Year 2 Team: Miss A Jones (Class Teacher), Miss H Martin, Miss H Edwards & Miss R Lunt
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Year 2 - Autumn 2 - Week 5

Date: 29th Nov 2023 @ 2:18pm

The holidays are coming...

Friday brought festive cheer to all, here in Year 2! We were delighted to see the wonderful, festive decorations around the classroom on when we arrived at school, as well as a very cheeky elf! We could not believe our eyes when we saw what the elf had been up to, and cannot wait to see what they get up to over the weekend! We have been given the task, over the next few days, to name our elf and must all write a letter to Father Christmas next week, to let him know who is with us in class!  

The fun didn’t stop there though, as that morning we ventured to our Christmas Extravaganza, organised by the wonderful Team TSP. We loved getting involved in all the fabulous activities, playing games and winning prizes with all our friends. The main event though was meeting Father Christmas, who gave us an early, sweet treat! What a fantastic start to the festive season we have had!

Christmas was firmly on our mind at the start of the week as well, when we travelled back in time to the very first Christmas in RE. We carefully explored the Nativity story and worked hard to retell the story. We also blew Miss Jones socks off as we all remembered that the Wise Men didn’t come until a while after Jesus was born, on the 6th January!

We have been working practically in Maths this week to finished off our final addition and subtraction topic; balanced number sentences. Using counters, tens frames and part, part, wholes we worked out how many more we needed to make them equal. Next week, we move onto our topic, Shapes and will start by revisiting 2D and 3D shape properties.

We finished off our DT project this week and made our final structure, Goldilocks chair. We connected our learning back to last week and identified that we needed to make our chairs stable and strong. Using paper and tape, we created our masterpieces!



  • Please can children come to school with a coat, especially in these colder days!

Key Upcoming Dates

Wednesday 13th December – Christmas Dinner Day
Friday 15th December – Christmas Jumper and Party Day
Tuesday 19th December – School Finishes at 1pm

Year 2 - Autumn 2 - Week 4

Date: 24th Nov 2023 @ 4:45pm

What a fantastic week we have had! 

This week in Maths, we have focused on subtracting 2-digit numbers from 2-digit numbers by exchanging tens for ones using Base Ten. It has been a tricky concept to get our heads around, however, with perserverance we have powered on have not given up. Next week, we will recap this concept once more before moving onto our next topic. 

We started our DT project this week by first understanding stability. To do this, we used a card and plastercine to determine which shape would stay on a peice of card, tilted, at the highest point. We soon figured out that sphere would not stay on the card for very long as it had not flat faces, however, the pyramid was the best shape! We talked about how this is because it had more points touching the card. After this we looked how we could make resources stronger and stiffer in order to reinforce our structures and make it more stable. We identfied that a cyclinder was the best shape for this, testing our theroy by piling books onto top with the results showing that the cyclinder could hold an incredible 34 books compared to the cuboids 13! We then took this once step further by investigating if more 'legs' made or structures more stable, and, we were right! Together, we found that the more legs we had meant the more books we could support. Over the next few weeks, we will use this knowledge to build Baby Bear a new chair. 

We finished off our Science topic this week, by investigating which material would keep Humpty Dumpty safe and also be comfortable to wear. Using a mixture of materials, we dropped Humpty (a boiled egg) from a great height and found that the soft material such as fabric protected our egg, and was comfier, compared to wood and metal! 

In PE we have focused on developing our breathing in Yoga and have loved making different shapes based on animals around the world. We cannot wait to carry on this topic over the next few weeks. 

You have all worked really hard this week Year 2, well done! 


Year 2 - Autumn 2 - Week 3

Date: 16th Nov 2023 @ 1:18pm


What an exceptional week we have had celebrating all things, Kindness!

This week, we have worked hard to spread, love, fun and kindness by completing a series of activities. We created kindness boxes, for people to open when they need a smile, hugs in an envelope, for people who need a hug when they feel sad and posters, to remind people to be kind, always.  We have loved being kind and spread love and hope, and hope you have all loved receiving it.

As well as spreading kindness, we have also been completing some assessments in school, focusing on our resilience, determination and also, being kind to ourselves even when we found it tricky. We talked about how, trying out best was the best way we can be kind.

Have a lovely weekend, Year 2! 


  • Please, where possible, ensure your child bring a coat to school each day especially as the weather is getting colder!

Year 2 - Autumn 2 - Week 1

Date: 2nd Nov 2023 @ 5:05pm


And, just like that, we are back!

We can confidently say that filming for our Kindness Video, has been a major part of our week! It is safe to say that our classroom, hair and uniforms have certainly never been covered in more glitter than they have been this week. It is safe to say that we have enjoyed every minute of it, from the songs to the disco balls and we have certainly danced the night (day) away most days. We are so excited to see the final result, and cannot wait for the premier, next Friday.

We connected our learning back to before half term, and focused on solving addition sentences beyond 10, by first making 10. To do this, we had to recap our number bond knowledge, allowing us to make connections in order to find '10 and 'more'. Next week, we will begin by adding multiple 1-digit numbers together before moving onto subtraction. 

In RE, we started our new topic 'Christmas Good News: Why was the birth of Jesus such Good News?' To start this, we explored the difference between good news and bad news and how the different types make us feel. We then discussed how we can share news, good and bad, and talked how news today, is shared differently now compared to the past. After this, we discussed how God shares news. We talked about how in the past, God would send his angels down to share news with his people, and disiples, and how nowadays, God shares news through different means such as Reverend Anne, and Mark. 

In Science, we looked at Materials. To start this topic, we connected our learning back and identified what different materials could be made of. After, we discussed if materials could be described as 'strong' or 'fragile'. We then sorted different objects into the correct groups, based on what they were made of. 

We hope you all have a wonderful, Bonfire Night this weekend and we will see you all on Monday! 


  • Where possible, please can we ask for children to wear a coat to school especailly as the weather is getting cooler.
  • PE days continue to be on a Monday and  Wedneday. 

Year 2 - Autumn 1 - Week 7

Date: 20th Oct 2023 @ 2:46pm


What a brilliant final week of half term we have had, we certainly have earned the rest!

In Maths, we continued with our topic on Addition and Subtraction, which we will continue with after half term. We focused on developing our understanding of numbers by linking our number knowledge for bonds to 10, to 100.

In Science, we completed a range of experiments to explore firstly, if we all grow the same, and secondly, why exercise and a healthy diet is important. We started, by connecting our learning back to previous lessons, and identifying the stages of a human life cycle. After, we discussed how we are all different, and how, although we all grow up, we don’t grow the same. To do this, we explored the size of our peers’ feet, and were shocked to find that they were all different sizes! After, we explored how exercise changes our body physically and identified that by getting our hearts pumping harder and faster then, as a result, it gets stronger, and we get healthier!

In RE, we finished off our topic on the Bible, by first exploring another religion’s Holy book, the Torah in Judaism. We learnt why they find it special and also the special rituals they complete before they read it each week.

We had our final dance lesson with the wonderful Mrs Whitehead from Formby High School. We have loved these lessons, developed our dancing skills whilst simultaneously working as a team. It has been wonderful to watch the children develop and fingers crossed, we will have a visit from Mrs Whitehead again in the Spring!

From all of the team here in Year 2, we hope you have a wonderful half term!


  • Our PE days will remain the same for Autumn 2 taking place on a Monday and a Wednesday.
  • Please explore the class Virtual Classroom and Oxford Owl over the holidays.

Year 2 - Autumn 1 - Week 6

Date: 12th Oct 2023 @ 4:57pm


What an incredible week we have had, who can believe that next week is the final week of half term?!

In Maths, we used out tens-frames and Rekenrek to recognise number bonds to 10 and 20 and their related subtraction facts. Next week, we will focus on adding 1-digit numbers and adding by making 10 first.  

In Science, we used some of our own pictures to make the life cycle of humans. We identified the different stages, labelling them, and describing what happens, or what support, we need at different stages.

In PE, we have continued with our dance lessons, with the wonderful, Mrs Whitehead, from Formby High. We have loved learning a dance to the Lion King music. We also had a fantastic speed stacking session, a lesson we loved in Year 1!

In Geography, we looked at different animals from around the world, and how they are adapted for the various climates and conditions.

We had a great day we have celebrating Hello Yellow Day in support of mental health awareness. To acknowledge the day, we designed a very special mini-me, to show the special connection we have as a class and the TSP Family we are so proud to be a part of.

We ended our week on a high, wearing our pyjamas to school in recognition of, and to raise money for, the wonderful team at Alder Hey children’s hospital. We had a fantastic array of pyjamas, from lemurs to unicorns. A truly fantastic way to end the week!


  • Parent Teacher Meetings are next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Here we will be discussing how your child has settled into Year 2.
  • School finishes next Friday, 20th October, and will return on Monday 30th
  • The school disco takes place next Thursday from 3:15pm to 4:15pm, please contact the school office for more details. Children who are attending can bring a change of clothes in a bag that is clearly named.

Year 2 - Autumn 1 - Week 5

Date: 3rd Oct 2023 @ 1:23pm

Year 2 have been incredible this week and have shone in everything they have done.

In PE we continued to practice our dance, with the hope that we may be able to perform for our parents after half term, with Mrs Whitehead from Formby High School. We focused on developing out technique, pointing our toes and extending our hands discussing its importance. We are loving the music, which links carefully to our Science topics on ‘Animals including Humans’ and our Geography topic of countries around the world.

In RE we connected our learning back to last week and recapped the story of Mary Jones before learning about the Qumran Scrolls. We were shocked to hear how these stories were almost lost and how three lucky shepherds found them. We found it interesting to learn that in the past, scrolls were kept safe and dry in pots unlike today.

As always, we all continue our own journeys for Phonics and have been reading a variety of books in our groups. Our focus at the moment across the groups is letter formation.

We loved learning about the 3 times table in Maths, using the 100 square grid to help us identify patterns. After, we loved onto our new topic, Addition and Subtraction, recapping number bonds to 10 a topic we learnt in Year 1.

In Art, we used our tea towels from home, wool, and bubble wrap to make our very own felt. It certainly is a tricky process, but the final pieces were magnificent.

For Science, we were able to use some pictures from home to make investigate the human life cycle. We discussed how in class we have different family members at different stages as well as this, how we ourselves have been through many different stages already (the teachers more than us!)

From all of us here in Year 2, have a wonderful weekend.


  • PE days are Monday and Wednesdays each week.
  • Parents Teacher Meetings are to be held on the 17th and 18th October and are designed to discuss how your child has settled into school.

Year 2 - Autumn 1 - Week 4

Date: 1st Oct 2023 @ 3:15pm


Where has this half term gone, four weeks down three to go!

On Tuesday, we were delighted by the arrival of the ‘Big Top Circus’. We loved watching the tent being erected and discussed what exciting treasures and people might have been hiding inside! The feedback from those that attended, was that the show was magnificent and that the treats were delicious!

In Maths, we finished off our topic, Place Value by focusing on identifying numbers on a number line to 100. After, using the language and associated symbols, children compared numbers stating if they were ‘less than’, ‘greater than’ and equal to each other. Next week, we will develop our understanding if the 2s,5s, 10s- and 3-times table before moving onto Addition and Subtraction.

In RE we reflected on the importance of the Bible again and revisited a range of stories from the Bible. After, we listened to the story of Mary Jones, an extraordinary little girl who changed History by enabling more people, from all backgrounds, to have access to the Bible.

In Geography, we recapped the 7 continents and 5 oceans before discussing how the world has an equator, and how that affects the countries around it!

In PE, we continued to develop our ball skills, this time practicing our dribbling. We carefully focused on moving the ball with our feet, with little controlled passes, before stopping the ball quickly and accurately. On Wednesday, we were fortunate to have a dance lesson from Formby High School, using the soundtrack from the Lion King. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to develop this dance, with the hope that the children will feel confident to perform in front of their parents.

We were fortunate enough to attend the Year 5 Harvest assembly on Friday at St Peter’s Church in support of Southport Foodbank. The Year 5 children were incredible and should be very proud.


  • Please be reminded that PE days for Year 2 are on a Monday and a Wednesday, please can children be in full PE uniform for these days. More information regarding uniform can be found on the website.
  • All parents should have received a letter regarding Parent Teacher Meetings. The booking system will go live on Monday 9th October and will close on Friday 13th These meetings are to discuss how your child has settled into Year 2. Should you wish to discuss anything else, please contact Miss Jones, where an alternative meeting can be arranged.

Year 2 - Autumn 1 - Week 3

Date: 22nd Sep 2023 @ 4:26pm

!2ciruc.jpegThe weather has certainly not dampened our spirts this week but we do think many of us will sleep well this weekend!

We started the week off with a bang, with a visit from the incredible ‘Bring the Fire’ team who taught us how to part of the circus! We loved getting involved, spinning plates, juggling balls and completing some very tricky stick work. We absolutely loved our workshop and cannot wait for the circus to arrive next Tuesday!

We continued with our Place Value topic in Maths, and using a range of practical resources we connected our learning back to Year 1 to partition numbers to 100 in many different ways. We identified that numbers beyond 10 did not always have to partitioned by their tens and ones and could be divided in many different ways. Next week, we will finish this topic by exploring numbers, beyond 20, on a number line.

In RE we reflected on our learning from last week and reminded ourselves why the Bible is as important story for Christians. After we explored different stories from the Bible, first the story ‘The Good Samaritan’ and later, the Creation story, which linked nicely to our Collective Value topic, Creation. We retold both these stories in different ways.

In Science, we recapped our learning from Year 1, and recalled the meaning of ‘carnivore’, ‘herbivore’ and ‘omnivore’. After, we built on this knowledge and identified the three main things all living things need to survive.

We also built on our prior learning in Geography, where we reminded ourselves of the 7 continents, before identifying and learning about the surrounding 5 oceans.



  • There will be a KS1 workshop for fluency in Phonics on Wednesday 28th September 2023
  • Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school each day. 

Year 2 - Autumn 1 - Week 2

Date: 12th Sep 2023 @ 1:47pm


We have certainly been busy this week in Year 2, full of laughter and excitement!

We streamed in Phonics again this week, reading given books whilst also developing our writing style. We focused on using the correct punctuation in sentences, including capital letters and full stops, as we all as using a wider range of vocabulary.

In Maths, we continued to develop our understanding of Place Value. We started the week by identifying the tens and ones in various representations. After, we used place value grids to partition larger numbers using on knowledge of tens and ones, breaking the numbers down into small numbers.

In PE we loved starting out new ‘Fundamentals’ topic which saw us developing our running skills. We focused on running in different ways; on our heels, with straight legs and with large steps, and identified which way felt not only ‘better’ but also allowed us to move more quickly without getting tired. We developed this further by identifying how to move our body when sprinting, using bent fast arms, as well as high knees. Later in the week, continued to focus on out ball skills focusing on different ways of stopping a ball in order to always remain in control.

We started our topic ‘Craft and Design: Map it Out’ in our Art lessons and using a variety of mediums, we created a map from our house to school. To add detail to our maps, we explored pressure and applying more pressure to add outlines and details.

Our week ended with a bang however, and we were delighted to take part in an ‘Outline Art’ workshop in the build-up to our visit from the circus. The team helped us create our own pop-up characters, adding vibrant colours to make it exciting just like the circus will be!


  • On Wednesday 27th September, parents are invited to the KS1 workshop which will focus on reading fluency. Please click the link on the letter to sign up!
  • Our PE days are Mondays and Wednesdays, please come to school in your full PE uniform.

Year 2 - Autumn 1 - Week 1

Date: 5th Sep 2023 @ 9:49pm



What a brilliant, sunny start we have had to Year 2!

We have loved welcoming all the children back to school this week and have had so much fun whilst making the most of the sunshine. Each afternoon, we have ventured onto the field to play a range of team games as well as making use of the incredibly fun, Trim Trail. Working together, we have created our own games as well as playing the classic game, 'Duck, Duck,Goose' a firm favourite. We hope the sunshine stays so we can make the most of the weather in the coming weeks.

We hit the ground running with Maths, and began exploring our topic, Place Value. We explored numbers in different variations, identifying and writing down their numerals and words. After, we focused on counting large groups by grouping objects by grouping them in groups of tens. This supported us later in the week, when we were able to identify tens and ones in given numbers, using practical resources to help.

In English, we completed whole class Phonics, recapping previously taught sounds whilst focusing on developing our reading speed. Using this knowledge, and using images and drawings to support, we developed our writing style, starting by writing about our summer holidays and ending the week by describing a range of images. Next week, the children will be grouped based on their Phonics ability, and will complete work associated with their Phonics books.

As well as enjoying the sunshine this week, we have also been completing a series of activities linked to the story 'Can you build another me?' Using this book, we have explored what makes us unique, identifying our own likes and dislikes, as well as what we can and can't do. After we all decided on one thing we want to get better at before the end of the year, and planned exactly what we can do to achieve this. The fun didn't stop there though, on Thursday we got crafty, creating our own versions of ourselves! It was certainly messy but also a LOT of fun! On Friday, we painted our models, and were delighted when we were able to take them home!

Attached to this blog, you will find a copy of the 'Successful Start' Powerpoint, which was shared before summer. This Powerpoint is full of useful information for the year ahead.

For now, we hope you all have a restful weekend!


  • Children will not receive a reading book this week and will instead recieve a book based on their phonetical awareness. Please see School Spider for more information.
  • PE days are Mondays and Wednesdays, please ensure children are in the correct uniform.
  • Children can bring a healthy snack to school, however, please be aware that all children are provided with fruit and vegetables each day.

Year 2 - Summer 2 - Week 6

Date: 14th Jul 2023 @ 1:00pm


We finish our final full week of term with smiles on our faces with excitement and nerves for the new adventures to come, as we begin our transition into Year 3.

This week in English, we went on so many different adventures! First, we met The Snow Queen and discussed whether she was evil or good. We talked about all the different elements, watching the trailer for the new film ‘Elementals’ and then created our very own element king or queen, using amazing adjectives to describe them. Then, we met Paddington during the week. We listened to the crazy adventures he had to go through in order to get from darkest Peru to England. We then created our very own adventure for Paddington to go through.

In Maths, we became detectives and went on a mystery hunt! Each day, we were faced with a new mystery – the missing gnome, the winning kite and even Matilda’s chokey mystery. We had to solve a variety of questions such as fractions, time, addition, subtraction and more to work out clues that had been left. Based on the clues we solved, we could cross off our suspect list to find the person who had committed these crimes! We showed really amazing partner work, ensuring that we worked together to solve our clues.

What a delight it was to watch the Year 6 Leavers Production this week! There certainly were lots of tears of joy and sadness, as we sent our best wishes for their next steps into High School and thanked them for the memories they have helped us to make at TSP.

This week, the children also enjoyed a visit from Rob from Formby Library who informed the children about this year's Summer Reading Challenge. Very exciting! There are two ways you can take part in the Summer Reading Challenge:

You can join at Formby Library and take part in person. The librarian will give you a collector folder, stickers, and other special rewards, and help you find books to read. Or, take part online by signing up here. Set a reading goal and log your books on your profile. When you reach your goal, you will unlock a virtual badge and certificate.

Please note, the in-person and online challenges are separate. Medals and certificates are only available via the library, for those taking part in the in-person challenge. We hope the children enjoy completing the reading challenge and this will be celebrated when we return to school in September.

To end the week, we had a very fun Friday where we got to eat our very own ice-cream cones, decorated with toppings and sauce!

In preparation for the next academic year, please see the Year 3 Successful Start PowerPoint attached at the end of this blog.

Have a fantastic weekend, Year 2. See you on Monday, for your very last few days in Year 2!




Year 2 - Summer 2- Week 4

Date: 30th Jun 2023 @ 2:36pm



Wow…what a busy and fun-packed week we have had!

We started the week off with our class trip to Sorrento’s! We had an absolute ball. We were supplied with bottomless juice and were even allowed to be in charge of the music. We were absolutely fabulous DJs. Next, we got to meet the chefs were he masterfully rolled our dough out, we added our toppings and then we watched it cook in the oven. It was absolutely delicious. We all ended up doing the Macarena, the Conga and various other dances.

We performed our ‘Under the Sea’ dance that we have been practising with Mrs Whitehead over the last few weeks. We transformed ourselves into aquatic life where we became crabs, fish, mermaids, jellyfish and sharks. We danced our hearts out and were absolutely fantastic. Then, we had to quickly make a costume change into our sports gear, ready for Sports Day! We bounced for our sack race, treaded carefully for the egg and spoon, sprinted over hurdles and galloped (or fell) for the three-legged. Year 2 were absolute superstars on Sports Day and we are so proud of everyone for having a go. We showed unbelievable sportsmanship, cheering everyone in the class on and ended the day with a big class sprint.

We even had some time to fit some school work in! In English, we looked at describing various giants from different books. We compared and contrasted their personalities and what they looked like. In Maths, we created our very own map and had to direct our team to a place using directions such as left, right, forwards, backwards, quarter turn and half turn. We found this challenging but we were fantastic at giving directions by the end. In History, we explored seaside holidays from the past and how different they were to now. We looked at how they travelled there, why and when they started.

To end the week, we had our very own games day on Friday! We played our own class game where we worked in teams to move our counter the fastest round the board. We had lots of challenges that had us in fits of laughter! Then to top it all off, we had our school Summer Fair. Boy, it did not disappoint. We had our arms and bags full of gifts and treats, coloured hair and cool tattoos! Thank you to the incredible Team TSP for making our afternoon so wonderful!

Have a brilliant weekend, Year 2! 

Year 2 - Summer 2 - Week 3

Date: 23rd Jun 2023 @ 10:42am




What another great week Year 2 have had!

In Maths we continued our topic of ‘Geometry’ where we looked at ‘Position and Direction’. We described our movements by looking at language such as ‘anti-clockwise and clockwise’ ‘left and right’ as well as ‘forwards and backwards’. We then tried to direct each other around the room to an end point using this language, realising how important it was to tell them turn the correct way. We even got to use ‘Beebots’ to travel around the classroom, making sure we ended up in the correct place by being super careful when giving our directions.

We finished our book ‘Grandad’s Secret Giant’ in English and had a great class discussion talking about the message of the story and how it’s important to think how our actions make others feel, just like when Billy ran away from the giant. Then we made our own brochures trying to entice people to visit ‘Gableview’. We used our imagination to think what we would want the town to have and included these in our leaflets.

In Science, we continued to explore our topic of ‘Little Masterchefs’ We recapped the Eatwell Plate discussing what each section/colour represented and what foods went in each. We then discussed our favourite pizzas and how they fit into each Eatwell Plate section. We were shocked to discover that a well-topped pizza ticks all the boxes! We designed our own pizza, thinking about what toppings we want on it for our own when we go to Sorrento’s next week. All this pizza talk made us hungry!

Have a lovely weekend, Year 2 ! 


  • PE lessons take place every Monday and Wednesday this term.
  • Please can you ensure that children are sent to school with water bottles, hats and sun cream.
  • Sports Day – Wednesday 28th June
  • Under the Sea performance - Wednesday 28th June
  • Summer Fair – Friday 30th June



Year 2 - Summer 2 - Week 2

Date: 16th Jun 2023 @ 1:34pm


dream jars.jpeg



The sun is hot, hot, hot but that hasn’t stopped Year 2 from their work! We have had such a great week.

In Maths we continued our topic of ‘Statistics’ where we explored various ways of recording data. We recapped ‘Tally Charts’ and ‘Block Diagrams’ whilst introducing ‘Pictograms’ as well. We discussed the importance of including a key and how this key shows us what number each symbol represents. We then started our new topic of ‘Geometry’ starting with looking at ‘Language of Direction’ and exploring all the different ways we can describe direction e.g., above, below, between, right and left.

We continued reading our book in English, ‘Grandad’s Secret Giant’. We discussed and inferred how Billy and the Giant were feeling through certain situations, putting ourselves into their shoes (or rather big boots) to see how they felt. We continued to find loads of similes throughout the story, getting really excited when we discovered them.

We continued our giant exploring in Art where we created our very own dream jars from the BFG. We added lots of colour, sparkles and of course all our dreams! Not only this, but we created paper versions as well, creating gorgeous dream jars through watercolours and then writing our dreams and wishes for the future. We have some very ambitious dreams, which we are sure everyone will achieve no problem.s

In Science, we continued to explore our topic of ‘Little Masterchefs’ We explored the Eatwell Plate discussing what each section/colour represented and what foods went in each. We talked about how important it is to have things in moderation and the bigger a section is, the more of it we should eat. In History, we researched seaside holidays from the past and discussed how they are similar and different to the seaside holidays we have now.


  • PE lessons take place every Monday and Wednesday this term.
  • Please can you ensure that children are sent to school with water bottles, hats and sun cream.



Year 2 - Summer 2 - Week 1

Date: 9th Jun 2023 @ 1:21pm



What a busy but fantastic first week back we have had! It was so lovely to see all the children back and enjoying spending time with their friends and hearing about what everyone got up to.

In Maths we started our new topics of ‘Statistics’ where we explored various ways of recording data. We looked at ‘Tally Charts’ where we discovered that after scoring four marks, we have to cross the gate to make it a group of five. We talked about how this makes it far easier to read than having to count loads of little lines. We even noticed the correlation between that, counting up in 5s and the 5-times tables. Not only this, but we explored ‘Tables’ and ‘Block Diagrams’ and deciding which way to record data we liked the best.

Our new book in English is ‘Grandad’s Secret Giant’ which generated some discussion about other various fictional giants such as the BFG. We started by creating our very own giants, making them as tall and as long as we could. Some of us decided to make them a friendly giant while others decided theirs would be the scariest. As a class, we discussed what a simile was and then used our new knowledge to describe our giants. Some of the similes we created were superb! ‘His hands were as big as rowing boats; his head was as big as a boulder and his feet were as wide as three double decker buses’.

In Science, we explored our new topic of ‘Little Masterchefs’ where we discussed what we thought a Masterchef was. We brainstormed with names like Gordan Ramsey and Jamie Oliver popping up. We then discussed what health and safety rules are needed in the kitchen when preparing and cooking food. Rules that we came up with included tying back your hair, washing your hands, washing fruit and vegetables and cleaning up any spillages. We even found out that chefs traditionally wore hats to keep their hair back but even better, the taller their hat, the higher rank they have in the kitchen!

We ended the week with an amazing visit from Simon Hunt who came to tell us all about and read his new book ‘Delilah Rose the Bogey Princess’ to us. We had an absolutely amazing time, from trying to reach our toes up to our nose to getting our finger ‘stuck’ up our noses. We felt loads of different emotions when reading the book - shocked, appalled, delighted and so many more! We absolutely loved it. We have been inspired to write our very own books and were in awe when Simon told us we are all already authors from the stories we write in school!


  • PE lessons take place every Monday and Wednesday this term.
  • Please can you ensure that children are sent to school with water bottles, hats and sun cream.


Year 2 - Summer 1 - Week 6

Date: 26th May 2023 @ 1:12pm








What a busy, hard working week Year 2 have had!

In Maths, we continued our new topic of ‘Time’ where we explored past the hour and to the hour. We discussed how when the minute hand goes to a new number, this means five minutes have passed. We utilised our 5-time tables extremely well this week for this. We then created our own flower clock to help us remember which side is to the hour and which is past.

Our ‘Under the Sea’ dance is getting better and better each week! We introduced some new creatures into our dance including sharks, crabs, fish and even some jellyfish. We look forward to performing this for everyone.

In Geography, we recapped on all the knowledge we learnt about seas and coasts. We also explored new facts about the five seas. We discovered that the Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean and the Artic is the smallest ocean.

In our guided reading sessions, we finally finished our book ‘The Fantastic Mr Fox’ and what an amazing book it was! We absolutely loved going on this adventure with Mr Fox and his friends, digging through tunnels and escaping from Boggis, Bunce and Bean the evil farmers. We then finished off the week by watching the movie and discussing the similarities and differences from the book.

Have a well deserved and long week off, Year 2! Please see the Virtual Classroom attached for resources to support you further, should you wish. 


  • PE lessons will now take place on a Monday and Wednesday this term.
  • Please ensure that children come to school with a water bottle each day, especially during these hotter days. 

Year 2 - Summer 1 - Week 5

Date: 19th May 2023 @ 2:26pm

cheers Y2.jpg


What a busy week!

After plenty of preparation, the time to sit our KS1 SATs had arrived! We could not be any prouder of all the children; they showed such positivity, resilience and optimism throughout the week. Despite coming in on Monday feeling nervous initally, those nerves were quickly gone! We realised they weren't as bad as we thought they were going to be and we used it as our time to shine. 

Not only did we do our SATs, but we also had time to fit in our school photo, a race in PE, learning all about the human life cycle in Science and then even finished the week off with a movie and some ice pops! 

Well done, everyone - you are all superstars! The Year 2 team couldn't be any prouder.

Have a lovely, well-deserved rest! 

See you all on Monday!

You may also have noticed the installation of our Community Book Swap Box here at Trinity St. Peter's. This has been installed in memory of Margaret Blake, a past Governor here at TSP, who loved coming in to school and hearing children read. It is located on the wall (near the defibrillator) and the idea is for the whole community (adults and children) to use this book swap box so we can share our love for reading with all!



- Year 2 PE days remain on a Monday and Tuesday this term.


Year 2 - Summer 1 - Week 4

Date: 12th May 2023 @ 10:41am

under the sea(1).png

What a busy, hard working week Year 2 have had!

In Maths, we continued our new topic of ‘Time’ where we explored quarter past and quarter to the hour in more detail. We then discussed how when the minute hand goes to a new number, this means five minutes have passed. We even noticed the link between this and our 5-times tables! Even though we found this a bit challenging, with determination and continually practising on our own clocks, we mastered this.

It was a very active week, as this week we continued practising our very own dance to The Little Mermaid’s ‘Under the Sea’. We became aquatic life again as we took on the role of all the creatures you would find under the sea.

In Geography, we explored the beautiful coast of St. Ives in Cornwall. We connected our learning back to the Autumn term where we explored Human and Physical features. We recapped these and then identified the human and physical features of

In Science, we continued to explore the importance of exercise and how it affects our body. We discussed all the different exercises, we as a class, take part in and how it makes us feel. We then went outside to have a run around and after, put our hands on our hearts and described how it felt.

To end the week, we explored the song contest Eurovision. We discussed how the UK are hosting it in Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine. We listened to the UK’s entry and think it’s great! We even designed our very own Eurovision outfit and thought about what song we would sing.

Have another great, song filled weekend Year 2!


  • PE lessons take place every Monday and Tuesday.
  • Wednesday 17th May – Class Photographs
  • Friday 19th May - Team TSP Mufti day: Rainbow Goods. Year 2 have been asked to bring in things linked to the colour pink 
  • KS1 SATs Assessments begin week commencing 15.05.23


Year 2 - Summer 1 - Week 3

Date: 3rd May 2023 @ 2:37pm

scoot scoot.jfif

Wow, what a busy week!

In Maths, we started our new topic of ‘Time’ where we started to explore o’clock and half past the hour. Then, we even started to look at quarter past and quarter to the hour. We found this challenging, but once we practised on our own clocks throughout the week, it got easier and easier.

We had an absolutely amazing time this week on Scooting day where we zoomed around the playground practising loads of different tricks. We were SO good at this, that we were even challenged to some skateboarding tricks. This required a lot of balance and concentration but we absolutely smashed it. The Year 2 team were so impressed!

It was a very active week, as this week we also started practising our very own dance to The Little Mermaid’s ‘Under the Sea’. We chose our Ariel and we became aquatic life as we took on the role of all the creatures you would find under the sea. We had a fabulous time and stunned everyone with our groovy dance moves so far. We can’t wait to continue this next week.

In Science, we explored the importance of exercise (something which we have done plenty of this week) and how it affects our body. We discussed all the different exercises, we as a class, take part in and how it makes us feel.

In preparation for the King’s Coronation this weekend, we created our very own clay crowns which we then bejewelled to make them fit for a King! We then brought these to our Coronation picnic at the end of the week. We had a fun packed day which any royal would have been jealous of!

Have another amazing long and well deserve weekend Year 2!


  • Monday 8th – Bank Holiday
  • PE lessons take place every Monday and Tuesday.

Year 2 - Summer 1 - Week 2

Date: 28th Apr 2023 @ 8:17am



What another amazing week!  

We have continued to develop our knowledge of fractions in Maths, continuing to explore thirds and quarters. We focused on 2/4 and ¾ and discussed how 2/4 is equivalent to a ½.

We continued to read our book in English, ‘The Last Wolf’. We discussed how the book primarily takes place in the forest/woods which got us thinking about other fairy tales that take place in the woods. We listened to the song ‘Prologue’ from the musical and movie ‘Into the Woods’ and discussed who we thought was singing the song and who they were singing about. We also listened to ‘If you go into the woods today’ and connected our learning to show what the common theme was. We then used adjectives to describe the forest, making sure that we used the suffixes ‘est’ and ‘er’. We also talked about how important it was for words that end in ‘y’ such as creepy or gloomy to drop the y, add an i and then the suffix.

In Religion, we continued our new topic ‘Why is the church a special place for Christians?’ We discussed what we consider a special place to be for ourselves and how this is different for everyone. We discussed how these are an amazing and special place to pray. We talked about the prayers we say in school and what they mean. We then had the opportunity to write our own prayer. Additionally, we explored a special placed called the ‘Tabernacle’ and we explored the symbols inside and what they mean.

In PE, we brought out the tennis rackets and had the challenge of controlling the ball and making sure we could hit a target. We found this challenging but super fun and especially loved it when we were challenged to get ten in a row!

Have amazing long and well deserved Bank Holiday weekend Year 2!



  • Monday 1st – Bank Holiday
  • PE lessons take place every Monday and Tuesday.
  • Wednesday 3rd – Can you please bring in trainers for the scootering event.


Year 2 - Summer 1 - Week 1

Date: 21st Apr 2023 @ 1:13pm


What a busy but fantastic first week back we have had! It was so lovely to see all the children back and enjoying spending time with their friends and hearing about what everyone got up to.

We have continued to develop our knowledge of fractions in Maths, looking at quarters, thirds and non-unit fractions. We now understand that the top number on a fraction is called a numerator and the bottom number is called the denominator. After identifying whether a fraction was a half, quarter or third we then discussed whether it was a unit or a non-unit fraction.

Our new book in English is ‘The Last Wolf’ which generated some discussion about endangered animals. We talked about how an animal could become endangered as well as researching some animals to create our very own ‘Animal Top Trump’ card deck. We then looked at aspects of the book where Little Red’s mum told her not to be late for tea. From this, we created our very own rule list for Little Red and how she could stay safe in the forest. We used contractions and subordinating conjunctions to make sure they were easy to follow.

In Geography, we focused on identifying the location of continents and the oceans on a world map jigsaw. We identified the equator, continents and oceans and then worked together to figure out where they should be placed. We worked really hard and our teamwork was amazing. In Science, we explored our new topic of ‘Healthy Me’ where we discussed what we need to keep us healthy. We looked at the Eatwell plate, talking about how certain foods give us energy, meaning we can keep active throughout the day. We then discussed how we also need to keep our brains healthy and identified ways we could do this through learning as well as activities that allow our brains to rest such as art or yoga.

In Religion, we began our new topic ‘Why is the church a special place for Christians?’ We discussed what we consider a special place to be for ourselves and how this is different for everyone. We then looked at the story ‘Jacob’s Dream’ and saw his special place and what this meant to him.

It has been so lovely to have you back, Year 2!



  • PE lessons take place every Monday and Tuesday.


Year 2 - Spring 2 - Week 6

Date: 31st Mar 2023 @ 11:50am

RE Food.jfif


The Easter break has arrived!

On Thursday, we led the Easter Service with the Year 1’s at St Peter's Church where we were delivered several readings and prayers about ‘Hands at Easter’. We sang with all our hearts, several hymns and songs - which we have been practising each week during Sing and Praise - including ‘He Lives in You’ from The Lion King.

In Maths, we finished off our topic on Mass, Capacity and Temperature. Next term, we will start by looking at fractions, focusing on halves, quarters and thirds. After, we will explore time as well!

It was time to take on our DT project, designing our very own car! First, we explored the post importance features of a car such as the engine, wheels and a steering wheel. We then designed our car with our partner, discussing how we wanted it to look. Once this was finished, we were ready to take on the building part! After we had created our fantastic cars, we were challenged to a race. Despite a few car crashes, all cars made it past the finish line!

In RE we explored Easter food and how they symolise Easter. We tried some Simnel cake which has 11 'eggs' on top which represent the 11 disciples (excluding Judas and Jesus) and then we had some hot cross buns which has a cross that is symbolic for Jesus' crucifixion.

We finished off the week with a egg-tremely exciting Easter egg hunt! It was really fun and tasty as well! We also had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny himself, who brought chocolate along with his crazy dance moves. We hip-hopped around the classroom with him which certainly brought on the Easter spirt.

What an amazing term we have had, Year 2. Have an absolutely incredible Easter with your friends and family. We look forward to seeing you back on Monday 17th April.



  • School commences on Monday 17th April.
  • Year 2 PE lessons continue to remain on a Monday and Tuesday this term. Please ensure children arrive to school dressed in their PE kit on these days.
  • After half term, children will be allowed to wear their summer uniform. Please see the school uniform policy for more information.


Year 2 - Spring 2 - Week 5

Date: 23rd Mar 2023 @ 4:22pm



What another great week in Year 2!

In English, we revisited the World War II video with Alan and his granddaughter, analysing the video and inferring how he might have felt. We then put on our creative hats to use our imagination to envision ourselves going to school during The Blitz. We created our very own diary entries based on this, detailing our day at school and how it made us feel. We also had lots of fun when learning about contractions and going on a detective word hunt in our class library to find as many as we could.

In Maths, we continued our topic of ‘Volume and Capacity’ where we looked at measuring in millilitres and litres. We also started our new topic of temperature, looking at different objects and places that we could consider hot, warm or cold.

In Science, we continued to explore forces and how things can move or change shape. We looked at pushing, pulling, twisting, stretching and various more forces. We then put this knowledge to the test by creating our very own character out of playdough, explaining what forces we were using at each stage.

In History, we explored the life of Queen Elizabeth II. We discovered that she reigned during a period called The New Millennium. We investigated her family history and found out that she married Prince Phillip when she was 21, two years after the war had finished. Her Dad was King George VI and when he died, Elizabeth had to become queen at only 25!

This week in RE, we looked at and discussed The Easter Story, how it celebrates Jesus Christ's resurrection. We then created our very own ‘Easter Spinner’ where we sequenced The Easter Story and pieced it together with split pins to make our very own hidden, segmented story.

You have worked super hard this week Year 2! Have a fantastic weekend.


  • Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school and a healthy snack for breaktime.
  • PE days remain on a Monday and Tuesday this term. Please ensure children arrive to school dressed in their PE kit on these days.

Year 2 - Spring 2 - Week 4

Date: 17th Mar 2023 @ 2:33pm


science week.jfif



What another fabulous week in Year 2!

In English, we finished our book Major Glad, Major Dizzy which we absolutely loved! We discussed the timeline throughout the book and how many years had passed. We then decided to write a letter to our grandparents to ask them questions about toys when they were young. The questions we came up with were incredible and really interesting. We then watched a video of a man called Alan who was telling his granddaughter all about life during World War 2 and how different it was to ours.

In Maths, we started our topic of ‘Volume and Capacity’ where we looked at measuring in millilitres and litres. We measured liquid using our own jugs, being very careful to ensure we were reading the correct line. Next week, we are going to look at temperature.

The classroom was exploding with lava on Wednesday, as we joined the rest of the school in celebrating British Science Week with a theme surrounding the weird and wonderful creations in George’s Marvellous Medicine. Our experiment not only allowed us to feel like scientists but we developed our understanding that when bicarbonate of soda and vinegar mix together they create water and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide creates the bubbles in the reaction which causes our lava to explode. 

In our science lesson, we also created marshmallow and bunny rockets. Our investigation was to see how different size rockets combined with the force of our air could make a marshmallow/crisp travel. We used our critical thinking to predict what would happen and gave incredible reasoning as to why we thought this.

In History, we explored the life of Queen Victoria. We discovered that she reigned during the Victorian period. We investigated her family history and found out that she married Prince Albert (she had to propose, not him!) and when he died at the age of 42, she wore black for the rest of her life. We were also shocked to find out she had nine children and forty grandchildren!  

Red nose filled the classroom on Friday as we completed lots of fun and games – all with a red theme – in aid of Red Nose Day. It was our mission to ensure we came together to raise smiles in recognition of helping others through tough times in their lives.

Finally, we want to wish all of the significant, inspiring women who surround us all, a very Happy Mother's Day, we hope you have a fantastic weekend full of love!


  • Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school and a healthy snack for breaktime.
  • PE days remain on a Monday and Tuesday this term. Please ensure children arrive to school dressed in their PE kit on these days.