Key Stage 1

As a school we follow the White Rose Hub Maths Scheme. To support learning at home, White Rose Hub have created free downloadable workbooks for each topic that we teach across the year. These can be downloaded using the following link. Parents can find out which topic children are covering by looking at  Year Group Curriculum Maps and by referring to class blogs too.

In addition to this, if you click on the following link, you will find videos to supplement the in school learning for every year group across the school. Please use the v3 schemes version

Additionally, parents who wish for their child to extend their learning at home further, are encouraged to use the links below recommended by our Key Stage 1 teachers. 



Calculation Methods:                

Year 1 - Addition 

Year 1 - Subtraction 

Year 1 - Multiplication 

Year 1 - Division 


KS1 Maths Websites:              


Times Tables Help

Times Tables Rockstar

Year 2 -Addition  

Year 2 - Subtraction 

Year 2 - Multiplication 

Year 2 - Division 

Cool Maths 4 Kidz

Maths Exercises

BBC Bitesize

Topmarks Maths


BBC Bitesize


Sentence Games

Phonics Play

KS1 Phonics

Letters and Sounds Phonics

Phonics Games -

ICT Phonics Games

Phonics Blooms Games

Questions to support reading comprehension

Spelling Games

Book Finder at Book Trust



BBC Bitesize

BP Educational Service

The Royal Institution- Science Experiments To Do At Home

Science Kids

e-Bug Junior


Mystery Science



Animated Bible Stories

Files to Download