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Clubhouse Autumn 1 - Week 4

Date: 24th Sep 2020 @ 5:31pm

Wow these weeks fly by!

We are at the end of our fourth week back in school.  The weather is turning decidedly colder, but that hasn’t diminished the beaming smiles, that we are greeted with each morning and throughout the sessions.

Luckily, at the start of the week the children were able to enjoy the fading sunshine, exploring, investigating and playing out doors.  Balance was put to the test with the aid of quoits perched perilously on heads! The children have loved whizzing around on the scooters and bikes. A group took part in ‘Granny’s Footsteps’ with Granny perched on a set of dinosaur stilts.

Indoors, we have spent a little quiet time reading and sharing books.  We manipulated and played with our own set of playdough, creating and cutting it into lots of shapes, including a pair of glasses!

I do so wish we had timed the game of Jenga that a group of older children enjoyed.  I have never seen a more perilously balanced tower stay standing for so long.  Breath was held with the removal of each brick, before it eventually succumbed, collapsing to much hilarity from those involved.   

Wishing everyone a wonderful, safe weekend.

Clubhouse Autumn 1 - Week 3

Date: 17th Sep 2020 @ 5:10pm

What a fantastic extension to the Summer we have had this week!  We have made full use of the warm, light evenings spending as much time outside after snack as we could. 

Remaining in their bubbles, the children have been showing off their hula hooping skills.  Hula hooping is meant to be an excellent way of increasing the heart rate, exercising the core muscles and even the brain, as it requires a good deal of concentration – so possibly a childhood skill I need to re-require!

Our plants have been getting a lot of TLC, I think a few are beyond saving, but we have managed to revive a few of the late summer blooms. 

We have encouraged whole bubble wide games, playing games such as Duck, Duck Goose.  On Wednesday I was entertained to an enthralling show of singing, dancing and acrobats by our Y1 and Y2 bubble, whilst the older children go the chance to spend time out on the field.

Happy weekend – long may the beautiful weather continue!

Clubhouse Autumn 1 - Week 2

Date: 11th Sep 2020 @ 2:48pm

Clubhouse would like to wish everyone a warm welcome back. 

What wonderful children we have! They have embraced our new layout and bubble format, spending time exploring their set new area. Feedback so far has been very positive! 

The bubble setting has certainly not diminished the children’s enthusiasm, creativity or chattiness! One group spent time preparing and serving a delicious afternoon tea, before retiring for a spot of ‘Trolls’ colouring.  Lego has had a resurgence, as the children, use their engineering skills to building elaborate – not always steady constructions!  Outdoors, our 3 and 4 bubble chose to create a large paper mural, whilst the Reception and Nursery children opted to water paint the slide.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Clubhouse Spring 2 - Week 3

Date: 13th Mar 2020 @ 2:20pm

On Friday we bounced our way into the weekend, when Clubhouse children got to have another whirl on the bouncy castles.  They leapt, bounced and scrambled their way over the assault course all before the inevitable rain appeared!

It’s been good to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  The children enjoyed a cup of tea and a chat on the toad stools and others danced and performed on the new stage.  For the times we couldn’t get outside groups enjoyed a competitive game of dodgeball in the hall.

As the focus in School has been on computing this week, we had our own internet café.  The children used the laptops, developing their key board skills.  They could use any school programme, with many opting to improve their multiplication skills on Times Table Rock Stars. 

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy weekend!

Clubhouse Spring 2 - Week 2

Date: 6th Mar 2020 @ 5:05pm

As Sunday was St David’s Day and meteorologically the beginning of Spring, we decided to have a Welsh cooking week.  We made Welsh cakes, which surprising worked out well and were quite tasty! We introduced the children to leeks to make leek and potato soup.  We peeled and chopped potatoes then sliced leeks.  The children were surprised that there was soil in then and they had to be washed! 

On Thursday, we joined in with World Book Day.  It was heigh-ho heigh-ho off to work we go - as  the staff of Clubhouse were transformed into the Seven Dwarfs.  There were some wonderful costumes and children spent time in the ‘Onion’ reading some of their favourite books. 

The sunshine put everyone in a party mood on Friday.  After playing outside and snack, we had a disco.  Everyone joined the conga train, which snaked around Clubhouse.  Some fantastic disco moves were then showcased which would of put the most flamboyant 80’s dancer to shame!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

Clubhouse Spring 2 - Week 1

Date: 28th Feb 2020 @ 1:48pm

Welcome back, we hope everyone enjoyed their half term break.  We’re not quite sure where this first week back has gone – maybe it’s a sign of age, it seems to have disappeared like a flash!

Pancakes have certainly been on the agenda; though I’m not quite sure everyone has embraced the giving up of something for Lent!  Rather than the full sugar rush of chocolate and syrups, we opted for the simpler lemon and sugar topping.  The pancakes were certainly enjoyed, both at breakfast and evening snack.

A group of older children put their own pancake mix to the test and made their own from scratch.  They decided that Tuesday had only been a practice and needed to perfect their recipe for a second time on Thursday!  I must say the kitchen didn’t get quite as covered with mixture on Thursday, but this time they were made to do the dishes afterwards!  A few pancakes were tossed and most were caught!

Despite the continuing dismal weather, we have managed to get outside on quite a few evenings this week.  Mrs Grayson worked her magic and had a little move around.  The children had a renewed ownership of the mud kitchen area - serving mud pancakes to their waiting diners, whilst others tested car speeds down the ramps.

Afterward a bracing run around outside, we’ve enjoyed coming back in for game of bingo, quiz or just a little bit of rest and relaxation watching a film.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend!



Clubhouse Spring 1 - Week 6

Date: 14th Feb 2020 @ 9:14am

We have come to the end of a busy half term, the storms and wind sent everyone a little hyper and hampered our outdoor play, but we entertained ourselves with lots of games both in Clubhouse and the hall.  There was a renewed enthusiasm for board games and our minds were stretched trying to complete varying size puzzles – which some found easier than others.

It was eyes down for an exciting game of bingo.  When calling the numbers, we made up our own bingo calls - to much hilarity.  We even tested maths skills by throwing in a few number problems, which despite the age of contestants was extremely impressive.  House was called with great enthusiasm and dramatic acting demonstrated when it was just missed.

Valentine’s Day has been on the minds of our young members.  We made wrapped yarn hearts and shortbread heart biscuits, which were brightly decorated and adorned with coloured strands.  The biscuits were meant for parents and siblings, to show how much they are thought of, however I’m not sure how many will have reached home! 

On Thursday, a group decided that they wanted to make cakes instead of the planned biscuits and decorated them for their family.  They searched out a recipe and found ideas of how to decorate them.  With only a little assistance they weighed, mixed and baked the cakes.  Once cooled, they finished by decorating them to their chosen design.  Hopefully they tasted as good as the amount of effort and care given to each one made. 

Wishing everyone a restful half term holiday.


Clubhouse Spring 1 - Week 5

Date: 7th Feb 2020 @ 2:40pm

Another week has whizzed by – the penultimate before the half term break!  We started the week with a little baking.  After much thought and searching through the recipe book, it was agreed to make a batch of traditional fairy cakes.  Independently, the children weighed and mixed their ingredients; showing a great display of team work and cooperation.  Later in the week, we experimented by veering away from the traditional fairy cake, to an egg and sugar free alternative.  It received mixed reviews, especially from those with a slightly sweeter tooth, but we will continue with the experimenting.

Lots of construction has been occurring around the room.  An elaborate marble run was made as well as elaborate lego cities.  We challenged the children to build the tallest tower of lego that they could, however using the fewest bricks possible and it had to be able to stand without any human support. Engineering hats were firmly placed on heads, and tall towers were built, unfortunately they fell down before any evidence could be captured, stability had definitely been missed from the brief! 

Mrs Grayson lead a lovely story time.  The children chose their own books to share and then listened to a story.  They were very animated and keen to share the favourite parts of their book.  On the craft table a group spent time and care producing and illustrating their own book called The Three Balloons – authors in the making.

Wishing you all a happy weekend.


Clubhouse Spring 1 - Week 4

Date: 31st Jan 2020 @ 5:29pm

As it was Chinese New Year on Saturday, we have continued with the celebrations in Clubhouse.  Our kitchen area has been very popular and the children have enjoyed serving ‘noodles’ in small rice bowls and practicing their chopstick skills.  As always, they extended the role play and turned the area into a full house, with lounge areas and bedrooms, using and adapting the resources as the play evolved.

Our snack menu was revised for the week, so that it had a more oriental twist.  Most meals and foods were popular, especially the prawn crackers and chow main noodles, however we know to never serve chicken and sweetcorn soup again – I’ll say no more!

We continued the oriental theme on the craft table, making lanterns, tiny mice – as it is the year of the rat and paper fortune tellers.  However, the children also had their own ideas and went box crazy creating their own cardboard car.  Much thought and discussion went into the design, especially the construction of the seating area.  It is now a popular addition to our toy collection.

On Thursday, after what seemed like our longest play outdoors in such a long time, we rounded off our evening with some popcorn and a movie. 

Have a wonderful weekend.


Clubhouse Spring 1 - Week 3

Date: 24th Jan 2020 @ 2:36pm

I cannot believe we have been back three weeks already!  On the craft table this week we have been making some no sew cushions.  All that was needed was fleecy material, filling and a pair of scissors.  It was a quick and easy project which even the youngest members could complete independently.  It also had the transferable, practical skills of cutting and tying knots.

To while away the dark evening (we have noticed that it is staying lighter for a little longer) we played a whole club game of charades. It was not only the children’s acting skills that were put to the test, but also their ability not to speak as they acted out the scenario or word! 

Initiated by the children, our home area was transformed into a school on Wednesday; which seemed to date back to Victorian times, as the teachers were extremely strict!  However, it didn’t lack pupils as more and more seemed keen to join the rows.  There was great emphasis on maths, reading and multiplication.  It was lovely to see each of our Year 4 members sharing a book with a Nursery or Reception child.

We always aim to head to the hall at the end of each session to have fun playing games with the added bonus of burning off some energy.  To jazz up some of our popular games we played shape statues.  When the music stopped the children had to join friends and make which ever shape or letter was called.  There was much hilarity and team work while the children figured out how to recreate the shape called.

Wishing everyone a wonderful – healthy weekend.


Clubhouse Spring 1 - Week 2

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 3:57pm

We thought we would aim for a healthy start to the new year with our cooking.  This week we practiced our cutting skills by preparing and chopping lots of different vegetables to make a pasta salad.  The children diced their way through, tomatoes, courgette, peppers and butternut squash.  These were then drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with herbs and seasoning before being roasted.  We were pleased by the number who were willing to give them a try at snack and those that had helped with the preparation got to take some home.  Personally, I thought they were delicious and the room certainly filled with a sweet aroma as the vegetable cooked.

It was good to be able to get outside on a few of the nights and we were teased by the lighter nights only to have them swiftly taken away by the deluge of rain which arrived.  Instead, the children enjoyed a competitive; but fairly played; game of dodgeball in the hall.

Energetic dancing games were requested, which we duly obliged with - to burn off a little energy.  The children danced, whirled and twirled together in groups to the songs from Trolls, before cooling down with a game of sleeping lions!

We hope everyone enjoys a wonderful weekend.

Clubhouse Spring 1 - Week 1

Date: 9th Jan 2020 @ 5:31pm

Welcome back, we hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and we send our best wishes for the New Year. 

It has been a relaxed start to Clubhouse, the children have been keen to chat and share their exciting holiday news.  They have caught up with friends and new members have been exploring and investigating the room.  

Our Frozen inspired Onion has captured the children's imagination and curiosity.  They have enjoyed dressing up in their favourite costumes and re-enacting scenes from the story, or at times simply enjoyed the piece and quiet in the cosy 'Castle'! 

On the craft table, the children have been exploring their  creativity and inventiveness, through junk modelling.  Joining disparate materials they produced castles, frogs with moving mouths and even the odd walking stick or two!  

Happy weekend!


Clubhouse Autumn 2 - Week 7

Date: 19th Dec 2019 @ 2:07pm

We have come to the end of a very busy term and would like to thank everyone for all the wonderful gifts and Christmas wishes we have received.  We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and  Best Wishes for the New Year.

Happy holidays, see you in 2020!

Clubhouse Autumn 2 - Week 6

Date: 13th Dec 2019 @ 3:57pm

Wow! I cannot believe we are at the end of the penultimate week of the term.  We have had a busy time in Clubhouse.  Mrs Clause’s kitchen has remained very busy, and was even visited by a few Angels on their way to the stable.  Dressing up is always a very popular activity and we have had an abundance of sheep, shepherds and kings visiting the room, as well as prancing reindeer and a jolly Father Christmas riding his sleigh.

The children have been putting their design skills to the test, decorating Christmas cakes or gingerbread men.  They have rolled out their icing, adding edible beads for a touch of sparkle. After that, they cut out and wrote their own gift tags, before tying the finishing ribbons.

When asked the children always request parlour games, so we have been heading into the hall as often as we can to play games such as musical statues.  The children also put on their own talent show, working in groups to perform self-choreographed pieces, which were highly entertaining!

Wishing everyone a fun filled weekend.

Clubhouse Autumn 2 - Week 5

Date: 5th Dec 2019 @ 9:58am

I’m not quite sure if it’s an age thing – but these weeks seem to be flying by!  We are well and truly on the Christmas countdown.

The Children have enjoyed immersing themselves in the role play areas, they have loved dressing up as angels, donkeys and kings re-enacting the nativity.  Mrs Clause’s kitchen has been very busy preparing the Christmas dinner, whilst Santa, his elves and reindeer have been busy preparing his sleigh for the all-important night! 

We decided to make use of the drier evenings to get outside. Wrapping up warm, the Children thought it was very exciting playing in the fading light, pointing out the moon and stars on the clearer evenings. 

We’ve got messy on the craft table; the glitter has been out!  Those wishing to have painted and glittered their own plaster of paris decorations to adorn your homes! Our sock snowmen proved to be extremely very popular and one which will continue into next week.

Our Christmas baking has continued, another batch of Christmas cake has been made.  On Rudolph’s recommendation we tried out his favourite carrot flapjacks recipe and in honour of Mrs Clause’s hot chocolate stand made some tasty ginger bread men.

Wishing everyone a wonderful festive weekend.

Clubhouse Autumn 2 - Week 4

Date: 29th Nov 2019 @ 5:54pm

What a busy week we have had!  We started our week with Clubhouse Has Talent, the children entertained us with singing, dancing and jokes - who knew we had such a talented group.  Luckily before snack, we have managed to get out this week for a breath of fresh air as the weather was a little kinder on a few of the evenings.  After snack, we have enjoyed fun and games in the hall and had a fabulous silent disco, where the children could only dance when the music wasn't playing!

Our Christmas activities have begun, the children have been painting decorations and we have started baking our Christmas cakes.  Only time will tell as to how tasty they will be!

Have a lovely weekend!


Clubhouse Autumn 2 - Week 3

Date: 21st Nov 2019 @ 4:37pm

We have enjoyed a very crafty week.  Miss Emmett took to the craft table and should have earned a Blue Peter badge, with her creative designs, which the children enjoyed recreating.  Many children added their own design to our graffiti table. It has been a great tool for children to learn colour mixing, and certainly brought out everyone’s artistic flare.

As the dark evenings are hampering our active outdoor play, the older children have been enjoying playing dodgeball in the hall – I think we may just need to google the rules!  Our younger members have followed on later, for wide games and a bogey to burn off some energy.

At the end of the week, Mrs Grayson entertained us with her Bingo calling (a missed vocation!). It was eyes down whilst looking for two little duck during a competitive, but honest game.  Enthusiastic calls for corners and house were called. Tensions were high whilst waiting for the numbers to be verified before prizes were distributed! 

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.

Clubhouse Autumn 2 - Week 2

Date: 15th Nov 2019 @ 4:34pm

At beginning of the week, we marked Remembrance Day, by creating three giant poppies.  Whilst painting and decorating our poppies, we used the time to chat about why we wear poppies and what we are remembering.  It was an excellent team effort bringing both our younger and older members together. 

Our togetherness continued, with lots of children taking turns, sitting to play board and table top games. Cheese was gobbled up whilst playing ‘Cat and Mouse’, we had a wonderful team designed Mr Potato Head and Nursery children showed great patience while waiting their turn, during a game of ‘Lucky Ducks’.

The end of the week was marked by joining in with Children in Need celebrations.  In true Pudsey style, we decorated cupcakes, coloured and made our own moving Pudsey Bear and had a relaxed snack with a sausage roll treat!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

Clubhouse Autumn 2 - Week 1

Date: 8th Nov 2019 @ 4:32pm

What a fun start to the new half term we have had in Clubhouse this week!

Bonfire Night has been a popular topic of conversation and we have enjoyed a variety of bonfire inspired activities.

The budding artists amongst us created their own firework pictures using chalk, tissue paper, paints and plenty of glitter! We have been so impressed with all the efforts made, we had no choice but to display them proudly around Clubhouse.

The artistic flare didn’t stop there, as the children decorated biscuits as fireworks. We let the children ‘loose’ with the icing, food colouring and teaspoons and they let the icing drizzle from the spoon whilst keeping the spoon moving, to create their own firework effect on the biscuit. There was no chance of any biscuits making it home that night, as these tasty treats were devoured immediately after snack!

As the dark nights have now crept in, we are making good use of the hall when we can. The older children enthusiastically took charge of a competitive game of Dodgeball. The children thoroughly enjoyed developing their aiming, teamwork and dodging skills!

The young aspiring chefs in Clubhouse tried out a new recipe and made marshmallow flapjacks. They were confident in putting the ingredients together to create the delicious treats and they were a big hit with everyone!

Happy weekend everyone!

Clubhouse Autumn Term - Week 8

Date: 25th Oct 2019 @ 2:05pm

We have come to the end of our first half term.  The last eight weeks have flown by, and this week has been as busy as ever.  The older children have been searching through the recipe books and (on the whole) independently baked some delicious chocolate brownies; gooey cookie dough cookies and tasty, soft pretzels.  Their skills at interpreting and following a recipe has greatly improved - they just need to work on the tidying up! 

We have tried to get outside as much as possible, as sadly the dark nights will soon be with us.  Children have enjoyed sharing stories in our onion and playing with the small world car track and pirate ship, where they searched for the lost treasure! On Thursday, as the rain returned (if it ever left us) we made use of the hall dancing the night away.  We certainly have some great little movers! On Friday, we decided to round off the half term with a night at the movies.  

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

Clubhouse Autumn 1 - Week 7

Date: 18th Oct 2019 @ 2:29pm

We have had another fun week here in Clubhouse.

We started the week trying our hands at pancake making. After the measuring and mixing, the big question was, ‘how do you flip the perfect pancake? ’.  The children learnt that however tempting it might have been to flip once the bubbles started to appear, it wasn’t quite time. They waited a few more minutes and then the pancakes were flipped once and only once!

We welcomed some new friends on Wednesday afternoon as the Parent/Teacher Meetings took place. The children decided to host ‘Clubhouse Showtime’. We were treated to a variety of singing, dancing and impressions. The children loved performing and sharing their amazing skills!

At the craft table, some of us let our creative juices flow and produced some beautiful Autumn trees. We used a variety of different coloured paper to create a collage effect and were very pleased with our finished masterpieces.

The hairdressers continued to be popular this week and appointments booked up fast! Mrs Marsh enjoyed her appointment on Monday and luckily, Mrs Grayson managed to secure the last slot of the week and is glammed up and ready for the weekend!

Wishing you all a relaxing, happy weekend!

Clubhouse Autumn 1 - Week 6

Date: 10th Oct 2019 @ 4:40pm

Our hairdressers opened for business this week and has proved a huge hit, attracting a vast clientele.  Those in the waiting area had time to relax and read a comic, before being whisked away for a shampoo and set.  Mrs Marsh was treated to a special morning hair do, which looked delightful once the rollers were removed!  The training heads have been brushed, sprayed, rollered and styled in far too numerous ways to mention. We have some very skilled hairdressers, who have shown their prowess at both plaiting and curling.  This is definitely an area set to stay for some time!

As the hairdressers proved so popular, there was little time for baking, we did try out a new carrot biscuit recipe, which was quite tasty.  We will continue with these next week once the styling fever has abated.  By popular demand the snooker table has made a come back and a 3 a side football match was played on the fuzzball table.  We ended our week with a disco and dance - step aside Anton as Mrs Grayson could show you a few moves!!

Happy weekend everyone.

Clubhouse Autumn 1 - Week 5

Date: 4th Oct 2019 @ 4:20pm

This week we decided to try our hand at a spot of savoury cooking.  With the assistants of some very skilled commis chefs, a great many carrots and potatoes were peeled to make carrot and coriander soup.  In addition we have also made our own frozen yogurt dessert, using vanilla pouring yogurt, mango and banana.  It was decided that we would use a little less banana next time, however it was still a tasty alternative to ice-cream.

Despite some rainy days, we have kept ourselves active.  The children got themselves in a twist, with a game of Twister.  The spinner was spun and hands and feet were strategically placed on the coloured dots, taking great care not to fall.  Eventually everyone was tied up in a giant knot and had to start all over again!  We have also made use of the music room and a group of Year 5 and 6 children enjoyed an energetic game of dodge ball in the hall, whilst our younger members stayed behind for a game of musical statues and chairs.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Clubhouse Autumn 1 - Week 4

Date: 27th Sep 2019 @ 3:43pm

This week, we have aimed to improve our skipping skills.  First, the children lined up to practice jumping over a straight, still rope. We had some very keen participants and many mastered the art of jumping with two feet together.  For those ready, they advanced to successfully skipping with the long jump rope.  We will continue developing our skills as it's a great way to improve our coordination, cooperation and fitness.  In doors we had a chorus of requests for musical statues and bumps, so were able to get moving on the gloomy evenings!

Our Year 6 children have continued their buddy responsibilities in Clubhouse, and enjoyed showing the younger children new games.  We didn't follow The Great British Bake Off this week as the children searched through the cook books and made a joint decision to make chocolate chip cookies.  The Year 6 again led the activity weighing, mixing, measuring and demonstrating to the younger members what to do.  From feed back we believe they tasty pretty good!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Clubhouse Autumn 1 - Week 3

Date: 20th Sep 2019 @ 6:51pm

This week, we have continued with our take on The Great British Bake Off, using a dairy product in our baking.  We opted not to emulate the Indian mishti sweets, which for those following the show proved quite time consuming and tricky.  Instead, we decided to recreate the classic bread and butter pudding. This easy, but often forgotten favourite proved a popular bake.  It also allowed the children to develop some practical life skills of spreading butter and cutting  bread.  The puddings certainly smelt and looked good when they came out of the oven, we just hope they proved to be a tasty dessert as well.

We have played lots of table top games.  There was much amazement while playing the Tooth Fairy Game, when a lost tooth was placed under the pillow and magically transformed into a golden coin. Everyone was kept guessing 'What am I' during a game of Headbanz.  The older children enjoyed a game of multiplayer chess where strategies, logic and tactics were put to the test.

Outdoors we have enjoyed the last of the Summer sun creating our own waterfall with the drainpipes and practicing our balancing skills walking on stilts.

Happy weekend.