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Year 4 - Spring 1 - Week 3

Date: 20th Jan 2022 @ 8:12pm


We can’t quite believe it’s Friday again! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

Year 4 were set a task this week to reflect on their understanding of Wisdom, take inspiration from the wise people we have been thinking about and instill wisdom into their everyday lives. With this challenge in mind, the children have been using their judgements to choose right and wrong in different situations and sharing their knowledge with others to help them make wise choices. In RE, we focused on how artists portray that Jesus has authority in a range of pictures and paintings. We identified that Jesus is always illustrated higher above other people in the artwork, surrounded by light and quite commonly with his hands reaching out.

Using a checklist to ensure we have all elements needed, we created sentences including speech to show what the characters in our story ‘Escape from Pompeii’ might be saying to each other. We had to remember to always start our speech with a capital letter and include punctuation before closing the speech. It was great to hear how many variations of the word ‘said’ we could identify to make our speech sentences just that little more exciting to read. We then used a range of words to describe the mood in different points of the story and planned a diary entry to sequence how the eruption of Mount Vesuvius unfolded. Next week, we are going to include speech when writing diary entries and continue to include fronted adverbials to help sequence events in time order.

In Maths, we have learnt how to use a caterpillar to find factors of a number and factor pairs. We loved drawing our own caterpillars and finding out how many legs they had, represented by the factors of the number in the caterpillar head. We also met four new friends, who each showed us a written method to support us in completing multiplication calculations. In Year 4, we are proud to be independent learners and pick the most efficient method we like to use to help us. 

In our spelling lesson this week, we used pyramid writing and played an odd one out, to practise some tricky words. We loved quizzing our friends to find the correct spelling, amongst some red herrings. We also had so much fun in Science, investigating how sound travels through solids, liquids and gases. I’m sure we will have lots of Year 4 pupils testing how good their family’s hearing is! 

With a focus surrounding volcanoes, we completed illustrations in Art to symbolise a dormant and an active volcano. The colour choices were important, to clearly show the activeness of the active volcano.. Yes you guessed it, lots of yellows, oranges and reds were used! Not to forget the fun we had in Music, as we continued to learn our new song ‘Stop!’ which reminds us of the importance of kindness and stopping bullying. Our favourite part of the song has to be the rap in the middle!

This month's top book picks from 'Love Reading' have been released today. It shares exciting new story books from a variety of authors for different age ranges. 

Year 4, you have worked your socks off this week! We hope you have a wonderful weekend!



-Parent-Teacher Meetings on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th January, via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 954 0343 0490           Passcode: TSP

-Children should be ready at home daily and those reading on the school book band should return their books every Monday to school to be changed.

-Children are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack to school for breaktime and a water bottle.

Year 4 - Spring 1 - Week 2

Date: 12th Jan 2022 @ 8:39pm

This week has most definitely been all about ensuring we incorporate our school value of Enjoy into all of our learning.

After exploring how Jesus showed authority in a variety of Bible stories, we connected our learning by identifying people in our country who show authority. Just like Jesus, these people have the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. We have been reading Aesop’s Fables in Collective Worship and identified the wisdom expressed in the stories. We highlighted how the stories provided wisdom of a practical nature and usually either stresses caution or provides a course of action which should be followed or avoided.

In Maths, we have been focusing on representations and methods we can use to support us in calculating multiplication questions. We began by using arrays to demonstrate how multiplication can be done in any order , before moving onto using the Column Multiplication method as an efficient way to quickly multiply a two digit number by a one digit number. Thursday afternoon was great fun, as we had our first extra Times Tables lesson this week to help us recall our Times Tables facts. This lesson consisted of playing Multiplication games with our friends in a carousel. Times Tables Monopoly was a definite favourite! Next week, we will be focusing on the 8 and 9 Times Tables and identifying factor pairs. 

Escape from Pompeii is proving to be a Year 4 favourite, even though we are only onto the second page of the book! This week, we have focused on setting the scene by describing what can be seen, heard and smelt in Pompeii town. Using conjunctions, we also created sentences using historical words to emphasise that the events in the story unfolded many years ago. It was great to see the children using lots of our STAR Vocabulary that we unpicked last week! 

We have been focusing on a range of question types in our Reading lessons this week, working hard to precisely retrieve information about the text using the exact wording used by the author. We later explored the importance and explained why events make us feel a certain way, taking evidence from the text to justify our answers. We also connected our experiences to events unfolding in the story to be able to deduce what is happening in the story.

To further explore why the Earth shakes, rattles and rolls, we used cards to represent tectonic plates and thought creately about the movements they might make. Using a cause and effect thinking map, we recorded the three ways the plates move and the effect the movement has on our planet. What fun we had in Science, creating our own string and cup phones, to explore how vibrations allow us to hear sound. 

Mr Brindley from Formby High school was back to take our second Dodgeball lesson and this week was even more fun than the last! We continued to develop our over arm throw, with increasing accuracy to ensure the target was hit. Year 4 are already remembering so many of the rules associated with Dodgeball, although we do tiptoe a few steps forward before the whistle is blown to start. 

What a week we have had, Year 4. I am sure you will agree it has been full of enjoyment and we can’t wait for more fun learning next week!


-Year 4 recorder lessons finished in the Autumn term. Purchased recorders are to remain at home.

-Sibling photographs take place on Tuesday 18th. Year 4 should wear their school uniform on this day, instead of their PE kit.  

Year 4 - Spring 1 - Week 1

Date: 6th Jan 2022 @ 7:42pm


A very Happy New Year to you all! We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas festivities and made memories to cherish. We are back in action here in Year 4 and enjoying every moment of being back with our friends and learning lots of new and exciting things.

To celebrate Epiphany, the Christian feast day of celebration, we reflected on the journey the Three Wise Men took to visit the baby Jesus. We discovered the gifts they brought for the newborn King and imagined what gifts we would have brought should we have visited the baby Jesus. Focusing on our new topic in RE surrounding Jesus being the son of God, we explored a range of Bible stories to find evidence of Jesus’ authority. After interpreting authority as having power, being commanding and taking control, it was clear to see that Jesus’ authority brought peace, guidance and health to others.

By completing a jigsaw puzzle to create the front and back cover of our new book, we discovered that our English focus book this term is ‘Escape to Pompeii’ by Christina Balit. We sorted different parts of the puzzle into three categories: what we could see on the boat, things in the distance and what was happening in the water. We then discovered that we can show the different categories in our writing by using paragraphs. So we took to our books and did just that, using expanded noun phrases to describe and specify the things we could see. On Friday, we took our first look inside the book and began to unpick some tricky vocabulary to help us understand the text.

With a focus on  Multiplication and Divison this term, we spent time this week recalling our times tables, spotting factors of different numbers and spotting patterns within the times tables. Year 4 will be working hard next week to continue to find tricks and strategies to help them recall their times tables and written methods to support them in multiply two numbers. 

What a great first PE lesson we had, led by the brilliant Mr Brindley from Formby High School. We had such a great introduction to Dodgeball, learning the different techniques we could use to ensure we were ready to dodge the ball. Our dodging skills were certainly put to the test, dodging the villains and catching the saviour balls from the superheroes. We are eagerly awaiting Mr Brindley’s return next week!

We began our new topic on Sound this week with an outdoor challenge. Using only our sense of hearing, we took to the challenge of creating and A-Z of the sounds we could hear around school. We then identified that the sounds we hear are vibrations that travel through the air. 

After discovering a volcanic eruption took place in our English focus book, we connected our learning with our new topic in Geography, exploring how the Earth shakes, rattles and rolls. To help us understand the structure of the Earth, we compared it to a hard boiled egg! By dismantling the egg into its three parts we used this to help us identify that the Earth is divided into three layers: the crust, the mantle and the core.  

It has been a joy to have the children back in class and we look forward to the fantastic term we have to come. For more information on what we will be learning about this term, please click here.

Have a wonderful weekend!



-Year 4 PE takes place every Tuesday and Thursday

-New spellings can be found on Google Classroom and will be tested next week.

Year 4 - Autumn 2 - Week 7

Date: 15th Dec 2021 @ 1:35pm

Image (18).jpeg

Well, the time has come to say Merry Christmas to you all and to reflect back on a fantastic term we have had.

We were delighted to wear Christmas jumpers on Wednesday and even enjoy a festive Christmas dinner. Our Christmas Jumper Day also gave us an opportunity to take part in a design competition. We took to the challenge of designing our own festive jumpers, That could be a December alternative uniform to wear at TSP. Of course the winning design included our very own TSP star and utilised our school colours in a fun and festive way.

Laughter, amazing dance moves and cheers of hooray filled the room on Thursday, as we spent the day having a Christmas party. We also created festive gingerbread biscuits for our DT project. First, we mapped out our process on a flow map, to explain how we were going to make our festive bakes. After rolling out our gingerbread and cutting out of festive shape we then bake them till they was soft and golden and used or icing and decorating skills to truly make our biscuits into festive delights.

Wow what a festive treat we had on Tuesday we were so lucky to have such himself join us for our very own Santa Dash. We run quicker than Rudolph himself so according to Santa Claus well done to all of you for for completing the festive runs and bringing the festive spirit to TSP. We could not be more proud of the incredible Christmas Church Service Year 4 led today. From the Nativity cast, amazing Narrators and incredible singers, everyone put on the perfect performance to deliver a beautiful Christmas message. You all were true superstars!

Our virtual classroom is also attached below, which contains handy links to lots of learning platforms that can be used to further support your child’s learning.

From us all here in year four we wish you the most amazing Christmas and a very safe and happy New Year and we send all our best wishes to you and your loved ones Merry Christmas Year 4 and We look forward to seeing you safe and happy on Wednesday 5th January. Bring on 2022 in Year 4!



-School starts on Wednesday 5th January.

-Year 4 PE next term will take place on a Monday and Thursday.

-No spellings have been set for over Christmas. Spellings will be set on the first Friday back.

Year 4 - Autumn 2 - Week 6

Date: 9th Dec 2021 @ 4:32pm


It’s been a busy week here in Year 4!

To focus on a new monthly value of compassion, in Collective Worship, we created word art to symbolise the different words and phrases that came to mind when discussing what compassion means to us. We identified that our school value nurture can be reflected on when thinking about this month’s value.

Our week kick started with Christmas singalong performances! The children were thrilled to share their festive cheer with friends and family who came to watch and we are looking forward to performing more next week.

What fun we had when two surprising elves appeared at our window this week. The elves brought joy and humour to our classroom and they performed funny and mischievous actions outside our classroom windows. They sure did make us giggle.

In English, we identified spelling rules that we need to use when we add the suffixes ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ to the end of a word. We also started to write a recount of what happened to Leon when he stepped inside the magical box. To develop our ideas for our write, we created a conscious alley so we could tell Leon our viewpoints, as he walked through the middle of our human made alleyway. 

In Maths, we focused on multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 and 100 before identifying what happens to a number when it is multiplied by zero or one. We also took some time to answer questions surrounding multiplication and division on the LBQ website.

To finish off our Spanish topic this term we revised our numbers 10 to 100 and labelled family members with their Spanish relation. In science, we recognised how energy is passed on through food, which can be symbolised using a food chain. 

Of course, it is with no doubt that the best part of our week was Friday afternoon when we had our Christmas cinema experience. After voting for our festive favourite film we munched away on popcorn, sipped our hot chocolate and enjoyed an afternoon getting into the Christmas spirit by watching a festive movie and shouting back to a great pantomime performance.

One more week to go, Year 4! Then we only have a few more sleeps left until Santa arrives. Rest those singing voices ready for next week! 



-Monday 13th December - Christmas Sing-a-long

-Tuesday 14th December - Appropriate Mufti for Santa Dash

-Wednesday 15th December - Christmas Jumper Day

-Thursday 16th December - Christmas Party Day

-Friday 17th December - Church Service at 9.15am lead by Y4. School finishes 1pm.

Year 4 - Autumn 2 - Week 5

Date: 1st Dec 2021 @ 9:48pm


We have been filled with festive joy this week, as the countdown to Christmas truly began.

Following our lessons surrounding Christian symbols of light, this week we explored the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. We identified that this festival is a festival of light and celebrates one of the greatest miracles in Jewish history. After discovering that the holiday is also celebrated by lighting an eight-branched candlestick called a Hanukiah, we ordered the events surrounding the festival using eight candle sticks. Connecting our RE and Art lessons, we also showcased the most important symbol of light at Christmas time. We discussed how thew star is such an important symbol, as it lights the way to Jesus.

Our Collective Worship value for the month of December is Compassion and we have reflected as a class how we can relate compassion to kindness. We connected our understanding back to our Kindness project and how we shown compassion to the animals at Freshfield Animal Rescue, by having consideration to help the animals in need.

In Maths, we used our understanding of calculating perimeter on a grid to outline the perimeter of the different body parts we designed to make our own robots. All our designs were unique, but we had one thing in common... they all were created out of squares on a grid that we could easily count to calculate the perimeter. Using our measuring skills, we also calculated the perimeter of different shapes when no lengths were given. Next week we take on Multiplication and look to improve our knowledge of our timetables and spot methods we can use to help us work out more tricky multiplication questions.

In English, we used adverbials in our sentences, ensured we used a verb to explain the movements taking place and used precise adjectives to specifically describe the noun we were writing about. Next week, we will be structuring our writing into paragraphs to create a diary of events in chronological order and adding questions into our writing.

What fun we had playing similarity bingo in PSHE! We identified just how many similarities we have with our peers in class by shouting BINGO when our answers matched to questions surrounding our likes and dislikes.

It was Computing Day on Friday and we had so much fun exploring some Minecraft challenges and building our own Minecraft school. We had to work collaboratively to create all aspects of our school on the software and learnt what the Computing term ‘griefing’ means. We took to the project using teamwork, problem solving and strategically planning out different roles to take on in the build.

The best part of our week has got to be the Christmas Extravaganza! The day started with a big Year 4 welcome to Candy our class Elf, as she abseiled into our classroom. We are very excited to see what mischief and joy she brings to our classroom. Our creativity filled the room as we carefully crafted Christmas wreaths and solved an elf crossword. After lunch the time came to head to the grotto and meet Santa Claus, before heading off to enjoy an afternoon of activities in the Church Hall. Smiles lit the room as the children took part in lots of festive inspired games, enjoyed a trip to the glitter station and bounced away on the bouncy castles. A big thankyou to Team TSP for such a memorable day to remember!

As our class is now under elf surveillance, Candy the elf is looking forward to reporting ll our fantastic achievements back to Santa! Have an enjoyable, safe and memorable weekend, Year 4. See you Monday!



-Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th December – Y2-Y6 Sing-a-long – Ticketed Event

-Friday 10th December – Christmas Cinema Mufti

-Recorder lessons will continue right up until Christmas

-Spellings should continue to be learnt every week for our spelling quiz on Thursday

-Free readers should ensure they have a suitable book they are reading daily at home. Please do let us know if your child wishes to read a book from the school library or you need support on what a suitable book might look like.

Year 4 - Autumn 2 - Week 4

Date: 25th Nov 2021 @ 10:25pm

Image (17).jpeg
Another great week in Year 4, as we complete our last full, November week.

In RE, we connected our learning by recalling different symbols from our topic this term. We switched off all the lights and created darkness in the room, using our own individual candles to reflect on what light means to us. Then, we created pictures to symbolise what we think light looks like and added our feelings to our image to portray how light makes us feel. Putting all our ideas together, we answered the critical question 'Is light always positive or can it be negative?'

In our Mindfulness lesson, we used our school value of imaginative to turn a simple dot into our own piece of art. We know that by imagining we can turn anything into what we want it to be! We also had a lovely morning reminding ourselves that positivity, guidance and constructive feedback can support us in making improvements. Just like Austin from our Mindfulness video, we also improved our drawings of a butterfly, using positive feedback from our peers to help us.

In History, we used lots of creativity to create our own fact files full of information and pictures, to describe and explain the life and culture of the Picts and the Scots. We particularly enjoyed creating secret codes using the Picts alphabet! Our PE lesson was great fun, as we took part in a boxercise class to improve our health and fitness and even gave our friends piggybacks across the playground to increase our stamina.

Focusing on the topic of family in Spanish, we learnt the Spanish word for brother and sister and the special vocabulary we needed to use to ensure we were using the correct pronunciation to describe whether it was a feminine or masculine word. On Friday, we took part in the pupil power assembly, led by the plastic free schools initiative. The assembly gave us inspiration to implement positive environmental change in our school and beyond.

This week we have also recapped all of our learning so far this term through some assessments. The children’s resilience and positivity during this time has been brilliant! Next week’s English and Maths lessons will explore the perimeter of shapes when all the lengths of sides are not given to us and we will delve into writing fronted adverbials to describe the action that follows.

We are so proud that all 30 children in Year 4 have claimed their place on our secret student chart! So what better reward to end the week, than an afternoon of fun, games and golden time to celebrate our hard work and efforts in class this term.

In terms of Year 4 reading, the children will continue to have daily opportunities to read, either independently, in a group or as a whole class as part of our Guided reading lessons and silent reading time. If your child continues to read from the school reading book bands, then they will also still be listened to individually each week by an adult. However, it is really important that the children are encouraged to read daily at home and with an adult when possible. If you are struggling with book choices, please refer to the recommendations listed on our ‘Learning at Home’ page, or let us know and we will be able to offer suggestions.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend, Year 4. The Christmas countdown officially begins next week!



-Christmas Songs to practise at home for our Christmas singalong have been uploaded onto Google Classroom.

-Recorder lessons continue every Monday.

-Wednesday 1st December is the Christmas Extravaganza.

Year 4 - Autumn 2 - Week 3

Date: 17th Nov 2021 @ 6:04pm

file (1).jpeg

What a lovely week we have had, filled with kindness, joy and gratitude. It has been so lovely to spend time ensuring we are kind to ourselves, others and our community.

Connecting our Kindness week with our collective worship value of Justice, we set our sights on a project to spread kindness and support justice in our community. We decided to focus our attention on supporting and nurturing the animals in our local rescue centre - Freshfield Animal Rescue. Together, we produced a hamper of goodies (an overflowing hamper at that), of food, treats, bedding and toys for the animals to enjoy. We hope our donations go a long way to support and nurture the lovely animals in the rescue centre.

In English, we have had a big focus on grammar this week to ensure we are using a range of word types in our writing. We began the week by using adjectives to describe a shop that had appeared from nowhere in our local village. The children worked hard to ensure every inch of the building and the surrounding area were described to create a picture in the reader's mind. It was then time to practise expanding our sentences, making sure we use a verb and subordinating conjunction to stretch the sentences even more. Next week, we will be ensuring we use lots of descriptive adjectives to create a description of the circus tent in our stories and use direct speech in our writing.

Our focus has turned to perimeter in Maths, adding each side of the shape to make sure the full journey it takes to go all the way around the shape is recorded. We thought creatively and critically, to discuss what we could use to work out the perimeter of a shape. We came to the conclusion that string is a good alternative to a ruler and even helps us to work out the length of curved sides. Next week, we will be identifying tricks we can use to quickly recall the perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes. 

We also had a wonderful start to our Kindness week, taking the time to be kind to ourselves and reflect on the things we love about ourselves. Our kindness then spread to our peers, as we created Kindness Tellers to encourage us to bring joy to others. We discovered that just one kind word really can make someone smile. In acknowledgement of Anti-Bullying week, we also identified how words and unkind actions can leave a crinkle on our hearts. This crinkle is hard to iron out and the unkindness can leave a lasting effect on our hearts.

Road safety week created discussion around what makes a road safety hero. After reading through different scenarios, we categorise them into ‘Hero’ or ‘Not a Hero’, to help us understand the important things anyone using our roads need to remember in order to keep safe. 

In Science, we labelled the different parts of the digestive system and in PE we continued our dance inspired by the movie, Rio 2. We completed our final swimming lesson on Wednesday and I know that our trip to the pool will be sadly missed next week. We are so proud of all the children’s achievements in swimming and the effort and dedication they have put in, each and every week.

To conclude the week, we also watched an anti-bullying production by B Tales with the other KS2 classes. We loved joining in and understanding a little more about how unkind words can really effect our feelings.

Of course, we couldn’t end the week without a big celebration in support of Children in Need. From dance party to Pudsey collaging, we sure did smile and we celebrated in recognition of this wonderful charity.

Have a restful and enjoyable weekend, Year 4. Thank you for being you!


-Recorder lessons every Monday.

Year 4 - Autumn 2 - Week 2

Date: 10th Nov 2021 @ 8:58pm


There was no stopping us this week! Our creativity has been incredible, we have truly promoted a love for learning in our classroom and we have taken lots of time to reflect on our achievements so far this year. Not to forget how much we smiled on Friday afternoon, as we watched the BIG REVEAL of our school Kindness video!

In RE, we took inspiration from the song ‘My Lighthouse’ by Rend Collective, to suggest meaning for Christian beliefs expressed through music. The song made us reflect on why Jesus is the light of the world, comparing Jesus to the shining light of a lighthouse. We summarised that Jesus lights up our paths to guide us in our daily lives, he brightens up our day and he never switches off, come day or night. Continuing our focus on our monthly value ‘Justice’, we played a game of noughts and crosses, but Miss Mcvey cheated! There was outrage in the classroom when turns were taken at the wrong time and this formed our discussion around playing fairly and the importance of treating everyone with mutual respect.

Our focus in English this week continued to focus on our story ‘Leon and the place between’. In the story, Leon spots a sign which asks him if he dares to step into the place between. With this in mind, we created persuasive leaflets to encourage children to enter the place between, outlining what exciting things they would find there, the things they would need to take with them and how they would feel when they returned. We later spent time using a thesaurus to find suitable, powerful adjectives to describe the tent pictures in the story. Next week, we will be continuing to ensure we use capital letters and full stops throughout our writing, as we try to include fronted adverbials to explain a little more about the experience Leon had at the circus.

In Maths, estimating the answers to addition and subtraction number sentences has been our focus, connecting our understanding of rounding to support our understanding. We continue to work hard on developing our understanding of all the times tables from the 2’s right up to the 12 times tables and have begun to understand how many millimetres are in a cm, cm’s in a metre and metres in a kilometre. Next week we will be spotting equivalent measurements and beginning to look at Perimeter with a little help from Peri the snail!

What fun we had investigating real life, teeth moulds in Science to help us to spot the different types of teeth. We later explored the different functions our teeth have and the interesting fact that not everyone has Wisdom teeth! In PE, we used the film Rio 2 as inspiration for our rainforest themed dance. Learning lots of street dance style moves, we turned, balanced and moved around the hall to the sound of rainforest beats.

We took the time to remember those who have died in the line of duty, by creating poppy remembrance lanterns and attending St. Peter's church. Connecting our Artwork to Remembrance Day, we also created a WW1 newspaper article background and lay a mosaic poppy to rest on our created backgrounds.

November's top book picks from , 'Love Reading for Kids' have been released this week. Please take a look - maybe one of the books from this pick will be on your child's Christmas list this year!

Don't forget to take the time to check out our Kindness week video, we assure you it will not disappoint. From the children carrying out the shake, rattle and roll to 'twisting' staff, there won't be a smile left unformed, as you dance along with us and share the fun and enjoyment we had!


-Next week will be our last week of swimming lessons. After this, we will have our normal PE lesson on a Wednesday, instead of swimming.

-Children need to bring their recorders to school every Monday.

-Donations for our Freshfield Animal Rescue hamper, need to be brought to school by Wednesday 17th November.

-Weekly spellings to be learnt each week, ready for Thursday’s spelling quiz.

-Our Virtual Classroom can be found on Google Classroom, which contains handy links to lots of learning platforms that can be used to further support your child’s learning.


Year 4 - Autumn 2 - Week 1

Date: 3rd Nov 2021 @ 9:24pm


We have sprung into action this week and truly had a fantastic first week back!

Firstly, we revealed our new Collective Worship value of ‘Justice’ and discussed what Justice means. We spent time researching different Christian Charities to find out who they provide justice for. Connecting our thinking, we identified that #saveseas and #savetrees charities set up by two popular Youtubers, were fundraising charities fighting for justice for our planet. In RE, we explored why the symbol of light represents Jesus and explained why Jesus is the light of the world.

To predict what our new story focus might be, we had such fun snowballing ideas! Using this Kagan strategy, we threw our ideas to each other, before adding another idea to the snowball. We also immersed ourselves in the setting of our new English story, a circus! Having received an admission ticket to enter, we sat down to a viewing of some impressive circus acts and discussed what we could see, hear, taste and smell. Our favourite act was definitely the acrobatic hoop performance.

Using column subtraction, we subtracted two, four digit numbers ensuring to borrow from the number next door if we needed to. Connecting our understanding of both addition and subtraction methods, we then thought critically about which method would be most efficient to use to solve a calculation. Swimming continues to go ‘swimmingly’ and we have begun to look at mosaics and symbolism in Art. Our new History topic is also underway, after we completed a timeline of events that lead up to the Anglo-Saxon, Scots and Picts.

Smiles and laughter filled our classroom and school grounds this week, as we filmed our Kindness Video. We can’t wait for the video to premier and for all our loved ones at home to see it!

Rest those dancing feet this weekend Year 4 and remember to be proud of all you have achieved this week.


-Recorder lessons continue every Monday.

-PE kits to be worn Tuesday and Wednesday, with swimming kits also worn on Wednesday.

-Weekly spellings to be learnt each week, ready for Thursday’s spelling quiz.

Year 4 - Autumn 1 - Week 8

Date: 19th Oct 2021 @ 11:25am


They certainly do say time flies when you are having fun and hasn’t it done just that!

To reflect on our RE focus this term, we outlined the main roles and responsibilities we have discovered David held from reading about him in Psalms and Bible Stories. He sure was a busy man! In Collective Worship, we took a look back at all we had achieved during the term and discussed what enabled us to reach those milestones and continue to do our very best. We explained how the things and people who support us in life are the most powerful assets we can have and those we are truly thankful for.

To beautiful display our writing this term, we spent time illustrating our diary entries in our Author Books. Year 4 created wonderful illustrations of the Zoo gates in which Hannah entered in our story ‘Gorilla’ as she visited the Zoo for the very first time. Using our very best handwriting, we then copied our writing around our illustrations. It was a joy to see the happiness on the children’s faces as they admired their writing.

What a great afternoon we had exploring and recreating Andy Warhol’s blotted line technique and his famous soup artwork. We showcased how we can use vibrant colours to create an eye catching design and how our colour choices can make a recurring pattern look different each time.  

Our Spanish lesson was a spooky delight, as we entered the Language Angels escape room and tried to free ourselves from the haunted house by learning and recalling Spanish words and phrases. Thrills filled the air as children began to discover keys and learn new Spanish words for the spooky festive period.

A huge thank you to Dom from Active Sefton for all our sessions this term, but this weeks was certainly our favourite! We loved spending time being active, gaining an understanding of the importance of physical exercise to ensure we remain fit and healthy. We have also thoroughly enjoyed our time swimming this term and look forward to continuing our lengths next term.

Spellings for the first Thursday back after half-term are on Google Classroom. The Year 4 ‘virtual classroom’ has also been updated and attached to this blog, which includes links to a variety of websites and resources, including a link to our English focus book next term. All pupils' individual passwords can all be found on Google Classroom, if they wish to access any websites or resources they use in school.

It has been a delight to get to know you this term, Year 4 and it already feels like we have spent a lifetime together. Your enthusiam for learning and positive outlooks have brighten all our days. Have a wonderful week, stay safe and we look forward to hearing all your exciting news when you return!



-School will resume on Monday 1st November.

-Please be reminded that Y2 PE will continue to be on a Tuesday and children should continue to come into school ‘beach ready’ for swimming every Wednesday.

-Recorders will continue every Monday. Children should continue to bring their recorder to school for their lesson.

Year 4 - Autumn 1 - Week 7

Date: 13th Oct 2021 @ 7:40pm


A very busy week here in Year 4!

Continuing to reflect on our monthly value of Thankfulness, in Collective worship this week, we connected our learning with a celebration of World Food Day. We recognised that countries across the world are less fortunate than we are and thought about how lucky we are to have the food we do. We reflected on our gratitude poster and reminded ourselves just how fortunate we are. In our RE lesson, we took the time to look at different Psalms and reflected on the Christian values and meaning shown. We discovered that the Lord is like a shepherd, he is our guiding light and helps us to make the right choices.

Taking on the role of Hannah in the story ‘Gorilla’, this week we wrote diary entries to express to the reader the events leading up to Hannah’s birthday in the story. Our writing was full of fronted adverbials to specific when, where or how an event took place, and we used the first person to write as if we were Hannah. We also discovered that Macaroni makes the perfect speech marks, as we used the pasta to symbolise where speech marks should go in a sentence.

We revisited Roman Numerals to start the week in Maths, recapping the numeral for 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100. We were quick to discover that the sequence on numerals impacts on whether we add or take away a number. It was then time to show off our knowledge of column addition and prove whether an answer was correct or not, by proving it using this method.

In recognition of International Walk to School Month, we used Google Earth’s measuring tool to work out how many metres we would walk if we walked to and from school every day! We thought about how much this would impact on our environment and the health benefits too. To celebrate Black History Month, we focused on Martin Luther King and watches his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. We then created dreams of our own, to ensure our future world is peaceful and full of equality. Connecting our understanding surrounding Martin Luther King, we concluded the week with a recognition to Hate Crime Awareness Week by symbolising with handprints how we are all equal, no matter the colour of our skin.

Lots of strategic work in Basketball this week, as we played using just one basket for both teams to shoot in. We had to work hard to activate our ball whenever we intercepted it. In swimming, we continue to thrive, practising a range of strokes and developing our breathing technique when swimming longer distances. Vertebrates and Invertebrates were the focus in Science, as we categorised different animals to show whether they are an animal with or without a backbone.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday, Year 4!



-Parent-Teacher Meetings take place on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th October.

-Year 4-6 Disco on Thursday 21st October 6pm to 7.30pm.

-Friday 22nd October – End of term.

Year 4 - Autumn 1 - Week 6

Date: 6th Oct 2021 @ 10:21pm

Another wonderful week in Year 4.

We began the week by taking on the role of David. We thought about the values that David displayed when defeating Goliath, before turning these values into stones and aiming them at Goliath. Collective Worship, we have been focusing on our new monthly value of ‘Thankfulness’. We connected our learning with National Poetry Day, by creating acrostic poems using each letter in our name to highlight things we are thankful for.

In English, we further developed our understanding of fronted advrbails and the pu citation required to create the perfect sentence. We recapped our understanding of how we use an apostrophe to show possession and discovered how we use an apostrophe for possession when a word is plural. Using Haribo bears, we reminded ourselves of the here types of ‘their/there and they’re’, focusing on rules associated with each word. We ended our week mapping out the events in the story of ‘Gorilla’ so far, ready to start our diary writing next week.

We have been working hard in Maths to develop our times tables and completing our weekly Big Maths CLIC. Connecting our learning surrounding number lines, this week we focused on comparing 4 digit numbers given to us in a variety of pictorial and worded representations. Using an active game of Hopscotch, Year 4 had a great time landing on multiples of 25 and chanting the numbers as they went.

A big congratulations to our Summer Reading Challenge. Wild World Heroes! Lots of commitment and dedication to reading over the summer holidays. Has led to them completing the Summer Reading Challenge.

Dom from Active Sefton shocked us again this week, in our Healthy Habits session. Drinks we thought were healthy, turn out to have excessive amounts of sugar! We identified that Fruit Shoots are a healthier option than other drinks and that Coke had a zero sugar alternative. A huge thank you to Ultimate Kids for an thrilling and incredibly enjoyable activity session. We were so grateful to try a range of different activities, whilst keeping fit and active. 

We had an important role to play on Friday, as we helped to organise our school Positivity Pathway to help us celebrate ‘Hello Yellow Day’. Using yellow flags created by all the children in the school, we placed the flags onto the school field to create a pathway to walk through. We thoroughly enjoyed walking through the pathway and reading all the positive messages. We sure did head back to class with smiles on our faces and a spring in our step.

Our highlight this week has got to be our trip to Tatton Park. The day was full of smiles, laughter and lots of learning, experiencing the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. Our day began with a challenge to create a human timeline to outline key historical events. Wee then discovered what foods were foraged and the methods used to cook and gather food. We even made flour by grinding wheat with a stone! It was then time to create a vegetable patch, using some rather unique gardening tools. Using some old, traditional methods, we also created sparks to enable us to light a fire and even got our hands dirty building a shelter out of Wattle and Daub. 

A big thank you to all of Year 4 who displayed the most beautiful manners and eagerness to learn on our school visit this week. Tatton Park truly were amazed by how outstanding we were!


-Flu Nasal Immunisation on Wednesday 13th October.

-Christmas Card Artwork to be returned to school on Thursday 14th October. Orders must be placed before midnight.

-Recorders to be brought to school every Monday.

-Zoom details for Parent-Teacher Meetings will be sent out via School Spider on Friday 15th October.


Year 4 - Autumn 1 - Week 5

Date: 30th Sep 2021 @ 7:14pm


The rain certainly hasn’t put a dampener on our week!

In RE, we looked further into the values that make us special and discussed what values God would look for in our hearts. We outlined kindness, loyalty, forgiveness and truthfulness, to name a few, as values everyone should hold. We then thought critically about how we can show these inside values, on the outside. Year 4 were keen to share a smile, hug and share with others in order to show their inside values.

This week we created our own fact files all about Gorillas. We used our knowledge of fronted adverbials to make our writing more descriptive to our facts describing how, when or where it took place. By the end of the week, we discovered that adverbials could move in a sentence and spent time discovering where in a sentence we thought the adverbial fitted best.

Using a Venn diagram in science, we classified living things into groups depending on whether they laid eggs, breathed air or lived under water. We also gave thanks to our helpers in Year 6 this week, for demonstrating some great physical activities for us to complete in our PE lesson. We had great fun putting your jumping skills and strength to the test. In Geography, we continued our focus on the USA by comparing different landscapes.

In support of our Big Question this week, we showcased our critical thinking using our ‘agree/disagree’ thinking bubbles. Our thinking bubbles help us to show our support or disagreement towards a given question.

A big thank you to Dom from Active Sefton for our first Healthy Habits session this week. We were shocked to find out that the blue capped milk cartoon is the milk with the most fat. We are eager to discover more about how we can maintain a healthy lifestyle next week. Another thanks you to our lovely guests from the Hightown Pumpkin Patch for bringing in different varieties of pumpkin and explaining how they grow.

Year 4 also began a special project this week to support our friends at Merseyrail. We have been set the task of designing a unique birthday card to celebrate Merseyrail’s 50th birthday. We can’t wait to finalise our designs and send them to Merseyrail to make the special celebration.

On Friday, we also celebrated World Multiplication Table Day. We used some very popular chart hits, such as ‘Shake it off’ and ‘Happy’, to help us recall our times tables. We also completed challenges on our Times Table Rockstar accounts and sang the songs aloud to help us complete the multiplication questions asked.

A big thank you for providing cakes/donations to support our Macmillan Coffee Morning. We hope you have an enjoyable weekend.



-Monday 4th October – Parent-Teacher Meetings will go live on School Spider at 6pm

-Wednesday 6th October – Tatton Park Trip

-Thursday 7th October – PE Kit to be worn for an activity sessions provided by Ultimate Kids Sports Club

-Friday 8th October – Parent -Teacher Meeting bookings close on School Spider at 6pm.

Year 4 - Autumn 1 - Week 4

Date: 23rd Sep 2021 @ 8:33am


Yet another great week in Year 4!

After exploring the qualities God saw in David, in RE, we then discussed the qualities God looks for in us. We read the story of God choosing David in 1 Samuel 16 and reflected on the statement ‘God looks at the Heart’. A discussion was then formed to outline what God would like to see in people’s hearts and we connected some of these qualities to qualities that David shows.

Continuing our focus on place value, we recapped how we round a number to the nearest hundred and identified whether we would round the number up or down. Using this knowledge, we then looked at how we can quickly identify 1000 more and 1000 less than a given number. It didn’t take us long to find a quick trick in simply changing the number in the thousands column. To consolidate our thinking in Maths this week, we completed a problem solving exercise to find the smallest and largest numbers we could using a given set of digit cards.

In English, we used expanded noun phrases to describe a scene in our story. We loved playing ‘Eye Spy’ to read aloud our descriptions and spot what was being described. We then moved onto fact finding to support us with our knowledge of gorilla’s ready for future writing tasks. Year 3 were thrilled to comprehend different sources of information to find out some new and interesting facts. Did you know that a group of gorillas is called a troop? We turned our facts into short descriptions all about gorillas...but there was a catch! In our writing, we were not allowed to write the word ‘gorilla’, instead we had to think of a replacement word to describe these wonderful creatures. Laughter filled the room as we played a game of ‘yes or no’ to try and catch our peers out, by making them say the forbidden word.

We swam like fish again this week in our swimming lesson and even mastered treading water for a whole minute! In our Basketball lesson, we focused on ensuring we were ready to receive a pass, no matter where we were located on the court. Choosing two American states as a focus for our American fact files turned out to be a tricky selection, as the children were enthused by the culture and attractions in many of America’s states. Our Music lessons started with a ‘whooo’ as we learnt our first song ‘There’s a ghost in the house’. We can’t wait to play our recorders again next week.

To celebrate World Gratitude Day, our yellow and green thinking hats were used to remind ourselves of how Gratitude is the best Attitude. We reviewed the steps we can take to reflect on the things we are thankful for and the joy we can give others by showing our gratitude. We were thrilled to attend the Harvest Festival at church and thoroughly enjoying singing the joyful hymns we worked hard to learn. It truly was a delight to be surrounded by our peers and family to celebrate this special occasion.

Excitement filled the room as we concluded our week with a celebration of International Languages Day. We spent time learning about different aspects of Spanish culture, before creating our very own Spanish fan and sampling Spanish specialities including Spanish Tortilla and Chorizo.



-Friday 1st October: Big Coffee Morning from 9am in the school hall.

-Reading books to be brought into school every week on your child’s reading day.

-Recorders need to be brought to school every Monday for our recorder lessons.

-PE kits to be worn on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Children to also wear their swimming costume on a Wednesday and bring their swimming cap and towel to school.

-Please continue to complete weekly reading and spellings at home.

Year 4 - Autumn 1 - Week 3

Date: 16th Sep 2021 @ 8:09am


What a fantastic week we have had in Year 4!

In RE, we began our focus on God, David and the Psalms. Using our thinking hats to recall facts, we connected our prior learning and discussed things we already knew about the topic. Using our 4C model, we then explored the meaning of the word ‘persecuted’ and connected our understanding to explain why and how David was persecuted by Saul.We thought of others we know of who have been persecuted and became creative by outlining how David could avoid persecution.

Continuing to explore our monthly value ‘Creation’, Year 4 created their own small prayers of thanks for the world they have been given and all the beautiful things we can love and cherish. We took time to recall the lyrics to the hymn ‘Beautiful World’ and whilst rehearsing with our beautiful singing voices, we reflected on the beauty in our own lives.

Our English focus book this term is ‘Gorilla’, written by Anthony Browne. Oh, how excited we were to discover the main character in the book was a big, hairy gorilla! We took the time to explore a range of different images used in the book and create expanded noun phrases to describe and specify the things we could see. Putting our thinking hats on to support us in comprehending emotions, we began to read a poem all about a silverback gorilla and explained how the author felt about gorillas. It was fair to say, our opinions of gorillas changed after reading the poem and we are all now HUGE gorilla fans.

This week’s focus in Maths has been Place Value and showcasing what each number is worth, within a given number. We have been working hard to compare numbers, round numbers to the nearest 10 and break down numbers into their thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. To support us with our number comparisons, we recalled an old trick we learnt last year and designed our own crocodiles to help us eat the bigger number.

In Science, we became Minibeast explorers in search of living things in our local area. Using scientific equipment, we collected a range of Minibeasts and used magnifying glasses to take a closer look at their features. Following our exploration, we used classification maps to classify the living things. The Minibeasts were returned to their rightful homes following our lesson, as the children ensured they displayed our school value of Nurture to protect the living things.

We continue to thoroughly enjoy our swimming lessons and completing different strokes each week. We have been truly focusing on our school value of ‘Hope’ to have belief in ourselves that we are all fantastic swimmers. We even transported ourselves all the way to the USA this week, as we identified the different states that make up the United States of America. Year 4 also completed their Computing day on Friday, learning all about the importance of online safety and ways in which we can be supported to communicate and browse safely online. Creating our own digital safety booklets, we highlighted the dangers we could face and created guides on how to ensure we operate safely online at all times.  

This week marked Roald Dahl day and we were thrilled to discover lots of popular books that the author had written. Roald Dahl is definitely a class favourite in Year 4! To celebrate the day, we read snippets of the BFG, before creating our very own Dreamcatchers. It was also Jeans for Genes day this week. To show our awareness and support for the cause, we decorated jeans using fabric paints with positive and motivational messages. 

We hope you all had a fantastic week, Year 4. Have a great weekend.



-KS2 Harvest Service next Wednesday 9.15am. Children will need to arrive at school dressed in their school uniform, not their PE kit.

-Year 4 Recorder lessons commence next Monday.

-Weekly spellings are uploaded onto Google Classroom every Friday and tested in class every Thursday.

-Children should bring a water bottle to school.

Year 4 - Autumn 1 - Week 2

Date: 9th Sep 2021 @ 3:38pm


We have truly embraced our first full week back in Year 4!

In Collective Worship, we focused on our monthly value of Creation. After exploring the creation story, we created our own ‘Creation Globes’ to help us remember that God created the world and everything inside it.

Focusing on our school values, we continued to explore the Disney film ‘Up’ to help us understand the importance of choosing wisely and spreading kindness. To begin our week, we had great fun creating our own hot air balloons. In the basket we placed cards to represent three of our school values. On the cards, we wrote ways in which we will follow our values and created wishes for the year ahead.

Taking inspiration from Carl’s dream location in the film ‘Paradise Falls’, we used our school value ‘Imagine’ to design our own dream locations. Before writing descriptions to represent our dream locations, we reminded ourselves of the importance of using lots of details to ensure all aspects of our creations are specifically outlined. 

By completing retrieval questions in our reading comprehension, it was clear we loved focusing on ‘Up’ and understood the events that unfold in the film. We discussed the different emotions shown in different scenes and gave our own justification as to why the emotion was shown. 

In our sketch books, we took some time to sketch the house from the film ‘Up’. We were thrilled with the detail and shading we added to really bring our drawings to life. We thoroughly enjoyed our first swimming lesson at Formby pool, especially with it being so warm outside it was a welcomed cool off form the heat! In PE, we also began focusing on the sport of Basketball to enable us to develop our dribbling skills.

To end our week, we reflected on all we had learnt and put into place in our classroom to ensure we enjoy the year ahead and make the most of our learning. We decided to write letters to ourselves to open at the end of Year 4, outlining our hopes and wishes for the next year. We made a commitment to ourselves to always strive to do our best, be positive and enjoy our learning. We know with this mindset, all of our aspirations will come true.

Each month, the ‘Love Reading 4 Kids’ website reveal their top book picks for children of all ages. The September list has been launched - take a look and see which books may be of interest to your child.

We hope the children all enjoyed their first full week in Year 4. We look forward to another great week, next week!



-Children will need to arrive to school in their PE kit on Tuesday for individual photographs.

-Spellings have also been uploaded onto Google classroom and will be tested next Thursday in class.

Year 4 - Autumn 1 - Week 1

Date: 2nd Sep 2021 @ 9:52pm


Wow, our first week in Year 4 has been full of smiles, joy and laughter. We have had so much fun finding out about our new class, meeting our new teachers and pupils in our class and exploring the Disney film ‘Up!’.

We had a magical start to our week after we spotted a house flying through the sky, attached to multiple coloured balloons within our classroom. We soon identified that the house was from the fantastic Disney film ‘Up!’ and were excited to share our favourite parts from the film. After exploring different clips a little further, we unscrambled the clues given to us and revealed that the film will help us to explore our school values and discuss what makes TSP so great.

Using a weight and a balloon, we identified things that lift us up and those that weight us down. We discussed how choosing wisely can help to lift our spirits and those of others. After writing down all the things that weigh us down, we scrunched them up and encouraged each other to always choose kind. Using our green thinking hats, we established lots of ways we can lift each other’s spirits and created balloons full of random acts of kindness to ensure we are always nurturing ourselves and others.

Taking inspiration from his love of the outdoors, we then went on the create our own wilderness explorer calls just like Russell from the film. The outdoors brings us so much joy, so we all were very adamant to motivate each other to explore more outdoors. With our exploring hats on, we designed our own Wilderness Explorer badges to reward ourselves for being active and adventurous. With our minds set on the outdoors, it was time to create a guide on how to be a Wilderness explorer. With the kit we would need packed into our bags, we wrote down the key principles to being a great explorer.

Taking on board the emotions of the characters in the film, we compared and contrasted their feelings. We spotted how some characters had similar feelings at times when at first, they may have been complete opposites. Using string, we then focused on creating a graph to demonstrate how a particular character’s emotions changes throughout the film as different events unfolded.

The week wouldn’t have been complete without an afternoon of crafting! Paints at the ready, we recreated the Up house, complete with balloons. We found our fingers were the perfect shape to represent the balloons, so with that we took to finger painting. Our finish products were colourful delights and the addition of fluffy clouds truly showcased just how high the house had flown up into the sky.

It has been a real pleasure to welcome the children back this week and we look forward to making our learning journey an enjoyable and exciting year. Don’t forget to follow our Twitter account @Year4TSP to see our learning highlights throughout the week.

Well done for all your hard work this week, Year 4! We can’t wait to see you on Monday! Have a great weekend!



-PE lesson will take place on Tuesdays and our swimming lessons will take place on Wednesdays.

-Weekly spellings will also begin next Friday.