'th' and 'nk' again in our sentences during phonics and different tricky words. Can you please write a sentence with 2 tricky words and a 'th' word for next Wednesday.


Reception Reminders

Tuesday 20th March – Windmill Farm Trip.

Wednesday 21st March – Easter Bonnet Parade WOW Service @ St Peter’s Church 2pm.

Friday 23rd March – Sports Relief Day / Finish for Easter.

Spring 2 Week 3

Date: 9th Mar 2018 @ 3:33pm


Another brilliant week for all of the superstars in Reception!

This week we have opened up our very own ‘Garden Centre’ in our classroom which the children have loved exploring. The children have taken on different characters, explored the different things that can be bought in a garden centre and practice their money skills.

On Tuesday, the children had a wonderful day exploring and taking part in a ‘Mad Science’ workshop. The children listened to 'Generator John' talk all about worms. He explained all about their habitats, growth and change. The children had do much fun getting down and dirty in the mud and even taking their own worm home!!

On Friday, the children blew not only us but you away with their Mother's Day Assembly. The children have been working very very hard over the past couple of weeks preparing portraits, cards and gifts for their mums and were extremely excited to share them with you this morning. A big thank you to everyone who attended and supported with the success of the assembly.

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Reception Reminders

20th March – Windmill Farm Trip.

21st March – WOW Service @ St Peter’s Church 2pm.

23rd March – Finish for Easter.

Spring 2 Week 2

Date: 1st Mar 2018 @ 5:20pm


What a chilly yet excitingly busy week we have had in Reception!

This week we continued our new theme ‘Growth and Change’ and were very lucky to have a visitor from the PDSA come into talk to the class on Monday afternoon. We had a lovely time with Becca, listening to the 5 ways to look after different animals. We focused our learning around a dog, cat and rabbit and learnt many do’s and don’ts for how to look after the animals safely and successfully. We loved watching the funny videos of the animals and have a cuddle with Becca’s animal friends she brought along with her – thank you again PDSA.

Throughout the week we have had so much fun playing outside in the snow with our friends and year 6 buddies. We worked as a team to make a big snowman, we had a snowman competition, snowball fights and loved making snow angels!

On Wednesday, we had another one of our brilliant WOW Services. We were thankful for our families and loved ones and heard more about lent. Thank you again to Caroline, Anne and Nathan for your hard work and allowing us to be part of your service.

On Thursday, it was a very exciting day – WORLD BOOK DAY! We had a great day, exploring our characters, having show and tell, reading many many stories and creating our own book marks. We had a wonderful time and the children absolutely loved coming into school dressed up for the day. In the afternoon we had a very cosy time listening to stories while enjoying hot chocolate and marshmallows while it was so frosty and cold outside.

Thank you for a great week everybody and please be very safe in the snow and ice!


Reception Reminders

9th March – Mother’s Day Assembly @ 9am.

Spring 2 Week 1

Date: 23rd Feb 2018 @ 4:01pm


Welcome back to another term and we have started with another super busy week!!

This week we have been learning all about our new theme ‘Growth and Change’ and have been very busy looking at the growth of different animals and remembering all about the chicks hatching before the holidays. We have been writing letters to a zoo asking questions about animals and have created some beautiful chick pastel paintings.

It has been different faith week this week in RE and we have been learning all about the Jewish faith. We read a brilliant book all about ‘Elmo’s First Hanukkah’, which allowed us to learn many new words such as Dreidel, Hebrew, Hanukkah and Menorah. The story allowed us to learn how to play the game ‘Dreidel’ which the children have loved playing over the week.

On Thursday, we welcomed Caroline in for another brilliant Godly Play Date. The children really do love hearing your stories, thank you for spending the afternoon with us.

Thank you for a wonderful week, have a great weekend!


Reception Reminders

Wednesday 28th February - WOW Service @ 2pm St Peter's Church.

Friday 9th March - Mothers Day Assembly @ 9am.


Spring 1 Week 5

Date: 8th Feb 2018 @ 5:33pm

What a week the end a great half term!

This week Reception we were lucky enough to watch 9 chicks hatch from their eggs. The children have been very excited to hold the chicks and think of different names for each one. This was such an amazing opportunity for the children to experience first-hand. The children have also really looked after the chicks through the week making sure they have food, water and their heat lamp is on at all times. We were very sad to see them leave on Friday morning, but knew that they would see their Mummy again!

On Tuesday, it was Safer Internet Day. To help our understanding, the children enjoyed listening to the story of ‘Smartie the Penguin’. We then discussed how important it is to ask an adult if you are unsure of anything on your apps or any technology and always use it for good.

The children took part in another WOW service on Wednesday afternoon and it was another brilliant service. We discovered our new theme for RE will be ‘Stories Jesus told’ and Anne told us the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’. A big thank you to Anne this week for your hard work and for letting us meet your special friend, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

To continue our busy week, on Thursday we had a brilliant morning taking part in the ‘Schools for Sport Circuit’ with Paralympian Anna Jackson! The children complete 4 different moves in 4 minutes and loved every minute – we were very tired afterwards though! Thank you Anna for such an inspirational morning and for supporting us through our circuits. We hope you enjoyed meeting our chicky friends!!

Finally on Friday we celebrated Chinese New Year, and we had a great day celebrating with Nursery! There were lots of different activities for the children to take part in throughout the day. There was a Chinese takeaway, where the children tasted different Chinese food. The children baked moon cakes, learnt how to write their name in Chinese and even took part in a Chinese Dragon dance. And as it is the year of the dog they used origami to create a dog.


Have a great week off and we can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve been up to!


Reception Reminders

School finished – Friday 9th February 2018

School returns – Monday 19th February 2018

Spring 1 Week 4

Date: 2nd Feb 2018 @ 1:24pm


What another exicting and brilliant week we have had!

This week we have continued with our 'Space' theme and focused on a book called 'Q Pottle 5'. The children have loved learning about the alien and meeting all of his friends. After reading the book the children decided that they wanted to have an 'Alien Moon Party' just like Q Pootle 5, so we have been writing recipes, shopping lists and invitations in preparation for the party. Also this week we have made, star biscuits, rocket jelly, rocket wing sandwiches, saturn party rings, moon cheese balls and planet sweets. On Thursday, we loved our 'Alien Moon Party' with nursery, enjoying buddy time, listening to space songs and sharing all of the food we had made throughout the week.

On Wednesday, we continued our RE theme 'Stories Jesus Heard' and listened to the story of 'David and the Golliath'. The children linked the story back to all of the previous stories we had listened too and how God had saved or protected each character. The children enjoyed retelling the story with the small world figures, story pictures and props during their choosing time.


Have a brilliant weekend everyone and we look forward to seeing you next week.


Reception Reminders

Wednesday 7th February - WOW @ 2pm St Peter's Church.

Wednesday 7th February - Parent teacher meetings.

Friday 9th February - Finish for half term.


Spring 1 Week 3

Date: 26th Jan 2018 @ 3:55pm

Where has the week gone! What an amazing week we have had though!

We have been having lots of fun this week learning more about aliens in space. On Tuesday, the children were sad to say goodbye to the alien Beegu, after he being with us for nearly two weeks it was time for her to return to space. After a class discussion all about Beegu we decided to write a letter to her, asking how she was, did she like our class and if she will ever come back to visit. In our writing this week, the children also did a great job at designing and naming their very own alien, the children chose which planet it would live on and what colour they wanted it to be. There are some very scary ones, I do have to say!

This week in RE, we continued with our theme ‘Stories Jesus Heard’ by reading the story 'Daniel and the Lion’s Den'. The children enjoyed listening to the story and using the characters and props to retell the story in their free choice. We also talked about how brave Daniel was and have they ever been brave before. The children had lots to discuss and tell their friends - what brave superstars you all are!


Reception Reminders

Wednesday 31st January - Parent teacher meetings.

Wednesday 7th February - WOW @ 2pm St Peter's Church.

Wednesday 7th February - Parent teacher meetings.

Friday 9th February - Finish for half term.

Spring 1 Week 2

Date: 18th Jan 2018 @ 2:50pm


We have had yet another fantastic week in Reception!

We started the week off with a very exciting arrival of 12 chicken eggs - 'Our Baby Chicks' as we like to call them. We have been trusted to help them hatch over the next 4 weeks and we cannot wait for them to hatch and see 12 little chicks in the Foundation Stage area. 

Another exciting discovering this week is the arrival of AN ALIEN!!!!! On Monday, we came back from lunch to find a bit of a mess...we thought it might be caused by a space ship crash landing in the classroom! Over the course of the week we kept finding funny things all around the outdoor area and classroom and suddenly an alien appeared called BEEGU with her very own book describing who she was. The children have been writing letters and cards to BEEGU and have promised to make her feel at home while her ship gets repaired. They have also produced some brilliant descriptive writing all about BEEGU and enjoyed searching for where she is hiding each day!

On Wednesday, the children enjoyed listening to the story about Joseph during our WOW service and getting up to the front to represent the different colours from his technicoloured coat. Thank you to Caroline and Anne for all of your hard work - the children love their WOW services. 

Have a great weekend and we look forward to another brilliant week next week.


Reception Reminders

P.E. has been moved to a Wednesday morning and Dance is on a Friday afternoon each week. 

Homework to be returned each Wednesday and reading books returned on specified days each week.

Thank you for all you support.  

Spring 1 Week 1

Date: 11th Jan 2018 @ 5:41pm


Wow what a first week back! A very big Happy New Year to everyone, we really hope you enjoyed your Chrismas break. The children have been telling us lots of lovely stories about their time off and it all sounds fantastic!

The children have settled back into school brilliantly and have enjoyed every minute. This term Reception will now be having dance lessons on a Friday afternoon alongside their P.E. lesson on a Monday and we had our first session this week and the children were amazing! They listen beautifully to the music and instructions and learnt lots of new moves - we already can't wait for next week.

To start of the new term we have introduced our new theme 'Space' to the children and all around the classroom. We have incoporated this into our writing, counting and our role play area and now have our very own 'Space Station' which the children have loved exploring this week. The chidlren have produced some brilliant information posters about planets and have worked so hard to find out new things about the solar system.


Reception Reminders

Wednesday 17th Januaray - WOW Service, St. Peters Church @ 2pm.

Autumn 2 Week 8

Date: 20th Dec 2017 @ 1:59pm


What a term!!!! Thank you to all of the parents for your ongoing support over the past term and to all of the children for making it so memorable and enjoyable everyday! The children have really flourished this term and we just love watching them grown and learn. 

After twenty days of mischief, we say goodbye to Jingles the Elf as he has left us to return to Father Christmas at the North Pole. He has brought us smiles and laughter in the lead up to Christmas in the FS and will hopefull pass on lots of good news to Father Christmas.


On behalf of everyone in Reception, we can't thank you enough for your generous presents, cards and kind wishes! We feel truly lucky and spoilt everyday and especially today, so thank you!!

We wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a peaceful new year and look forward to seeing you all in January!


Reception Reminders

Over the holidays could you please keep hold of any sweet / chocolate tubes for a fun project when we return in January!

Autumn 2 Week 7

Date: 15th Dec 2017 @ 3:43pm


We have had yet another fantastic week in Reception and cannot believe it is nearly Christmas already! We continued to think about Christmas and how it is a time we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. The children enjoyed re-telling the Christmas story during our WOW service on Wednesday. Thank you to Caroline and Anne for all of your help and support this year. 

On Thursday afternoon all of the children in Foundation Stage enjoyed a trip to the Atkinson Theatre to watch ‘The Night Before Christmas’. This was the story of a little mouse called Eddie who could not understand why only humans are allowed to get presents. So, he set off in search of Father Christmas to find out. This was a truly wonderful performance and the children loved the experience of the theatre. All the children were very well behaved, and we were very proud of them. Thank you also to all the parents who supported and helped on the trip!

This week we have looked at money and have had fun using all of the different coins from 1p-50p in our Post Office. The children are getting so good at recognising the coins and paying for different items with the correct coin. Over the weekend if you get time, could you use some coins to pay for different items or look at any of the real coins? 

Thank you for a great week and we looked foward to seeing you next week!


Reception Reminder

Wednesday 20th December - School finishes @ 1pm.

Don't forget to keep an eye on all things 'Elfie' on the Reception Twitter page - @ReceptionTSP

Autumn 2 Week 6

Date: 5th Dec 2017 @ 10:11am


WOW!!! What a week!!

The children in Reception have amazed us all with their talent and hard work when performing The Nativity this week! We have been excitedly waiting for this week to come and the children did not dissapoint. Thank you to all of the parents for supporting with lines, putting up with the endless practicing of songs and for coming to watch the shows - the children were so excited and loved every minute!!

This week we have also been getting prepared for writing our Christmas lists, designing cards and making beautiful art work for our loved ones. We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Tesco's on Thursday, were all of the children in Reception and Nursery got to make a Christmas gingerbread man, take part in taste and smell tests and enjoyed an orange peeling race. Thank you again for coming in and for hosting such a great morning with all of the Foundation Stage children.


Thank you again for all of your support this week and enjoy your weekend!


Reception Reminders

Thursday 14th December - Foundation Stage trip to The Atkinson Theatre, pick up time 3.30pm.

Friday 15th December - Christmas Jumper Day.

Don't forget to keep an eye on all things 'Elfie' on the Reception Twitter page - @ReceptionTSP


Autumn 2 Week 5

Date: 1st Dec 2017 @ 4:44pm



We have had yet another fantastic week in Reception!

This week we have been very busy rehearsing for our fantastic Nativity performance and we can’t wait till you all see it next week, hope you have your tickets!! We have begun to think about Christmas and how it is a time we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. The children enjoyed listening to the Nativity story and discussing how special Jesus is to them, we also retold it in the small world area.

On Friday, we had a very special surprise in our classroom! Someone had left a bit of a mess for us to find........who could it be? Stay tuned to find out more!!!


Have a brilliant weekend everyone!


Reception Reminders

Saturday 2nd Dec - School Christmas Fair.

Tuesday 5th Dec – Nativity Performance 2pm.

Wednesday 6th Dec – Nativity Performance 9:20am and 2pm.

We hope you can all make it!

Autumn 2 Week 4

Date: 24th Nov 2017 @ 4:12pm


We have had yet another fantastic week in Reception!

This week the children began their new theme ‘The Jolly Postman’. On Tuesday morning they were very lucky to have a visit from Natasha our very own Postlady, she spoke to the children all about her job and the children were able to ask her some fantastic questions. This week we wrote a letter to say thank you to the Jolly Postman using our brilliant phonic knowledge!

On Friday we had a special visit from Caroline for our Godly Play session, which was linked to our theme 'Special people'. Thank you Caroline, we always look forward to your visits.

This week we also had a brilliant afternoon on Friday with our Year 6 buddies. The children were lucky enough to go to the Year 6 classroom and their buddies read them their favourite story from our bookshelf. They had a great time practicing their sounding out and talking about the pictures and the story.


Reception Reminders

Don't forget to check out 'TSP Celebration of Kindness Week' whole school music video! -

Friday 1st Decemeber 2017 - Mufti Day.

Tuesday 5th Decemeber 2017 - Christmas Nativity @ 2pm.

Wednesday 6th Decemeber 2017 - Christmas Natvity @ 9.20am and 2.00pm.