Year 3- Autumn 2- Week 3

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 5:28pm


What a fantastic week it has been! From participating in ‘Road Safety Week’, to learning some new skills in our swimming lesson. We have been very busy!

In RE, we had lots of fun retelling the Nativity story. We discussed how Mary must’ve felt when an angel appeared before her and told her that she was going to give birth to God's son. We then drew some pictures of the nativity scene and shared the news that Emmanuel is God.

In English, we continued our focus on ‘Winter’s Child’ by Angela McAllister and wrote some excellent diary entries. We learnt how to use adverbials for time in our writing and the importance of using a comma after fronted adverbials. We also used thesauruses to ensure our work included adventurous vocabulary.

In Maths, we used our growth mindsets to tackle some tricky column subtraction calculations with exchanging. We also challenged our knowledge of times tables in a class Times Tables Rock Stars contest. It got very competitive!

In History, we explored the British history hero, ‘Lord Shaftesbury’. We learnt about Lord Shaftesbury’s role in the improvement of working conditions for poor children in the Victorian period. We were shocked to discover that terrible working conditions that children faced at the time and the significance of the acts that Lord Shaftesbury helped to pass through Parliament.


As part of ‘Anti-Bullying Week’, we discussed the different types of bullying and the importance of telling a trusted adult if you or someone else is being bullied. We agreed that everyone should ‘Choose Wisely’ and serve with a kind heart. We then created some beautiful friendship bracelets for our partners to show them how much we care.


Have a lovely weekend!


Next week’s spellings have been added to Google Classroom.