Artsmark Award

ArtsMark made the following comment about our school:

Trinity St. Peter’s Church of England Primary School is to be commended for the commitment it has shown, at a senior level, in supporting a wide range of artistic and cultural experiences for pupils. You have successfully developed a wide range of partnerships which have extended both teacher and pupil expectations. Working with a number of local professional artists, appointing an in-house trained artist and organisations, including the local Music Education Hub and Local Cultural Education Partnership, have provided pupils with the skills and confidence to be advocates for the Arts, and their efforts have been recognised locally and nationally achieving ‘Gold’ Global Neighbours. You have also provided pupils with a wide range of opportunities to perform in a range of settings and experience authentic experiences. The wider school community including parents, and local dignitaries have also been impressed with the level of commitment to the Arts and cultural projects showcased by pupils. For your future development it would be good to hear about the impact that the trips to Uganda have on pupils and teachers within these schools. You may also wish to build a bank of case studies, perhaps through your partnership with Exeter University, which can be shared both regionally and nationally to highlight the impact of your work. You have much to be proud of at the school and if you continue to develop initiatives further, you could become a leading advocate for the benefits of strong arts and cultural programmes within schools.