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Year 5 - Summer 1 - Week 6

Date: 22nd May 2024 @ 1:16pm


How have we reached this point already? The end of the penultimate half term of Year 5! Throughout this half term, we have achieved so much and you have hopefully gained a snapshot of our incredible learning either within this blog or via our class Twitter page. This week was no different in terms of memorable moments in learning with plenty to report…


In our Maths learning, we have been focusing on 3D shapes. Lessons have involved identifying the properties of 3D shapes by building skeleton shapes using blu-tack and art straws. We will continue our 3D shape focus after the half term break as well as exploring 2D shapes and shape nets too.


In our English learning, we have continued our poetry focus using the poem, ‘The Dreadful Menace’, as our inspiration. The language choices from the children were magnificent and they also experimented with a range of impressive poetic devices throughout (including: alliteration, similes, metaphors, personification and onomatopoeia). Year 5 were thoroughly in the zone as they crafted haunting, powerful poems that sent shivers down their teacher’s spines.


We also completed our AR (Augmented Reality) project in Computing. This involved us using our creativity to create our own “scenes” and then bringing them to life through AR within our classroom. The children enjoyed seeing their creations come to life and projecting their scenes and images around the room.


What a week and a fitting way to end this half term. See you all in a week’s time for the FINAL half term of Year 5. We’ll be sure to make it the best yet!



-PE lessons next half term will take place every Tuesday and Thursday.


-There is no set Maths and English homework for next week, however the Year 5 ‘Virtual Classroom’ has been updated and attached to this blog, which includes links to a variety of websites and resources. All pupils' individual passwords can be found on Google Classroom. Don't forget, there is also the ‘Practice’ section on Mirodo where the children can choose any topic they wish to practise for Maths, Reading, SPaG or Science.


-School re-opens on Monday 3rd June.

Year 5 - Summer 1 - Week 5

Date: 14th May 2024 @ 1:09pm


A typically busy week in the Year 5 classroom! Please see just some of our highlights…


In RE, we continued our focus on Women in the Old Testament as we delved into the lives of a range of significant women. The children completed a range of puzzle activities and matched families together too. Then they were tasked with creating profiles about a significant biblical woman, noting her main biblical accomplishments and life lessons.


In Maths, we have continued our focus on translation and extended this to translation involving coordinates and symmetry. Next week’s Maths will move on to 3D shape, reflection and rotation.


In our English learning, we have begun our new writing focus which is centred around poetry. Using a classic BBC advert used for the Winter Olympics titled ‘The Dreadful Menace’, this encapsulating, eerie advert is narrated by a powerful, domineering voice. This ‘Dreadful Menace’ that promises to ‘summon armies of wind and rain and snow' is, in fact, a mountain. The children loved hearing this poem with the accompanying imagery of the advert itself. They also engaged brilliantly with the opportunity to explore the figurative language and poetic devices used throughout. Next, Year 5 will attempt to create haunting poetic versions of their very own!


An excellent week and we hope that the sunshine returns for this weekend!



-Homework will continue to be set via Mirodo (as usual) for this week and spellings will continue to be set via Google Classroom.

-As per previous reminders via School Spider, next week is RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) week across the school.


Year 5 - Summer 1 - Week 4

Date: 10th May 2024 @ 11:30am


A shorter week but still equally full of highlights and achievements for our brilliant Year 5 class! Here are just a few of them…


Our Maths work has focused on plotting coordinates across four quadrants. Alongside games of battleships against our shoulder partners, we also channelled our inner Mondrian as we created our own artwork using coordinate grids in the style of Piet Mondrian’s iconic images. Next week, we will extend our learning onto translation using coordinate grids.


In English, we completed our author book work which was the culmination of our writing from the half term so far. The children were tasked with writing a scathing letter to a local councillor concerning some pollution within the local area. To achieve this, the children had to apply knowledge gained from our lessons on environmental awareness from our focus picturebook, ‘The Paperbag Prince’. The children’s impressive writing was also accompanied by some equally impressive artwork of a toxic wasteland known as the Poison Pool.


In RE, we began our new unit that focused upon ‘Women in the Old Testament’. The aim of this is to widen the children’s knowledge and understanding of the role and significance of women in the Bible and God’s big story. Our first lesson involved us completing some code breaking activities that provided us with the name of a significant female biblical figure and their role. This enabled us to expand our knowledge base.    


Just think of how much we will be able to achieve in five days rather than four next week! Until then…enjoy the weekend!

Year 5 - Summer 1 - Week 3

Date: 30th Apr 2024 @ 9:36am


As another week races by, it is now chance to reflect on just how much we have managed to fit into this time! Once again, the Year 5 children have worked really hard and with excellent resilience, energy and enthusiasm. Well done to them all!


In Maths, we have been focused on finding and calculating angles on a straight line and around a point. We also practised the language of clockwise and anticlockwise as we took part in some drills which involved us following directions to move North, East, South, West and everything in between. Not only that, a Quiz Quiz Trade activity allowed us to cement our angles understanding and apply our knowledge alongside our friends with support and coaching where needed.


In English, we have been exploring environmental awareness using our focus picturebook, ‘The Paperbag Prince’. The children have been using modal verbs and cohesive devices (such as conjunctions and fronted adverbials) as they have written descriptive paragraphs about a toxic wasteland before then progressing on to writing a letter expressing their outrage to the local council.   


We are well underway with our brass instrument lessons with Mrs Hughes from Sefton Music Service. Our first few sessions have been familiarising with our new instruments, whether trumpet, baritone or trombone. We have also enjoyed some old favourites including the Forbidden Rhythm game where we all know, “Don’t play this one back!”


Enjoy the bank holiday weekend, Year 5! See you back in class on Tuesday 7th May!



-Homework continues to be set via Mirodo (as usual) for this week and spellings will continue to be set via Google Classroom.


Year 5 - Summer 1 - Week 1

Date: 18th Apr 2024 @ 8:24pm


Welcome to the Summer Term! It was great to welcome back the Year 5 children after very varied and exciting activities during the time off that were great to hear about. This week, we achieved so much and really did pick up where we left off. Here are just a few highlights…


A particularly enjoyable and memorable event this week was the #kNOwKnifeCrime campaign run which took place on Wednesday morning. Schools from across Sefton participated in a relay event from school to school where each were handed the ‘bleed control kit baton’ before taking it to the next school. We were so proud to have runners from Year 5 and Year 6 completing the run from Trinity St. Peter’s to Formby High School and the atmosphere and spirit created by all pupils as Freshfield Primary arrived to TSP with the baton was a joy to see. Well done to all involved – raising much needed funds and awareness for the most worthy of causes!


In English, we have commenced our new focus book for this half term. It is titled ‘The Paperbag Prince’ by Colin Thompson. Before reading even the first page, we did a lot of work exploring the upcoming themes and content of this picturebook. Much of this linked to the environment and the importance of reducing both pollution and waste on our planet. To unpick this further, we watched several videos, including David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, which showed the horrors of plastic waste in the ocean and the detrimental effects that this is having on marine life. This led to many passionate discussions and many thinking skills were used as we reflected using green thinking hats and also completed a Diamond 9 model to help further guide our reasoning. We look forward to getting stuck into this book from next week!


Our Maths work has focused on measuring angles with a protractor and a particularly fun lesson involved measuring and checking different sized angles that we had drawn onto our own tables alongside our shoulder partners. Accuracy was the key and this led to many dojo points being awarded too! Next week’s Maths will further focus on angles, including reflex angles as well as recognising angles on straight lines and angles around a point.


In RE, we have focused on different world religions. Linked to our British Values of mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths, we explored the key beliefs and customs of the five major religions in the world. Those being: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. The children enjoyed discussing each religion and further applied their understanding of the values that are most meaningful to their believers.


Have a brilliant weekend, Year 5 - I look forward to seeing you on Monday!



-Year 5 PE lessons will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week for this half term. Please ensure that your child attends school in their full PE kit on these days.

-Please also note that homework has been uploaded as usual to Mirodo as it will be each Friday throughout this term. As previously, the homework will be set each Friday and should be completed on or before the following Wednesday.

-Weekly spellings have also been uploaded to Google Classroom, which will be tested next Friday (26th).

Year 5 - Spring 2 - Week 6

Date: 27th Mar 2024 @ 8:32am


A fun and typically busy (albeit shorter) week to bring an end our Spring Term!


In our English learning, we were extremely proud to write up the “top copy” of our biographies on Commander Chris Hadfield for our Author Books. Accompanied by some watercolour artwork, the children worked hard to present their work in the style of a biography whilst also ensuring that their handwriting was neat and showcased their best. After all the hard work actually writing was complete, the children were able to use their creativity to structure and organise their layout and paragraphs as they thought best. Very impressive - take a look at the picture above if you need further proof! We were also delighted that Chris himself took the time to “like” our work on Twitter/X!


In Maths, we have been focused on arithmetic practice and Easter related problem solving. After half term, we will move onto measuring angles using a protractor before progressing onto coordinates and translation of shapes and points.


The end of the week brought lots of Easter fun as we were paid a visit by the Easter bunny, which included plenty of dancing. We completed some fun Easter artwork too and the children also sang beautifully in the Key Stage 2 Easter Service led by Year 3.


A fitting end to the week with Easter just around the corner! The Year 5 children deserve an enormous amount of credit for all of their efforts throughout this term and we hope they enjoy and make the most of their well-deserved break. Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable time with your families. See you in the summer term!



-PE lessons next half term will take place every Wednesday and Thursday.


-There is no set Maths and English homework for the Easter break, however the Year 5 ‘Virtual Classroom’ has been updated and attached to this blog, which includes links to a variety of websites and resources. All pupils' individual passwords can be found on Google Classroom. Don't forget, there is also the ‘Practice’ section on Mirodo where the children can choose any topic they wish to practise for Maths, Reading, SPaG or Science.


-School re-opens on Monday 15th April.

Year 5 - Spring 2 - Week 5

Date: 19th Mar 2024 @ 1:36pm


Where does the time go? The penultimate week of this half term and the weeks keep on flying!


In Maths, we have been focused on data and statistics. We have had a particular focus on interpreting line graphs and bar charts and have enjoyed practising this via Blooket games too. Next week’s Maths will be Easter themed and will involve plenty of problem solving activities.


In our RE learning, we learned about the ‘Stations of the Cross’ which, traditionally, is fourteen separate pictures which represent Jesus’ last day on earth. This connected well with our Easter focus and the children learned about how the stations serve to represent the footsteps that Jesus had walked. We used this learning to create our own virtual version of the Stations of the Cross using Google Slides.


It was time to begin writing our biographies in our English lessons. We have been busy of researching Chris Hadfield, one of the most accomplished astronauts of all time and the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station. We will add the final touches next week before recording in our Author Books!


An eggcellent end to our week involved the Year 5 & 6 Easter Egg Hunt! The children had to search the school grounds for a ticket to trade for a prize. Great fun was had and two Easter chicks made an appearance too and led a rendition (actually, many renditions) of 'The Birdie Song'!


With that, another week reaches a close. See you after the weekend for the final week of this term!



-The KS2 Easter Service (led by Year 3) will be at St. Peter’s Church at 9:20am on Thursday 28th March.

-Thursday 28th March is the end of term and a 1:00pm finish.


Year 5 - Spring 2 - Week 4

Date: 12th Mar 2024 @ 10:04am



Another brilliant school week is in the bag as this half term continues to tick on by!


As Ramadan (the ninth month of the Islamic calendar) began on Monday, we discussed in class what this means for Muslims, both within this country and across the world. As Ramadan has such special significance in Islam and is a month of fasting, we heard from different children across the UK who will be fasting in school and how their days will be adapted as a result. We also made links to well-known Muslims, such as Mo Salah, who will also be observing Ramadan alongside the job of being a professional footballer. Our Ramadan discussions linked closely to our Collective Worship monthly value of ‘Sacrifice’.


In Maths, we have worked incredibly hard whilst tackling some assessments that will check our understanding of the learning that we have encountered this year so far. Next week, we will move onto statistics and interpreting bar charts, pictograms and tables.


We were also delighted to receive some goodies from Sumdog, a Maths app that the children love to use in school to support and supplement their Maths learning. Following the previous success of the children in the regional Sumdog competition and their engagement with the app, representatives at Sumdog were keen to express their thanks with some merchandise that were gratefully received (as you can tell in the above picture). Thank you to them!


In Science, we have been busy completing various experiments during the last few weeks as we focus on ‘working scientifically’ through exploring ideas and raising different kinds of questions; selecting and planning the most appropriate type of scientific enquiry to use to answer scientific questions; recognising when and how to set up comparative and fair tests and explaining which variables need to be controlled and why. A particularly fun experiment involved investigating the density of different liquids. We learned how liquids float upon liquids of a higher density and sink through liquids of lower density. The children had a great time making their predictions, testing it out and then analysing their results.


So another great week comes to an end and the weekend awaits. See you all on Monday!

Year 5 - Spring 2 - Week 3

Date: 5th Mar 2024 @ 10:53am


What a week we have had!


On Thursday, we had a tremendous World Book Day! The effort put into the children’s creative and varying costumes brought much fun and enjoyment to such a special school day. Our activities were wide-ranging and included an EXTREME reading activity where the children were tasked with getting a photo of themselves reading in strange and wonderful ways. Such efforts included reading whilst doing a headstand; reading in a tree and reading in a wheelbarrow. Many children also used their technology skills in order to ‘Photoshop’ themselves reading in the ocean or in space. We aimed to show how reading can be done anywhere and at any time…well, kind of! 


Our fun certainly didn’t stop there as we took part in a ‘Guess the Book quiz’ from a range of picture clues within the classroom. We also took part in a World Book Day class quiz with every question linked to, you guessed it, BOOKS!


Another highlight was our ‘Masked Reader’ activity where the children had to guess both the identity of the staff member as well as the book they were reading. This was made even more of a challenge by the animal mask covering the readers’ faces and the distorted voices to really throw the children off the scent. A great laugh was had and we enjoyed hearing the various discussions and logic for the children’s answers too.  


In our Collective Worship work, a new month welcomed in a new monthly value: Sacrifice. We have discussed the meaning of this word and how this also links to our RE unit, ‘Why do Christians believe that Easter is a celebration of victory?’, in the sense that Jesus had to sacrifice himself to bring people closer to God again.


In Maths, we have been tackling percentages and how to find percentages of amounts. Our learning will continue into next week where we will also tackle some assessments that will check our understanding of the Maths that we have encountered this year so far.


A fantastic and ever busy week in Year 5 and a well-deserved weekend awaits. Enjoy!



-From next week, the children’s PE days will be Tuesdays (school PE) and Thursdays (school PE).

Year 5 - Spring 2 - Week 2

Date: 27th Feb 2024 @ 10:41am



Yet another busy, busy school week! The Year 5 children continue to give their all and it’s time to share just some of our highlights…


In Maths, we have been practising converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. This has involved plenty of games, using LBQ and lots of hard work. Next week’s Maths will focus on problem solving questions involving the four operations.


As part of our Maths learning (also linking with our Science space topic), we focused on a particular date that only comes around once every four years – leap day! After learning more about exactly why we have leap years and the maths behind it, the children completed a range of problems to determine which years, both past and future, are leap years. There were also additional problems where the children had to apply their reasoning and even more complex maths to calculate their answers. So, a happy 29th February it was and we look forward to the next in four years’ time!   


In our English work, we have continued our journey through the picturebook, ‘The Darkest Dark’. We have spent much of the week learning more about the moon landings in 1969 and using our research to build quality sentences including brackets. After finishing the story, the children have correctly predicted that Chris, our main character, is in fact a real astronaut who went on to achieve his childhood ambition of visiting outer space. We look forward to finding out even more about his life next week as we build towards writing a biography!


In RE, we have been focused on our key question linked to Easter, ‘Why do Christians believe that Easter is a celebration of victory?’ We discussed the meaning of this key word and connected various definitions and synonyms to its true meaning. To demonstrate our understanding, we each made a victory collage which included different images and representations of victory and being victorious.


Well done everyone on an another typically excellent week. Enjoy your weekends and see you on Monday!




-World Book Day is on Thursday 7th March. We look forward to an amazing day ahead and already can’t wait to see the different costumes on display!


-The children’s final swimming lesson will take place on Wednesday 6th March. The children will require clothing again for this session to complete their survival swimming assessment. Following this session, the children’s PE days will be Tuesdays (school PE) and Thursdays (school PE).


Year 5 - Spring 2 - Week 1

Date: 20th Feb 2024 @ 10:44am


We welcomed back a well-rested Year 5 on Monday following our half term break and it was great to see them all! As always, we started the week by sharing our experiences during the week off and also familiarising with our new shoulder partners and table partners in class.


Following that, it was business as usual as the children picked up where they left off last half term by working with impressive resilience, effort and enjoyment across so many different subjects.


Our RE journey delved into the key concepts within Christianity. We explored a range of illustrations that represented a different aspect of our religion. The children connected their knowledge brilliantly to interpret what these pictures attempted to represent. After revealing the answers, the children were then tasked with ordering the Christian concepts according to the bigger story of the Bible itself.


In Science, we had a particularly fun and active lesson as we learned all about gears, levers and pulleys. As part of the lesson, we had to search the school hall to find a range of facts, diagrams and examples of different mechanisms to then sort into their correct sections. Great fun was had with excellent teamwork and scientific discussion on display throughout!


In a hard-working week of Maths, we have been practising finding fractions of amounts as well as adding and subtracting fractions. Next week’s lessons will move onto further understanding equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages.


A really excellent and exciting week to begin this new half term. The weekend now awaits and we will see you all on Monday. Enjoy!



-Year 5 PE lessons will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week for this half term. Please ensure your child attends school in their full PE kit on these days. Swimming sessions will continue each Wednesday for part of this half term with the last session for Year 5 being Wednesday 6th March.


-A polite reminder that the correct PE uniform should be worn: Charcoal ‘V’ neck grey sweat shirt with school logo, charcoal grey jogging pants or black shorts, white T shirt or white polo shirt, black pumps or suitable trainers. Further information regarding uniform can be found on the school website -

Year 5 - Spring 1 - Week 5

Date: 6th Feb 2024 @ 9:57am


What a fantastic week to end this half term! It has flown by in record time and there is much to be grateful for and to reflect upon.


Our week started with a particularly proud moment as families of the Year 5 children were invited into school on Monday afternoon to watch a clarinet showcase concert. The performance detailed the musical journey that the children have been on since first picking up their clarinets in Year 4. The children had the opportunity to showcase many of the pieces that they have been learning, of varying difficulty and styles, and were met with a well-deserved, rousing round of applause at the end. Well done to them! Thank you also to Mrs McCardle from Sefton Music Service for supporting the children so brilliantly throughout their time learning clarinet. Some of the children are keen to continue their tuition in extra sessions in Year 6 and they will have this opportunity should they wish.

As Safer Internet Day was during this week, we have had a range of different opportunities linked to promoting the safe and positive use of digital technology for children. The children explored their online lives and a range of discussions and online scenarios were presented to them where they had to apply their learning to reach a safe solution. This inspired many conversations about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically, and creatively. A particular highlight of our Safer Internet focus was undoubtedly the chance to delve into the world of ‘Interland’. This Google-produced adventure game enabled the children to become fearless explorers of the online world across a range of islands including: Mindful Mountain, Kind Kingdom, Reality River and Tower of Treasure. Each island linked to a key element of online safety and the children had a blast working their way through each whilst thoroughly enjoying the journey. If you require any further information regarding Online Safety, please visit our Online Safety section on the school’s website.


In RE this week, we completed an evaluation of our learning throughout this half term which was focused around Jesus as a teacher. The children’s responses showed such deep, considered thinking and demonstrated the impressive learning throughout this topic. 


In Maths, we focused on fractions and particularly ordering and comparing fractions with different denominators. As with so many aspects of Year 5 Maths, times table knowledge is so key for identifying these patterns quickly and efficiently. Remember, practice makes permanent so the best way to improve multiplication skills is to ensure full confidence in all times tables up to 12x12. After half term, we will continue to focus upon fractions whilst finding equivalences to decimals and percentages too.  


Also in Maths, we have been busy participating in the North West Sumdog Contest where the children were challenged to answer 1000 questions before the contest door slammed shut on Thursday evening. The children displayed excellent determination and positivity and the team spirit throughout Year 5 was just amazing to see. We are over the moon to WIN the contest out of all of the schools in the north-west that entered. An amazing achievement!


In English, you could hear a pin drop in the Year 5 classroom as each child was determined to make their final writing pieces the very best that they could be. We were tasked with writing our own Norse-style myth, using inspiration from our class focus book, Arthur & the Golden Rope. The children also had the task of accompanying their work with some artwork and illustrations. The final versions are impressive and testament to the creativity as well as hard work and effort that the children have showcased throughout this half term.


So that’s that! Another half term passes by and a well-earned rest for this hardworking class of children awaits. Make the most of it everyone and I look forward to seeing you all in a week’s time. Enjoy!



-Weekly spellings have been set as normal and will be tested after the half term break.


-There is no set Maths and English homework for next week, however the Year 5 ‘Virtual Classroom’ has been updated and attached to this blog, which includes links to a variety of websites and resources. All pupils' individual passwords can be found on Google Classroom. Don't forget, there is also the ‘Practice’ section on Mirodo where the children can choose any topic they wish to practise for Maths, Reading, SPaG or Science. 

-As per the message on School Spider, the Year 5 children will have their PE sessions after half term on a Tuesday and Wednesday (swimming). Children should come to school in their full PE kit on these days. Swimming will continue for part of the next half term and a message update will follow to confirm the end date when finalised.


Year 5 - Spring 1 - Week 4

Date: 30th Jan 2024 @ 10:28am

.National Storytelling Week.jpg


February has arrived and another week flies on by! This week has been typically full of learning and fun opportunities which also coincided with ‘National Storytelling Week’. Here is just a snapshot of some of our learning below…


As it is National Storytelling Week, we explored world building within various book series, video games and films that we love. Many examples included Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Avatar and many more. We considered how the creator would map out various aspects and features of their unique storytelling worlds before the story itself unfolds. Inspired, we created our own storytelling worlds, letting our imaginations take us into these new lands of endless possibilities.


In Collective Worship, we commenced our new monthly value of ‘Love’, which we have connected closely to our school value of Nurture that refers to being kind to ourselves and others. We watched a video titled ‘Love Has No Labels’ which showed us that love exists in so many different ways. The video challenged us to always be open minded and work to stop bias and prejudice in the world around us.


Our main focus in Maths was on converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers. To practise this, we used lots of games including a whole class loop game, Blooket and a version of UK gameshow, ‘Mr and Mrs’ (however retitled as Mr/Miss Improper Fraction/Mixed Number). There was lots of hard work throughout and hopefully the children can apply their understanding within this week’s Mirodo homework too. Next week, we will move onto adding and subtracting fractions.


We completed our class writing focus book, ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’, this week too. It is fair to say that nearly all the children fell for the twist at the end as our main character was thought to have been gravely injured by Fenrir the wolf before some magic was revealed to have saved the day. We loved reading this picturebook together and exploring the various features and elements of Norse mythology throughout. Our work this week included lots of thinking map work to analyse Arthur’s various quests as well as breaking down the key elements of the story. Next week, we will start to plan a Norse adventure myth of our own!


A fun week and I hope you all have equally fun weekends too. See you Monday!



-A Year 5 Clarinet performance will be taking place on Monday 5th February at 2:30pm in our school hall. The children will showcase a few of the pieces that they have been learning as part of our Music curriculum offer using this instrument. Please enter the hall via the KS1 playground entrance at the front of the school and the children can be picked up and taken home directly following the performance. It will finish in time for normal end of the school day arrangements.


Year 5 - Spring 1 - Week 2

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 10:34am

IMG_7849 (1).jpeg

As temperatures dipped this week, our efforts in class most certainly did not! Here is a snapshot of just some of our many highlights…


Our Maths learning involved visualising and recreating a range of increasingly complex 3D shapes using multilink cubes. Using a 2D image representation as our guide, we had to work together with our shoulder partners to construct as many shapes as possible to earn as many points as we could. Our other Maths lessons built upon our long multiplication learning from the previous week as we were introduced to the column method for long multiplication. After mastering this method, the children will have the luxury of choice in deciding which method they prefer (column or grid multiplication) when tackling such questions.


In English, we began our writing focus text for this half term, which is titled ‘Arthur & the Golden Rope’. We have enjoyed reading the beginning of this rather unusual myth as well as using it as a stimulus to write a short Norse poem containing adventurous noun phrases and linking in relative clauses from last week’s learning too.


In our Collective Worship, we continue to focus on our monthly value of ‘Wisdom’ for January. We explored a variety of different quotes which shared some advice, life tips or could generally be considered wise. A particular favourite was “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” We enjoyed hearing and unpicking these different examples and such quotes as the above encouraged us to be the very best version of ourselves that we can be.


In Science, we continued to learn about forces and focused particularly on air resistance. As part of this lesson, we constructed paper aeroplanes and had to consider the forces acting upon them in flight as well as how to streamline our designs further in order to ensure greater success.


To conclude a busy week, we were visited by the Chinese Confucius Institute from Edge Hill University who led some exciting workshops ahead of Chinese New Year. Yunchen taught us about the origins and the customs of the celebration before we moved onto creating our own Chinese lanterns. The fun didn’t stop there as we were treated to a Dragon Dancing Show in the afternoon alongside our friends in Year 4 and Year 6!


A tremendous week and wishing you all an enjoyable weekend!



-Homework for Maths and English continues to be set via Mirodo and should be completed on or before the following Wednesday (24th January).

-Weekly spellings are accessible via Google Classroom.



Year 5 - Spring 1 - Week 1

Date: 9th Jan 2024 @ 1:36pm


Wishing you all a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2024!


It was great to welcome back the Year 5 children who were recharged and refreshed after an excellent (and lengthy) festive break spent with loved ones. It is fair to say that we made the most of this first school week of 2024 and it was great to be back together as a class team once again. Here are just a few things that we got up to…


Our new writing theme allowed us to delve into the world of Norse mythology. We expanded our vocabulary and explored the many weird and wonderful beliefs of the Viking people. We enjoyed expanding our vocabulary as we labelled and decorated our own Yggdrasil World Tree before employing impressive thinking skills to create a brace map of the ‘three levels of the universe’ (according to Norse mythology). This knowledge will serve us well as we delve further into all things Norse as we begin our new class text. Our Geography learning also connects seamlessly with our new writing focus where we will be exploring the Scandinavian countries.


In Maths, we have been learning a method for long multiplication. The children have honed their understanding of the ‘grid method’ and can apply their skills with much greater confidence and accuracy. Well done to you all for your resilience and accuracy when approaching this method!


In RE, we also commenced our new unit titled ‘Jesus the teacher’. For this opening lesson, we first reflected on our teaching and learning experiences throughout our lives so far. Using our ‘brace map’ (thinking map), we selected three teachers who were responsible for teaching us an important skill or fact that will always stay with us. A lot of deep and meaningful reflection took place as the children chose a variety of teachers from: school itself; their families; sports clubs that they attend: their friendship circles and even wider!


A great school week to properly welcome in 2024. Enjoy your weekend everyone and see you all on Monday!






-Year 5 PE days for this half term are Wednesday and Friday.


-Year 5 swimming lessons will recommence on 31st January and subsequent Wednesdays following the re-opening of Formby Pool.


-Maths and English Homework has resumed and has been set, as usual, via Mirodo on Friday 12th. This should then be returned on or before the following Wednesday (January 17th).


-Spellings have been set from this week and the weekly test will take place next Friday (19th).


-For more information on what we will be learning about this term, please click here.


-Some recommended Reading at Home resources can be found here.

Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Week 8

Date: 18th Dec 2023 @ 12:53pm


What a wonderful, highlight-packed first term in Year 5! There are so many memories and experiences already, so many of which have been showcased on X (Twitter) and also via these blog posts. The highlights continued even in such a short week with gingerbread house building, a Christmas quiz and a beautiful Christmas Carol concert at Halcyon House care facility, alongside St. Peter's church choir. 


Our Autumn term finished on Tuesday with the Christmas Service at St. Peter’s Church. This reminded us of last year where we had the starring roles so we were keen to join in with the different songs and carols that we remembered well in order to support our friends in Year 4. A poignant way to finish this term with a reminder about the true meaning of Christmas. 


If you wish to continue any learning over the holidays, please see the virtual classroom which is attached once more to this blog.


All that is left to do now is to wish you all the most amazing Christmas and New Year. We would like to also take the opportunity to say a massive, heartfelt thank you for the generous gifts, cards and well wishes received by Year 5 staff throughout this week. Thank you for your generosity and, although never expected, it certainly is greatly appreciated.


Make the most of the time together with your family during the festive period and we look forward to seeing you all in 2024!


Merry Christmas Everyone!


Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Week 7

Date: 12th Dec 2023 @ 1:50pm


The time is (nearly) here to step into Christmas!


What a brilliant final full school week of 2023 to cap off what has been a fantastic term spent with this Year 5 class. Each child has made us proud with their achievements on a weekly basis and the end of term is a perfect time to reflect upon just how far the children have come in this time. Roll on 2024! However, not before a well-deserved Christmas break for the children and many memories created with loved ones. Still though, this is all after two more fun-filled (and Christmassy) days in class next week!


Let’s delve into just a few highlights from an extremely festive week that was packed full of highlights…


Our English work this week was to complete our final writing pieces within our ‘Author Books’. The atmosphere within the classroom was so calm and focused as the children put their absolute all into recording this piece of writing to the best of their ability. Many of the children also enjoyed looking back at their first piece of writing at the start of the half term and noticing the transformation in their handwriting and presentation. We are sure that there will be plenty more examples of this as the school year progresses!


We have enjoyed plenty of musical delights this week too, including a festive themed Clarinet lesson to close out 2024. Not only this but we also split into our “House” teams on Monday to be part of a sing-off, where each house learned a Christmas song which was then built into a performance with lots of props, dancing and festive fun!


We also created Christmas cards for our loved ones which incorporated a pop-up tree design and other artistic elements. We hope families enjoy receiving these to mark the upcoming festivities.


If the week wasn’t already exciting enough, Year 5 also enjoyed the chance to bring in toys and games from home as they earned their ‘Secret Student’ reward. This was followed later in the week by Christmas Party Day featuring a whole array of Christmas jumpers, outfits and accessories. We also used our thinking skills to solve a Christmas mystery in this year’s Santa Dash…with a twist.


What. A. Week!


Have an enjoyable weekend before the final two days of school in 2023!


Some reminders:

-There is no set homework for next week, however the Year 5 ‘Virtual Classroom’ has been updated and attached to this blog, which includes links to a variety of websites and resources. All pupils' individual passwords can all be found on Google Classroom. Don't forget, there is also the ‘Practice’ section on Mirodo where the children can choose any topic they wish to practise for Maths, Reading, SpaG or Science.


-School closes at 1pm on Tuesday 19th December. School will resume on Monday 8th January 2024.


-Please can all school books be returned to school before next Tuesday.


-The Year 5 children will have their PE sessions in the Spring Term on Wednesday (swimming) and Friday (PE). Please remember that children will need to arrive to school in their PE kits on both of these days.

Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Week 6

Date: 5th Dec 2023 @ 11:10am


Another week races by in the Year 5 classroom with Advent upon us and Christmas now ever closer! As always, we have achieved so much throughout this week with lots of highlights. Here are just a few…


In our English work, we reached the culmination of our work on the twisted fairytale, ‘The Lost Happy Endings’. Using inspiration from the story-within-a-story, where the witch ultimately meets her downfall, the children used their imagination and creativity to write their very own versions of Jub’s ‘Golden Pen Story’. You could hear a pin drop in the Year 5 classroom as each child was determined to make their stories the very best that they could be, with creativity and imagination in abundance. Before writing them up in our Author Books next week, the children had the task of accompanying their work with some artwork and illustrations. The stories are a credit to the hard work that the children have put into this work throughout this half term and we look forward to seeing their completed Author Book pieces early next week!


Building upon the enjoyment of last week’s music comprehension lesson, we used Christmas music as our inspiration for one of our reading lessons this week. If the children won’t already hear this song enough over the Christmas period as it is, at least now they also have a full grasp and understanding of all of the lyrics!


In Maths, we have focused on calculating the area of rectilinear shapes whilst also competing in a team scavenger hunt within the classroom to find the area and perimeter of different shapes. Next week’s Maths will be festive themed!


Thursday brought our school trip to the British Music Experience in Liverpool City Centre…and what an experience we had! The first part of our day was a fantastic workshop and quiz all linked to British pop culture, from wartime to the present day. Then we had the chance to ‘Dance the Decades’ in a designated room, watch a hologram of some famous musicians performing songs, the chance to try an array of instruments within the studio and also a musical tour through the ages complete with costumes and props. What a fantastic day and the children behaved impeccably throughout and were a real credit!


This term (so far) has been brilliant with this class of amazing, hardworking children. To have watched them flourish from the start of the school year has been a privilege and they continue to make us so, so proud.


Roll on next week and please see below for some reminders of just some of our festive fun in the final full school week of 2023…



-Wednesday 13th December: Christmas Dinner Day & Year 5 Secret Student Reward morning* & Swimming

*As per text on School Spider, the children have the opportunity to bring in a game from home should they wish (i.e. board games, toy etc). We ask that electronics are avoided please.

-Friday 15th December: Christmas Jumper Day & Christmas Party Day

Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Week 5

Date: 29th Nov 2023 @ 8:30pm


December is here and things have already turned very Christmassy within the Year 5 classroom! On the 1st December, the Year 5 children turned into Christmas elves as they were responsible for decorating our classroom (both inside and out) with an array of decorations whilst accompanied by, of course, Christmas music. They certainly brought the festive spirit in abundance and we ho-ho-hope this same spirit continues throughout the month. In fact, we’re absolutely sure that it will!


After an exciting start to Advent, this was followed by an amazing day at the Team TSP Christmas Extravaganza on Friday! There were so many festive activities for the children to try and thank you to all at Team TSP for organising such a brilliant day for the children.


The start of December also signalled the beginning of our new monthly value focus in our Collective Worship work. It seemed very fitting to use a Christmas advert as the stimulus for our first discussions. The children were introduced to the animated film, ‘#Justino’, which features a security guard at a mannequin factory. Since Justino works the night shift, he has very few chances to interact with his coworkers. With a little bit of creativity, Justino devises ways to connect with his colleagues by using the factory’s mannequins to create situations both amusing and moving. His coworkers appreciate his playfulness each morning, and find a way to repay his generous spirit in kind. This advert incorporated so many of our school SHINE values due to Justino’s optimism, creativity, kindness and serving of others. The gratitude and appreciation that he receives in return is what makes this advert so powerful and made for such great discussions in our classroom.


In Maths, we have been working on calculating the area of rectilinear shapes. Next week’s Maths will continue to focus on area as well as problem solving with a festive twist!


Our English work involved completing our story, ‘The Lost Happy Endings’, which has been the focus within our writing lessons throughout the half term to date. There were shocks and gasps across the classroom as we brought this story to a close due to the shocking (and quite gruesome) twist at the end of the story. This led to an excellent class discussion where the children explored the critical question: ‘Is Jub the villain?’ There were impassioned responses from the children as they justified their views and applied reasoning to back up their thinking. We are already looking forward to next week where we can write our own fairytales…with a twist!


Another really fantastic week with an equally fantastic class. Well done for all of your efforts and an extra special well done for reaching the top of the ‘Secret Student’ ladder! Enjoy a well-deserved weekend and the ‘Secret Student’ reward afternoon awaits. See you all on Monday!



-Year 5 will continue swimming lessons each Wednesday.

Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Week 4

Date: 23rd Nov 2023 @ 9:34pm

Book World Cup(1).jpg

What another fantastic week we have had with December fast approaching!


In Maths, we have continued our grand, class times table battle with this current tournament approaching a very dramatic conclusion. With just two rounds left and one point between the two teams, we have a very tense wait to find our eventual winner in the coming weeks. Both teams have given their all…but there can only be ONE winning team. Good luck to all involved!


We have also been busy completing some Maths assessments to check our understanding of our learning throughout this term so far.


In our RE work, we continued our focus on the birth of Jesus as told in the gospels of Luke and Matthew. We analysed how these two versions of the nativity have some key differences and we compared each story using a double bubble thinking map. We then sorted a variety of pictures according to their appearance in each particular bible story.


Following a very successful Book World Cup competition last week, we have started reading our winning book: ‘Millions’ by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. There has already been plenty of laughter in the opening pages and we’re already very keen to read more.


Thank you, Year 5 for a brilliant week and enjoy the weekend!



- Year 5 school trip to British Music Experience on Thursday 7th December.

-Year 5 Swimming lessons will begin on Wednesday 29th November. Please ensure that children wear PE kits on Wednesdays and Fridays going forward.  


Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Week 3

Date: 14th Nov 2023 @ 2:09pm

.Book World Cup.jpg

We have had the most amazing week following the release of our ‘Celebration of Kindness Week Video’ for 2023. This jam-packed week tied together Kindness Week, Anti-bullying Week and Children in Need, which we have LOVED being part of!


To mark Celebration of Kindness Week, our main project was to spread kindness across our local community. To achieve this, we each designed an inspirational poster in class that contained a message of kindness. The aim for our posters was to impact positively upon whoever read it by motivating; lifting spirits or even just bringing a smile. When the posters were designed, we headed into Formby Village to display them. So many local businesses were so accommodating and were more than happy to display the posters when the children had described their aims for the project. We have received a few tweets already about our posters and we would absolutely love it if you could all keep an eye out for our posters and tweet us too when you find one.


A particular highlight this week came in the form of the ‘Book World Cup’. This involved 32 different books which all had the opportunity to be voted in as the next class novel for Year 5. The decision was entirely in the hands of the class! Before the voting could commence, the children had to familiarise themselves with the various books in the competition. This involved the children spending time exploring the different books, reading the blurbs and extracts to each other, looking at the covers and chatting generally about how they felt about them. Next, it was time to vote. After some close battles as each book went head-to-head, we were able to narrow down the 32 books to just one winner. As chosen by the children, our new class novel was crowned!


In Maths, we focused on finding the perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes. Next week, we will be continuing to focus on the perimeter of compound shapes and will extend to problem-solving activities relating to real-life scenarios and the visualising of shapes. As it was also assessment week, we recapped all of our learning so far this term.


So our Celebration of Kindness week reaches an end but we are sure the messages from this week of positivity and kindness will be carried forward both within our school community and beyond.


Have an amazing weekend and see you on Monday!



-Year 5 school trip to British Music Experience on Thursday 7th December.

-Year 5 Swimming lessons will begin on Wednesday 29th November. Please ensure that children wear PE kits on Thursday and Friday next week (w.c. 20/11/23) as normal.


Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Week 2

Date: 9th Nov 2023 @ 9:27pm


Time certainly does fly but what a week we have had in the Year 5 classroom!


A particular highlight was our visit from Callum from The Hammond, a renowned institution for performing arts education. We were treated to an engaging and interactive theatre workshop which explored storytelling, drama and some key elements of acting and adopting the role of different characters. The workshop included various games and activities to achieve these aims and there was plenty of laughter throughout.  


In our RE learning, we completed our focus on the Bible by linking it to other holy books in different faiths, such as the Torah in Judaism and the Guru Granth Sahib in Sikhism. We recorded these connections within a circle thinking map before then answering a range of 4C questions to demonstrate our understanding of our learning to date. Next week, we will begin our new RE focus…Christmas and the gospels of Matthew and Luke.


In Maths, our focus has been square numbers, cube numbers and prime factors. Next week we will move onto perimeter, including finding the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. It is also assessment week where we will recap all of our learning so far this term!


Take a breath now that a brilliantly busy week has reached an end. Though we wouldn’t have it any other way! Enjoy your weekend and see you all on Monday!   



-From Wednesday 29th November, the children will commence swimming lessons at Formby Pool. A letter with further information has been sent via School Spider.

Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Week 1

Date: 3rd Nov 2023 @ 12:30pm

IMG_5266 (1).jpeg


What a brilliant week we have had! As our Year 5 children returned from a well-deserved week’s rest, we really enjoyed welcoming them back and hearing about all of their family time and activities during the time off. As we commence this brand-new half term, we are very much looking forward to the many exciting opportunities and learning that awaits!


Could there be a better (and more fun) start to a new half term than filming for our Celebration of Kindness video? Without giving too much away ahead of the big reveal, many laughs were had between the Year 5 children as we were reminded to ‘Laugh More and Worry Less’. We are very much looking forward to watching the final version at the end of next week!


In English, we are reading a traditional tale…with a twist. ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ has stimulated some fantastic discussion from the children so far and we can’t wait to see what next week brings, especially as the story will soon take a dark and sinister turn. Wait and see…


In our Maths learning this week, we have focused on understanding and applying the Maths terminology of prime numbers. A lot of this learning relied on our times table and division facts knowledge and fluency! Next week, we will move onto square numbers, cube numbers and prime factors.


Our artwork focused on ‘retrofuturism’ where we explored how the “future” was depicted in earlier eras through various artwork. We then had to imagine our own predictions about what the future could hold before using collagraph painting in our final pieces. See the picture above!


A really enjoyable first week of this half term has been had. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy any firework displays or bonfires that you may be attending. Stay safe!



Homework will also resume from this week and has been set on Mirodo for Maths and English on Friday (3rd) and is due to be completed on or before the following Wednesday (8th). Weekly spellings have also been set which will be tested next Friday (10th).

Year 5 - Autumn 1 - Week 7

Date: 19th Oct 2023 @ 9:09pm


The end of the first half term already! Time has absolutely raced by and it is more than fair to say that Year 5 have worked extremely hard and have already achieved so much. It has been a pleasure to get to know each of the children and it genuinely feels like we have been a class team for longer than just these seven weeks. So this bodes well for the remaining five half terms to come!


In English, we completed our first Author Book work of this year based on our focus text, ‘Queen of the Falls’. The children completed their final pieces with such focus, care and pride and each was a pleasure to read. These diary entries have made an excellent opening page to our Year 5 writing journey. Well done, Year 5!


In Maths, we have focused on factors. We also had a particularly enjoyable session from the HMRC outreach programme which taught us all about tax. We learned about how taxation works, where taxes are spent and even the chance to become Chancellor too. After the half term break, we will be focusing upon prime numbers and prime factors.


In our Collective Worship work, we focused on our monthly value of ‘Thankfulness’. We took the opportunity to further relate this to our school value of ‘Enjoy’, considering how thankfulness, gratitude and appreciating our opportunities is central to this. Now that our first half term has drawn to a close, we reflected on all that we are thankful for, whether at home, in school or elsewhere.


Thank you, Year 5, for a great first half term where I have loved getting to know each and every one of you. There are plenty more highlights to come throughout the rest of the year but, in the meantime, go and enjoy the half term break!


Some reminders for after half term:

  • Spellings have been set as usual via Google Classroom and will be tested at the end of the first week back at school after half term.
  • There is no set homework for next week, however the Year 5 ‘Virtual Classroom’ has been updated and attached to this blog, which includes links to a variety of websites and resources. All pupils' individual passwords can all be found on Google Classroom. Don't forget, there is also the ‘Practice’ section on Mirodo where the children can choose any topic they wish to practise for Maths, Reading, SpaG or Science.
  • PE for Year 5 will remain on Thursdays and Fridays.


Year 5 - Autumn 1 - Week 6

Date: 11th Oct 2023 @ 9:27pm


Yet another brilliant week with so much learning and lots of highlights throughout! Here are just a few…


On Thursday, it was La Fiesta Nacional de España (Spanish National Day)! We marked the day by focusing on the many and varied areas of Spanish lifestyle and culture. ¡Muy bien!


In RE, we continued our focus on the Bible as we used this lesson to explore Christianity as a living faith through the inspiring story of Desmond Doss. Desmond Doss was a Christian combat medic who was awarded the congressional medal of honour for saving the lives of 75 men. He was a conscientious objector who never carried a gun. He is also the subject of the film, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’. First, we completed a circle thinking map using only picture clues to infer what we could about Desmond. Then we further learned about his life and his honourable actions that all came about because he fervently stood by his beliefs. This helped us to really explore Christianity as a “living faith” and to unpick our key question, ‘how can belief affect people’s actions?’.


We have now reached the end of the gripping tale that we have been reading over the last few weeks in our English sessions: ‘The Queen of the Falls’. This picturebook is based on the fascinating tale of Annie Edson Taylor, a “daredevil” from the 1900s who dreamed of fame and fortune and became the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls…whilst inside a barrel! You could hear a pin drop whenever we read this story in class and the children were hanging onto every word. Although many predicted that Annie would be successful in her plight, this made what followed all the more shocking. The tumultuous ending in the aftermath of Annie’s feat led to many dropped jaws and shocked faces. Following this, we took part in a debate where the children considered the critical question: ‘Was Annie’s barrel feat a success?’ This led to a most impassioned and enthusiastic debate that was an absolute pleasure to be a part of. Next week, the children will write their final pieces within their author books, which is a diary entry based upon Annie’s incredible journey.


In our Maths lessons, we have focused on multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. Next week, we will move onto inverse operations and solving addition and subtraction word problems.


Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend before the final school week of this half term next week!



-Spellings continue to be uploaded onto Google Classroom each Friday and are tested the following Friday in class.


-Homework is also set for English and Maths via ‘Mirodo’ and is set each Friday and should be returned the following Wednesday.