Year 4: Blog items

Summer 2 - Week 3

Date: 22nd Jun 2018 @ 2:36pm


Another exciting week in Year 4!

As part of our Collective Worship, we discussed our monthly value of PERSEVERANCE. We linked this to the World Cup and other team games by watching televised moments where athletes make mistakes and discussing how they have been able to overcome any feelings of disappointment or anger they may feel. We shared times as a class when we feel like we’ve made a mistake and let others down; it was great to see that every child in the class could had a story to share as it drove home the message that everybody makes mistakes. We not only discussed how we should try to persevere in these situations, but also how we should treat our teammates when they make mistakes. This conversation then led us to carrying out some roleplay on the field, involving a ‘terrible’ penalty shoot out! While the children could have felt bad for missing their penalty, they all returned to the end of the line laughing as every member of the class lined up to offer hugs, high fives and messages of support!

We were very lucky to have four new teachers in our classroom this week as well! Our computing lesson this week was led by our four Year 4 pupils who attend the school’s weekly computing club. They introduced the class to the Scratch Jr iOs application and showed them how to create their own algorithms. Well done to those children! 

In Theme, we were introduced to our new topic ‘Is it better to be a child now than in the past?' We developed our understanding of World War Two by researching and exploring several aspects of the war. We used the iPads to research a specific area and created some very informative posters which we shared with the rest of the class. 

We linked our Theme topic to that of our English focus on poetry. The children used the information which they had resarched to produce fantastic poems linked to the evacuation of children in World War Two. We were so impressed with the thoughtful and insightful manner in which the poems were written. The children should be very proud of all the effort which they have put into their work this week.

Spellings this week are as follows:

List 1 - our, door, poor, find, behind, any, child, most, both, children.

List 2 - missed, mist, peace, piece, plain, plane, rain, reign, scene, seen.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Summer 2 - Week 2

Date: 15th Jun 2018 @ 10:30am

Well, it has been a very theatrical week in Year 4 and across the whole school!

It is very fitting that our monthly Christian value is PERSEVERANCE as the children have worked tirelessly to perfect their performance of the Lion King's 'I Just Can't Wait To Be King'. It feels like everytime we rehearsed, we added in a new step or action to what was already a tricky routine! The children had to really focus on their volume and timings as well so that the conversation between Zazu and Simba would be clear throughout. It was a tricky song, but they pulled it off - well done, Year 4! We hope everyone enjoyed coming to see the show and we thank the parents for their support. All the performances were filmed on Friday afternoon, so make sure you get your DVD copy of the show!

Continuing with our musical theme this week, the children have also continued to practise their singing and strumming skills in Music lessons. The children are making great progress with learning the right chords and notes for Vance Joy's 'Riptide'. They gave Mrs Pringle a sneak peek of what they have learned so far...and she was very impressed!

The children also received an exciting envelope this week! Miss Morris, Miss Giles and Mrs Grayson arrived back from Uganda with a letter for Year 4 from one of the classes at Kalule Primary School. We found out how many children are in their class, what they subjects they learn and what their teachers are like. We enjoyed seeing the pictures the Ugandan children drew for us as well! Their drawing skills were very impressive. We are looking forward to continuing our friendship with them in the future.

Spellings this week are as follows:

List 1 - come, some, one, once, ask, friend, school, there, where, house

List 2 - not, knot, mail, male, main, mane, meat, meet, medal, meddle

Summer 2 - Week 1

Date: 8th Jun 2018 @ 3:09pm

It’s the start of our final half-term in Year 4 and it has been another eventful week!

In RE, we have been studying Hinduism as part of our multifaith learning. We began our week by recapping on the other religions we have learned about this year. We then used our iPads to research as much as we could about Hinduism, answering different ‘challenge’ questions. Finally, we researched different aspects of prayer, such as who Hindus pray to, where they pray and how they pray. The children led their own learning this week and have hopefully left school with an improved understanding of Hinduism. 

In Maths, the children have focused on their multiplication and division facts, working hard to ensure they have a fluent recall of these before leaving Year 4. We have played a number of games, including Million Pound Drop, and used our understanding of powers of ten to work out more complex multiplication and division calculations. The children have also enjoyed taking part in a 4-minute challenge each day to answer 100 times tables questions as quickly as possible. Every child has made excellent progress this week and should be really proud of how they have been able to improve their accuracy and speed, and beat their own top scores throughout the week.

Rehearsals for our musical performance of ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’ are well and truly underway as well. The children have shown nothing but enthusiasm for learning the choreography and working on their expression while singing. They have worked incredibly hard and we hope families are excited to watch the performance next week!  In terms of clothing for the performance, children who are singing as Simba just need to come in their summer uniforms. Children who are singing as Zazu should wear blue. All accessories will be provided for by the school. 

Spellings next week are a recap of the last three weeks.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Summer 1 - Week 7

Date: 25th May 2018 @ 11:52am

Another half-term has flown by!

The children have finished what has been a very busy half-term by sitting their end of year assessments. They should be congratulated on the fantastic results which they have achieved. Well done to all of you! All of your hard work this year has paid off.

Throughout the week, we have been working alongside our buddies in Year 3, creating and designing our volcanoes. They all looked absolutely amazing! The children designed and then sculptured their volcanoes out of clay, using an array of tools and techniques to create a unique model in their group. Once the volcanoes had dried, the children painted their models and it was clear that the artistic talents of all the children had contributed to realistic and vivid volcanoes . To cap off this exciting activity, we used a combination of food colouring, baking soda and vinegar to set off a volcanic eruption!

Spellings this week are as follows:

List 1 glad, globe, glide, glove, glass, gleam, glitter, glossary, glow.

List 2 scene, scent, scissors, science, scientist, crescent, scenery, fascinate, experiment, forwards.

Have a wonderful half-term!

Summer 1 - Week 6

Date: 17th May 2018 @ 1:46pm

As part of our weekly ‘Collective Worship’, we continued with our discussion on our monthly value of ‘TRUTHFULNESS’. We discussed the story of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, linking many of the lessons to stories within the Bible. As a class, we talked in detail about how important it is to earn trust. We agreed that it is always important to give people the benefit of the doubt, referencing the word of 1 Corinthians 13:7, ‘believe all things’.

In English, we continued with our topic on natural disasters by planning and carrying out a class debate. The children were grouped into teams, arguing either for or against living near a volcano. This was a really enjoyable exercise as the children envisioned themselves as town members living by a volcano. The arguments were really well researched and the effort and language used by the children was excellent. Well done to all of the children for their hard work and attitude during this task.

As part of our celebration for the upcoming Royal Wedding, we carried out a range of activities linked to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We finished off the busy week by enjoying a royal picnic on the playground.

Spellings this week are as follows:

List 1fly, flu, flag, flat, flea, flame, flood, floor, flake, flower

List 2antique, unique, cheque, grotesque, mosque, straight, island, learn, length, material

Have a great weekend everyone!

Summer 1 - Week 5

Date: 11th May 2018 @ 1:18pm

The children have worked incredibly hard this week!

In RE, we continued with our unit, ‘Are all Churches the Same?’ by creating a recipe for what we thought were the important characteristics and traits of a Church. The children discussed thoughtful ideas as to what values and ideas they believed all Churches should possess. At the end of our lesson, we linked our monthly value of ‘TRUTHFULNESS’ into our discussion by highlighting its position and importance within the Church.

At swimming this week, the children showed off their stamina and technical abilities by swimming continuous lengths of backstroke and front crawl. As an additional challenge, they were tasked with treading water for over a minute. We have been so impressed with the standard of swimming from all the children. Well done!

In Theme, we took a step away from looking at natural disasters and focused this week on the ways in which scientists study and analyse the Earth and its core. The children researched and identified the different ways in which drilling, mining and natural disasters affect the ways in which scientists work and study our planet.

As part of our Maths and SPAG practice this week, the children really enjoyed taking part in our own version of The £100k drop. They worked in pairs to try and work through all the questions in each area, sharing out their 'money' when unsure and hoping to still have something left for the final question! Their enthusiasm and determination were evident throughout!

Spellings this week are as follows:

List 1halves, lives, loaves, teeth, geese, wives, selves, calves, mice, lice.

List 2 – league, tongue, fatigue, colleague, plague, imagine, important, increase, heart, history.

Have a lovely weekend!

Summer 1 - Week 4

Date: 4th May 2018 @ 8:07am

As part of our Collective Worship for the week, we discussed out monthly value of ‘Truthfulness’. As a class, we discussed what truthfulness means to us and how important it is to be truthful in our lives.

In English, we have completed out independent write on diary entries. The children used their prior knowledge and research to write an entry from the perspective of a child living through an earthquake. The children used their research and imagination to describe how they felt, what they could see and what they could hear during the natural disaster. We found this to be a very useful exercise as we were able to express our feelings and facilitate critical thought into our writing. Well done to all the children for their hard work on this assignment!

On Wednesday, the children attended their weekly swimming lessons. The focus this week was on breathing. We used floatation devices to aid our development and technique when breathing in the water. The remaining lesson time was used to consolidate a variety of different strokes. During our regular PE slot, we worked on our hand eye coordination as well as our throwing skills. Using a three-step process, the children developed their over arm throwing ability and worked in teams to illustrate this process through a skills challenge.

As part of our Theme topic on natural disasters, we will be creating our own models of a volcano over the next few weeks. We were very fortunate that a member of our class had already created a model of his own and brought it in to school to share with us. We capped off this week be setting off the volcano – the children are now very excited to make their own group models!

Spellings this week are as follows:

List 1 – half, life, loaf, tooth, goose, wife, self, calf, mouse, louse.

List 2 chef, machine, quiche, brochure, chalet, chiffon, moustache, parachute, strange, women.

Have a great weekend!

Summer 1 - Week 3

Date: 27th Apr 2018 @ 1:44pm

The children have worked extremely hard this week!

After our brilliant tour of St. Peter’s Church last week, we used our pictures of the church building to create a poster, highlighting the different parts of the church. We then discussed how what similarities and differences we may see in other churches.

In English this week, we have moved onto diary entries. The children have researched and learnt about several earthquakes that have taken place around the world. This week, they wrote a diary entry from the perspective of a child living through the Nepal earthquake in 2015. We were so impressed with the level of detail and description from all of the children and we are really excited to read their independent diary entries next week.

In PE, we continued our gymnastics development by creating and practising balance and roll routines. The children used their prior knowledge of different rolls to work on their flexibility and teamwork during their paired work. Using the benches, the children produced an array of balances and jumps to show off their abilities.

On Wednesday, we were fortunate enough to take part in a PE ‘challenge day’ organised by Amaven. The children took part in a variety different activities, measuring special awareness, reaction, hand eye coordination, agility and flexibility. All of the children took on the challenges with enthusiasm and determination and they should all be very proud of the effort that they put in.

Spellings this week are a recap of the previous 3 weeks.

Have a nice weekend!

Summer 1 - Week 2

Date: 20th Apr 2018 @ 3:01pm

Another busy week has flown by.

In RE, we carried out a Collective Worship linked to our monthly value of ‘Reconciliation’. As a class, we discussed the different times during our lives where reconciliation was needed. We discussed how reconciliation takes place in our school, at work, and at home with our friends and family. As a class, we decided that one of the most important stories within the Bible relating to reconciliation, was when God reconciled the world to himself through the death of his son, Jesus Christ. He gave his sons life to show us that we are no longer enemies, sinners, or powerless. As part of our RE lesson, we needed to identify different parts of a church building and we were very fortunate that Nathan from St. Peter's Church was willing to give us our own private tour! He talked to us about the history of the building, how things have changed and pointed out all the different features of a church building which you would usually see. It was a very interesting tour - thank you, Nathan!

Very exciting news! Following our work in Autumn term on The Big Vote and the work some of our children did to raise money for Cancer Research UK, we were asked by Children With Cancer UK to be part of their new, national campaign video in partnership with the 'Mr Men' franchise. The children were very excited and acted as excellent role models as usual. We can't wait to see the final video! Thank you to Donna from Children With Cancer UK for travelling all the way down from London to shoot the advert. Trinity St. Peter's are very honoured to be one of the three schools in the country chosen!

In Theme this week, we continued with our exciting new topic on natural disasters. The children learnt all about the different faults and plates within the Earth’s crust and were able to link their understanding to the formation and causes of volcanoes and earthquakes. Over the next few weeks, we will be planning and creating our own volcano models, something which we are all very excited about. In Science, we continued our work on electricity and made our own electrical circuits. As we were all feeling very hot after our lunch break in the sunshine, we led our own learning and decided to make fans, using our electrical circuits and motors! 

In English this week, we continued our understanding of volcanoes and earthquakes by completing a reading comprehension on natural disasters. We were then able to use our knowledge and understanding of these events to plan and write our own explanation texts. 

In PE, we took advantage of the warmer weather by playing a unique game of Kickball/Wazball, where we used our balance, throwing skills and agility throughout the lesson. The children showed such a strong level of co-ordination and kicking skills that we decreased the size of the ball used in order to keep challenging ourselves.

Spellings this week are as follows:

List 1chop, chess, chat, bench, bunch, lunch, march, charm, cheese, speech.

List 2ladies', fruits, dangerous, enormous, previous, treasure, adventure, furniture, stomach, character.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Summer 1 - Week 1

Date: 13th Apr 2018 @ 3:51pm

We have had a wonderful return to Year 4. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and are refreshed and ready for the final term.

In RE, we started our unit, ‘Are all Churches the Same?’ We linked this topic to Art and were able to sketch and draw a variety of different church buildings. We practised different ways of controlling and holding the pencil as well as the different pressures that we use when sketching. We analysed the different shapes we could see and spoke of some of the symmetry seen in church buildings.

This week, we were introduced to our new Theme topic, ‘Does the Earth shake, rattle and roll?’ There has been a lot of excitement and interest in this new topic as we have focused on some of the fascinating forces of nature around the world. We started off this week by taking a close look at the structure and make up of our Earth. The children were able to identify and describe the different layers of our rock, liquid and gas that make up planet Earth. As well as the Earth’s structure, we were introduced to our first natural disaster, volcanoes. The children identified the several different types of volcanoes as well as the manner in which these powerful forces of nature are formed. 

In English this week, we began our two-week cycle by planning and writing an explanation text on volcanoes. We were so impressed with the level of detail and research that the children put in to their writing. Well done! Next week, we will be focusing on planning and writing our own independent explanation text on a range of natural disasters. 

Spellings this week are as follows:

List 1 play, please, plug, place, plate, plane, plain, plant, pleasant, pleasure.

List 2different, favourite, February, interest, library, ordinary, separate, bruise, definite, vegetable.

Have a great weekend!

Spring 2 - Week 5

Date: 23rd Mar 2018 @ 11:58am

We have come to the end of another fantastic term in Year 4.

This week, we attended an Easter service at St. Peter’s Church. The children were treated to a wonderful re-enactment of the Easter story by Year 5, where it highlighted many of the betrayals and trusts which we had learnt about in our Easter unit. The children sang a range of Easter hymns, including ‘He Is In You’ beautifully.

This week, our Year 4 performance finally arrived! With weeks of preparation behind us, we were ready to take to the stage and perform ‘Oliver…With A Twist’. With no sign of nerves amongst the actors, the performance was fantastic. Thank you to all parents for their support at home. We hope you were as proud of your children as we were!

Finally, this week ended with a whole school celebration of Sport Relief. This was a fitting end to what has been a really busy week and term for the children. In order to do our bit to raise money, the children were given the opportunity to come to school dressed as their favourite sporting hero, and were treated to a challenging day on an inflatable obstacle course. The children fully enjoyed the range of activities led by the Sports Ambassadors and SMSC Champions; including ‘buddy races’ and ‘cat and mouse’ challenges. Thank you to everyone who has donated money this week!

Spellings for the first week back after the Easter holidays are as follows:

List 1clap, club, clay, cloud, climb, clown, class, close, clean, clear.

List 2 dough, bought, brought, cough, rough, enough, though, although, thought, through.

Have a fantastic Easter Holidays! 

Spring 2 - Week 4

Date: 16th Mar 2018 @ 7:51am

Another very successful week in Year 4!

In RE, we continued our unit ‘Easter: Betrayal and Trust’ by focusing on different elements of the Easter story where incidents of trust and betrayal took place. The children were able to provide great insight into the story and were able to share elements of the story which related to our focus.

This week, we celebrated ‘British Science Week’ with a special ‘Mad Science’ assembly. The children were treated to an assembly focused on sound and the manner in which sound travels across wavelengths. In class, we learned about the British chemist, Thomas Graham, who was also around during the Victorian period! We learned about the diffusion of gases and liquids; then carried out an investigation with Skittles in warm water to show the diffusion of liquids. The children loved it, evidenced by their comments on SeeSaw afterwards!

On Tuesday, we took part in the ‘Fitness for Schools Week’ provided by Joe Wicks a.k.a. ‘The Body Coach’. The children completed a live 20-minute workout which contained elements of strength, fitness and endurance. We were so impressed with the level of enthusiasm and effort that all the children put in during this workout. It was exhausting!

With less than a week to go, the production is now in full swing. The children have spent the week rehearsing on stage, perfecting their artist craft and blowing us all away with their performances. We are so excited to perform our first dress rehearsal on Tuesday and look forward to seeing as many parents as possible on Thursday. Don’t forget to get your tickets!

In more exciting news, the reigning Sumdog champions were once again crowned champions of Sefton. Congratulations to all the Year 4 children for all of their hard work and dedication to the competition. All while learning their lines for the production, they have managed to complete a thousand mathematical questions and finish this week as Sumdog Champions. WELL DONE!

Homework this week is to learn all the song lyrics and lines for the production. We have a dress rehearsal for the rest of the school on Tuesday afternoon, so please ensure any extra clothing or props are brought in on Monday.

Spellings this week are as follows:

List 1 blue, black, blood, blew, blow, block, bleed, blind, blink, blob

List 2 - bicycle, centre, century, certain, circle, consider, decide, exercise, recent, medicine

Have a great weekend!

Spring 2 - Week 3

Date: 8th Mar 2018 @ 7:07am

What an exciting week we have experienced in Year 4!

This week, we celebrated National Careers Week with visits from a number of parents and friends of the school. The children were able to learn about a range of careers in a variety of fields. On Monday, they learned about a career in financial crime, and were also visited by a surgeon! On Tuesday, we were taught about careers in dentistry and medicine. This fitted in particularly well with our current Science unit, ‘Teeth and Healthy Eating’.  A huge thank you to all those parents and friends in the community for taking their time to give children an excellent insight into careers they may not have considered! Many children will have left school this week feeling very inspired. In addition to this, the children particularly enjoyed trying to guess the past careers of members of staff at Trinity St Peter’s. They were given 13 pictures of staff with 13 quotes to match up…the results were hilarious!

Linking in nicely with careers in Science, the children were also treated to a workshop by Mad Science! They continued their learning on heats and states of matter from last half term and were able to make their own candy floss at the end of the session! The children thoroughly enjoyed it and are looking forward to a whole-school assembly with Mad Science again next week, as part of British Science Week.

Perhaps the most exciting of this week has been rehearsing for our production of Oliver…with a Twist! The children clearly worked very hard last weekend to learn the first few songs of the play, and have continued with this determination in learning several new songs and the lines for their allocated part. As mentioned to the children in class, the script is still being developed over the next week to build on roles and add in even more fanatastic scenes. We hope you are as excited as we are to see the finished product on March 22nd! Please check the ‘Information’ section of the school website for the letter regarding times and the purchase of tickets. Your child should have also come home with a slip which outlines what they can wear in the production.

The children’s main homework this week will be to learn their lines and all the song lyrics. To support the children in learning the rhythm for the newer songs, please find the instrumental tracks below:

Ho Hey


Spellings this week are a recap of the previous 3 weeks. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Spring 2 - Week 2

Date: 2nd Mar 2018 @ 1:16pm

Year 4 have braved the arctic blast this week by keeping themselves busy in the classroom!

In RE, we have started our new unit, ‘Easter: Betrayal and Trust’. The children discussed what we mean by both terms and created some excellent collages to demonstrate trust. These included images of people they trust, objects and equipment we put trust in, Bible stories where trust is shown and even some examples of how trust is demonstrated. The children particularly enjoyed participating in some trust exercises and capturing these on camera!

On Tuesday, we carried out our Victorian Day, where children were immersed into the Victorian Era by participating in activities and duties that would have taken place during a typical day in school. In the morning, activities such as drill and the 3Rs (Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic) were carried out under the watchful eyes of some rather strict teachers! Although the children enjoyed the experience, they were grateful to be Year 4 pupils in 2018 rather than back in the 1800s! In the afternoon, the children were able to watch Oliver Twist with their buddies in Year 3. This served as an excellent introduction for the rehearsals the children will now be involved in for their very own production at the end of this term, based on the story of Oliver Twist. The children should have come home this weekend with song lyrics to learn; the script should follow next week. As our version of the story will take place in modern society, please do not worry about purchasing any costumes. More details on this will follow shortly.

In Science, we started off our ‘Teeth and Eating’ topic by using eggshells to investigate which liquids do the least amount of damage to our teeth. The idea behind this experiment is that the eggshells protect the eggs much in the same way that the enamel on our teeth protects the living part inside. We are very curious to see the results of this next week as after only three days we were blown away by the discolouration and effects that some of the liquids were having on our eggs.

The children were very excited to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday as well! The effort that all the children (and parents!) put into their costumes was excellent to see. To start the day, the children were told a story about a crime that had taken place earlier in the morning. Unfortunately, Snow White had her apple stolen from the dwarf, Grumpy. Luckily, Batman and Robin were on hand to help Snow White and capture the mischievous dwarf. This then kickstarted our morning lessons on comic books and literary devices such as onomatopoeia and adverbials of time. The children had to use the action shots of Snow White, Grumpy and our superheroes, as well as cut-outs of various aspects of a comic book, to create their own sketch. The work the children produced was excellent! They were then challenged to get into groups and use the iOs application, Comic Life, to create their own story and comic strip using the characters they had come dressed as. There were some very creative ideas and the children worked extremely hard.

For more pictures from this week, please remember to check our class Twitter page. You can find it here.

Spellings this week are as follows:

List 1 swing, sweet, stairs, sweat, switch, swell, swallow, sweater, swift, swimming, sword.

List 2 scheme, chorus, chemist, echo, ache, mechanic, stomach, chaos, anchor, character.

For the backing tracks of the song lyrics sent home this weekend, please click the links below:




Colourblind (with original lyrics)

Don’t worry if you can’t follow the rhythm just yet, but please try your hardest to learn the words! 

Have a superb weekend everyone, filled with plenty of singing and theatrics! 

Spring 2 - Week 1

Date: 23rd Feb 2018 @ 2:38pm

We have had a wonderful return to Year 4!

This week in RE, we have been learning all about Judaism. This followed on well from our previous our RE unit, which focused on Jesus as a figure of authority.  We read the Bible story of Jesus teaching on the Sabbath (Luke 6: 1-11) and how once again this demonstrated Jesus’ authority. We then learned how Jewish people often call the day Shabbat, which is Hebrew for Sabbath, and how this idea of rest comes from the Creation story. This reminded us of our IMAGINE value! We were able to use a new iOs application, Bibles For Kids, to read this story and assess our understanding. As a class, we observed the Sabbath by lighting candles and sharing challah together. We also tried some other traditional foods, which most of the children enjoyed! To further support our understanding of Judaism, we also learned about the Torah and we discussed why this is important for Jewish people.

We began our new theme topic of ‘What was important to our local Victorians?’ As part of this new topic, the children have been given the opportunity to create a research project based solely around a Victorian character. To begin the project, the children were given a brief introduction into the Victorian era by independently researching facts and information on what life was like in the Victorian era. Along with the introductory lesson, the children created character profiles on the backgrounds of several fictional individuals living in the Victorian era. This was done with fantastic creativity and enthusiasm as the children immersed themselves into the lives of factory workers, chimney sweeps, business owners and many more Victorian characters. 

We have also started lots of new projects and activities this week across the curriculum! In PE, we have started our unit on gymnastics. The children took great pleasure in creating new balances and counter balances in pairs; they were also able to perform headstands safely and attempt a ‘bridge’ balance. In Art and Design, we analysed Victorian portraits and learned how to sketch faces. We developed our understanding of proportions, as well as tones and shading. In Computing, we worked on ‘coding’ and discussed the term, algorithm. We practised our coding skills using a Minecraft website and used our knowledge to move characters and collect various objects. If the children want to access this at home, you can find the website link in the ‘Children’ section of the website. 

As part of our Music lessons, we have started to learn how to play the ukele! The children are really looking forward to learning how to play 'Riptide' by Vance Joy on this instrument. Mr Horner has also suggested that if any children can play the ukele or guitar and wish to bring their own instrument into school, they can do so each Thursday.

We have packed a lot of work into this first week back, but the children seem to have enjoyed it all! 

Spellings for next week are as follows:

List 1 - stop, stay, stem, star, start, stuff, stood, store, storm, stick

List 2 - measure, treasure, pleasure, picture, creature, enclosure, nature, furniture, adventure, capture

Have a great weekend everyone!

Spring 1 - Week 5

Date: 8th Feb 2018 @ 9:10pm

Wow, this half term has flown by!

We have had a very busy and active week in Year 4. We were very fortunate to be visited by Paralympian, Anna Jackson, who led a very intense training circuit session with the whole school. Our Year 4 children showed plenty of grit and determination as they took part in a series of exercises, including star jumps and press ups! Later in the day, Anna delivered a very powerful and inspiration assembly, where she talked about her career and described some of the obstacles she has overcome to be where she is now.  The children were engrossed throughout this and listened carefully as she answered questions from both staff and children. It was also a great follow-up from all the work we have done this year on equality and diversity, as well as the importance of a growth mindset!

Anna Jackson’s assembly led to a very thought-provoking Collective Worship back in class around our new monthly value of JOY. We reflected on what brought joy to Anna’s life and what was most important to her. We then discussed what sort of things bring us joy and unpicked why this is. It was great to see the children considering all different aspects of their lives; including family, friends and hobbies. We then concluded our Collective Worship by going to visit the new chicks in EYFS - this certainly brought a lot of joy to many of the Year 4 children!

In PE, we had the conclusion of our ‘competitive games’ tournament. Over the course of this half term, the children have competed in many different events. It was great to see that every child in class has taken part in at least one game they had never played before! Such events included Corner Ball and Crab Football, but the overall favourite game was judged to be Benchball.  The children are already very keen to play this again! The tournament concluded with all four teams taking part in a Kin-Ball match – it was very intense with all four teams battling at once! However, there could be only one overall winner for the tournament and in this case, The Dark Winners were crowned the victors! Well done!

We hope the children have enjoyed this half-term, including their American topic in Theme lessons and all the games and activities we have continued to play in Maths lessons. We have introduced a new iOs app, Times Tables Rock Star, to the class as well. The children’s login details will be in their Maths homework book.

Spellings for the first week back after half-term are as follows:

List 1 – spot, spill, spare, spa, spam, spoke, speak, speed, spoon, spike.

List 2 – serious, obvious, curious, previous, hideous, various, courteous, spontaneous, courageous, outrageous.

We hope you all have a well-deserved break and we look forward to seeing you in two weeks!

Spring 1 - Week 4

Date: 2nd Feb 2018 @ 8:20am

It’s hard to believe that we are nearly at the end of this half-term!

In RE, we read various Bible stories and discussed how Jesus demonstrates his authority in each of them. We also discussed Bible references and the children were able to use the Bible and their iPads to find references for many of the stories from the New Testament. The children have been showing an excellent understanding of the term ‘authority’ and how it can be earned or shown – well done!

In English this week, the children have completed their leaflets in pairs on their chosen US State and have now begun to write a new one independently. Credit must be given to the positive mindset shown by all of the children in the class as they have chosen to identify new states for their independent task. This has obviously been a very well-liked topic and the children have produced some really fantastic work!

The children have continued to develop excellent mental strategies and have been doing extremely well in the competitions we play in class. The children may be able to skip Year 5 at this rate and go straight to Year 6! They have also continued to develop their understanding of fractions and made good progress in this area.

Another busy week! A special mention to the three girls in Year 4 who have been raising money for Cancer Research this week as well. They led a whole-school Collective Worship on Wednesday and have been visiting classes throughout the week with fundraising activities. Thank you to all those children who have brought money in to support the cause as well!

The children should now use this weekend to rest as next week will be even busier. We have the conclusion of our class tournament in PE and on Thursday we have a visit from Paralympian, Anna Jackson, who will be leading a circuit training session. We hope all the children have been fundraising! Good luck!


Spring 1 - Week 3

Date: 26th Jan 2018 @ 1:33pm

What a fantastic week in year 4!

In RE, we have continued with our unit of work which focuses on 'authority'. This week, we looked at how Jesus shows authority and how he has come to earn it. We acted out the story of Jesus arriving at a synagogue and casting out an evil spirit (Mark 1:21-34). We had to improve each character’s lines based on the narrative we heard. Some children scribed what was said and then we discussed all the dialogue afterwards and what it revealed about Jesus’ authority.

As part of our English topic for the two-week cycle, the children have researched and begun their leaflets on their chosen US States. We have been blown away with the level of detail and persuasive language which the children have used in order to try and convince us to visit their state. From Minnesota to California, from South Carolina to Hawaii, the diverse range of destinations has brought about a real excitement in the children’s writing this week.

In Maths, we have revised the formal written methods for column multiplication and 'bus stop' division. We also began our lessons on fractions, which the children particularly enjoyed! On Tuesday, we created a fraction museum, using different cakes and mathematical resources from around school to represent particular fractions. The children were very creative and even started using themselves and different items of clothing to represent their fractions!

In Theme this week, the children were introduced to South America and the geographical features surrounding the continent. We discussed the population density of the larger cities within the region and the children were able to make comparisons between the population of South American cities and those of the Unites States.  In PE, we have continued with our activities for kinball, as well our tournament of competitive games. This week, the children loved playing benchball!

Overall, a very enjoyable week! Have a great weekend everyone!

Spring 1 - Week 2

Date: 19th Jan 2018 @ 7:50am

Another week has flown by!

As part of our Collective Worship for the week, we discussed our monthly value of ‘Wisdom’. As a class, we discussed the role that wisdom plays in our lives and in that of the Bible. Relating to this topic, two of the children wanted to lead the Collective Worship and discuss how we can make wiser choices on the playground. We were so impressed with the respectful and thoughtful debate which ensued from this conversation – well done to everyone for taking part.

On Monday, we watched a live stream of BBC 2’s ‘500 words’, a short-story writing competition for kids. The children were given insight into different writing strategies as well as techniques for coming up with ideas for their own stories. Entrants are required to write an original story on any subject in 500 words or fewer. If anyone is interested in taking part in this competition, all you need to know regarding the competition rules and requirements can be found on the following website. Best of luck to all those that take part.

BBC 2 Link:

During one of our weekly Maths lessons, we were able to take part in another live lesson, hosted by the BBC and Premier League. The children were encouraged to get up and move while also revising their understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages. This was a good introduction to our lessons on fractions, which we will be starting in a couple of weeks.

Have a nice weekend!

Spring 1 - Week 1

Date: 12th Jan 2018 @ 3:49pm

Happy New Year to all!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. The children have come back into class with wonderful enthusiasm and must be commended for showing great effort and slotting right back into the school routine with ease!

With that in mind, it has been another extremely busy week in Year 4. In RE, we have started our new unit, which focuses on the idea of ‘authority’ and how it has been shown in the Bible and other key events in history. The children enjoyed making collages on their iPads this week to represent the meaning of authority. We have also trialled a new iOS application this week called Guardians of Ancora. The children really enjoyed taking their characters on the different adventure games while also learning some of the Bible stories. Some children even discovered quizzes they could take at the end of each adventure! We decided that it was both fun and educational, therefore we will be continuing to use it this year. Great work, Year 4!

The children have also started their new Theme topic for the term, ‘Can You Come on A Great American Road Trip?’, where we have focused on the different states throughout the USA. The children excelled in researching and highlighting their chosen states and we look forward to seeing what discoveries can be made in our future lessons. In addition, we are currently learning Johnny Cash’s song ‘I’ve Been Everywhere’. Click the link here to practise the song at home!

Just so everybody is aware, PE lessons will be taking place on a Tuesday and Wednesday this term.  Please ensure all children have their kits in school.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Autumn 2 - Week 8

Date: 20th Dec 2017 @ 1:49pm


Well, we have reached the end of our first term in Year 4…and what a term it has been! The children should all be feeling very proud of themselves as they look back over their achievements so far. They have consistently demonstrated their school values in class and on the playground while dazzling many members of staff with their enthusiasm in lessons and thoughtful contributions to discussions.

It is hard to believe the children have only been in Year 4 for one term as so much has happened! Some of the particular highlights we discussed this week were:

•  Our SHINE circus in our very first week, where the children were able to realise and demonstrate their special talents.
• The video message we received from ABC News Reporter, Annie Hubbell, after dazzling her with our work on Hurricane Irma.
• All the excellent class discussions in RE and Collective Worship, particularly when focusing on how we should respect equality and diversity.
•   Creating shoeboxes at St Peter’s Church.
•  Becoming Roman warriors and taking part in our own battles on the school field – the hakas were particularly impressive!
•    Becoming the Sefton Sumdog Champions and earning ourselves a 6-month free subscription!
•    All our science investigations!
•    Using the iPads regularly for quizzes, communication and other learning opportunities!
•    Participating in a Virtual Reality workshop for Anti-Bullying.
•    Becoming Youtube stars for Celebration of Kindness Week!
•    Raising so much money for Children In Need as part of the Y3/4 Bake Off!
•    Our school trip to Dewa Museum in Chester!
•    Performing a dance routine to ‘Wonder’ for the Christmas Carol Service!

There have been many memorable and funny moments that have taken place on a daily basis in class as well, but these events in particularly have really stood out!

On a personal note, thank you to all the children, parents and staff, who have made my first term at Trinity St Peter’s so enjoyable! Thank you for all the presents and cards the Year 4 staff have received as well this week – very generous!

Have an amazing Christmas - I hope you are able to spend plenty of quality time with your friends and family! See you in 2018!

Autumn 2 - Week 7

Date: 14th Dec 2017 @ 7:23pm

We’re getting close to Christmas, but we’re not slowing down!

Our rehearsals for the Christmas Carol Service on Monday are still in full swing. We had a rehearsal at Holy Trinity Church and the routine looked excellent! The children have worked very hard on it and are excited to show other classes and parents next week. Please remember to come dressed in a white top and black trousers/leggings for the actual performance.

Our termly school trip also took place this week! The children were very excited on Monday to board the coach to the Dewa Museum in Chester. During the trip, the children received a fully guided tour of a Roman amphitheatre, where they were armed with shields and took part in some of the military routines of the experienced legionaries! In addition, the children received a fully guided tour of the reconstructions, excavations, museum and the award-winning hands-on room. Make sure you have checked out our Twitter page for more pictures!  A big ‘thank you’ as well to the parents who gave up their free time to attend the trip – it couldn’t have gone ahead without their support!

In class, we have written up our Roman poems in English and learned about Roman numerals during Maths lessons. In DT, we have explored ‘pop up’ mechanisms which we could use to make our Christmas cards more exciting! We have also learned some new techniques in drawing to aid us with further with our card designs. Finally, the children enjoyed taking part in the House Speed Stacking Competition on Thursday with Years 5 and 6. 

From marching through Chester, to dance rehearsals and speed stacking, the children should be coming home exhausted this afternoon! Hopefully they can rest their feet and return on Monday, ready to give an outstanding performance at the Christmas Carol Service!

Autumn 2 - Week 6

Date: 8th Dec 2017 @ 1:57pm

The children have worked very hard this week!

To round off our learning on our monthly value of Justice, a thoughtful Collective Worship was led by Sydney, Olivia, Peter and Harry. They linked our value to diversity and how it is just to respect everyone, regardless of their appearance, culture or religion. They led a prayer on respecting equality and then played Black Eyed Peas’ “Where is the Love?” We discussed the song lyrics afterwards and recalled the One Love Manchester concert. We were reminded of our lessons on Islam and at the start of the year and how it would be an injustice to associate tragic events such as these with a whole religion. Well done, children!

We also had a Collective Worship on our new monthly value of Compassion. The children watched John Lewis’ ‘Man on the Moon’ Christmas advert. We identified how the girl, Lily, shows compassion towards the man who appears to be alone on the moon. We discussed juxtaposition in the moment where colourful balloons and a bright present arrive on the grey moon. This then led back to our RE Unit, ‘Jesus as the Light of the World’. We lit a candle again – as we did in our very first lesson this unit – and reflected further on what light can represent and who else we know that brings light to our lives. The children produced some beautiful work afterwards!

In English, the children have finally finished their Roman myths…and they are superb! The children really enjoyed learning a similar myth through Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk For Writing’ last week and it is clearly reflected in the work they have produced this week. From the structure to the vocabulary used, everybody should be feeling very proud! We are now in the process of writing Roman poems and have spent the last couple of days exploring different styles, including haikus and tankas!

Finally, a big ‘thank you’ to Mr Withers, who joined us this week. He was visiting us on a work experience placement from Range High. He thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the children. He was very impressed with their knowledge…particularly in Maths!

Have a great weekend everyone – I hope you are excited for our Roman trip to Chester on Monday!

Autumn 2 - Week 5

Date: 1st Dec 2017 @ 2:33pm

Another educational week in Year 4!

In RE, we recalled stories from the Bible where light was a key symbol, including Moses and the Burning Bush, as well as the Nativity. We then learned and re-enacted stories from Jesus’ life, of occasions where he brought light into people’s lives. Such stories included the calling of Matthew, Jesus healing Jairus’ daughter and Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus. The children were able to explain how Jesus ‘gave light’ to others in these instances and articulate their understanding of the stories.

As writers, we have enjoyed learning Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk For Writing’ style of learning. The children learned a Roman myth through actions and have been able to use the basic plot to create their own, up-levelled version. There have been many excellent myths written so far, featuring some very creative monsters! The children liked trying out a new learning style and it may be a technique we use again in the future.

It is also not long now till our ‘Wonder’ dance performance! The children worked incredibly hard on Monday and Tuesday with Miss Pinnington to finish the routine. Now, they are looking forward to making the final tweaks and corrections, so that they can dazzle the entire audience with their great moves and rhythm! 

All in all, a great week! See you on Monday!

Autumn 2 - Week 4

Date: 24th Nov 2017 @ 2:13pm

Following on from our fantastic Celebration of Kindness Week, Year 4 turned its attention to our continued theme of the Romans. This week, we were given a glimpse into the art of Roman mosaics and the impact which the mosaics have had on artistry in other cultures. The children were able to create some outstanding mosaics of their own and I can honestly say that we have some future artists in our class.

This week, as part of our Collective Worship, we took part in the BIG Vote. The BIG vote is giving all primary children the opportunity to take part in a vote to discover the issue of greatest concern to the nation’s children, and to take part in a national campaign to make things better. We discussed ten areas of concern that had been identified and why it would be just to vote for each one. The children then anonymously voted for which area they felt was the greatest concern in Britain. We submitted our class votes to the Go-Givers organisation and as a class, we felt that Animal Welfare was the biggest concern. Well done to all of the children for taking part in this important discussion.

Throughout the week, the children have carried out a number of assessments across a variety of subjects. They should be extremely proud of the effort and growth mindset which they have displayed during this time. They deserve a well-earned rest this week for all their hard work.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all bright and early on Monday.