Year 3- Autumn 1- Week 7

Date: 16th Oct 2020 @ 4:09pm


What a wonderful week it has been in Year 3!

This week, we enjoyed another whole school Collective Worship via Zoom, in which we continued our focus on the value ‘generosity’. After a discussion about our favourite things, Reverend Anne told us about the life of Saint Francis.  We learnt that Saint Francis generously gave his time to help animals and nature. He saw that God was reflected in the natural world. We then reflected on the feeling we get when we give gifts as well as when we receive them.

Continuing with our Geography topic, ‘What is life like in India?’ This week, we explored some of the major rivers in India. After discussing what a river is, we learnt that India has many river systems due to the large number of mountain ranges in the country. We were amazed to discover that the Indus river was home to an ancient civilisation! We then decided to research and create fact files for 2 of the most famous rivers in India, the Ganges river and the Narmada river.

In PE, we enjoyed practising our jumping skills through lots of fun jumping games, including ‘Jump the River!’ We then competed in a Speed Bounce contest which tested our speed, agility, co-ordination and stamina. We can’t wait to see if we can beat our scores next week!

This week, we took part in ‘Hate Crime Awareness Week’. After learning what a hate crime is, we discussed how we can ‘Stop Hate’ and spread kindness. We agreed that we should respect and celebrate people’s differences, as our uniqueness is what makes us special. We then decided to decorate hand prints and write some important messages on them to share with the world. 

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Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!