Key Stage 2

Parents who wish for their child to extend their learning at home further, are encouraged to use the links below recommended by our Key Stage 2 teachers.



Calculation Methods:

Year 3 - Addition  

Year 3- Subtraction 

Year 3 - Multiplication

Year 3 - Division


KS2 Maths Websites:


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Times Tables

Times Tables Rockstars


Year 4 - Addition  

Year 4 - Subtraction 

Year 4 - Multiplication

Year 4 - Grid Multiplication

Year 4 - Division

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Times Tables

Times Tables Rockstars


Year 5 - Addition 

Year 5 - Subtraction 

Year 5 - Multiplication

Year 5 - Division

Year 5 - Written Methods

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Times Tables

Times Tables Rockstars


Year 6 - Addition

Year 6 - Subtraction

Year 6 - Multiplication

Year 6 - Division

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SATs Papers 

SATs Companion

Maths SATs Revision 

SATs Walkthroughs



BBC Bitesize

English Revision

Book Finder

Punctuation Games

Crickweb Games

Sentence Play

Spell It! (Warning: may contain American spellings)

Questions to support reading comprehension



Scratch (Coding)

Minecraft Coding 

Star Wars Coding

Frozen Coding

How to make your own Flappy Bird game

Physical Education

PE with Joe Wicks

Cosmic Kids Yoga


BBC Bitesize

Planet Science

BP Educational Service

The Royal Institution- Science Experiments To Do At Home

Science Kids

e-Bug Junior


Files to Download