Year 1 Team: Miss S Law (Class Teacher) & Mrs D Millington
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Year 1 - Autumn 2 - Week 5

Date: 1st Dec 2023 @ 3:59pm


This week Year 1 have worked so hard this week! In maths, we focused on Addition and Subtraction. We used a variety of practical resources to support our learning. We focused on fact families and used part-whole models to create number sentences, this week we were able to work out additions and subtractions!

In RE this week, we focused on our Christmas topic, we began discussing gifts and what it feels like to receive and give gifts. We shared some lovely thoughts as we discussed how giving gifts makes us feel warm inside and is often even better than receiving gifts. We discussed the times and reasons why we receive and give gifts. We created gifts of our own and discussed the importance of giving gifts at Christmas. We understood that God gave us the gift of Jesus as we explored the Nativity story in more detail.

This week we explored Wales as a part of our Geography topic ‘Where in the world are we?’. We focused on the United Kingdom and its countries, specifically Wales and its features. We looked at the national flower, and animal and even looked at some Welsh cuisine! We had the chance to taste some famous Welsh food!

We ended our week on a wonderful note! As weenjoyed a fun filled day on Friday 1st December. We were so excited to get involved in all things Christmas! It made us all so excited for the next few weeks, we can’t wait to celebrate the Christmas season as a class.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! We look forward to seeing you all on Monday.









Year 1 - Autumn 2 - Week 4

Date: 23rd Nov 2023 @ 5:00pm

IMG_3564(1).jpegYear 1 have had another brilliant week! We began our week finishing our fantastic windmills in Design Technology. We have thoroughly enjoyed developing new skills and putting them into practice, we are so proud of our structures, and cannot wait to share them with you at home!

In PE this week we continued our beautiful underwater themed dance! We had so much fun recreating under water creatures. We loved practising to one of our favourite songs too! We have been building upon our technique and now feel more confident dancing the whole routine as a class. 

We explored the country of England this week in our Geography topic, by delving into the features of England as a part of the United Kingdom. 'Where in the world are we?' allows us to focus on different parts on the United Kingdom and discover some of the key features of each country. This week we discussed that the United Kingdom is made up of 4 countries, we then explored England in detail. We had a great afternoon learning about the English flower, national animal and cuisine. We then made a visit to the English Cafe and tried some scones! 

We focused on Road Safety this week as we discussed how we can be safe on the road. We explored some of the most important rules on how to be cautious when crossing roads, we then created our own stop signs to encourage road safety. We even had a practice at using them on our playground! This was a fun way to enhance our understanding of roads and how we can be careful when crossing. 

Have a lovely weekend Year 1! Thank you for all of your hard work. 

Year 1 - Autumn 2 - Week 3

Date: 15th Nov 2023 @ 10:43am


We have had another fantastic week in Year 1! We began our week continuing with our Design Technology project. We enjoyed creating the turbine and the roof for our windmill. We used our cutting and sticking skills to create the turbine, as well as our designing skills.


In RE this week we discussed how we can take care of God’s amazing creation. We began by looking at the ways in which humans have ruined our world such as littering and pollution. We understood that we should take care of our world by respecting its wonder and beauty. We discussed how we could use our efforts to care for God’s creation, we had some brilliant ideas! We highlighted the importance of picking up litter wherever we go, we also discussed how crucial it is to encourage wildlife by planting more trees.


We had so much fun this week as we celebrated Kindness Week! To begin we focused on the importance of understanding bullying and how we respond to bullying in school. We discussed the features of bullying and highlighted how our school value of ‘Nurture’ encourages us to be kind to one another. We then celebrated how kind our classroom is by discussing the ways we support each other to thrive in every way.


We then designed our very own kindness stones, we decorated a stone with kind words and beautiful drawings. We thoroughly enjoyed this activity! We then went on a walk around our local area to drop off our stones. This was our way of celebrating and spreading kindness as we hope people in our local area can spot our stones and feel a sense of happiness and hope. If you find one of our stones please tweet us!  


Have a great weekend everyone! We can't wait to see you all for another fantastic week on Monday. 


Year 1 - Autumn 2 - Week 2

Date: 10th Nov 2023 @ 8:25am

Well done for another amazing week Year 1! We have had a great week.


We started the week by continuing our Maths topic on ‘Addition and Subtraction’. We introduced the subtraction symbol and focused on our STAR vocabulary – minus and subtract. We used a variety of practical resources to support us in subtracting numbers within 10.


In DT this week we created stable structures for our windmill project. We had so much fun designing and creating the bases. We then made some mice to go inside our windmills when they are complete! We can’t wait to see the finished result.


We started our new PE units this week as we focused on Dance and Target Skills. We began exploring the importance of teamwork, positive support and developing a good technique. We loved developing new skills as we practiced underarm throws and used our kindness to encourage our peers.


In Geography we had a great afternoon exploring our local area as part of our topic ‘Where in the world are we?’. We discussed that we live in the United Kingdom and located it on a world map.      We then explored our local area and discussed some of the local features within Formby. We then explored the area by going on a local walk to pinpoint some of the physical and human features in our school surroundings.


Have a lovely weekend everyone, you have all worked so hard.!1Trip(1).jpeg

Year 1 - Autumn 2 - Week 1

Date: 1st Nov 2023 @ 11:55am


Welcome back Year 1! Well done on a fantastic week back. 

We have had a fun-filled week, we began this week with lots of excitement about Halloween, and we discussed some of the brilliant costumes and spooky activities we had all been doing over half term.

In Maths this week we continued our topic on Addition and Subtraction. We began looking at adding using our number bond facts, we used ten frames to support our learning. We have made fantastic progress in this topic, as we are now able to recognise number bonds quickly and use our knowledge to work out number sentences. We enjoyed our practical sessions as we used sweets to help us add on more, this was a fun and relatable way to practise our addition skills. 

We began our new topic in Science this week as we explored Seasons. We went on a hunt around school to discover the features of Autumn. We found some fantastic examples such as orange coloured leaves, and empty branches on the trees. We then compared the Autumn season to Summer, as we discussed how in Autumn we need to protect ourselves from the cold, by wearing lots of layers, where as in Summer we need to protect ourselves from the sun by wearing sun cream, sunglasses and sun hats. 

We have been getting extremely excited about Kindness Week, and have been practising our best moves in preparation! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Well done for all your hard work this week.



Wednesday 8th November - School Nurse - Nasal Flu Vaccination 

Friday 17th November – Children in Need – more information to follow

Year 1 - Autumn 1 - Week 7

Date: 19th Oct 2023 @ 4:42pm

What a wonderful end to a fantastic first half term!


We started this week with a focus on our Computing topic ‘My Online Life’. We loved learning about online safety and how to be sensible when using technology. We discussed some brilliant ideas about how to ensure we are being responsible on our devices at home, we understood that asking permission is the most important part. We especially loved having the opportunity to use our school Ipads, as we explored search engines and how we use them to find out interesting facts.


We had fun in our Music lesson this week as we practised finding the pulse in more detail. We found it really tricky trying to hold a steady pulse whilst staying in time with each other! We followed a conductor as we continued to practice performing in time and as a team.


In PE this week we explored ball skills in more detail, as we focused on dribbling the ball. We focused on control and keeping our eyes on the ball. We loved playing 'croc chase' as we tried to catch each other out. We have some fantastic footballers in Year 1!


Our week ended on an exciting note as we attended our school Monster Disco on Thursday! It was amazing to see everyone having fun and trying hard to win some of the dancing games.


Year 1 have been absolutely amazing this half term, they have all settled in so well, tried their best every day and have made our classroom such a happy place to be. I hope everyone has a lovely half term break, it is very well deserved!



Year 1 - Autumn 1 - Week 6

Date: 12th Oct 2023 @ 4:29pm

We have had a fantastic week in Year 1. It has been filled with so much fun and excitement.

We started the week with a very exciting visitor, we were lucky enough to have a current NHS nurse come to answer our questions on how nursing has changed over the years. We were so enthusiastic when asking questions, and were eager to share all of our knowledge on Florence Nightingale, she was blown away! We told her how grateful we are for the fantastic work nurses do, as she helped us understand her daily roles and routines when caring for people. We were so inspired by her kindness, lots of us hope to be nurses when we grow up!

In Maths this week we began our new topic on part whole models. We enjoyed using practical resources to explore the structure of a part whole model, we had some great mathematicians sharing their number fact knowledge. We then consolidated our new learning by putting our practical models into number sentences.

In Music this week we had so much fun finding the pulse, as we used different senses to find and keep a steady pulse. We discussed how the pulse is the heartbeat of the music, and used the sound of our hearts to help us replicate a steady beat. We have some brilliant musicians in Year 1!

We celebrated Hello Yellow Day this week, as we created our very own class paper chain. We joined each individual together to represent how we are all connected by the special bond we have as TSP family.

This week we especially enjoyed a day in our PJs as we took part in Alder Hey PJ day! We loved taking part in activities to mark this special day. We feel very lucky to be a part of such a fantastic school family.


Year 1 - Autumn 1 - Week 5

Date: 6th Oct 2023 @ 3:24pm

Well done on another fantastic week Year 1! We are so proud of how you are working hard and having fun.


We started the week thinking about the new month ahead. We discussed our favourite things about the Autumn season, and felt very excited about pumpkin picking, beautiful leaves falling from trees, conker hunting and Halloween costumes! In art this week we took inspiration from the month of October as we explored a variety of pumpkins. We created some brilliant pumpkin drawings, and were blown away by the talent in our classroom!


We had an exciting afternoon on Tuesday as we took part in a Martial Arts workshop, learning self defence skills. This was a new way to get us active. In PE this week we have focused on ball skills, by practicing our dribbling and rolling skills. We loved showing off our skills and working as a team to pass the ball.


In Maths this week we made our very own human number line. We ordered numbers 1 – 10, and moved objects up and down the number line using our knowledge of more and less. We began using Rekenreks to support our counting skills, as we learned how to create numbers within 10 and 20.


Well done on another great week Year 1. Have a lovely weekend!

!1Y ART.jpg

Year 1 - Autumn 1 - Week 4

Date: 28th Sep 2023 @ 2:42pm

What an exciting week Year 1 have had!
In Maths, we have continued our topic on Place Value, focusing on less than and greater than. We have used a variety of manipulatives to support our learning, some of our favourites are ten frames, counters and large cubes. We have enjoyed lots of practical activities this week, using our number bond knowledge to create and order numbers within 10.
We have had another fantastic History lesson this week, learning more about nurses. We explored the fascinating life of Mary Seacole, where we discovered how she helped the soldiers in Crimea just like Florence Nightingale! Together as a class we compared the two nurses, discussing their similarities and differences. We discovered that they both helped care for soldiers in the Crimea, and they both changed how nursing was perceived. We also realised that they had a lot of differences, as Mary Seacole was soon forgotten after the war ended, whereas Florence Nightingale was remembered as a hero. Year 1 reflected on this by commenting that the way Mary Seacole was treated was unfair, as she was just as deserving and worked just as hard.






Year 1 - Autumn 1 - Week 3

Date: 22nd Sep 2023 @ 3:41pm



We have had another fantastic week in Year 1!

We had an exciting start to the week as we had the chance to take part in a circus skills workshop, we learned all about spinning plates, flowers stick tricks and even practiced some juggling! We were fascinated by the circus performers from Bring he Fire Project, their skills were incredible! We would all love to be part of the circus one day.

In Maths this week we have continued to develop our understanding of place value. This week we have focused on understanding how to count backwards. We have used concrete recourses throughout the week to support our understanding. We used small cubes to help us find one more and one less, we have also practiced counting backwards from 10 on a number line.

This week we began our History topic, learning all about Florence Nightingale. We read all about her life and how she helped soldiers in the Crimean War. Together we created a story map of her life in chronological order. We were so impressed by her resilience and kindness as she worked to make such ground-breaking changes to nursing. We were truly inspired by her achievements, and lots of us would love to be a nurse like her one day!

A poster containing 100 recommended reads has been attached to this blog. By providing 100 quality texts at an age-appropriate level, this may be useful when choosing your chiu8lds next book. we hope it inspires the children to continue on in their reading journeys whilst encouraging a love of stories.


  • On Wednesday 27th September, parents are invited to the KS1 workshop which will focus on reading fluency. Please click on the link in the letter to sign up.
  • Can you please ensure that any additional contributions are sent in before Friday 29th
  • Can reading folders be returned by Thursday each week, to ensure the children can go home with new books every Friday.

Year 1 - Autumn 1 - Week 2

Date: 15th Sep 2023 @ 3:41pm

thumbnail_IMG_2650 (1).jpg

What a fantastic week year 1 have had! We have had so much fun getting to know each other even more.

At the start of the week, in RE, we began our topic ‘Harvest’ and discussed how the food we eat comes from different parts of the world. We created our own pitta pizzas, using ingredients from all around the world. We investigated the packaging and discovered that some of our ingredients came from the Middle East!

We had an exciting day on Wednesday celebrating Roald Dahl Day. We looked at Roald Dahl’s life story, and discussed some of our favourite Roald Dahl stories! We decided that one of our class favourites is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! We had so much fun looking at the Oompa Loompa song. We then created our own characters and designed individual gingerbread men.

We had the greatest afternoon learning all about the Circus! Taking part in an amazing art workshop, creating the most fantastic circus themed bunting. We are so excited to take part in more workshops next week!

Well done for all of your brilliant work this week Year 1, we are so proud of how much you are learning already! We hope you all have an amazing weekend, and look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Miss Law and the Year 1 team!

Year 1 - Autumn 1 - Week 1

Date: 8th Sep 2023 @ 3:16pm



What an amazing start to our new school year! We have had the most wonderful few days getting to know Year 1 and our new classroom.

We have been getting settled into Year 1 by exploring our emotions, focusing on the film Inside Out! We have discussed what the emotions can look like, how they make us feel, and times when we have felt them. We have considered ways we can support each other as a class to deal with such emotions. We talked about how we go through all of the emotions throughout a week in school, with some of us having a lot of fear at the beginning of the school week, to now at the end of the week, feeling lots of joy! We understand that this is all part of starting a new class and we have lots to be excited about. We focused on our school values ‘nurture’ and ‘serve’ as the children discussed how they can spread kindness to support each other as a class team.

We have had a fantastic start to PE, focusing on fundamental skills, and practising our balancing and jumping skills in particular. We have also focused on how our bodies move differently when we change speed, we have had so much fun testing out different ways to travel around the track: like a penguin, a toy soldier, and Sonic the Hedgehog!

We have especially enjoyed our new outside area, as we have explored the different areas filled with lots to play with! We have spent time in the lovely sunshine, especially enjoying our musical area where we have performed lots of songs and dances.

It has been a pleasure to welcome the children this week, we look forward to making our learning journey an enjoyable and exciting year. Don’t forget to follow our Twitter account @Year1TSP to see our highlights throughout the week.

Well done for all of your hard work this week year 1! We hope you have a lovely weekend, we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday!

Year 1 - Summer 2 - Week 7

Date: 17th Jul 2023 @ 8:00am


And that's a wrap! What an incredible, busy and exciting year we have had together in Year 1. Your hard work and determination is a credit to you all, and for that, you should all be incredibly proud of all your acheivements. To the parents, we would like to say thank you for all your support over the year, it has been incredible and made such a difference to your little ones lives. From all of us here in Year 1, we would like to say thank you for your generours gifts, it is incredibly kind of you all. I am delighted to be taking you up to Year 2, and I cannot wait to see you florish. From all of us here in Year 1, have the most incredible summer holiday. 



Year 1 - Summer 2 - Week 6

Date: 14th Jul 2023 @ 4:36pm


What an incredible last, full week, of term we have had! Where has this year gone? 

We finished off our final Maths topic, Time. We explored the physical clock identifying the differnet hands and numbers on a clock whilst learning about reading time to the o'clock and half past. We enjoyed this topic as Miss Jones allowed us all to draw on the tables, but shhhh don't tell Mr Essary!

This week we had an absolute treat, when we had a visit from Active Sefton, who taught us all about the importance of eating heatllhy as part of our DT project. After, we desgined our own packaging and created out own delicious smoothies. They were incredible! As well as this were were fortuante enough to watch the Y6 Leavers Production. We laughed, cried and cheered to celetebrate the fantastic acheivements of the wonderful Y6 children. We wish all the children the best of luck in high school. 

This week, the children also enjoyed a visit from Rob from Formby Library who informed the children about this year's Summer Reading Challenge. Very exciting! There are two ways you can take part in the Summer Reading Challenge:

  • You can join at Formby Library and take part in person. The librarian will give you a collector folder, stickers, and other special rewards, and help you find books to read.
  • Or, take part online by signing up here. Set a reading goal and log your books on your profile. When you reach your goal, you will unlock a virtual badge and certificate.

Please note, the in-person and online challenges are separate. Medals and certificates are only available via the library, for those taking part in the in-person challenge. We hope the children enjoy completing the reading challenge and this will be celebrated when we return to school in September.

In preparation for the next academic year, please see the Year 2 Successful Start PowerPoint and Virtual Classroom attached at the end of this blog.

Have a wonderful weekend, Year 1!


Year 1 - Summer 2 - Week 5

Date: 6th Jul 2023 @ 4:11pm


How is it Friday already? 

Year 1 have had another exceptional week, full of fun, hard work and laughter! 

On Monday, we took a trip to the Schooltastic Book Fair and looked at all the genres and books that were there to purchase. Many of us dragged our parents back for a second look. 

On Tuesday, we were fortunate enough to have a visit from the RNLI who taught us all about water safety on the beach. During an interactive session, we learnt about the different flags and also who to contact in an emergancy. As well as this, they explained how we can keep safe if we entered cold water to prevent cold water shock. 

On Friday, we were in for a treat when we were able to watch the TSP Talent Show. This year, we were part of the audience, clapping and cheering along as Year 2 to 6 perfromed a range of fabulous acitvites. It was a tight contest, however, we felt that all the acts were absolutly incredible! We cannot wait to take part next year. Prior to this, on Thursday, we were able to sneak into the hall and have a dance session on the stage as part of our PE lesson, such fun!

The fun didn't stop their on Friday, when we given the opportunity to visit our new classroom with our not so new teacher, Miss Jones. We loved getting familar with our new surrondings and completing tasks as a class, we know now, that next year will be an absolute success! twitt

In Maths, we started our new topic, Time, we focused on developing our understanding of the days of the week and the months of the year using terminoly such as before and after. Next week, we will continue with this topic exploring reading the clock to o'clock and half past. 


  • Last day of school will be Wednesday 19th July at 1pm.
  • Friday 14th July will be Mufti Day for Break the Rules Day.

Year 1 - Summer 2 -Week 4

Date: 28th Jun 2023 @ 8:36am



What a spectacular week we have had in Year 1, full of laughter, fun and determination! 

For the past few weeks, we have been gearing up for our favourite day of the year, Sports Day! We have been working hard to practice the different races, persevering when it got tough and working as a team as part of the three-legged race. On Wednesday, the rain held off and we pulled on our running shoes, giving the races our all. It was truly a wonderful afternoon, thank you to everyone who came to watch!

A huge thank you to Year 4 for letting us take part in their team building activities. Working collaboratively with them, we carefully navigated our marbles through their newly design marble mazes ensuring that no marbles escaped in the process! It was a lovely afternoon and we were so grateful for the invite.

The fun didn’t stop there though, with the Summer Fair on Friday, we have truly been treated this week! We had an absolute ball, stocking up on sweet treats and prizes nothing was going to dull our sparkle! A huge thank you to Team TSP for organising such a wonderful event.

We continued our reading journey in Phonics, exploring new text and developing our writing. We continue to be proud of all the children and their determination to achieve. Next week will be our final week of streaming children for this academic year, this is to allow Miss Jones to reassess all children ready for September. Therefore, can we ask that all books are returned to school by the 14th July.

In Maths, we started exploring the concept of money. We started by discussing the value of various coins and recognising, using subitising, their worth. This allowed us to understand the concept of needing more than one coin for various amounts and how we can use different variations to create the same denomination.  

Unfortunately, we will be saying goodbye today to the wonderful Miss De Haro who has been supporting us in class over the past 12 weeks whilst completing her PGCE. The children have loved having her in class an we have had many wonderful memories with her that we will cherish forever. We know that wherever she goes next, she will succeed and wish her the best for the future!


  • It is incredibly warm at the moment; please can we ask ALL children to have a water bottle and hat with them each day.
  • Please can we ask that all books are returned to school by Friday 14th July.
  • PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday.   
  • School will close for summer on Wednesday 19th July at 1pm. 

Year 1 - Summer 2 - Week 3

Date: 22nd Jun 2023 @ 1:36pm


We've had fun in the sun again this week and have absolutly LOVED it! This weather certainly brings out the best in us.

With only four weeks left, we have got a lot to cram in! 

In Maths, we continued with our Place Value topic with a specific focus on numbers beyond 50. For this, we had to connect our learning back to Autum Term, using our understanding of numbers bonds to 10 and one more and one less to solve some tricky questions. As well as this, we learnt about the value of the two digit numbers themselves, recognising tens and ones within given numbers. All this learning had to end with an exciting game of Place Value Bingo! A highly competative version we must say! 

Our Phonics lessons got underway again this week after having a week off due to the Phonics Screen Check. This meant that all groups started new books, recapping previously taught sounds, red words and green words with a focus on reading speed and pace. After, we all created an excellent piece of writing on the chosen book. 

This week, we have also been completing a series of assessments this week in the afternoon. The focus of these assessment are for staff to understand what the children need more support on. These assessements are not shared with parents and are just for teachers. 

In PE, we continued to practice for our upcoming sports day which will take place next Wednesday. Our focus was to continue to practice our team work skills for the three legged race as well our sportsmanship for the individual races. PE didn't just stop there though, as it was National Sports Week this week, we got the equipment out at break time, playing tennis, hula hooping and skipping! 

On Wednesday afternoon, we had the most wonderful surprise, a magician came to visit! We were amazed by his wonderful performance which saw members of our class get involved. We loved having a good giggle with him and the rest of the school. Thank you so much to Mrs Pringle for organising such an incredible treat! 


  • Sports Day is next Wednesday 28th June between 1pm and 1:30pm. Please ensure that all children bring a hat to school this day as well as an additonal water bottle, where possible.
  • Summer Fair will take place on Friday 30th June, the children will attend the fair with their classes first, they will need to be picked up from their class door before returning to the fair with their parents, should parents wish too.  
  • It is incredibly warm at the moment, please can we ask ALL children to have a water bottle and hat with their each day.  
  • School will close for summer on Wednesday 19th July at 1pm. 

Year 1 - Summer 2 - Week 2

Date: 18th Jun 2023 @ 2:06pm


An exceptionally hot week, for an exceptional class! 

We wanted to start of by first explaining how proud we are of all the children in Year 1, who this week completed their Phonics Screen Check (unbeknown to them!). The children all worked hard to read, segment and blend the words back together and regardless of whether they 'pass', we are proud of all the hard work they have put in this week, and throughout the year! Keep shining Year 1, in everything you do.

In Maths, we completed the first of our termly assessments, and the children worked, again, extremely hard with this. They will complete their second assessment next week along with two reading assessments. In additon to this assessment, the chidlren started our new topic, Place Value to 100. The children worked hard to put their prior knowledge to use, connecting their learnnig back to our previous place value topic to remind them of the number order and the value of tens and ones. They will continue with this topic next week. 

In PE we practiced for our upcoming sport day, which will take place on Wedneday 28th June, working together and supporting each other in each activity such as the three legged race, which proved trickier than we thought especially if you were teamed up with Miss Jones!

On Friday, we had an extra specail treat, when Mrs Molloy brought in her garden sprinkler! We LOVED running through it too cool down, which was made even better when Miss Jones handed out the ice pops!  From all of us here in Year 1, we hope you have a delightful weekend and enjoy this incredible weather! 



  • PE lessons take place every Tuesday and Wednesday this term.
  • Please can you ensure that children are sent to school with water bottles, hats and sun cream.
  • Reading books should be returned every Friday morning ready to be swapped.

Year 1 - Summer 2 - Week 1

Date: 3rd Jun 2023 @ 6:28pm



And,  just like that, we have started our final term in Year 1 and what an adventure we will have!

We had the most incredible time on our school trip to Tatton Park on Thursday, where we were able to travel back in time to the Victorian Era and experience what life was like back then. We loved donning tradtional Vicotrian clothing and acting out parts of their every day life from school to cleaning, even the teachers got involved! This was the perfect start to our new History topic, ' Is it better to be a child now than in the past?'. As the weeks progress, we will use our experience from this trip as well as aretefacts to compare life now, and then. 

In Maths, we started, and finished, our new topic, Geometry, exploring the postion and direction of various objects describing postitons after they are moved. Next week, we will visit our topic on Place Value, exploring numbers to 100. 

We explored materials and textures in Art and investigated how different one can affect the other. This week, we explored how you can create different patterns and pictures using a range of different medium such as; paper, tissue paper and paint. We are delighted with how our creations turned out.

The summer weather brought with it the summer sports and we absolutly loved getting outside to complete both Athletics and Striking and Feilding. In Athletics, we completed a range of different activities in preparation for Sports Day from running races to the egg and spoon. It was very exciting. As well as this, we practiced hitting, large and small balls, with a variuos bats exploring how the different ones create more power or 'stirke' to move the ball across the field. 

We explored summer in Science as well, comparing our current glorious summer weather to the previous seasons. We discussed we must keep ourselves safe in the sun and identified various items that we shoud used as a result. 


- Please can you ensure that children are sent to school with water bottles, hats and suncream. The weather is getting hotter and we do not have the resources to supply the children with the above. Please also note that staff are unable to apply suncream to children so please can you practice with your child at home. 

- Next week the children will complete their Phonics Screen Check, the check itself will be seamless and the children will be unaware of it compared to other assessments. As stated previously, we will not be able to share results with you until the reports due to the government deciding on the pass score. TO support your child, please complete the videos which have been shared with you over School Spider. 

- PE days will continue to be on a Tuesday and Wednesday each week, please ensure children are dress appropriotely for their lesson. 

Year 1 - Summer 1 - Week 6

Date: 23rd May 2023 @ 7:20am

What an incredible term we have had together, roll on the next and final one of the year! I cannot beleive we only have 6 weeks left until Year 2!

In Maths, we finished our topic on Fractions and showed an excellent understanding in our recap session. We were able to put our understanding of halves and quarters to the test and apply it to both practical and written questions. Next term, we will explore Geometry in our first week back exploring position and direction. 

In Phonics, Children were reassessed by myself, Miss Jones, and regrouped accordingly. As well as this we continued to prepare for the Phonics Screen Check focusing on embedding those last few sounds and reading longer words. Children will not get books for over half term, please refer to the additonal videos. 

We finished off our Art topic on Henri Rosseau by focusing on his use of bright colours and obsession with animals by exploring some of his most popular pieces of Art. We soon learnt that Rosseau liked to hide animals in his art work hiding them in his landscapes by using vibrant coloured leaves as a disguise. We then used this understanding of his artwork, to create our own animal masks inspired by his colours and designs. 

We finished off our topic on 'Farms', in Geography, and explored the different farms around us due to our enviorment. 

On Thursday, we completed 'Computing Day'. This term, we focused on creating our own books and developed our understanding of uploading images/downloading images and how to add text to a document. As well as this, we loved learning about QR codes and how we can used them to download images and resources. 

Finally, from all of us here in Year 1, we hope you all have a wonderful and restful half term and cannot wait to see you in a weeks time, ready for our final six weeks.  Please see the Virtual Classroom attached for resources to support you further, should you wish. 


- Year 1 will now have PE on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.  Please ensures children come ot school in their full PE kits on these days.

- Please ensure that children come to school with a water bottle each day, especially during these hotter days. 

- Year 1 will be going on a school trip to Tatton Park on Thursday 8th June. They will need to arrive to school promptly as we will need to leave at 9am.  

- Please explore the additonal videos which have been sent to you on School Spider over half term to prepare the children further. Please be reminded that if your child does not pass in Year 1, they will resit the PSC in Year 2.  

Year 1 - Summer 1 - Week 5

Date: 23rd May 2023 @ 6:49am


In RE,  we were very lucky this week to have the wonderful Reverand Gordon visit from St Peter's Church, he talked to the children about Baptism in the Christian faith and discussed why a vicar carries out the different parts of the service. After, he allowed some of the children to take part in a 'mini' baptism on two very special dolls. 

In Maths, we have been finishing out topic on fractions and explored the differences between fractions and divsion. Next week, we will finish this topic and will recap this topic accordingly. 

We became artists again in this week and created our own natural landscape pictures based on our focus artist, Henri Rousseau. We discussed how landscape does not only mean turning the page but how it could also describe the background or scenery. We then compared this to our previous portrait work and identified similarites and differences.

In Geogrpahy, we explored map reading, and using clues we were able to explore maps of a farm and identifty the various features of the farm. It was a highly exciting activity which saw an incredible amount of team work!

You may also have noticed the installation of our Community Book Swap Box here at Trinity St. Peter's. This has been installed in memory of Margaret Blake, a past Governor here at TSP, who loved coming in to school and hearing children read. It is located on the wall (near the defibrillator) and the idea is for the whole community (adults and children) to use this book swap box so we can share our love for reading with all!


- After half term, the children's PE days will change to a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Children should come to school on these days in their full PE uniform. 

- Please ensure children come to school with a full water bottle each week especially during the warmer days. 

- Next week, children will be assessed again in their Phonics. 

Year 1- Summer 1 - Week 4

Date: 9th May 2023 @ 10:53pm



We certainly hit the high notes this week in, Year 1!

In Maths, we started our new topic, Fractions, and began the week exploring 'half' and 'whole'. We disccovered that for something to be cut in half, we must ensure that the two peices are equal and to have a whole, we must have both of the equal pieces. To helps us understand this further, we got hands on, and using playdough, we created our own shapes carefully cutting them in half to ensure both pieces are equal. As the week progressed, we started to look at halfing amounts and groups of objects. Next week, we will continue with this topic by finding a half of given objects before moving onto identifying and recognising quaters. 

In Phonics, we have perservered with some of the more tricky sounds which as supported our fluency whilst reading. This week we developed our poetry skills, creating our own Acrsostic Poems for the Young Writers Competition. This poems will now be sent off with the hope that one of us will be the lucky winner or the competiton and/or they end up in their poetry book!

In Geography, we continued to explore Farms, we focused this week on understanding the differnet buildings and their purpose. This helped us understand the roles taken on by the farmers themselves. 

On Friday, we ventured to Liverpool City Centre for an epic day our exploring the Eurovision displays and Euro Village. Here, we saw some incredible performers, dancing and singing as well as some specially designed statutes and musical stairs. Your behaviour was exceptional, Year 1, you truly were a credit to the school. 

We hope thay you all have a wonderful weekend! 


- Wednesday 17th May – Class Photographs

- Friday 19th May - Team TSP Mufti day – Rainbow Goods - Year 1 have been asked to bring in things linked to the colour red. 

Year 1 - Summer 1 - Week 3

Date: 3rd May 2023 @ 5:11pm


Year 1, you have been incredible this week!

On Wednesday, we had a special visit from the team at Rubicon for a special scooting session. We began by honing in on our scooting skills before moving onto some extra cool tricks! Because we were so good on the scooters, we were able to progress onto the skateboards. Here, we learnt how to not only balance on the skateboard, but to jump, and flick the board with and without support! It was truly an incredible experience, one we hope to repeat again!

In PE, we continued with our topic, Yoga, focusing on developing our breathing as we move through a sequence of movements. For this, we had to carefully breathe in and out at the correct points so we could hold our balances carefully, before calmly moving into the next pose.

In Maths, we finished our Multiplication and Division topic. We learnt what the phrase ‘shared equally’ meant and carefully executed this concept using concrete resources. As well as this, we recapped what doubling meant and doubled numbers up to 20! Next week, we will start our new topic on Fractions, where we will begin by halving shapes and groups of objects.

In Art, we continued with our topic on Henri Rousseau, today, we focused on drawing still objects such as flowers and exploring adding detail by adding colour through shading. Next week, we will learn about the difference between portrait and landscape, and begin to design our own pictures accordingly.

On Friday, as a school and as a class, we marked King Charles III’s coronation. We started the day by taking part in a whole school assembly, where we were able to sing our coronation song. After, we designed and created our own crowns ready for our coronation picnic! In the afternoon, we wrote letters to King Charles and cannot wait t to see if he replies!

From all of us here in Year 1, we hope you have a wonderful bank holiday to celebrate the King’s Coronation and cannot wait to see you all on Tuesday!


  • School will be closed this Monday due to the King’s Coronation.
  • Please ensure children have a water bottle in school each day especially as the days are getting warmer.
  • PE days will continue to be Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.
  • Wednesday 17th May – Class Photographs
  • Friday 19th May - Team TSP Mufti day – Rainbow goods

Year 1 - Week 2 - Summer 1

Date: 1st May 2023 @ 11:18am


We have had another egg-cellent week in Year 1!

This week has been incredibly busy and full of excitement! We must start by discussing the highlight of the week, which saw a special package delivered to class on Thursday morning… using several clues the class had to guess what was hidden in the box and were delighted to find out that we had our very own duck eggs! We cannot wait for them to hatch and watch them grow over the next half term, after which, they will return to Croxteth Farm with their families.

The addition of ducks to class, links to our Geography topic, Farms, where over the next few weeks we will learn about not only the different types of farms, like we did this week, but also the types of animals that live there, their role in society and also how the weather and seasons affect life on a farm. This week, we focused on understanding the difference between the three main types of farms, arable, dairy and livestock.

In Maths, we continued with our topic on Multiplication and Division, focusing on adding equal groups together and writing the corresponding number sentences. We began this learning using practical resources to ensure the concept was embedded, before moving onto some more tricky abstract reasoning problems. Next week, we will finish off this topic by exploring doubles and making equal groups by grouping and sharing.

In Art, we continued to look at the artist, Henri Rousseau, and created our own plants paintings inspired by his work. We did this using leaves and flower from our outdoor area and printing them into our books.

In Science, we learnt about invertebrates and were shocked to learn how many differenet species were out there. It blew our minds to learn that the giant squid, was in fact an invertebrate. After, we explored our bug hotel to see if we could find any! 


  • School will reopen on Tuesday 2nd May, after the bank holiday.
  • Please ensure that you send your child to school with a water bottle, especially as the days are getting warmer.
  • The Phonics Screen Check will take place the week beginning 12th Please watch the virtual classroom videos to support their learning further.

Year 1 - Week 1 - Summer 1

Date: 23rd Apr 2023 @ 2:34pm



What a brilliant start to the final term of the year!

We started our week, like any other week, with a new book in Phonics regardless of our group. Children have been working hard to carefully learn the remaining few sounds, and or, revise previous sounds, applying this knowledge to both our reading and writing. We will continue to focus on developing our knowledge as the weeks progress.

In Maths, we began our new topic, Multiplication and Division, with a special focus on the 2-, 5- and 10-times tables as well as understanding and making equal groups. The children worked hard to revise previous knowledge whilst applying this to our new concept. Next week, we will continue to focus on this and will look at adding equal groups, arrays, and doubles.

In RE, we recapped the Easter story to consolidate our previous learning. We were able to connect our learning back and recall STAR vocab such as ‘Maundy Thursday’ and ‘Shrove Tuesday’. After, we thought critically about how Jesus’ disciples might have felt at his resurrection and how we would feel if we were there. Next week, we will start our new topic, ‘Why is Baptism Special?’

In Art, we also began our new topic which is based on the artist, ‘Henri Rousseau’.  We started this topic by exploring their art work in detail before creating a fact file based on their life.

Sadly, on Friday we had to say goodbye to our lovely student teacher, Miss McNamara, who has been with us since February. I know that staff, and children alike, will miss her dearly but wish her the best of luck in her future career.


  • Please see the details shared regarding the Phonics Screen Check which will take place the week beginning 12th June. Please contact Miss Jones via on the school email should you have any questions.
  • PE days will remain the same throughout the summer term for Year 1, this will be a Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Please ensure your child bring a full water bottle to school each day, it is vital especially as the weather heats up.