Year 3- Autumn 2- Week 1

Date: 6th Nov 2020 @ 4:51pm


What a wonderful week it has been in Year 3! From learning some new hockey skills in PE, to celebrating firework night, we have been very busy!

In RE, we began our new topic, ‘God with us’ and explored the question, ‘How is God present in our lives?’ Firstly, we explored the Nativity story, when God came to earth as Jesus and was present in human form. We discussed how through his spirit, God is present with us today. We then enjoyed reading the poem, ‘Footprints in the Sand’ by Mary Fishback which describes a person who sees two pairs of footprints in the sand, one of which belonged to God and another to him or herself. In response, we identified a special moment in our lives when we have felt God’s presence and it has given us hope.

In History, we explored our new critical question, ‘Why do we celebrate British History Heroes?’ We learnt about the life of ‘William Wilberforce’ and explored how he became involved in the campaign to abolish the slave trade. After discovering what the slave trade involved, we learnt how and why Wilberforce and his supporters tried to stop it. We then thought critically and used our white and grey thinking hats to think of the arguments for and against slavery at the time and then debated over the question: ‘should slavery be abolished?’

In Science, we learnt about the different food groups and nutrients that are needed for a balanced diet. We designed our own healthy and balanced meal and then carried out an experiment to predict and measure the sugar content of some of our favourite drinks. We were shocked at some of the findings! We learnt that as part of a healthy and balanced diet, we should also make healthy drink choices.

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday for the beginning of ‘Celebration of Kindness Week’.


Next week’s spellings have been added to Google Classroom.